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TURK lyrics - Young & Thuggin'

It's In Me

Original and similar lyrics
Mmm, mmm, c'mon Ah c'mon, c'mon, c'mon C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon C'mon, c'mon, look, look [Verse One] When I start to spray, clear the way, or get knocked Cause once my thang cock, I then aim and pop I'm a donkey wodie, a untamed gorilla Wilder than real-a, T.C. representer Known for spinnin Benz, gettin about fifty Plus I'm quick to ride, and give it to you snitches I'm a no doubt fella, always have I always will Uptown fella, young and thuggin plus I'm real In my blood in my veins it be the way that I be All I know is killin, murder drama no peace Youngsta nineteen who got off the porch early I done did it all believe dat, ya heard me Whoever like testin look, don't you do it Cause I don't hesitate especially if you blew it Your set I run - through it, like a mad man Don't think I won't do it, leave your momma sad man [Chorus] Look here - it's in me lil' wodie to be the thug that I be It's in me lil' wodie to wear baguettes on Roley It's in me lil' wodie to wear - T's, 'Baud's, and Ree's It's in me lil' wodie - look here - it's in me lil' wodie [Verse Two] It's in my bloodstream wodie, to be the type that I am Sold gats split hash take a boy from his fam Nothin but streets, look - it's all that I know Knockin you off yo' feet, it's all that I know Drivebys and pull-ups I'm prepared every day Thuggin as usual I do dat every day Quick to roast ya, if you're not from round my way In the middle of the quarter in one of them hallways Quick to still ya yeah, I'm real I ain't fake Leave that a murder scene in the middle of yellow tape Put a hole in your thinkin cap, you won't be thinkin no more Look, you'll be put to nap A youngster play it raw raw, and 'X' ya out Me and my dog Rat quick to run up in yo' house Yeah I goes out cause it's in me lil' daddy When it's a coke drought I tote a semi lil' daddy [Chorus] [Verse Three] I'm the one they're talkin about, original Hot Boy Lil' Turk wodie, run up and get shot boy With a long gun, AK with fifty rounds in it Ain't gon' be nuttin nice, when I'm spinnin and bendin Non-stop cousin, the chopper a fool yes Get your mind right, that's what it do yes Blood and brains, all over the streets is what you see dawg, messin with me I'll do you somethin awful split ya deep Closed casket you had front you for your peeps I get up then blast, somebody dyin tonight Load up the mac, look I'm ridin tonight I disguise like a woman mask over my face Gloves on my hand no evidence no case That's how I do it, look, do it smart and smooth If you don't want my trouble look, better be cool [Chorus - 2X]

Hold Me (Trackmaster's Remix)

(feat. Tone, Kobe Bryant) [Tone] Brian McKnight, Trackmasters (ooooh) Here we go, Kobe, Brian McKnight [Kobe] Yeah, g's are [Tone] Trackmasters (mmmm) Uh, red hot, baby Honey, listen up (listen) The lies and pain, it's enough (it's enough) End it, exit, leave homes alone (uh, huh) Got my Tone, the New York Giant man's a client I'm the president (yeah) Money, long like jail sentences Sentences, poetic, him (Him) Forget it (forget it) Amnesia, I need ya I need a women like you I know you wanna go (wanna go) Your girlfriends say (say) That you wanna leave (leave) Here's my chauffer (uh, huh) Give him his keys to his V's Now honey, you can ride me [Brian] Remember way back when, when I first met ya Didn't wanna sweat ya, wanted you to put me on 1-5-5 at the Rucker's All them other suckers tried the game I knew you were the one, oh yeah Well, I know you think about me (you think about me) But I don't know what you're waitin' to see Girl, I want you in my life Let me show you right You're the only one that matters to me (c'mon) Girl, it's about time [1] - It's time you put me on Right here's where you belong Don't be afraid to hold me I'm here and it's OK There's nothing else to say Don't be afraid to hold me When you were alone that night I called you from Jamaica You were listening to 'I'll Take Her' And I know I made ya smile (mm, hmm) But I ain't on the shining tip But I know you like that flossy shit I just want to hold you for a while, oh, girl Well I know you dream about me (I know you dream about me) But I don't know what you're waitin' to see Girl, I want you in my life Let me show you right You're the only one that matters to me (c'mon) It's about time [Repeat 1] [Tone] KB, sing it, Kobe [Kobe] Your love's a sword slicing gently through my body Burn so sweet, blood boils when you speak (yeah) Makes me weak but I refuse to weep Yet when I sleep I feel tears tricklin' down my cheek (c'mon) Stay strong, pride telling me move on My heart's fightin' me, forcin' me to hold on Yours forever, fell for you beyond measure Pure as ever, fazed by sins of treasure [Brian] Tonight's the night (Tonight's the night, tonight) Let's make it tight baby (Let's make it tight, tonight) Leave all our cares (Leave all our cares behind) Tonight's the night (Tonight's the night, tonight) Hey [Tone] Here we go [Repeat 1 until fade]


