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WAYLON JENNINGS lyrics - A Man Called Hoss


Original and similar lyrics
I was born in '37, a sharecropper's son Out on the great south plains There in the suburbs of a dryland cotton patch In the middle of a west Texas rain And for all of you folks out there in radioland who don't know what a West Texas rain is, Well that's what's commonly known as a sandstorm Remember that, you'll need it later I guess times were hard but livin' was easy We always found a way to survive Fried chicken and gravy and an old tune off the guitar Was enough to keep a country boy alive And on Saturday afternoons it was Lester Pruitt's "The Picture Show" On Saturday's nights is the Grand Ol' Uproar from Nashville Tennessee, take it away boys Lookin' back now and thinkin' it over Life was like an old country song My mama taught me the melody and daddy taught me the chords I made the words up on my own And sometimes it didn't rhyme, but they always had a reason, Even if it was unbeknownst to no one but myself I guess all that west Texas sand in my crawl, that's what make me so mean I'd bet I was the only boy ever expelled from Sunday school Lover, fighter, wild-horse rider, and purty dern good windmill maker Look out world, here I come

First Day Out

Here I am at last, I've just jumped off the train I'm about to start my life as a wanderer in the rain I know so many people would give anything to be in my shoes Well, that's all right for them to say, but my shoes are soaked right through. I don't know what made me want to come all the way out here I guess when I was dreaming, my skies were always clear Now I'm here in a meadow with the rain streaming through my hair I guess this is what you call traveling freely, living without care. Here I am, all by myself, and I'll admit I'm scared All I've got is my guitar and a couple of dollars to spare And I know even that's not gonna last me long. I suppose I could pick myself up and carry myself back home But after what I put my folks through, I think I better stay alone. Anyhow, five years of aching are packed behind this plan Since I was ten, I've wanted to get out of the city and live out on the land. My parents thought I was crazy and I think now maybe they're right But I can still feel the freedom in following the eagle's flight. I just had to come and see what all the songs were about My hope is returning quickly and I don't think there's any doubt That I'd better start moving if I want to get somewhere I'll go on to the next town and see what I find there And stay a while until I go traveling on.

A Country Girl In Paris

JOHN DENVER "Higher Ground"
This song appears on four albums, and was first released on the Higher Ground Album, and has also been released on the A Portrait, The Gift You Are and The John Denver Collection - Annie's Song Albums. A country girl in Paris, moonlight on the Seine Memories of Tennessee, Nashville in the rain It's such a contradiction, a heart that's filled with pain A country girl in Paris, dreamin' Nashville in the rain She walks along the boulevard, Champs Alysee Thinks about a country boy three thousand miles away Pride is such a hard thing, it's such a price to pay To be all alone in Paris with true love so far away Up upon Mont Martre when she stops to rest awhile All the artists look at her and they long to paint her smile For even in her sorrow there's something in her eyes That makes the young men jealous, makes the old men sigh They say the loss of innocence is always linked to pain For once the heart is opened nothing ever is the same And so the evening lends itself to lovers and romance The way to heal a broken heart is to give true love One more chance A country girl in Paris, moonlight on the Seine Memories of Tennessee, Nashville in the rain It's such a contradiction, a heart that's filled with pain A country girl in Paris, dreamin' Nashville in the rain A country girl in Paris, longing for Nashville in the rain Words and music by John Denver

Country Roads

Celtic Folk
Country Roads G Em Almost heaven, West Virginia D C G Blue Ridge Mountains,Shanandoah River G Em Life is old there older than the trees, D C G Younger than the mountains, blowing like the breeze. Chorus: G D Em C Country roads, take me home to the place I belong G D C G West Virginia. Mountain mama, take me home,country roads. G Em All my memories gather round her, D C G Miner's lady a stranger to blue water. G Em Dark and dusty are painted on the sky D C D Misty taste of moonshine brings tear drops to my eyes. cho. Em D G I hear her voice in the morning how she calls me, C G D Radio reminds me of my home far away. Em F C Drivin' down the road I get the feeling G D D7 That I should've been home yesterday,yesterday. cho.

