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Vendetta Red lyrics - White Knuckled Substance

Long Goodbye

Original and similar lyrics
Winters like a plague I fill the emptiness inside with broken glass Johnny's got his gun and mamma's still cleaning up the blood he's laying in It's the long goodbye All thoughts become a mirror like anguish mimicking me When it's cold here mother I can see my breath on the window And I wonder what you thought of me Don't you turn around and leave me alone Everyone's standinghere but I'm on my own Don't you turn around and leave me alone With my curse casted in chrome It's the long goodbye Trust like a bandage binds your head To the guillotine and I know there's and empty space in your bed Where we used to sleep afraid of waking up dead Rest your weary head tomorrow we'll bury fallen gods in holy ground 15 hours left til the redeemer claims his tax in human sou


PINK FLOYD "Dark Side Of The Moon"
Breathe, breathe in the air Don't be afraid to care Leave but don't leave me Look around and chose your own ground For long you live and high you fly And smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry And all you touch and all you see Is all your life will ever be Run, run rabbit run Dig that hole, forget the sun, And when at last the work is done Don't sit down it's time to start another one For long you live and high you fly But only if you ride the tide And balanced on the biggest wave You race toward an early grave.


Chris Rice
How long until You defend Your name and set the record right And how far will You allow the human race to run and hide And how much can You tolerate our weaknesses Before You step into our sky blue and say That's quite enough! Am I naive to want a remedy for every bitter heart Can I believe You hold an exclamation point for every question mark And can I leave the timing of this universe in bigger hands And may I be so bold to ask You to please hurry? I hear that a God who's good would never let the evil run so long But I say it's because You're good You're giving us more time, yeah ‘Cause I believe that You love to show us mercy But when will You step into our sky blue And say That's quite enough, and your time is up! Am I naive to want a remedy for every bitter heart Can I believe You hold an exclamation point for every question mark And can I leave the timing of this universe in bigger hands And may I be so bold to ask You to please hurry? Am I naive... Can I believe... And can I bigger hands And may I be so bold to ask You, to ask You, to ask You How long?

Keep Ya Head Up

JADAKISS "Kiss Tha Game Goodbye"
[kid trying to sound like he's crying] [Jadakiss] Whattup little man What's the matter [lil' man] I wish I didn't have to be here [Jadakiss] It's not that bad.. Could always be worse, yaknahmsayin All you gotta do, is stay in school Anything you wanna do you could do yaknahmsayin baby No matter what though, gotta keep your head up to the sky [Jadakiss] This goes out to, all the infants in this cold world that was born addicted And to all the section eight kids Just remember these four words y'all - we gon' make it The government keep on tryin to fool us The system, keep on tryin to lose us And all we can do is keep buyin computers And () all now 'fore it start goin down We gotta hold our head, keep our pride Though it hurts when I see people sleep outside Little babies with no socks on, eatin popcorn We all know what they moms and they pops on Out go the love when the drugs come They never got nuttin for Christmas, and they ain't Muslim This is a jewel, a lot of us was them This is a jewel, a lot of us was them [Chorus: Ann Nesby] Your head to the sky.. my my, my You can win - you can win - if you keep your head As long as you keep - your head - your head to the sky My my, my.. [Jadakiss] Uhh, to my lockdown niggaz keep your head in the sky To my shot down niggaz keep your head in the sky I don't know if it's better to ride, or better to die And that's why there's red in my eye Cause people don't know what the ghetto is like Either you make it out, or the terrible life I don't wanna be a broke bastard And everybody in the hood got somebody in they fam' with a coke habit You work for minimum wage I'ma get in the game, get shot or a bid in the cage It's a risk I gotta take - and I'ma be the nigga with the bricks and the stash and the biscuit outta state And even though I'm blessed with the gift I gotta move cause the pain and the sickness gotta wait I go extremely hard - why let up And I can breathe long as I keep my head up [Chorus w/ minor variations] [Jadakiss] Uhh, uhh - uh-huh, uhh - uh.. Aiyyo I come from a place where it's three strikes out And your life's on the line, so we iced out Summertime gettin money, three dice out Tanktops, and jean shorts, we Niked out Headbands, and four wheelers Jeeps and Coupes and convos, about who know more killers It's all wrong but it's all right It's a small world; matter fact it's a small life We all trip but the way to survive is hold your head and make sure you fall right And it's a quite fact, that whatever goes around comes right back It's just like that And we tryin to touch major paper Everybody in the struggle it gets greater later Never say can't, it's better to try And you can breathe long as you keep your head in the sky [Ann Nesby] Don't you let nobody stop you, mm Heyy, heyyy, yeahhh! [Chorus - 2X w/ variations] [ad libs and Chorus by Ann Nesby to the end]

