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XZIBIT lyrics - Restless

Sorry I'm Away So Much

Original and similar lyrics
(feat. DJ Quik, Suga Free) [Xzibit talking] Come here Tre, what's up son, come on To whom it may concern, yeah, listen Sorry I'm away so much, yeah, yeah All the sons, daughters, penitentary niggas, yeah, feel me Uh, sorry I'm away so much, yeah [Xzibit] My son was born about four and a half years ago Nothin protected him, amazin how fast they grow I came to know about his likes and his dislikes, yeah Video games, taught him how to ride his first bike This is the life my little nigga, I see you gettin all upset When I leave the house, poutin, let me tell you about Tryna make it in this world and provide for you 'Cause on them overseat plane rides I miss you too Never knew that I would have to be away so much Five thousand dollar phone bills keepin in touch We Starskey and Hutch, yeah, we partners for life, yeah I rock mics, so I'm sorry when I hug you if I squeeze too tight Long nights in the studio take me away Gettin mad 'cause I'm tired and you want me to play Money can't replace time, I'm just tryna get you outta the fine relyin And expand your mind my lil' ni', yeah Yeah, c'mon [Chorus-X] Look, sorry I'm away so much Understand me, yeah It's for you, hah, yeah (you, and you, and you) C'mon, look, sorry I'm away so much Huh, we keep it gangsta Look [Xzibit] I got a brother locked down, he be out in a couple Knuckle for knuckle, a veteran and nothin but muscle Now broadcastin live from behind the wall Stayin tight through long kites and telephone calls Gettin hype when you see your brother on T.V. Can't wait for your release so you can roll with me Arrange everything exactly how it's supposed to be For right now here's a thousand, J, stay lo-key You say damn Xzibit, whyn't you pay a nigga a visit Time limits got me movin a million miles a minute Knee deep, gotta strike while the iron is hot Still gotta eat and keep the lights on when it's not Sleepin on cots, bullet wounds got you in knots I wish I was there to snatch you up instead of the cops Muthafuck it, do the time and get it out of the way You goin from convict to corporate nigga in one day (in one day) [Chorus] [Quik] Now I ain't never been this hot before So in essence it's obvious, I ain't never been this out before I'm spending 25-8 days, 366 times a year Up in the studio freakin and mixin rhymes in here Nothin but beer, bud smoke, Hen and Coke, women and sheer Callin playa niggas there Not the kinda place I really wanna bring my son Get on lil' Dane, gon' in there and have you some fun Used to be that be up there sewin ya clothes While I'm with you on the Playstation showin you codes Hit the X button stupid, forward, left, right, X Now I'm tryna get your college fund, bustin with X [Suga Free] Come here, give that here dada, no no don't do that mama 'cause dada be back Here go your ba-ba, Pampers, flashy , you can see that You tryna figure out why dada talkin to you through this glass on the phone Ooh, I socked a bitch and then she snitched, but I'll be home Can't keep me away, just can't stay away [Chorus-Suga Free] [Suga Free talkin to fade]

Sad But True

when the fog comes through the golden gate and the moon shines on the bay and everything has changed now that you have gone away things are getting darker and its harder for me to see and now you're an angel lookin over me [chorus:] back up back up - lets fuckin go beat up keyed up - that's rock n roll(2x) sad but true but the list is too long if i had to name you all it wouldnt be fit in this song this magnums got me thinkin and its making me pissed your lives were taken to early and you will always be missed all the mothers who cry and the fathers who mourn for every lifes that taken theres another child born that doesn't make it better and it doesn't make it right im just thankful everyday that you came in my life [chorus] In a dream you take a trip down Shattuck to Durant up the hill, to the steps, Sproul Plaza and Telegraph you pass Channing you pass Derby you go to Ashby down to Adeleine take mlk to fifty-fourth and go down to Genoa yeah and follow the bart tracks to Harmon street ahhh Harmon street yeah it's reoccurring it's like a dream I live a thousand times yeah and it's always like the very first time as time goes on i can never forget all the times we had memories i protect seems like yesterday when i last saw your face you're no longer here and noone can replace all the times we had wish they could happen again ill hold you in my heart in my heart till the end if i could make a change it'd be me not you so hard to see you go so sad but true [chorus]


