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Tony Toni Tone lyrics

Lets Get Down

Original and similar lyrics
Tony Toni Tone Let's Get Down Yes Tony Toni Tone And DJ Quick You didn't think we could flip it on yo ass, huh? Something for the dance floor In a real way It's going down like this forever And a day Now what you hear is not a drag Cuz Mr. DJ Quik got a brand new bag But first I gotta bang bang A boogie for the boogie To the rhythm of the ghettoey streets Check it out now You trying to give me some Eight Ball But no way I'd rather have a Mimosa With Crystal and O.J., yeah Just a little something bubbly and tingly To have me walking around naked But wait a second The function's on Around midnight What time is it Are you inside Available To come and play Give me a clue So I don't have to Look for you 1 - Come on let's get down, let's get down, let's get down Come on let's get down In my black Chevrolet Come on let's get down, let's get down, let's get down Come on let's get down, let's get down Yeah, now we don't need a club We can do it at my house My front door's open so homey's can bust it out And ladies if you're coming leave your children at the nursery So you can get slow on the anniversary Kill me I dip dip da So don't be looking stupid when I unfasten your bra You know you want to mack this Because I come stronger than the IRS Whenever you done got delinquent on your taxes Now here I am Staring at you I need a drink You need one too Who is your friend She don't look nice But I know she will Later on tonight Come on let's get down Repeat 1 Now I'm at the club And I'm off that drug The one they call alcohol got me acting y'all I hump two first before I hump two more And now I'm throwing up my guts out the car door Over consumption you know how it is y'all Got your homey beggin' for some Pepto Bismol But when my stomach's right I'll be back tonight To get that lady I was grinding on the wall Now that I feel a little better than I felt a little while ago, yeah I'm going back to the same spot Where I met you on the floor Now table one, that's my folks And table two, that's my folks And everybody knows my name Now table three that's B. Grund And table four that's G-One You best be prepared Cuz it's all a game you know Come on let's get down, let's get down, let's get down Come on let's get down, let's get down, let's get down Come on let's get down, let's get down, let's get down Come on let's get down, let's get down, let's get down In my black Chevrolet I gotta get my groove on (keep movin' and groovin', movin' and groovin') I gotta get my groove on (keep shakin' that ass, shakin' that ass) I gotta get my groove on (keep movin' and groovin', movin' and groovin') I gotta get get my groove on (keep shakin' that ass, shakin' that ass) I'm groovin' (say what?) Movin' (yeah) Yeah Repeat 1 until fade


Dr Dre "The Aftermath"
Intro: Dr. Dre Ai Aiyo Butter is, uhh, Hands-On in the house Well check it out, put some shit on for em Let's get it on, kick it Ha yeah, hell yeah Yeah that shit sounds dope Aiyo Kim, what you got to say Verse 1: Kim of Hands-On Well boy you're movin me There's somethin physical about it The way you're makin me feel The way you're touching me, can't explain Oh, I just can't keep still When you're kissing me it gives me what I need Hold on tight and baby do it all night (Check it) This is the part you take my heart to wipe your feet on I wonder how boy, you make me over Chorus: Hands-On Now tell me away, cos I can't stop from how you mean The things you do to me Has got my body wanting you more and more Oh baby, it's got it bad Your love has got me open Bridge: Dre Yeah No question, kick back, watch my dope eye rise Still an everyday brother with my eyes on the prize Take my time analysing every song that dies Flossin the fliest rides from hits you memorise Been doin this since days of N.W.A. Took it to the next level when I use to DJ Got family and fans from New York to L.A. They keep it real cos they know that Dre come with Bombay G's up, ain't nuttin changed, yo freeze up! When I come thru, player haters, women one-two The dotted Maxwell from only a minimum of set sales Clutch your tails for honeys waitin to exhale Keep writin til the next millenium Tape one hit when I serve these fiends, stuff mo' potent than Bolivian Welcome to the Aftermath Aiyo Crystal, what you got to say? Verse 2: Crystal of Hands-On It's like I'm glowing about the animal attraction That grows between us And then my friends ask me just where the hell I've been They think I'm crazy, they don't understand When you're next to me, I'm lost in ecstasy Don't let go cos I'm about to explode (Aftermath!) This is the part you take my heart to wipe your feet on Baby please don't make me over Chorus Interlude: Hands-On You touch me at the spot Ooh boy, you got me high (that's right) And when you're loving me down, I never want you to stop Just take it easy (say what?) Baby boy, you babe, you touch the spot I swear you got me open Chorus to fade ¡¡


