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Vendetta Red lyrics - Between The Never And The Now

Stay Home

Original and similar lyrics
A song to soothe you son of mine Your broken bones heal in due time Another day in silence suffereing such a bitter pill We're the sons and daughers saddy hates to much to kill Revenge is mine sayeth the lord And you only hit me when you're bored Story books and happy endings bite your lip in fear Pray the next blow kills you so you won't have to be here You said son, I didn't mean it there's something wicked on the inside living in me She said son, he didn't mean it there's soming evil on the inside Stay home


ANDREW BIRD "Armchair Apocrypha"
I dreamed you were a cosmonaut of the space between our chairs and I was a cartographer of the tangles in your hair I sighed a song that silence brings it's the one that everybody knows oh everybody knows the song that silence sings and this was how it goes these looms that weave apocryphal they're hanging from a strand these dark and empty rooms were full of incandescent hands and awkward pause a fatal flaw time it's a crooked bow oh time's a crooked bow in time you need to learn to love the ebb just like the flow grab hold of your bootstraps and pull like hell ‘till gravity feels sorry for you and lets you go as if you lack the proper chemicals to know the way it felt the last time you let yourself fall this low time oh time it's a crooked bow time's a crooked bow fifty-five and three–eighths years later at the bottom of this gigantic crater and armchair calls to you yeah this armchair calls to you and it says that some day we'll get back at them all with epoxy and a pair of pliers as ancient sea slugs begin to crawl through the ragweed and barbed wire you didn't write you didn't call it didn't cross your mind at all and through the waves the waves of a.m. squall you couldn't feel a thing at all you're fifty-five and three-eighths tall time

Why Would I

You can always count on me [Verse 1] I got no time to be wasteful, treat my time like it’s rare I appalled at the fact that you think I got it to spare I got so many folk, pulling me every which where They bombard me problems, niggas think that I care They be clogging my air But I just dismiss it They say I’m unfair, they depend on me to fix it They say I don’t give back, they say that I’m evil Help yourself please before you expect me too I got so many hoes, that vie for attention I ain't saying no names, they would die for a mention They love my sense of humour, they say I’m a clown They say I can be insensitive but they stay around And it’s normally a model, nigga, shocked that I got ‘em But way before the deal, was never a problem Y’all judging it wrong, you think this what I offer But it’s all in the mind, more about what I taught her Solo maintenance, no Victoria secrets All I ask is that they make the bed when they leave it We can be in the PJ, could be at the Clearview You talk to the pilot from your seat, can hear you Some niggas got beef with me But I’m an adult so it’s not I’m afraid It’s that I know the results And the song never changes Sung from the pulpit My time is important I got enough of the bullshit [Chorus] I don’t wanna waste your time I got so much I could be doing with mine Why would I waste your time You handle your shit, I handle mine That way it’s all good It’s all, it’s all, it’s all good It’s all good That way it’s all good It’s all, it’s all, it’s all good It’s all good [Verse 2] I can show you a mansion show you some cars It speaks in volumes that I’m showing you bars The money means nothing you make it you lose it Some niggas stay broke and just make up excuses I could be out the country hiding under the bucket Shop when I land, I ain't checking no luggage Bet I give it my all, I can give you a quarter But even in that I can give you slaughter I can be at the jeweller, can be at the theatre Can be at the strip club or can be with the Realtor I can wanna relax and vacay with dude I can be anywhere that means away from you From the kid on the block, selling dope Now I’m in VIP behind a velvet rope I tap shawty on the shoulder, tell her to go She say she depressed, I’m helping her cope I can take her to Gucci, can take her to Mike Korrs If you had the World what would you strive for? It’s a gift and a curse Everything is a drawback I could be in grey-house but nigga I’m off that It’s the size of your heart when your facing a wall Are you afraid of heights or afraid of the fall? The song never changes, sung from the pulpit Time is important, enough of the bullshit [Chorus]

Intermission Test

Bugs In Amber "Rocketship Letters"
Somehow happy to stay Where theres unwanted Emotional boundary state Hardships applauded Ignorant simple advice free but misled me I can see you built up a wall assure I wasn't there You've got some exceptional force field of emotion And concrete value on your pleasure Breathe your hesitations of breath don't let'em linger Oxidated visions fester La la la la Intermission test to unglue Gotta get back or I'm screwed Time limits take away from me willinghness to go Maybe I'll just drink one beer Casting down complaints of fear Broken bones I've had in years Bringing me some pain

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