Gonzoe "If I Live Nothing Happens"
(Moola) Money! Money! Haha! Uh, who is it? It's Gonzoe!! Verse 1 *(Gonzoe)* We in this for the cash right here feel this here this my year year of years khakis to Cordiers they hittin me up nigga now I juss stare ice up smash out hittin no fear on the same spot I cracked up my first 5 dollars same steez-aline, now wit out the poppin collars everything bubbled out dash board, pull it out girls in the backseat runnin they mouth switch up, shut up kiss my boo before she nut up spittin it all juss tryin to get some cut up floatin somebody rollin a blunt somebody chokin somebody pass the blunt constantly smokin the life, of a young tycoon roll up green pop X and lace 'em an this life I lead I ain't set if I ain't got a whip wit a grip or the woman I slip. Come on. Chorus *(Val Young Gonzoe)* (Come on, come on) Money, Money, Money! (Westside! Eastside!) Don't you know that we.... need the paper? (get it, get it, come on) (yeah) Money, Money, Money! (uh, uh) (what?!) (Ritzy, Yukmeez) Verse 2 *(Yukmouth)* Uh. I rock I rock a afros, corn rows mouth full of golds young hustla hoppin outta Range Rove's fully equipped wit TV's and videos playin Jet Motto sip X-O a ghetto superstara livin life like there's no tomorrow hit the spot in Godfather convertable ??? smokin gonja from January 1st to Kwanza up in the Bahammas racin jet skis screamin Cowabunga! top of the world yup me and my potnas Smoke-A-Lot, Regime 20 a casa skiddin through the islands be the first to bust grab on my nuts scream in cuts then I smoke the famous weed wit Dutch wit no crutch my Lex got stick shift wit no clutch push a button on the back of the steerin wheel and skee-skirt like Starsky and Hutch Young Ritzy and Yuk quickly bust they enemies get cheese like Vito Genevies nigga please the new era Regime make 'em bow down kiss they ring do they thing from here to Beijing stop hatin the shot calla that pop collars before I get yo ass wit the Rotwilers. *(Gonzoe)* Yeah we in it hit the spot how much money you got? Show an tell nigga doin all the big figgas yeah! An get... money, money, money! Westside! Eastside! (Don't you know that we.... need the paper?) Get it, got to have it baby, come on (Money, Money, Money!) it belongs to me (From the hood, to the corner, and the playa) Come on. (Money, Money, Money!) Westside, Eastside! (To the playas on the streets, got to get them g's) What? Regime, come on. Verse 3 *(Gonzoe)* Nigga we on some gangsta shit Young Ritz, throw yo drank up fire that dank up tell them girls any lie you can think of we finna get fucked we pervin off nade and the Alazae workin who searchin for a stiff who wanna follow and I voulen-teer wrap yo lips around my stuff like a bottle here I shake it, and take it and take it you suckas can't make it cover it wit hatred capitol punishment make you taste it break down the mind of a Manson cuz they basic, no care to my right hand swear to bear arms bust fo my loved ones an trust none got money an funds I call upon an worship more evil than good, I fully work it shots in ??? the world go perfect wit dolla bills my wounds can't heal fool my world too real fo dolla bills. *(Chorus)* Money, Money, Money! (Westside! Eastside!) Don't you know that we.... need the paper? (Gotta get it an spend it!) Money, Money, Money! (Come on, come on, come on!) For the hood the corner and the playa (Yeah tell 'em Val!) Money, Money, Money! (Get money, come on!) Playas on the streets, gotta get them G's. (What?!) (Come on!) (Shake it!) Come on! (7x) Ha!! Haaahaaa! Come on!

My Beliefs

DA BRAT "Anuthatantrum"
Some motherfuckers believe That I shouldn't smoke weed and shit huh That I should cuss and shit huh That I shouldn't do the shit I wanna do You know what I'm sayin'? But I don't give a fuck about what these niggas think That's they beliefs here go mine I gets embedded in your cerebellum deeper than the ocean Focusin' on fuckin' a nigga up who got jokes? Provoke me my vision of lust is money trust is funny Too many sheisty motherfuckers comin' for me One in the chamber, ready for repetition if possible Hate to mention this, poppin' that nigga, bitch It be the intellectual, get sexual in a second heffer You could never be no competition to me You bit the poison apple, tryin' adapt to this shit Show you how it happened While we laughin', diggin' your ditch And you can get your boys I got Disciples and ViceLords Planted through every city ready, declare war If you feel I stepped on your toes It was intentionally Cause it was meant to be the shit since I found JD My lyrical thesis broke in pieces For you pussies who can't feed off it Everything'll be fine, just hit the weed often Chorus: repeat 2X I believe good things come to those that grind Never take a step back, leave the past behind Keep your mind on some money and don't ever stop tryin' And everything'll be fine, everything'll be fine It's time to let your lighter spark Crank up the weed session With one of the best in the Midwestern section Flexin' with no shame Cause a mi solo female MC's be back in the game Sun up to sun down I puff leaves Filled with imported trees from the West Indies Chi-town's finest in more ways than one Me follow in the path of another, days is done See I got mic checkin' down to a science Meanin' I perfected the ways To shit on you and your alliance I write the type of shit that'll hypnotize ya Fuck around and kill your whole click like Kaiser In the streets of Prazza, the Westside of niggas Ain't expects, smellin' like cannibus Can't nothin' handle this They wanna dismantle this but it will never go down Shit, cause my beliefs is I'm the baddest around, bitch Chorus Now it's the shit, you wanna contest me Never will you be the opponent left Leave'em swept off they feet So So Def got that chief shit, keep it brief Under the covers ain't another bitch bad as me So I must keep comin' Keep on runnin' but you can't escape me I'm in your brain Remember the bitch you love to hate She on the paper chase In any case, but not any rate Keep the currency's increase, shit ain't cheap And my belief is to get the money, nigga So what's the beef to this? Enough cheese for Brat, never endin' G's Hundred thousand dollar bills by the stack The weak supportin' my habits Enough karats for the whole salad Smokin' cabbage every five minutes Beginnin' my days rollin' swishes I never listen to penny pinchin' Pussy eatin' punks advice To catch'em slippin' is my theory Be weary what I bust, make niggas weak And pack a bleeder, top notch in my speeches Chorus

