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UB40 lyrics - Baggariddim

Hip Hop Lyrical Robot

Original and similar lyrics
[Chorus:] Can you dig it, alright I can dig it Cause I'm your hip hop lyrical robot and a real cool cat Yes I'm your hip hop lyrical robot and a real cool cat I want the girls to hear me rap Cause this mc has got the nack I'm your body-popping shell shocking Girls hocking eye popping lick me all over like a lollipop I'm your juicy fruit Alright, alright, alright I said hey white man, indian or black I'm your number 1 MC and that's a fact I'm a goodlooking, girl hooking outstanding Mike chatting lyrical shock attack All MCs freeze there on the spot One false move and you must get drop I'm always devastating, fascinating Vibemaking, painstaking, watch it man I'm hot [Chorus] Its a struggle in life when your skin is black The system is designed to hold you back how sya do shake hands on the shoulder a pat One love to my face then a stab in the back Seven points in snooker when you put down the black But I still thank God for the little I got [Chorus] I don't stop rapping to the musical beat And I'm in the mood to turn you on In the groove thats so complete Wind you hips, shake your body Or clap you hands even stamp your feet Just like a bed thats just been spread You know I'm neat, neat, neat Just like a tap that's running hot Man can't you feel the heat Not just now but every minute every hour Everyday and every week I don't give a hoot for loot and shoot Or prostitutes in skin tight suits Standing on the corner They call their beat I'm not a pimp drug pusher Gambler or even thief To the teachers I will preach And to the teachers I will teach Cause I'm a hip hop lyrical robot That is why so unique Well police and theives are playing The game of hide and seek When an imformer gives imformation Then its called a leak I jail your a number ruled by govenor Screws keep you under, wanna see you blunder When they say 'Sit' just take a seat And when they say 'food' it's time to eat If a screw says 'Nigger' I don't answer 'Yes Sir, no Sir three bags full Sir' Sometimes inmates would even call me a growler Me a growler, I'm no growler [Chorus] Well I'm a hip hop lyrical robot I don't stop rapping to the musical beat Well I'm a hip hop lyrical robot and a real cool cat

Flash The Message

John Forte "Poly Sci"
[Forte' Spoken Words] Recently I was compelled to tell the tale of two men Not long ago in a club in the dead of winter They'd come into conflict over mistaken identities Brought forth by the pursuit of a woman She ultimately became the scapegoat for an ego maniacal environment There are two sides to every coin as well as every story Balance is a way of life...Be it for better or worse.... [Forte' - Chorus] Right, Left North, South Two sides balance out Black, White Either or God Is Love, God Is War Right, Left North, South Two sides balance out Black,White Either or God Is Love, God Is War! [Forte' - 1st Verse] In peace, live by the sword God Is love, God Is War Most cats out on the streets don't know what they're fighting for Buckwild, despite the law And nobody like to run Hit holders with shoulder chips up in the club Yo, that's the wrong man money and you rubbed his bitch And that man make money, have you seen his clique? Every member flying iron and their knights with it You feeling pressure, like a black where only whites can sit Well you ain't want a situation , but you've got one here... You don't want to see the bin, you've been out on year... How you trying to play it off up in this club if you dare to You walk beside the mix, and your mens ain't near you You want to holler names, knowing well that they won't hear you And this nigga here really got to learn to fear you You're feeling your conceal knowing that you've got to tear through In their room, holding onto life like an heirloom! [Forte' - Chorus 2x] [Forte' - 2nd Verse] Hey yo my back is on the wall And I pray that god bless you I'm running out of patience, and you're blatant disrespectful My crew never played, we was babies getting paid Spots locked from Coney Island to the Brooklyn Promenade Took lives and stealing I.V.'s, very few niggas like me The Devil in your midst, and what you don't know could hurt you My squad terrorize everything outside their circle Shit! These mens are worse, and they all is thirst But it's more than just the woman, my respect comes first Man I, burst buffoons when I curse with coons If you survive, may your Mother come and nurse your wounds Only to, catch it again Rule one, no friends This club shit'll make you careless My burners leave you airless (Yeah) Seconds away from your last day (from your last day, seconds away everyday, all day) [Forte' Chorus - 2x] [Forte' - 3rd Verse] Well, like my pops said, you play, you gotta pay (True-true) I dig your sham, but my man's on the real (But who you?) My sons put me on, and I heard of the name But you got 1 second left, out of 5 for fame Though outnumbered, I want it You the hunter, getting hunted By a younger predator, if you want it And son if it come down to the wire, and my mens ain't 'round we gonna do what we gotta, 'cause I can't back down It's too late now, expect you, when your man through A little verbal attitude, and I found that rude Now what to do? I know your crew, and each one got stripes But I'm young see, and one thing you not -- Hungry! It's either or, in the game from the door Lets see who'll be the first to find the floor! (That all!) [Forte' Chorus - 4x]