Crewed Up

ATMOSPHERE "Strictly Leakage"
[Verse 1 - Stage One] They call me Bad Lieutenant when my eyes are squinted Child of the 70s and the 80s was in it Lost the first homeboy in the 9-0 and liable To get the gun buckin at 5-0, I'm tribal I'm from a place where the *niggas* are jelly And pretend to be your friend and put one your belly And you can keep on yelling, the cops won't come You want beef, we got burgers and then some We from the era when we learned on our own Runnin wild in the streets with both parents at home Kind of hard to find a young un alone - caused we was crewed up Taggin on the walls taught wars and getting chewed up [Verse 2 - St. Paul Slim] Now I don't know about y'all, but I'm bout to make a small fortune By taking small things and blowing em out of proportion Using sarcasm as my second language Look mom I'm famous, I mean I'm flagrant You say you write your best rhymes when you high I say I write my best rhymes cause I'm fly This is why I'm cold, I'm Minnesota nice If you want my CD I will give you special price Haha, take Trummond's advice St. Paul Slim the best homie, none of its hype So please lil asshole, keep your mouth closed 'Fore your momma be like "Look at my son, he out cold" [Verse 3 - Muja Messiah] You could tell I'm focused by the look in my eye You could see I'm dirty by how clean my kicks is You know I tell the truth, I got no reason to lie Hey, like I tell my chicks "You ain't got a lotta kick it" All I'm trynna do is get a piece of the pie And turn these bricks into a legit business Now run along and go home to your wives And leave me and Slug here to play with these bitches You know I spit the sickest sickness since syphilis Mixed with malaria, fuck it, the more the merrier B-Boy, D-Boy, yep I'm in your area Muja Messiah uh huh, hello America [Verse 4 - YZ] Yo, yo, y'all wack, yo what the fuck is new? I'm back wit Atmos and the crew To do this you need style, I thought you knew It's not a diss, yo it's just my point of view Maybe if I turn sideways, y'all *niggas* will Throw lyrics my way instead of the highway Now getting ran over by cars and Land Rovers We starred, you sub par, maybe send your man over Pardon, you gon' step to this Spit phat, not anorexic shit Come stacked boy, it ain't no need to go there I knock rappers out, y'all scratch and pull hair [Verse 5 - Brother Ali] I hustle hard for the love of god My life has been the biggest struggle for the bloody start I knuckle up and throw the hands of my thug at heart So when the shit hit the fan I don't come apart, I breathe and shrug it off Atmosphere - the Big Brother's big brothers Catch is here to turn king to wrist cutters Just trust it ain't no regular shit That's a polite asshole and a sensitive pimp You would think it was a party, not a Cadillac Church mosque, have a knack Dr. Dre Training Day rappers don't know how to act Remove em all from my sight like a cataract Poof! It's a magic act [Verse 6 - Toki Wright] Walk over beats like DMC, three stripes Leaver be three strikes, visa need three swipes DVDs, jeans clean, cuts brush dandruff Mobile phones, suited loan, courted blown pampers Chilling at the party in B-Boy stance And they looking at me funny, why? Cause they can't dance So I'm cutting up and shutting up, I'm buttercup but just enough To lean on top of this metropolis with binoculars Walk like a pimp, think like a Macintosh Battle scars, also trynna figure out your avatar Leave the cameras on, told ya partner that he can't perform Brought a torch to burn the building, he think I'ma hand it to him [Verse 7 - Blueprint] Yeah, yeah, I solemnly swear To fight the good fight as long as I'm here But sometimes the good fight don't seem fair Cause all the best soldiers we had ain't here They gone now, we all on our own now And most of those left ain't got no style You give em an inch they try to take a whole mile Too overconfident to keep a low profile Pump your brakes, stay in your lane A bunch of fakes chasing fame I'll punch your face and take your chain Sit your 5 dollar ass down before I make change [Verse 8 - Slug] Break these chips down, count your business Ain't nothing free, it's a James Brown Christmas So god bless the underground now and give it To the sound of the drums while none of us outlive it I treat Hip Hop like a sport Stay on my game, put my time on the court While you complain and get high some more Might explain why your team can't find support Now catch me in the back wit a whisky Chattin up a missy like I'm attractive and witty I have to dip to do my raps and get busy Why don't you come see me when I'm back in your city?

