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Touie(2e) lyrics - My Eyez R Open

Somebody Help Me Now

Original and similar lyrics
Tyziq life yall representin' this is me yall the E-R-I-Q eriq qeezy UH yeah E-qeezy(I look 2 da streets 4 peace but i c none and never will I lose sight im da 1st son . no gun, no run i stand ground tyziq life completes me I love da sound!!! I got god in me know what im talkin bout ,so i found da peace that i was talkin bout I got a whole life in front of me even haters love me E-QEEZY!!!! I luv to rap i love 2 flo competition cant c me through a telescope i got a lot of so i must live anti-negative or posotive choose da word or clear my space i blaze trails through da snow wit no trace i caught a case of hip-hop and now im sick so i bust soul raps wit tyziq. (hook)somebody help me now ,so i can find my way through da dark skies lookin 4 a brigther day ,help me now,to be a better man rap veteran walkin wit an open hand, look at meeeeee,i wanna be free i wanna live im a king i gotta eat ,help me now,c no,hear no,love no evil. (E-qeezy)i cant lose in dis rap gang wit dis rap thang opportunity 4 both u and me but evry where i go evry where i turn im a impact evrybodys gonna learn i take songs and flip da plot the only G in me is da glide when i walk im so cool i frost da mic,i freeze my nikes,i sweat lil drops of ice im on my knees i pray 4 da lost souls im sayin please lord keep my heart strong keep my mother safe keep my brother safe keep all my family under grace, im a little man but i talk big i do good in school honor roll kid help me god b4 its too late give us peece and joy wit no hate. (chorus) (Keon)what must i do see me imma little man Keon Tyzelle awe man, What's goin on what's happnin All I wanna do is keep rappin Clap ya hands and have fun Play my games U want some But 4 real we gotta change So we can live another day (chorus) (2e)yeah Tyziq LIFE up in here this is 2e wit me on my side yall know who i got little Eriq e-qeezy uuh walkin wit me also lil man they call him keon tyzelle thts how we do uuh somebody help me now uuh yall look at me yall feel me uuh non stop its like that yeah.


P.O.D. "Fundamental Elements Of Southtown"
Kids coming up from the alleys not like the valleys Southtown San Diego rats out here in Cali So Cal with the crew to show' em how You like me now, with the sound straight underground Putt'n it down, lift up this jewel that I have found And pass it around, flowing against the crowd Hip-hop hardknox rhym'n soon as the tune drops Negative small talks, homie star kick'n rocks and thake it all down the blocks where it belongs A demo of songs but they wouldn't put me on Thought I was gone, too late, but who's to say My pockets are empty and I got dues to pay [B section] To the tic tock you don't stop To the tic tock you don't quit, hit it [chorus] Freestyle, freak with the flava it's the sure shot Floss up the Ave, when the spot gets hot Still pay'n dues and knock'em out the box That's how it is homie like it or not It's bad enough late bills keep stacking up No one ever told me that it would cost this much So buckle up and come along for the ride Catching the vibes and staying true to my tribe I got mad love for the ones that still around Knew you'd be down from the get-go here and now You make me proud from the diapers to the grave No masqurade, stayed the same like in the day On day when we all get saved We're gonna change the world no matter what they say And stay real playing what we feel I'll keep praying for you while you shoot to thrill [B Section] [chorus] It's been a long time It's been a long time com'n Hated by many and loved by less Hold the thresh, resurrected here in the West Clinch the fist; dismiss the stereotype myths Loose lips sing ships, then plead the fifth You hated this, no reason you hated this If you only know you'd be the first one to enlist We come in love cause its just how we does Fit the frame staying the same as it ever was [B Section] [chorus]

Show Me What You Got

LIMP BIZKIT "Significant Other"
keepin it real world wide baby limp bizkits in the house so bring it on i'd like to dedicate this song to you for makin my dreams come true for the millinum are you ready then get the fuck up Where you at Jacksonville, Rochester., Louisville, Columbia, Hartford, Milwaukee, and Lewiston Maine where you at Providence, Nashville, Memphis, Lauderdale, Portland, Orlando, Chicago, and Frisco I left my heart in Austin with Mary Campbell. Got lost in Boston lookin' for the tea party. Met a child molester in Worchester Need a Kleenex every time I'm leavin' Phoenix. I get silly when I play in Philly. Limp Bizkit committee down in Kansas City. Never know what I'm in for when I'm play in Denver. Hard rock don't stop down in Vegas. In Cincinnati the girls call me daddy and I probably aint leavin' the next time I'm in Cleveland. Found my lucky coin in Des Moine and spit on a boy named Tina in Pasadena. We get the swing from new Orleans. Ft Worth and Dallas we toast when we're tippin' up the challis. Tulsa, St. Louis, Sacto, Mesa, Norfolk, Lawrence, Minneapolis, St. Paul, North Hampton, Detroit, Omaha, New York, LA, what can i say, i cant name'm all. so somebody, anybody, everybody get the fuck up!! show me what you got Whooo ha Show me what you got hey ladies whos hot whos not who who whos hot whos not i can't help but believe in these friends these bands these stories and the places that i've been I thank God, mom & dad, Adrian,for the love I feel inside, Jordan, my phat ass band, with out'em I'd be nothin' but a pumpkin shoved inside a can. with out the fans there wouldn't be no show and if that was really so than life would really blow. To the firm, you always got my back. Korn for the love and the swappin' of the tracks. My brother Cory d, my man terry date, we brought it to the plate and you made it sound great. Scott Weiland the melody man, if you cant sing it nobody can. woo tang clan skills from the method. The worlds best mc kills on this record. Slim shady crazy ass cracker. Staind, a brand new drug for your brain. Les Claypool, for actin' like a fool and all of the bands for the demos that were kool. im so grateful for this life of mine. The ones I didn't thank I will some other time now i just want somebody anybody, everybody get the fuck up!! show me what you got yeeee ha Show me what you got hey ladies whos hot whos not who who whos hot whos not i've been around this world and then some. dum ditty dum kid where you comin' from I went from the garage to steppin' on these stages. Outrageous rhymes left my mind and soon became contagious. An mc with bad habits I am. I see a mic then I grab it, scary aint it comin' raw with no corrections. savin' all perfection's for what I do with my erections so dream on!!