Fuck Fifty Cent

nine shots....50 cent (many men) intro fat joe: yeah that'll do it yeah i love hip hop i love this mutha fuckin hip hop game this nigga here's a lil nigga mayne stay in your mutha fuckin lane nigga you fuckin wit the Don nigga uh..yeah ...follow me chorus: fifty me fifty he's the fakest thug youve ever seen curtis cur-tis jackson how come he could never ever be seen (plus i gotchu ima give you my) my my foe foe foe foe foe my my foe foe foe foe foe my my foe foe foe foe foe (ima give it to you fifty nice and slow) fifty you gone end up dead when you fuckin wit crack talkin bout you gone pop off where the fuck you be at i see mj in the hood more than curtis matter fact this beef shit is makin niggaz nervous is gone be families grieving every sunday service end up with your head popped off thanx to curtis but he dont care he stayed locked up in the house and shit steroid up and he wont come up out that bitch is it me or candy shop sound like magic stick in the video this nigga fifty bout to strip shakin his ass what the fuck is wrong wit this nigga fifty dont make me prrrrrat oh yeah you got 65 niggaz on your team and their not from southside jamaica queens theyre the boys in just speakin the truth yeah we all see the bitch in you...follow me chorus: i told these niggaz...dont fuck wit the Don shit on yall niggaz mutha fuckaz....its crack its crack now lets take it back to the vibe awards where that nigga disrespected and snuffed your boss ready to go...all i heard was gggunit fifty niggaz ran and they didnt even do shit thats a shame i wuz sittin right in the front waitin for you niggaz to dump where all the guns at and the teflon vests we them terror squad boys you should know not to test hate it or love it the games on top now you jealous of him ...when your shit gone stop you see before yous a bitch nigga straight outta low cash l.a dont believe him this nigga is so ass you dissed lean back...said my shit was a dud now tell me have ever seenem up at the club no no no shorty... that right your singin more than your rappin now fifty that aint right chorus: i know what yall thinkin man yall thinkin jada gone slam lyrically this nigga crazy for dissin fat joe man he really crazy though this nigga be walkin around wit 20 cops talkin shit on records never comin out his house feel like he cant get touched man i was small one time one time only aint gone be no more small for me man this for all the mutha fuckaz that doubted crack man trust me..nigga can respond ten thousand times i aint talkin back to that nigga one thing i will promise you if i dont get you ima get your __? and thats it man its crack bitch...its gone be a real ugly summer man

Once Upon A Time In The Projects 2

ICE CUBE "War & Peace Vol. 1: The War Disc"
Once upon a time in the projects yo I damn near had to wreck a hoe Yellin through the screen do' (HEY, let me in!) (Big Daddy got a fifth of gin, and down to sin) Baby up in two-ten, is on a nigga Bendin over pickin up her mail, she can tell I'm dyin to get her I'm sittin in yo' livin room, slash kitchen A nigga ain't tryin to be the fuckin groom so stop bitchin [knock knock knock] I like the way that ass is switchin, answer the do' Some nigga in a eighty-kay, yo' baby daddy lookin like he mad at me (what) wit'cho name on his neck Here we go with mo' drama in the projects Wait a minute, who is this motherfucker You better take his ass in the back, and start talkin Nick that bud 'fore it bloom, and start stalkin I can hear you guys yellin [glass breaks] a little strugglin Youse a FOOL if you think that I'm jumpin in That nigga jet, smokin on a ciggarette You say domestic shit, get you soakin wet Well come widdit and get it, blow my socks while I'm drinkin all the Kool-Aid, watchin Jamie Foxx I'm hearin mo' knocks [knock knock knock] (Oh, that's just my people They came all the way to the projects to meet you) Who This fool wearin black, his girl, in the see through Distraction, a little action, [fight ensues] I woke up Tied up like (What happened Punk you shoulda stuck to rappin Niggaz tell me you got a house full of platinum.. Where the platinum at motherfucker I hear that shit worth more than gold!) Wait a minute motherfucker, this my house! Once upon a time in the projects [3X] Once upon a time, once upon a time I'm like baffled, they got me gaffled, with the duct tape So I remain raw, in come this chainsaw [knock knock knock] Another knock, it's the girl from two-ten here to drop salt, that's when them bitches fought I thought, 'I bet-ta plan my escape' In the midst of this commotion, Ice Cube is breakin tape I'm free, bombin on the first thing I see And guess who walk in, with a nine, and a grin It's the baby daddy he ain't playin, [gunshots] He started layin everybody down, about face with a frown I'm runnin to the bedroom, I lock the do' and grab the phone, the bitch phone ain't turned on I think I'm gone, that's when I hear a soft knock It's the girl from two-ten, with her number, and a glock Said, 'Call me up, if it's for sex, or chin check Nigga get you a real ass bitch from the projects!' And I just might do that Once upon a time in the projects [3X] Once upon a time, once upon a time

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