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TQ lyrics

Internationally Yours

Original and similar lyrics
Internationally Yours [TQ] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Ooh yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Here we go again It's 7:47, y'all strapped in? Off we go to London, we flow Wednesday night, rushin' from show to show You wanna know the real though I got love for my peoples in Japan To France, to Amsterdam, we keep it goin' For the ones who ain't knowin' Still westside for life and I'm a worldwide nigga, get it 1 - You make me feel just like flowin' (yes you do) Damn, all my niggas and my people all kick it together Everybody hear the beats of my songs Internationally yours I'll be back a thousand times To all my fans, I've read every one of your letters I've been around the world and I, I, I Internationally yours Used to read about it Now I see about it, be about it And it's so exciting To have the opportunity to meet riders Who don't speak the same language as me But know my record like they wrote it G Switzerland and Germany Light up a fat one, burn with me Me and Sabrina on the train in Spain Tongue kissin' like don't nobody know our names But it's aiight though I thought I'd never find love That is until I met the 2 little French girls Stood outside in the rain all day, just waitin' to say That they was comin' to my show, and they was down to play Hold up your lighters if you hear me right All my people across the world, y'all feel me right I'll always keep it real with you I'll come and chill with you Cuz you made all my dreams come true I love you Repeat 1 This one goes out to all my people that Threw they dubs up while drinkin' Koniak And all the women with my symbol tatted on they back Y'all crazy for that, but I feel you though I guess, thanks for ridin' for the west Now every damn time, I'ma give you my best And get ya somethin' funky like deep in ya chest Would you believe that I used to dream about it [Homie] I never thought I'd dream about the places I've seen On a flight at 5:30, on the way to Belize I thank the Lord on my way for the day that I'm given And for not bein' dead or endin' up in prison My decision to be a musician got me on this mission Seems strange to hear foreign people screamin' my name On a plane to Spain, doin' the exact same thing with no shame Got game and use it, got love for the music My dreams and ambition got me faced with this opposition Now that I'm large, livin' my life like a superstar They callin' me the man, cuz 'round the world I got fans Ready for SoundScan, elevatin' through the southland If it wasn't for this music, what the hell would we do? And if it wasn't for this music, I'd probably have to rob you I keep my head up, pray to God that he'll come quick So I can escape life on the street and keep y'all bumpin' my shit Repeat 1 to fade

Different Kind Of Lady

BENZINO "Redemption"
She's a different she's a different she's a different kind of lady [Benzino]: Yo I'd like to introduce to you two very special women in my life. Let me tell you bout this girl I know I met her in four corners in Boston some years ago since we first made contact I knew it was right yeah and the girl been in my life ever since that night her body was tight I'm tellin you dawg I had to get her remember like it's yesterday the day that I met her she was rollin with Jamaicans but on the really she told me she was raised in the hearts of Philly city of brotherly love was from the hood used to run the back woods with thugs who sold drugs her friends they used to flirt I considered them garbage while she was bein chased by every nigga in college used to date some clown from up north he used to choke her but I would never treat her like that cause she's a smoker one of a kind honey's a dime with no seeds I ain't gon never let her go cause she's all I need indeed Chorus: (She's a different kind of lady...) She's a a dif-different kind of lady and she will never hurt you she'll never desert you she'll be the one to hold ya down repeat [Benzino]: Man there's just somethin about her (love) that I swear sometimes I can't make it through a whole day without her some say our relationship is not that strong they said it's just a phase won't last that long Jeff said I was wrong to fall in love cause she was passed around I don't care she with me right now I'm so attracted to her vibe she got me open so wide and you can tell by the glow in my eyes it's hard to sleep without her by my bed at night with her on my side I'm gon be alright I love to hold her squeeze her don't let go she's my heat in the winter when the weather is cold see anytime there's drama she gon come in a hurry not jealous if she see me with my main girl Mary she gon go to war with me hit the floor with me if I go on a caper she gon keep in the door with me I was smokin quick to put a nigga on blast only person that I tell where I hide the cash she's a gangsta bitch she don't give a fuck drive-bys stick her head out the window push puff blow smoke out her nose it's a must a propose cause I love her don't give a fuck who knows she's the Bonnie to my Clyde the Tina to my Ike her name is Nina I love her for the rest of my life Chorus

