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Vendetta Red lyrics - Between The Never And The Now

Lipstick Tourniquets

Original and similar lyrics
Something soulless sold you it hates you They wear the sheepskins, but you are the monster Breathing men would kill Lucy don't go hold me haunt me tinctures taunt you, cause you are the monster breathing men would kill blame me for this as you sit in your counting room coughing up blood just to spit in my mouth soon you'll be gone and the rain will was you away tucked in and gagged now say your prays Lipstick tourniquets work when the poison begins to take hold. And for what reward? So the simple can suck on the rinds.

If Drinkin' Don't Kill Me (Her Memory Will)

The bars are all closed It's four in the morning Must have shut 'em all down By the shape that I'm in I lay my head on the wheel And the horn begins honking The whole neighborhood knows That I'm home drunk again [Chorus:] And if drinking don't kill me Her memory will I can't hold out much longer The way that I feel With the blood from my body I could start my own still And if drinking don't kill me Her memory will These old bones they move slow But so sure of their footsteps As I trip on the floor And lightly touch down Lord it's been ten bottles Since I tried to forget her But the memory still lingers Lying here on the ground [Chorus:] And if drinking don't kill me Her memory will I can't hold out much longer The way that I feel With the blood from my body I could start my own still But if drinking don't kill me Her memory will...

Get Wierd

HELLO! it's the part where I sing you a sad song with a broad playing the cello. people keep quivering, raspberry Jell-o, deliver rivers of blood...I rip it like Velcro For WHom The Bell Tolls. I'm Quasimoto with a Kamikaze flow though I'm global just like a cell phone soon to be well known, fresh out the hell hole, STOP! let me pick it up before it even drops... they do me like I'm shooting a movie, I get the props... for properly fucking the party up as if it's the cops... but the opposite, poppin the propaganda apocalypse, ZINGER, licking your finger and sticking it where the socket is H-E double hockey sticks, aiming at the goalie, giving the kids a new definition of getting holy guacamole with cheese, I dip like chips, write murder on my mouth now read my lips... [Chorus:] Let's go for a ride.... All my life I been different keeping it 110 percent real. you feel me? get lifted yeah.. but then again... we like to Get Weird Get Weird and when they see us the lames they get scared so Get Weird Get Weird I just wanted to make 1 thing clear and that's to Get Weird Yo! I'm in my motherfucking bag, you been lame as ever since the night your mother fucked your dad I'm rad. the girls are eternally giving head and I love brains, it's like the Return of the Living Dead poppin like every kernel my journal is fulla red, my raps written in blood will murder you in your bed instead of composing one of Motzart's pieces I'm chillin in Hell and sending a postcard to Jesus... CHRIST! where the fuck's your will to be weird? you're in the garden of Eden still you'd kill to be here I'm under a bloody sky watchin Philly appear, me and Greazy will kill it filthy til we're millionaires blast it. swagtastic, throw in the towel, got em floating, feeling salty like a sodium cloud the macaroni jabroni from the opium town, see me politicking, I stay behind the podium now, clowns.... [Chorus] All my life I been different. lt me know if you feel the same way we could get ill get ill like a sickness fuck what all the lamesters say! [Chorus]

Dream Butcher

All About Eve "Ultraviolet"
Did you know that plastic men use blood in their fountain pens...tell you how they're on your team and seem to mean it ? Please don't believe all you hear. Now that you're clothed and you've been fed, here comes the candle to light you to bed. How that you've gained your higher ground, here come the butcher to cut you.. Down an out and in a state of easy to manipulate : Take the cash and learn to crawl... Small-print smiler smiles while his knives never show. Big wheels see you're on your own in green fields. Fat the calf the butcher laughs a loud mouth watering, slaughtering your dreams. Work it out... can you afford to sell your Self for small reward and only have yourself to blame ? - Shame on someone.

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