LL COOL J "Radio"
[LL Cool J] His realm is a new horizon of cuts They expand from his hand as he conducts Aim a lot of cool projects not photography Cut-Creator, Philly-Phil's biography [LL Cool J] The lyrical virtual also makes his return All adversaries should be concerned LL Cool J is back again Let me allow to introduce you to my friend Cut-Creator [LL Cool J] He circumcises DJ's while he's on the airwaves Till the missions' complete, you're a musical slave English revision he endour any collision Like a searcher with a scapal, he'll make the head decision As for me I'll annihilate, eggs, I'll let's 'em communicate you from rappin' and my lyrics are the best Slow down the rap but not the subject matter All you sucker DJ's will scatter Cut-Crea-tor will employ techniques that will absorb toy boy The real helper of cuts, Cut-Creator is his name The boys' so nice, my boat is your strain You could re-arrange but you don't have the brains to arrange scratch-padders for the audio change Not trippin' ah, my tree, for the mental geometry Just Cool J, that's me, I'm dangerous 'I Need A Beat' - [cut and scratched] [LL Cool J] Yeah I made it, don't look astonished I had to remind you of what I've acomplished My scenario, four-door stereo Up-bein' beat, zero is the ratio Cut-Creator, LL Cool J Say: 'Ole', to what we just played Rappers who don't evade instead we invade and all competitors will be slayed Any comment is a compliment No groups' talent can be the equivalent of mine and his combined Total harmony between the cuts and the rhyme So why listen the greats by the deaf of the bass Takin' out every sucker, DJin' the place A performance underated, it's not narrated So Cut-Creators social statics can't be alleviated He's dangerous [LL Cool J] Demolishin' DJ's in under a second I called an old phrase from my last record The beat alleviates, the scratch excells Except I came hear to raise some hell Searchin' up sykes and cuts like the blade He the scuser dry-smudge and make Coolay I drink at steady, the record turns many Instead of a needle, he uses a machette He scuffs the bars a-get you involved as the record revolves DJ's dissolve, usually, physically, mentally he's an innovator, greator, Cut-Creator is on the cross-fader Sometime I gotta check what I invest All Farmers Boulevard is where I rest I'm numero uno, amigo with an ego Such palms kill a France, say: En Italiano The mouth protects and I'll inject into your ears a new concept cuts soon in silence to be unfair to the Cool J phenomena, all must hail I'm dangerous [LL Cool J freestyle]


[Allen Iverson Snippet:] I'm supposed to be the franchise player, and we're in here talking about practice. I mean, listen, we talkin' about practice. Not a game, not a game, not a game, we talkin' about practice [Intro:] It's motherfucking me When I'm up real late, and you know what I'm doing Bam Bam Bronsolino is tuned into the one and only Peter Rosenberg Real late on Hot 97, man, get it together [Verse 1:] Thirty thousand for the DNA swab, don't quit your day job You batty boys ain't even on my radar Order breasts of veal at Walt Frazier's Dog, my women come in all flavors, fold paper, Lord save us Complete a drug deal in a rental rented from AVIS Best believe my motherfucking Timberlands pounding the pavement Dog, I lay with hoes, I smoke butter the same color as Jalen Rose Stand on the balcony naked, just screaming, "Fuck it, I made it!" Every meal I eat steak to make a statement Patrick Bateman, thirty Mexicans in the basement, let's get it shaking The whole block's smelling like bacon My shorty keep it real, take a shit out the car window Hide money in a Nintendo Got a degree in dental Cook like she down in the delta Wrestled the gator for the foot display River monsters, Dog the Bounty Hunter Open bally stuntin', this is Southern Cali summer, bitch [Verse 2:] It be the novelist, bare-handed choke a hippopotamus I need to go to Drug-Dealing Anonymous Cheerio ship-flip like Rey Mysterio Me laid up with big money be the scenario Out the watch flew a canary, it's cuckoo Let my man who just came home throw a party where you poo-poo Uh, that is not a nice thought Get locked up in the afternoon, I make it out by Night Court Long as I don't see that world I got the lawyer on retainer like a teenage girl Eating chicken parmesean in the holding cell My feet up, hittin' my G-Pen, yeah, you know me well Quadruple-black coupe, smacks for if you act stupid No love here, motherfuckers, I clap Cupid, jump in the black Buick Then make a sharp right My mother wrist is so cut, look like a shark bite And when I play the guitar, I'm always on acid She said I look like David Justice when she see me floating in the Maxima It's me