Gangsta Ride

SNOOP DOGG "No Limit Top Dogg"
(feat. Silkk the Shocker) [Chorus: Snoop Dogg singing (2X)] It's a gangsta gangsta ride On the nutty danger side As we ride, dip and slippin Take your mind, on a high [Silkk the Shocker] Yo yo, from that DPG nigga to the CP3 Back to the house, East to the West Now take it BACK to the South You know.. how I switch my flow If I'm lapsin you glad niggaz'll get mad then, hit the flo' Gotta bag me some dank so I, hit the sto' In the winter it's the Hummer for the summer it's the, six-fo' Got niggaz mad at me (why) Cause they can't get no six Bitches upset with me (why) Cause they can't get no dick I'ma be on top of the game whether I'm, broke or rich I don't stop once I'm on top I just drop mo' hits I'm in the club with the thug, I just pop mo' Crist' Tell Snoop to get the Coupe his new shit I just, gots to go get Cause when I cock my shit, usually I pop my shit Tell all you teary eyed females gettin over-offended cause I don't jock no chick I'm the Boss, and I don't follow no person, I follow Jesus Y'all blame a bunch of kids, so I gotta roll my Adidas [Chorus] [Snoop Dogg] Boom bam as I step in the jam, god damn Don't need no introduction, cause you know who I am The S-N-double-O-P, the only, fo' sho' Now motherfuckers let me hear you say hoe I spit ya, spat at ya, whoot wham, get at ya Rider, I threw a slider, right at ya Mash ya, gat ya, drip-drop the hatchet Keep the party crackin, while I'm steady rappin This game we run, y'all know what's happenin We back in effect, we got the heat on deck I'm slidin down South with a blunt in my mouth I catch a plane out East and try to make some peace I'm hangin with my niggaz in the projects The homie's throwin a party, I gotta get back West Oh yeah -- that's right, we are the best No Limit DPG Southwest connects, ya feel me [Chorus] [Snoop Dogg] Keep it gangsta Keep it gangsta, keep it gangsta dogg Keep it, keep it gangsta dogg Yeah, we keep it gangsta dogg Fo' sho', we keep it gangsta dogg, what Yeah, I wanna say whattup to all them gangstas out there on the Eastisde (on the Southside, on the Northside) Yeah (on the Westside) Y'all niggaz need to point the guns in the right directions Ya know, ya heard [Chorus 3X] [Snoop and Silkk talk to outro]