The American Way

AARON LINES "Waitin' On The Wonderful"
I grew up under normal conditions Mom was the radio, Dad was the television They both were doing the best that they could Working 50 hour weeks and knocking on wood I did my time in the public school system I got good grades, never got a shred of wisdom Can't blame my teachers for anything they did You can't teach one on one with 33 kids Ooh Ooh I'm doing all right I work every day to get to Saturday night Ooh Ooh I guess I'm doing O.K. Living and dying the American way I found the one, we put some roots down Got a 2nd mortgage on the outskirts of town Now we barbecue every 4th of July Send our prayers and our fireworks up into the sky Ooh Ooh I'm doing all right I work every day to get to Saturday night Ooh Ooh I guess I'm doing O.K. Living and loving the American way These days we're thinking 'bout kids of our own Gonna turn this house into a home In no time at all they'll be singing along Ooh Ooh I'm doing all right I work every day to get to Saturday night Ooh Ooh I guess I'm doing O.K. Living and dying the American way


AESOP ROCK "Music For Earthworms"
[looped sample] It's like antisocial hazardous portion organically nourished couraged to flourish and muses often Lunged nicotine dream missing languorous Caution we proclaim until brain's off like Sagittarius Shield. Yield to the eye mescaline killer veals Stonegates marching moodily until plural styles immaculated beautifully. Rudely awoke. Sing rumble blue conglomerates sucking up lung while brushing parasitic critics to my left side. I test glide kamikaze crashed to thoughtless on my preface. The therapeutic unit recommended. Now slow-mo Quasimotos teeter on ringleader status while I spit satellite photos while teetering on the stratus. Sleepwalking the atlas after none. Trudge and nudge my ninety-nine octane brain to one-oh-one. Run to organize my mood like quarterize my wound and climb up. Lovely samaritans line up like bar codes for a fraction of my factions. The hollow of his hand beholds contraptions via Amplified files collapsed in cacophonic conquest. My specs up. More postille and docile insubordinance your phylum. Chordata asylum swarmed your coordinates. Rush. Must not sleep, must warn others. I'll tourniquet your turbulence then trample on your stutters. If I could displace every vagrant in America with traces of my character the Earth would be a more pitiful habitat. With infinite acres of auto-cry eight can aid ya. Swung open the nomenclature to obscure wool-lock trickery. Pure Has not got tossed back by liquors supporting patience, working knuckles for audio duplication. That's like fiending for a purpose. [looped sample] Aesop Rock, prototype Robocop Jabberwocky rocking on the highest hilltop. I possess two siamese styles that's like connected at the mic hollering monstrous. Poly-tech impeded indidgy progress, deaf, Swept off your meridian. It's operation Start With a Slummy Raped Your Milk and Honey. Can I like, conjure up like all potent components of like, Middle siblings scribbling on his lonesome like, Hit him with my ninety-nine metal plated mics upon the wall, take them down, pass them round, rock them all. Bust it. I'm forever building my City of Lost Children ripping rungs off your ladder at a Sardonic smirk. Ebonics lurking where the crop circles got stamped out from the rain dance. Tsunami rain blast tipped off like origami frames and sloppy braincasted class-a-piece mastered to capture your flag then flutter. While slaves defy water, start roofing paper bags. The magic-maker dragging devils to add triple sixes melted triple glitches on your console. I calibrate my mics prior to claim and shit is rockable. Unlock and pull a backdoor for the bounce. While cannily panicking was the average. I broadcast modern boredom mesozoic poetry pupils. Caught up in scruples from the inimical nature of my program. Elegant, the overcast password cursed on a tactless bastard, catatonic until personal practice mastered. [looped sample]

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