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Vendetta Red lyrics - Between The Never And The Now

Opiate Summer

Original and similar lyrics
Never mind me I am just a moron in disguise Posing as the poet with these incandescent eyes Illuminate your features and much to my dismay You're putting on your jacket while I'm begging you to stay Keep holding still Bit from the blade tore flesh from bone. Alone, a long, long time ago And where the ash will rest I guess you'll never know Because it's summer where you are Summer I'm in love Summer you were just a universe away Fulcrum equilibrium I'm balancing between Your wavering reflection and something I've never seen Utopia is only universal empathy Fastidious deliverance from our decadency Keep holding still


ATMOSPHERE "God Loves Ugly"
Take a deep breath relax, don't push it on out. (x2) Somebody please explain to them what it be about Take a deep breath relax, don't push it on out. (x2) Somebody please explain to them what it be about They can't sleep yet, too many re-grets Got em running round in circles for the re-spect They need the gossip, but where's the logic? Voices in the box guarantee a better product So here I sit now, and watch em trip out Trying to pick a finger to put upon what its about But if there was a point, you would still avoid You should've taught the boys and girls how to take apart their toys I stay up-set,with all the pup-pets submerged in the drama cuz they love it That if they can hold the pain, and then they complain Why would you chase away the sun if you don't want the rain? I never asked for the world, just a portion Tryin to make a good soldier out of daddy's little orphan But management called down, demanded that we turned the sound down And with that, I suggest we start the count-down Simplistic spiral and work your way backwards 'Til the bastards collapse and choke on their last words And I'll be back when its happy hour So just pour me another and ignore me my brother [Chorus] Breathe in, breathe out, the sign says keep out Breathe in, breathe out, somebody please explain to them what it be about Breathe in, breathe out, the sign says keep out Somebody fill up my gut before I freak out Low profile, no more smiles, til all of y'all quit acting so damn wild Slow down child, you're gonna lose balance, too overanxious, the goods will get damaged Girl, how many stories can you fit into a tanktop? How many wishes get spent on what you ain't got? The youth want truth, well thank god Tryin to keep it movin, while you're sittin in the same spot Been in this cage for a long time (long time) Been coverin this page with the wrong rhymes (wrong rhymes) Got a strong mind, I got a weak will I've got bad nerves and I can't keep still But I stay humble, so when the meek take the planet I can get a little piece with my name on it The only problem is by then I won't want it I'm in the backyard praying and hoping for the comet Are you lookin to remember or searchin for adventure? I guess it all depends on the agenda Do you carry a grudge? Do you carry a gun? I guess it all depends on where you come from Surroundings are gonna dictate the needs I'm out, I wanna live around lakes and trees And I'll be back when its happy hour So just pour me another and ignore me my brother [Chorus] Breathe in...


AZ "Decade 1994-2004"
[Nature] At the ripe age 24, I done seen it all done it all Some dreams stay fresh and some are spoiled Dealin with time went to spring, summer, fall Its crazy changes, is this that made me famous? I come a long way from Tims, minimum wages Stockin caps summer jobs pockets flat It's funny how my childhood idols now be copin cracks Ain't knockin at them, fortunately life is too short to see It's only right we move accordingly at every second I use to carry heavy weapons, previously cocked Tucked in my shirt for every session, but hold up The two-six beer made me grow up Came home to the damn same dream with no luck And half the clique strong, the other half moved on Some with new lives and new wives niggaz live long The foulest thing about time is still ticks when you gone [Nas] For those who lived the way I lived we came from a long way From wipin coal from our eye lids from raps hottest Smokin lye to the track guidance, 'member back then Before Mack 10's expensive bottles, had a sick mind Niggaz taught me how to get mine We often sit courts they get tossed that get spit line To all niggaz that the Lord seemed to legit time Why we plan to live for-ev he had a different design Is it safe to say we all parish on the sacred day With my luck soon as I reach the gate that made me pay...pray Minutes go by indo-go-high the specialist decked out dark specks finessin Used to play catch a kiss same girls back then now leave us messages A whole lot, travel to my old spot where we sold rock although its trifle Ain't nothin changed as like time is all a cycle [AZ] Yo, wake up to the world stay in charge of your dream Keep your vision focus get wise and large your cream Marketin scheme so many in the dark it's un-seemed Caught up between perhaps rap was a fortunate thing Forced to be king from hustlin to supportin them fiends Bustin guns, I had no remorse as a team Rockin bird stones my first get big nursed a dome Its hurts to zone now I realize I'm on the surface alone Time ticks devilish mind design quits leave you line quick And cause you to die behind shit, mathematics Master 120 I'm Aziatic, I'm amazed with magic Cousins with loosen that made me savage Life changed once you established with the right game Love the night vane found the new way to fight pain Clocks never stop, its all the way to the top Trying to freeze time that's why I iced the face on my watch