The Blonde Waltz

Charlatans UK "Us Us Only"
Oh! My love my darling young son All we need is a hungry council Clean living it's all here in your home Wouldn't it be nice to get away. Shout! Morning how are you today, my hands are blazing My arms are broken I looked you up, I read your book I held you up, I kept you good I guess I didn't really take a look I guess I'm your man Oh! My love be quiet and be quick I found a house to live (keep out the weather) I'm blind and I'm sick I heard the sound of thunder In the place where all the poets sing I couldn't get out, I couldn't get in I'm hearing you, I'm hearing you I looked up, I found God (love) I couldn't see I'll soon be 33 I guess I didn't really want to see I guess I'm your man Oh Lord I feel my footsteps go on All we need is a loving council to keep living And I'll keep moving on ?I'll keep my guard And (Buy) another farm find a hospital To fix a broken arm Be a pedigree On a higher ground ?come with me come with me I've been run on, been walked on, been spat on, been whispered to I guess I didn't mean to hurt you I too often try not to think about it, build myself a ship and then Destroy it?I always have to check To see if I'm still breathing Oh! My love My darling young son Go rest your weary head And I will pray for good to come Wouldn't it be nice to get away Shout (good) morning how are you today My hands are blazing my arms are broken I took you up, I read your book I looked you up, I kept you good I guess I didn't really take a look I guess I'm your man I guess I'm your man

Hey Lover

BOYZ II MEN "Full Circle"
(feat. LL Cool J) It was Harlem at the rukus I saw you with your man, a smile on your face, huh, A coach bag in your hand I was laying in the coupe with my hat turned back We caught eyes for a moment and that was that So I skated off as you strolled off Looking at your legs, god damn, they look so soft (so fine) I gotta take you from your man, that's my mission If his love is real he's got to handle competition You only knew him for five months, that's right Besides he drinks too much, and smokes too many blunts And I'll be working out everyday thinking about you Looking at my own eyes in the rear view Catching flashbacks of our eye contact Wish I could lay you on your stomach and caress your back I would hold you in my arms and ease your fears I can't believe it, I ain't had a crush in years [CHORUS:] Hey lover, hey lover, This is more than a crush, Hey lover, hey lover, This is more than a crush, lover, Hey lover, this is more than a crush, Hey lover, hey lover, This is more than a crush I see you at the bus stop waiting every day Your man must think it's safe for you to travel that way And I don't want to violate your relationship So I'll lay back in the cut with a crush that's a trip Still he can't stop me from having daydreams Tongue'n you down with huh, vanilla ice cream Kissing on your thighs in the moonlight Searching you body with my tongue girl all night I wonder one day could it be, (I wonder) Simple dreams could turn into reality Our love would come down so naturally We would walk down the aisle of destiny Would your man get his hustle on, got your type scared Break your off a little chump change to do your hair It seems to be enough to satisfy your needs But there's a deeper level if you follow our lead [REPEAT CHORUS]. Last week I saw you at the mall Standing at the pay phone about to make a call I had a vision it was me on the other end Telling you come by and then you walked in I touched you gently with my hands We talked about traveling to distant lands Escaping all the madness out here in the world Becoming my wife no longer my girl Then you let your dress fall down to the floor I kissed you softly and you yearned for more We experienced pleasure unparalleled Into an ocean of love we both fell Swimming in the timeless currents of pure bliss Fantasies interchanging with each kiss Undying passion unites our souls Together we swim until the point of no control But, it's a fantasy, it won't come true We never even spoke and your man swears he loves you So, I'm gonna keep all these feelings inside, that's right Keep my dreams alive until the right time [REPEAT CHORUS].

Everything Happens To Me

FRANK SINATRA "All-Time Hits No. 2"
Writer(s): Dennis/Adair I make a date for golf - You can bet you life it rains. I try to give a party - And the guy upstairs complains. I guess I'll go thru life; Just catchin' colds and missin' trains, Ev'rything happens to me. I never miss a thing - I've had measles and the mumps. And ev'ry time I play my ace - My partner always trumps. I guess I'm just a fool; Who never looks before he jumps, Ev'rything happens to me. At first my heart tho't; You could break this jinx for me. That love would turn the trick; To end my despair. But now, I just can't fool; This head that thinks for me. I've mortgaged all my castles in the air. I've telegraphed and called; I sent Air Mail Special , too; You answer was goodbye - And there was even postage due. I fell in love just once; And then it had to be with you, Ev'rything happens to me.

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