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Vendetta Red lyrics - Between The Never And The Now

Por Vida

Original and similar lyrics
So I spilled out my guts to look past my regrets And I sang to the heavens as I bled from my neck I said thanks for your patience god and all your wisdom and strength I said thanks for the suffering as I sang for the dead They lived for the living god you ignored every word We'll all grow old and die as our pleas go unheard So I walked through the valley and I tried to forget How I loved every moment of the life that I left We were all cheated my brothers We were all lied to my friends No one can save us from god not even death So cast off what is mortal and discard all your dreams They all turn to shit in the end and you wake up in hell Why fear the unknown the presents as painful As being ignored

Across The Rainbow Bridge

AMON AMARTH "Versus The World"
My days are numbered: soon I have to leave The Norns have stretched my living thread The notion of my demise won't leave me be Why cannot death just set me free! I've lived a life or prosperity But I'm not as young as I used to be Down the road waits misery Why cannot death just set me free! Countless armies have I attacked Not once have I backed down And though I've spilled a lot of blood I never once received a mortal wound I've raided shores in many lands I cannot count the men I've killed So many friends died with sword in hand But the warrior's death was never granted me I dress myself in battle clothes Alone I make the final ride My sight is blurred, by whipping snow I seek to end my life I want to walk across the Rainbow Bridge And see my fathers in the golden hall They beckon me to join their feast In my dreams I hear their call

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