Pachelbel's Canon

You are my love, my life, my best chance to live free... my eyes when I watch the sun setting over the sea, my lungs when the cool breeze blows softly into me, You are my ears when I listen to Canon in D. My happiness you were, you are and always you will be... When you laugh, when you sing, when you cry and when you dream... When you are near or when you are far, you always will be, always were and always are, mi carino, my soul mate, my number one weakness and my greatest strength. When you were born, while you live and long after you die, you were, you are and always will you be mine. My sweetest sweet, my dearest dear, my only trust and hope after God and my freedom of all fears. Always my Love, no matter how far or how near... The oceans so vast as far as one can see under the sky so blue and beyond all the mountains' highest peaks. So far, deep and long my love for you, so strong and lasting, so real and true... The beauty of your eyes looking into mine, your skin, your hair all so soft and so fine... How lucky am I that you could be all mine. This time I now know as the cool autumn winds softly blow. I've said this all even before, just yesterday and long ago! So I stand now silent to all, for only she really knows... And the autumn breeze slowly sooths a once lost soul. Alas my Angel I have found and she has found me. So far, far away but still hear her heart beat. Beyond all any hopes and more than any dream. I now believe in fate and see in destiny. The Lord has not left us, alone or lonely... for now my Angel I have found and she has found me. I can not put into all the words or have imagined or foreseen, how perfect we will feel together and how I miss you every time you log off and leave.

Golden Day

David Wilcox "East Asheville Hardware"
Was golden day November a one long year ago I came to stay the holiday into your mountain home I came to share your friendship and sing those fireside songs I'd like to say I'm sorry for what the year has done I told you of a distant love, I did not know so well I could not say I loved her, but surely time would tell But you and I together and her so far away Our love that night by firelight we did not have to say So time will tell a story and time will tell a lie I never said I'm sorry, I never said goodbye The love for you was in me, the tear was in your eye The silence grew around the wound that tore your heart and mine So now the year is cold again and memory is warm I came to stay the holiday just one long year ago I think about your kindness and what the time has done It's time I said I'm sorry and thank you for your love

On & On

JOEY BADA$$ "B4.Da.$$"
[Intro - Joey Bada$$:] Mama I just booked a first class ticket to my destiny by the way Yeah [Bridge - Maverick Sabre:] Maybe I'mma fly away Maybe I'mma fly away, some day [Verse 1 - Joey Bada$$:] So gullible just like my first love Stay humble, but I knew that I was first up Picked up the pen and that's when I drew my first blood Spit my heart again, cause the pain'll never end Happiness is temporary, always has been I just lost one, but sometimes I win I always spread love, but sometimes I sin I only trust some, that’s why I keep a few friends Funny cause I used to see my circle never end Always kept like 47 friends in my circumference All that’s left now is the radiance They still here, trying to find love on this atmosphere Things get severe for everybody, everywhere This is my moment of truth, right here Swear I ain’t scared of no man I see the omens I pick 'em up and keep it rollin' The omnipresence is omnipotent But I keep going, 'til it’s all said and done I show all my soul purpose but I’m pretty sure there's one There’s a reason why I’ve come, new season's just begun This the death of a psychopomp but a birth of God's son [Hook - Joey Bada$$:] Don’t mourn me when I’m gone, celebrate my travels Whenever you need me, just take a plane to the astral zone I’m headed home, I’ve been hurting too long Time don’t stand still, so you gotta move on On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On [Verse 2 - Joey Bada$$:] I had a dream I seen my name on the gravel stone And read here lies a G followed by a poem I couldn't see the words but I'm sure what's in his own Funny that I write most when I know my feeling's wrong With both shoulders that my head is always on I trudge through harm's way with heavy boulders on my arm I feel strong as I walk through the many storms that Rain on my parade, seen the dust cry for days I'm feeling like a young prince, I'm drinking today My name ring bells all the way to heaven's gate Though STEEZy told about me, yo I know he always watching I guess there really is a heaven for us hip hoppers I really miss my partner But I know he with Big Poppa, 2 Pacs, and the big L rolled proper And that's a big pun, know that I'mma join him When my time come, but the story just begun, so [Hook - Joey Bada$$] [Bridge 2 - Maverick Sabre:] One day I'mma fly away One day I'mma fly away (Fly away, fly away) One day you will fly away (Fly away, fly away) One day we will fly away (Fly away, fly away) [Verse 3 - Dyemond Lewis:] My clouds grey, I hope my pain don’t show Looking in the sky I wonder where them rainbows go They say that if we reign, them pot-of-gold’s will show Even skating down the block don’t feel the same no more If I ain’t looking, I still see it all My vision’s jaded, too much bitches rubbed the crystal balls They stay scheming, y’all like the sheep to the shepherd The trees to the leaves, you needed but not needed So I work alone, lone wolf, stay creeping I'd rather hunt on my own then be owned and not eating I’m not eatin’, not blamin’, I’m just sayin’ Go to bed with hunger pains while these other niggas caking, they too fake No rappers rapping for years waiting 'round for that big break Break a arm, break a bond before I go break the bank Break a hundred, that's fifty-fifty Long as [?] and Whitney's seen different cities, different titties I bring no money with me, I'm on my grind man, no regrets when I die man 'Til we fly man, 'til we fly man, 'til we fly man You gon' miss us when we fly man [Hook - Joey Bada$$] [Bridge - Maverick Sabre]

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