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Vendetta Red lyrics - Between The Never And The Now

P.s. Love The Black

Original and similar lyrics
Make a wish upon your middle finger wasting your affections on another dark haired girl with skin so pale its translucence pulls you in and chokes you up I just came by to kill you nobody was home. From hips to lips and everything between 'collide' she cried and chalked one up to her myriad of thoughts Abscess. I'm trusting you to stab me in the back beloved betrayer. It fell straight from heaven burning brighter than your hopes of being one of them someday. It bared its teeth and shook the ground beneath your feet it held you close tore you limb from limb and then it left you. Distraught disguised our abhorrence victimized I died from laughing at your consuming lust for sustenance A word could break ideas in comatose states as passive thoughts strike at the only comfort I can't bare I tried to please but only wound down on my knees refusal to comply it ends in dissension from the self An anchor to hell the vessel rests light on the shell your grade school blasphemy is making my skin crawl

Fugue 1 / More Is More

JOE JACKSON "Heaven & Hell"
Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain, let it pour We'll have one for the road, put a bolt on the door Let it rain cats and dogs, let it rain rats and snakes But just bring us more grog and another rare steak Let it rain, let it hail, let it rain frogs and toads But just bring us some ale, we'll have ten for the road Let it blow, let it roar, let it rain bats from hell Wipe their arses and pluck 'em, we'll eat them as well Did you here about Clyde who ate ribs 'til he died At a sign that said "all you can eat for ten bob" When the doctors were done pumping out his insides He went back the next morning to finish the job Let the skies turn to black, let it rain kangaroos But just give us tobacco and tucker and booze So who cares about heaven or burning beneath When we're all busy digging our graves with our teeth Did you hear about Matt who fell into a vat Well they say that he drowned but it took him a week And they say that it wasn't as strange as all that When you think that he kept getting out for a leak Let it rain, let it flood, let 'em load up the Ark Bring us buckets of blood while they sink in the dark Give 'em two vegetarians and two of the poor And two of the tossers who say less is more

No Identity

Delinquent Habits
find me a word yet unheard to kill a pleasure so surreal taste the bitter tongue of a man broken on his knees(cant take it anymore) bare with me im sinkin in losin my thoughts between the teeth of addiction all in all just to feel it again bleed me,tie me,fuck me dry theres more than a thorn,to this side x2 enough of innocence(as i fade away) echoes haunt of what i used to be, rivers of pain,flowin through me as i fade away,oh its got its claws on me

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