HOT BOYS "Let 'Em Burn"
[B.G.] Bring Noise Nigga, I got something on my shoulder - that bitch is so heavy AK-47 a test ta a Mac-11, double clipped taped up Ready ta spray something, 175 shots ta clear the block I've rob through your neighborhood, day and night Stole clothes people inside, ya hood on strike I'm looking, for ya - high and low, nigga I'm searchin' 11 deep in the new Ford Excursion Me and my nigga P. - brother D's on weed Bet should re-infact, k' pot it clean Once you found you get down, burn torchin' and beat That's the treatment you get from a nigga in C.M.B. I'm the B.G. but you can call me - Shot 'em up shorty I'll get mad and try ta flush your head down the toirlet Baby gave me the game - when this niggaz that's bitch made Gimme my props, call it Ace a Ace a spade of spades nigga [Juvenile] Boss you wouldn't believe what happend ta me Last night I got hit for a package of ki's Who was it? Man I'ont know some cats They kicked in my doo' shot my wife in the back And you think them mothafuckers woulda left it at that They beat me in my head until I said where it's at Okay we go out in the streets and we get the word We hit up anybody that we think selling them birds Them fuckin moolignanis don't want no war' C4 them down, let 'em burn in the car Me not worried about no witness Cuz them won't see, anything linkin' up ta me Boss, come ta find out it was Red and Black Them connivin' motherfuckers gatta pay for that I tell you what I gonna do, burn them cock roaches And payment for the cops in case they wanna approach us [Baby] I'm the O.G. nigga 'bout money and bitches Know how, ta flip a brick and deal with ditches My brother K.C. told me how ta kill these niggaz While Troy had me in alleys dealin' with digits Aiy, life is real my nigga, me and Lac pa' was killed my nigga It ain't nothing keep it real my nigga While my homies carve life in the field my nigga Ski' then family - thrill deal niggaz Rambo and Sam - it is what it is niggaz I've robbed niggaz - pulled triggers for niggaz Drama's involved - we in like we in nigga Homicide - we kill like we kill nigga Behind them thangs - it is what it is niggaz Birdman - a known shotcaller Suburban man and Benzes and Prowlers [Lil' Wayne] (look - look - look - look) Here comes Mister Bad nerves What that fed up look? Shorty got that do whatever for the cheddar look And got no dope, weed or fetti plus I'm hurt and hungry All I got is this beretta with 2 murders on it I done walk 'bout four blocks In a pair of old 'Boks Dirty with no socks Looking for dope spots Man I'm on the prawl - untamed and wild Been a year since I smiled Better watch that child Hat over my eyes, you can't see my frustation Looking at niggaz paper chasin' with mean faces Was told wait my turn - but damn I'm in-pacient Pacin' the streets, with, the, mac-10 blazin' Lil' Brother bail please, I'ma kill him for the scrilla Do you under smell me - I'm telling your dawg I was raised on bad ways from school on half-days Have smart and have praise - stop playin' with me [Turk] It's in my bloodstream wodie, ta be the nigga that I am Tote gats with hats take a nigga from his fam' Nothin' but streets shit - it's all a nigga know Knockin you off ya feet quick - it's all a nigga know Drive-bys in U-Hauls - prepared anyday Thuggin' is usual, do that every day Bitch niggaz get roast, if your not from round my way Middle of the court or one of them hallways Quick ta steal ya, I'm real I ain't fake Leave ya ass a murder scene in the middle of yellow tape Put a hole in ya thinkin' cap, won't be thinkin no mo' You'll be put ta nap Young nigga play it raw, raw - X ya bitch ass out Me and my nigga Rat quick ta run up in ya house Fuck it, I goes out cuz it's in me my nigga When it's a coke drought - I tote a semi my nigga