Long Night

[Spoken: Hoodie] Hi, can I talk to Teresa? Oh, this is her mom? Oh, you Mother Teresa? Aw, I like that. [Bridge: Hoodie] Don't you tell me that it's all right Because I'm anticipating a long night [Verse 1: Hoodie] Man, I've been up so damn early that I'm sleepwalkin' Now my eyes are looking like Macaulay Culkin's Watch me roll around the city like I'm Steve Hawkins These bitches Waka flock to us when we walk in They wanna act like it's a big deal, Ron Burgundy I'm underground but I'm poppin' up commercially I keep it buzzing like I'm a fuckin' worker bee So I'mma need a couple Gs if you want a verse with me So let me take your pay check Now you gotta find another way to pay rent Your life sucks like the Ravens You ain't been on a date yet I take your girl to dinner Then go home and have some great sex Yeah, this gon' be a long night I guarantee it, we probably gon' see the sunlight Before our eyes wide shut I'mma make a couple bucks And a couple hundred drinks, we about to turn it up, like... [Hook: Hoodie] Don't you tell me that it's all right Because I'm anticipating a long night Ooh, woah Grab a Corona and pass out in the tub And when I wake up everything will be all right, all right [Verse 2: Hoodie] Yeah, I keep on running 'til I'm red up in the face Had a party at the crib, everyone was hella grate-ful Wait a minute, got a bedroom full of strangers I ain't talking Danny Granger, but I'm running out of Pacers I mean patience, nah, nothing can phase us I know you say your name but, my mind was on vacation Can't track that down, too many chasers I can't pack that crowd, too many lame-sters So let's just kick it in the back of my apartment Or at Madison Square Garden, we could go and watch the Rangers Central Park where we could go until it's dark And when somebody try to stalk you I just keep you out of danger So come to the crib just hop in Benz first I'm after the cat, but I don't mean Chesire Uh, shout out to Pat, he look like a Hemsworth I'm kickin' it with Chance so baby don't say the N-word [Hook: Hoodie] Don't you tell me that it's all right Because I'm anticipating a long night Ooh, woah Grab a Corona and pass out in the tub And when I wake up everything will be all right, all right [Spoken: Chance] Chance? The rapper? [Verse 3: Chance The Rapper] Ashin Ls in a hotel sink Management swears that the hotel stink Whole time I'm yellin hold up a minute while the doorbell rings When old coke glistening on my nose earring And niggas just tryna function 'til a nigga can't function And the weed so pungent that I probably won't punch it And imported in punches and they actin' inpugnant With a rock and a pin and they say pin I'm actin' 100 And I turn up turn up turn up Get high burn up burn up burn up I'm fucked up and she's fucked up and We not gon' remember tonight so Let's fuck in a Wendy's bathroom Get frosty, forget the Sprite [Hook: Hoodie] Don't you tell me that it's all right Because I'm anticipating a long night Ooh, woah Grab a Corona and pass out in the tub And when I wake up everything will be all right, all right

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