Umm, yes, yes, yes, y'all Let's ride, let's ride, let's ride Sho nuff Let's ride, let's ride [Mr. G Stacka] I'm Mr. Everyday Chiefer Full of herb And this killer ass reefer got a nigger feeling swozy I'm slowly, creepin' up through the hood And I see my niggas, and the smoking real good So show a nigga love, what up kinfolk And while you at my nigga, won't you past the dope You know a nigga has to choke Of killer both for me, I got the smoke flowing down my throat So playa won't you ride with me We can get quizzer in the front of my drop top Caddy With my heat just ready to skeet So playa please don't drop no fire on my feet But it's all good, cause it's much love And I got my mind twisted off kind bud I'm screaming out Dirty thug Sipping on the Cognac with the hardest buzz So tell me what it was What it be like Mr. G living up to this gangster life And it's got me on a flight higher than a kite And my eyes real low so I have no sight I'm feeling really right as I keep flow, through the sky Way past cloud number nine Chiefing all the time, blazing on an ounce Cause I just can't make it with a nickel or a dime Everything looking fine in the Gump city Girls walk around short skirts on looking pretty You can tell the thugs from the sedity All the high-class girls always acting nitty But showing no pity, in the land Of blunt passing Niggas be everlasting Where Mr. G gone blaze the weed Until I'm dead and gone off in my casket [Chorus 1-Mr. G] Now take a trip in my 'Lac with me We can patch in You can go half on a sack with me We can find a freaky slut to beat And if it come down to it We can bust our heat in the street See, it don't really matter Long as I'm down for you And you down for me We can ride together, forever Rolling through the streets of the G-U-M-P [Chorus 2-Khao] It ain't nothing like riding the track, rocking the show Making the crowd get hype, letting them know Is you ready to wild out, I'm bout to flow Got you peeping the style out, as I go [Chorus 3-Big Pimp] Now should I drop the game on them hoes Now do you really understand How the pimp game goes It's all about money and hoes Keep us in it, with your mind froze And slamming Cadillac doors [Khao] Now I'm a ride on the track Giving you something that you can feel Better buckle up before you go, haters hit the door Cause we be hitting you with the skills Don't give up before you flow, I'm a let you know That my adrenaline assembling That's enough to have a emcee trembling Just give me the mic and them Frank Benjamin's And call the paramedic, I'm about to injure men Finish him, ain't many left to cope Hearts stopped beating, listen to this stethoscope So many emcees getting' left for broke And try to make a comeback, shoulda kept the joke Khao be the name, try dissin' me Your history, your absence a mystery Dried your game up like an antihistamine Put that on Big Pimp and Mr. G This'll be, something that people can ride to Laid back, track cool like Rallo Hit after hit we follow Wanted to nibble and bit off way more than you can swallow Y'all must be drunk off the bottle Hating on us, don't talk, bring yourself to me I don't need nobody helping me I'm about to lyrically burn a brother to the 12th degree What y'all wanna do now, huh Humiliated, didn't know, Krumbsnatchaz affiliated With Dirty, came up and really made it All these cats wanna be down with us I really hate it, but illustrated, the picture It takes skills to grab the mic And keep it tight, some want, simplified: Some had it, some got it Some wish they did, and some don't [Chorus 2] [Chorus 1] [Chorus 3] [Big Pimp] Now let me take you to the land where the riders see Pardon me shorty Let me introduce you to my pimp psychology Let a young nigga hold if you down with a holla at me Now follow me, to my '98 'Lac outside Now is she ready to ride Slip cover your eyes, it's a surprise I'll be obliged if you slide where them Dirty boys hide And I was hypnotized when a young playa saw (um,um) Your pretty brown eyes And I apologize if I came to hard Trying to get between your, sugar brown thighs You know the pimp hide And it's 12 o'clock tonight I got late night lust We need to, bring a pen and pad And keep count (keep count) Of the nuts I bust (I bust) I'm swerving, looking through my rearview nervous While your head steady working And your neck steady jerking Up on your knees in my seat And your lips steady slurping I don't just kill a knob And I know your mouth finna' throb And baby if you could Shine and rob with your tongue Like old Inga Shywood (Shywood), situation all good I love the way you got straight to it And plus I love the way you do it I wouldn't take nothing from you Girl you's a true headhunter Booger-lips turner You must have got it from you mother Now look up in the sky, it's a pimp in the air So freaky bitches better beware I got your mind, mega blown With the game that I spit And keep them freaky bitches horny as hell [Chorus 3] [Chorus 2] [Chorus 1] Ahh Sho nuff, sho nuff In my 'Lac with me On a sack with me Ahh Drop the game on them hoes {*Fades Out*}

Six Pacs

The Getaway People
Ladies and gentlemen it is my absolute pleasure to introduce to you here tonight the Getaway People for you listening pleasure. Six Pacs and bigmacs keep us rollin' down the road Cigarettes and coffee where ever we go Learn to appreciate those simple little things And open up my arms to what the road might bring Cramped in a van And we do the best we can On a journey filled with tears and laughter From the Jersey Turnpike we set sail On the getaway rafter People all around us, they shower us with love You better keep it comin', ‘cause we just can't get enough Where would we be without a little love You cannot get by without a little love Everybody needs a little bit o love sometime x2 Now slip me a can And I pour it in a glass So we can share a little love and happiness Don't matter who you are or where you came from ‘cause if you're down with the G, came get some Crusin' ‘round the country through every little town You always find the coolest of people come around Where would we be…x2 Six pacs and bigmacs… Where would we be…x2

Love Minus Zero

My love she speaks like silence Without ideals or violence She doesn't have to say she's faithful Yet she's true like ice like fire People carry roses And make promises by the hours My love she laughs like the flowers Valentines can't buy her In the dime stores and bus stations People talk of situations Read books repeat quotations Draw conclusions on the wall Some speak of the future My love she speaks softly She knows there's no success like failure And that failure's no success at all The cloak and dagger dangles Madams light the candles In ceremonies of the horsemen Even the pawn must hold a grudge Statues made of matchsticks Crumble into one another My love winks she does not bother She nows too much to argue or to judge The bridge at midnight trembles The country doctor rambles Banker's nieces seek perfection Expecting all the gifts that wisemen bring The wind howls like a hammer The night blows COLD AND rainY My love she's like some raven At my window with a broken wing

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