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Vendetta Red lyrics - Between The Never And The Now

Ambulance Chaser

Original and similar lyrics
In fiscal flight from the ravenous cavemous orifice asphyxiated form Washed in wolves blood sterile and pantomimed parting in parts the trial of the worm Sew the lid closed cough and spit into your poalm with charitable charm Slap the bad mans wrist insist disarm Do the math the path is a narrow one it led me down to a cold and shallow grave On my tombstone I read the epitaph 'Here lies a man who lived and died a slave' Till the vexing that his hex annexing animates his glorious distresses Serve the right foot raw so flawed undressed Semi conscious concentration Christmas cards and suffocation Ambulances beckon bodies tires squealing sirens wailing

Lost World

Count Raven
You are an asshole, You're the worst kind of worm That have crawled out of the ground Your existence I'm sorry to say is everywhere On the new job on the beach, I find you there The Antichrist is born of a Jackal they say It seems that you've been born the same way I can tell that You didn't plan to go far I just want to know, who the hell You are You suck the bosses dicks, a sad shape You put the poor ones down, a human fake Your whole life is a masquerade All You are looking for: A better grade The whole creation knows, You're Satan's slave Who doesn't realise his sorrow pain A child of the grave I tell You there ain't no use in denying Life's short one day You are dying Then You stand trial to the maker What will You say to the giver taker You believe the lies that fills your head All I say is let the dead bury the dead I'll tell what will be, Your biggest fear No one will remember Your name You weren't here


Allow me to drop spoken word verbs That burn like herbs mixed with desire Cold from fear? come here and I'll breathe you fire Till you dripping wet of sweat We form puddles in the bottom of our heart is of a storm cloud set Can you feel me yet? and you can bet it's more real than any feels of gold could imply When I whisper sweet nothing so sweet while your eyes close in concentration Dedicated to these new founds infatuation with what I spit We giggle 'cause I haven't even written it yet The style came so free that I started getting it the split second before I gave And now it was just the 2 of us here to savour this moment And save our savour our spear chocolate end 'Cause I detect that you may respect it The same reverse that I do Rhyme pro sounded the high core You want it? I'm on it, 'cause I think I might like you And you like this you know something I find it odd I kiss you up to God as I thank you for you and all you do Angie Stone, we love you.

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