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YOLANDA ADAMS lyrics - Believe

A Song Of Faith

Original and similar lyrics
You can't let it get you down No no no no no No no no no no No no oh no no Don't let it get you down Just when everything seems to be going alright Some unexpected misery enters your life Then you ask your self how could this be wondering why I've been there You see your whole world come crashing down All at one time Your bodies weak from all the worrying And so is you mind Your walking down that rocky road But things will get better Cause trouble won't last forever You can't let it get you down Not now You've come to far to turn around You gotta walk with your head up high Believing you can reach the sky You can't let it get you down Have you ever felt the need to get away from it all The person that you care about the most just broke your heart Just to be in the same room with them You can't stand the thought I've been there You don't know if your relationship is worth holding on How much longer can you take being treated so wrong You're confused on what to do But no matter what you do You're gonna make it through Oh, take it from me The only thing you need is a little faith The size of a mustard seed You may cry through the night but hold on Cause joy comes in the morning In the morning Joy comes in the morning Have a little faith Just a little faith And you can make it So don't you give up Don't you let nobody turn you around Don't you let nobody tuen you around Keep your head up to the sky Believe in yourself

This Picture

(S. Alan Taylor/Lisa Palas) That old picture with my arm around you Tore it to pieces this morning at two Score one for me I took your portrait off the living room wall Then I started on the ones in the hall Had a bonfire I decided it was time to forget So I got rid of every picture you left Chorus: But what do I do with this picture of you in my mind I close my eyes and I still see you saying goodbye I know I'd be okay if I could just throw away This picture I walk alone down a crowded street And see your face in everybody I meet When's it gonna end Every single night I crawl into bed Hoping sleep will keep you out of my head I should know better Everytime I turn around there you are I never thought your memory would go this far Repeat Chorus twice tag

Great Expectations

Fifty Nutz
It felt like falling down or something And helping hands were simply out of reach Although I thought it was pretty tough I don't know I'll find out one of these days What kind of world is it where all I have To be proud of , is a relationship ? Things couldn't get better, but I was wrong, so wrong These are not tears of anger But just me having these words with you Things happened too soon I think I'd spend another year on my own boat Someday we're all going to go our way For by now we ought to keep it together. Someday I'm gonna find, you out of mind Will you ever ?

Something More

Ginny Owens "Something More"
I've spent half my lifetime watching time go by And wondering where it went When I try to fall asleep at night I lay there feeling spent Contemplating what the next day's gonna hold for me Tossin' turnin', my mind is churnin' Thought won't let me be Every morning meets me with a list of all I have to do Every evening greets me with the knowledge that I'm never through Every taste of success makes me vow to never fail Feels like I just chase my tail Chorus: There's gotta be something more than running circles for a living Gotta be something better than just trying to survive Gotta be some important puzzle piece that I am missing Gotta be something more to life. If every picture tells a story, Mine must be a mystery 'Cause I lose sight of who I am and who I am And who I'm supposed to be Looking back on what I've built And all that I've achieved Only leads me to believe Repeat Chorus Tired of these hopeless places Bored with my earthly things So I must fill my empty spaces With the love that heaven brings

What Does It Take (To Keep A Man Like You Satisfied)

Skeeter Davis "Essential"
What Does it Take I guess my lovin' just ain't good enough for you Cause every time I turn my head, you look at someone new Your kind don't like walking, babe You just want an easy ride What does it take, to keep a man like you, satisfied You've got a plan in mind, to make things come your way I wonder if it's worth the price, you're gonna have to pay Cause life is cold and lonely when your self respect has died What does it take, to keep a man like you, satisfied You think you need more love than any other man Someday you'll taste your cup of life and find it filled with sand And then you'll have to turn and face the man within From where I stand, I don't think you'll be proud of where you been And when you're running from yourself, there's just no place to hide What does it take, to keep a man like you, satisfied What does it take, to keep a man like you, satisfied

When You Die

If your heart would beat only one more time Do you know where you're going when you breathe your last? You can have the world falling at your feet But what would it give you when you have to leave? When the page is turned and the story told It won't make a difference all the things you own You can gain the world or a mine of gold But what will it matter if you lose your soul? You say: when I get older I'll turn around I'll hold the hand of the Savior Before I drown But you don't You don't know when you'll die no you don't know when you'll die You say: when my days are almost gone I will give Him my life before I hit the ground But you don't You don't know when you'll die You don't know when you'll die Do you know your sin has been washed away Do you know for certain that you know the way? Don't reject the One who can save your soul No one but Jesus gonna take you home You can know before you die yes you can know before you die I sure hope you change your mind 'Cause you can know before you die Mark 8:34-38, Hebrews 9:27:28, 1John 5:12-13

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