No Mask On

Nickerson Gardens, take one Carnivore, who wanna war, I'll wrestle with a dinosaur Find a whore, have her on the corner fuckin you and yours Off tour, steel packed, yeah I got the steel pack Wish a nigga would yeah, shoot him till his grill snaps Barbecue a rapper like we barbecue on labor day, Yeah you got them chains and things but you ain't got no paper mang Still be catchin vapors mang, hotboxin in a donk In a south beach, M-I-A, higher than a paper plane Waivin at my fans, I'm the man, what you tellin god I don't rap in booths, I rap in synagogues I'm the fuckin truth you mothafuckas been frauds Like stolen mastercards, I out mastered ya'll I bring disaster to your leaders and your tag alongs I tell em gimme the whole rack leave them tags alone I'd rather pop em myself like henny quarts 2 week cruise as I pass 4 ports Like a chain smoker in a hotel resort If I resort to violence, it's for the blood sport Watch a blood drop, watch a blood pour Yeah the shells hot steam comin out your pours It's a sauna in my glock who wanna open up the door It's hot up in my block and it ain't neva snowed before Unless I had the rock setup shop my own store I dribbled with the rock the fiends shot so I scored Kick game even gave em field goals they want more So I took em out the park like a ford vehicle movin forward That's crazy ain't it? I take it overboard I make a rapper walk the plank whenever I record I make them bitches give me brain like a motherboard Me and my niggas run trains when your mother bored I know what you thinkin, I'm a reckless boy, I take the necklace off your neck leave ya headless boy Wait a minute drama, catch my breath Take 2, Sleepy hollows with them hollows I be ridin you just follow I'm original you borrowed your style, I'm wild Like gorillas in the congo bring gorillas to your condo Let em run bitch through your goodies for a while Desperado with a magnum in a tahoe and a magnum on my dick yeah Fuckin on these models in a motel 6 yeah Wait, that was 06′ now I'm pimpin at the W Penthouse, balcony throwin up W's The crowd at the lower level like, "we lovin you" In the words of nipsey hu$$le, "I fucks with you" This uncomfortable If you a new artist, that ain't your album droppin That's a floppin target You niggas shop at target I'm at the swap meet, coppin a fresh white tee Cause my hood buzz the largest Put prices on your head, niggas built for bargains Make you run your jewels, you was built for talkin Now nigga anny up, before a load this cannon up And can your candy ass no homo pull your panties up Pssst, jay rock obama could bring drama to a horror film As I clipped the cigar and tilt the brim No mask on