Get It On

BENZINO "Redemption"
Yellow City Benzino [Chorus]: 23 inches on the ride when we get it on honey look I'm really ride we should get it on got my people on the side we should get it on let's chill tonight we gon get it on 23 inches on the ride when we get it honey look I'm really ride we should get it on got my people on the side we shoudl get it on let's chill tonight we gon get it on [Benzino]: Shorty lookin high when she takin it on the floor lookin right when she shakin it bartender get the ice start shakin it everybody gettin fly how you playin it since you wanna keep it real I'm a let you know got me open Ma now I don't wanna let you go you remind me of these honeys in the video get her back to the telly and it's here we go if the chickens on the rag we say hell no give her chips call a cab we say let's go {You nasty Ray you nasty} please believin it we had another glove shorty straight up teasin it stop playin Ma tell me who you leavin with she said Zino what you sayin who you creepin with thought I'd really let you know that I'm feelin it and if I get you to the crib then I'm killin it [Chorus] [Benzino]: Now we in the corner takin Remy to the head Put the Cardiers on eyes gettin red you like the chain or the watch or the wood-grain frames switch lanes in a champagne drop get brains on planes in Bangkok Mami like them things that a man can't cop Mami always saying please Ray don't stop {Ray please don't stop} and the beat don't stop we on the scene and you already know Zino on the stage with a real tight flow six figures paid for a real tight flow my niggas made and they can't say no so shake that Ma take that Ma make my eyes move where your waist at Ma you know the don spittin nothin but nice ah freeze Ma please ain't nothing but ice [Chorus] {You nasty Ray you nasty you nasty Ray you nasty} [Benzino]: In the DJ booth with my dawg 2-time smokin on a J while he play Busta Rhymes Hep's over there with a bunch of dimes we don't go to bed till the sun rise up in the club hands on her butt V.I.P. I keep Chris in my cup see my peeps they call state kid it up see that beat my beat state grit it up [Chorus] Yellow City Benzino Yellow man and we did it again {You nasty Ray you nasty}

Ital (Feat. Q-tip)

Verse One: Q-Tip I wanna be able to reach an mc and reach a little child in the same degree And my elders excel I mean what the hell we might as well bridge these gaps in all before we fall in the fire Black Thought: It's a million mc's upon a plan they call real tryin' to set it profess mic techniques illegit inaccurate perceptions of reality embedded in their minds thus their rhymes are discredited (check it out) Q-Tip: I use my music implemented with jewels import tools to inspire all those too cool fools who say screw school 'Cause they don't see the conspiracy that's put here to trap you and me Black Thought: Y'all know the battle leutenant be on some whole 'nother other finesse genetic they say I get it from my mother so its' inheredit- ary and very necessary to shine legendarily, heavily refined Q-Tip: Contemporaries like the Roots is so radit's like dage which bag did they come out of, and how can I get in itto win it like raffle ticket pick and if you feelin' something, guess who gets the sticking Black Thought: I got this Ital mad up close and personal the first I find to violate, I shall retal- iate with realisms for their whole local we on point like decimal Abstract now Q-Tip: MCin while I'm breathingmcin is believing that you can host a ceremony and the dough is never phony in fact, it's very therapeutic like B12 hyperdermic needle so shoot it Black Thought: Lyrically elicit upstarts the explicit most wicked seven digit mic wizardmy tongue lashes out and strikes with it just slightly might miss it when I blast through your section or district CHORUS Verse Two: Black Thought In my formitive by my peers I was influenced until the instruments of time killed the congruence I peeped the blue prints on how to make true sense of MC's which are a nuisance I know just what to do sinceI'm on another lev. brothers is fakin' jacks and think they ready for the rev. but they got a lot to learn, to make theri thoughts long term 'cause on theri short-cuts they made a wrong turn probably, timelessly I construct the firesome to rip your eardrum for many years to come professional style thinkin' rational to move wise so hard it's a wonder y'all alive... Q-Tip: ...And still breathin', niggaz is dead and not even perpetuatin' real life the shit kicked is real trife ayo they fake bleedin' It's obvious that they needin' attention feedin' they cold actin' like heathens when mics is picked up MC's scenes is kicked up like women with the gripper drinking Moet 'till they hiccup fellas hustlin' picking bricks up fantasizin' about the illest stick up but rip up the jam and we be truly impressed on stage you won't need your tef. vest only a mic with and a mic test and at your best you get blessed by the fans who profess that they can relate with the trials you tribulate or the pains you endure 'cause some cats is pure tell horors that are true but see cats like you y'all fake joints just tyo get a woo-woo the tear jerker you be that miracle worker whose miracle just ran out I think it's time you pan out or just plain fade, 'cause yo you played we 'bout to drop on you like the Everglades

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