AER "Aer"
[Hook:] Been meaning to write you sincerely So let me lay this down Ain't much to say, ain't much to say, unless it’s a vow So what’s this about? [Verse 1:] Give me nothing man, I’ll take it on my own Got a whole lot to go, only slow when I've grown old Well one piece of advice, for you limelight seeking shh Twitter plus the couch equals you never gonna blow You can talk a big game, you can want to walk to fame The sidewalk ends fall off if the grind ain't the same as the FAM Nothing to gain if you can’t get yourself outta the place that you claim can’t help, well The ladder for me man keeps getting longer The climb gets harder, my arms getting stronger You blind old man cause you’re starting to wander Snake of the game bringing nothing but problems You on the come up like your leader's got his eyes closed I’d arrive before you if I decide to drive slow But I’m not I’m posted up never lie low You’ll vanish real quick like your missing dog Fido [Hook] [Verse 2:] It’s a curse and a blessing to get this way in the first place And your shit was supposed to drop around my 15th birthday Gotta be real and cleaned up behind curtains Is this really your grand scheme to prove that you’re worth it? Well I've seen it before but good job They click next stray away quick move along Shake they head say They never going back to this blog Can’t use your brights homie cause your heads filled with fog If you want something grab it, if you have a beat stab it Shitload of legwork not just living lash, I’m up at 3 AM and I’m still mentally active Mind is traveling to a height that’ll send your ass packing In the third row seat of the van realizing opportunities within patience Instant gratification is not in the plans for your brand Buzzer beater precision they coming running from the stands [Hook]

The Wolf

JEDI MIND TRICKS "Visions Of Gandhi"
[Intro from a sample] [gunshot] It's comin', it's comin' You wear a gun, the beast 'til the end that is This is the twilight winter I am ready to be her son It's now, I will RISE to her side! I don't need the words, I'm beyond [Ill Bill] Keep it homie this is a gangsta party Bullet proof glass for Robbie Die sorry by the hand of vampires and zombies Fire bombin' suicide army God's inside me Ride 'til I motherfuckin' die high on canarcy Unfocusable, 'xplodin smokin toast to ya vultures Soldiers in haemoglobin words of evil spoken invokin' Volcanoes evoked, these veterans are very violent Non Phixion Jedi Mind Tricks a deadly virus I could just go live no love I read Kaballah on drugs Gun in my wig gettin' my dick sucked Bitches spit and cum on each others clits for kicks Cocaine tits degenerates smother ya shit Another day in paradise, surrounded by bloodsuckers and parasites Gettin' in shoot outs for Amorites Leave ya block flooded wid blood this hard find I promised Eat shit suck fuck kill and die honest [Hook from sample] The big bad fearless wolf I'm the end of the world Wearing the flesh of fallen angels I've scanned the reality I see it, the corruption of flesh And blood to you all! [Sabac Red] Call me the rap Che Guerera Loungin' in the black grave's terror I lace tracks wid terror forever smellin' death Reoccurrin' like the hands of burnin' flesh Must be the spirit of Koresh that keep me turnin' in the bed Troopers hoverin', you'll be sufferin' crews be buggin' When they rather shoot they brother than abuse the government Our crews make compliments from writin' darkness When we spark this the hardest part is when Gods is dealing with fake artists,I face charges for speakin' my piece Unleash the beast after nine eleven still got beef wid police Streets' a warzone we more prone to violence and greed No voice leaves no choice they tryna silence the seeds Time is when will you get yours, stop relyin' on me I'm firin' wid speed so before you dyin' you'll bleed This is a war call I warn y'all stay up 'fore you're held Or get fucked up cut up ya wrist and kill yaself [Hook] The flesh of fallen angels come to me all! A secret, living on by the skin of reality I am the wolf!, 'til the end I don't need the words, I'm the beyond the words [Vinnie Paz] These streets is Vietnam I'm like Jesus tryna complete a song I believe in Islam heathens can bleed 'til they gone It's on, anyone can get hit Anyone can get the centre of their energy split My enemies fit, to face Palestine You bitch rappers only got heart on Valentine's And all ah y'all that wanna know how my metal feel It gets settled in the temple when my baretta kill My pen bleeds the ink y'all spill But y'all still seem to think y'all real Jedi Mind real put the nine to ya grill We spit real, and y'all run for the hills I stab you in the back 'til it weakens the knees Then smash you wid a statue of Jesus that bleeds [Hook] I've tasted the devil's green blood It runs in my veins I've seen beyond the world The architecture of blood and bone marrow Death is coming! I have tasted the flesh of fallen angels I am the wolf yes!, I am the wolf!

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