Man so many problems baby We feena solve em cuzz 24-7 Hustlers know what I'm sayin Dope House Records putting it down baby, 2000 [Verse 1] Uh uh See I grew up in life analyzing these stars Wishing that was me on tv pricing them cars But hell naw if you know me then you know I got scars Situated within pertaining to the mind and spirit Mental spiritual but one leg of the lyrical Ability you feeling me the shit is slowly killing me Dont need no bitch and fa sho fuck a friend Im solo till the end I know one I depend Im struggling for my ends I promise you I'm gon win Fuck the competition and fuck an Expedition I need paper in my hands to stop me from wishing Cada noche y dia stoy cortando mi vida No es mentira preguntale a mi nina Como el jugador es mi negra bonita Ora pongate mas cerquita Y ponle atencion lo que dice Lupita [Hook 1] Ven a mi lado soy to ser apacionado Todos tus problemas a mi lado an terminado Vive la vida tranquila y sin fatigas Deja la maldad que no ay otra salida Soy como el agua perdida en el desierto Me tomas o me dejas o te quedas bien muerto Quiero abrazarte y apapacharte Siente mis labios son salientos con besarte Buscandonos, amandonos, besandonos Juntos al amanecer, al amanecer [Verse 2] My family neglected me My pops was never there for me Seems that noone cares for me I gotta make choices carefully Cuz cops keep on arresting me And haters just keep on testing me Trying to do my best but I know that deaths gonna be my destiny Moms steady broke aint got no job Never thought life would be this hard Just gotta cope with the way its going and this pain I'm leaning toward Dont wanna see my brother getting hurt or turning out like me A hustla on these H-Town streets and on my balcony I cant see the reason why I'm used to actin bad Got me stressed and feeling mad Look at the things I aint neva had Cops had me dragged out my pad I cant take it anymore Crooked laws killed my cousin Lalo at the age of 24 No remorse and revenge gotta keep things the way its been Momma always taught me never to lose I gotta stay true until the end And everyday I'm watching my back Keeping my hand up on my strap And for the fact that I'm quick to act You aint gonna get no second chance cuz its just like that [Hook 2] Ven a mi lado cuando stes desesperado Todos tus problemas a mi lado se acabaron Ya no te danies mas las heridas Busca otra salida no mensiones la partida Soy como el agua perdida en el desierto Me tomas o me dejas o te quedas bien muerto Quiero abrazarte y apapacharte Siente mis labios tan salientos por besarte [Verse 3] As a innocent child all you see is the silence But once you grow into the world your introduced to the violence No more innocence no more Christmas gifts Heres a little example so I suggest you peep this Man I thought I had a family other than my own But now I'm facing reality as I'm sitting alone I guess you have nobody when you are nobody So I have to show these people how I gets it rowdy No more sipping Bacardi and no more hitting the party Im putting this shit down the right way Without my mind looking cloudy They say its better to give than it is to receive Thats why I give nothing but love And in return I just live So nothing but hate I can see it Swallowed up but just breathe Cuz platinum I'm gon achieve While you blowing on trees Uh Murdaholics 24-7 Hustlas putting it down 2000 You already know scrilla We got problems we feena solve em cuzz Yeah you already know man If it means jacking if it means robbing Go out and get your shit nigga Thats on the real [Hook 3] Besandonos, amandonos, besandonos Juntos al amanecer

Sorry I'm Away So Much

XZIBIT "Restless"
(feat. DJ Quik, Suga Free) [Xzibit talking] Come here Tre, what's up son, come on To whom it may concern, yeah, listen Sorry I'm away so much, yeah, yeah All the sons, daughters, penitentary niggas, yeah, feel me Uh, sorry I'm away so much, yeah [Xzibit] My son was born about four and a half years ago Nothin protected him, amazin how fast they grow I came to know about his likes and his dislikes, yeah Video games, taught him how to ride his first bike This is the life my little nigga, I see you gettin all upset When I leave the house, poutin, let me tell you about Tryna make it in this world and provide for you 'Cause on them overseat plane rides I miss you too Never knew that I would have to be away so much Five thousand dollar phone bills keepin in touch We Starskey and Hutch, yeah, we partners for life, yeah I rock mics, so I'm sorry when I hug you if I squeeze too tight Long nights in the studio take me away Gettin mad 'cause I'm tired and you want me to play Money can't replace time, I'm just tryna get you outta the fine relyin And expand your mind my lil' ni', yeah Yeah, c'mon [Chorus-X] Look, sorry I'm away so much Understand me, yeah It's for you, hah, yeah (you, and you, and you) C'mon, look, sorry I'm away so much Huh, we keep it gangsta Look [Xzibit] I got a brother locked down, he be out in a couple Knuckle for knuckle, a veteran and nothin but muscle Now broadcastin live from behind the wall Stayin tight through long kites and telephone calls Gettin hype when you see your brother on T.V. Can't wait for your release so you can roll with me Arrange everything exactly how it's supposed to be For right now here's a thousand, J, stay lo-key You say damn Xzibit, whyn't you pay a nigga a visit Time limits got me movin a million miles a minute Knee deep, gotta strike while the iron is hot Still gotta eat and keep the lights on when it's not Sleepin on cots, bullet wounds got you in knots I wish I was there to snatch you up instead of the cops Muthafuck it, do the time and get it out of the way You goin from convict to corporate nigga in one day (in one day) [Chorus] [Quik] Now I ain't never been this hot before So in essence it's obvious, I ain't never been this out before I'm spending 25-8 days, 366 times a year Up in the studio freakin and mixin rhymes in here Nothin but beer, bud smoke, Hen and Coke, women and sheer Callin playa niggas there Not the kinda place I really wanna bring my son Get on lil' Dane, gon' in there and have you some fun Used to be that be up there sewin ya clothes While I'm with you on the Playstation showin you codes Hit the X button stupid, forward, left, right, X Now I'm tryna get your college fund, bustin with X [Suga Free] Come here, give that here dada, no no don't do that mama 'cause dada be back Here go your ba-ba, Pampers, flashy , you can see that You tryna figure out why dada talkin to you through this glass on the phone Ooh, I socked a bitch and then she snitched, but I'll be home Can't keep me away, just can't stay away [Chorus-Suga Free] [Suga Free talkin to fade]

Keep It Real... Represent

Kool Keith "Sex Style"
[Kool Keith] Yeah, rappers, spread your cheeks Pull your panties down Take your wig off, let me see your bald head That's right, I got you on Kodak Your pictures are goin out to Black Tail You're gonna be a star Yeah.. I heard you quit rap, your wife went back to porno flicks You turned drag queen, a call girl doin tricks Nighttime prostitute kid, I'ma take your loot I heard you queer now like Boy George, blowin flutes With high heels, you stole your mom's birth control pills You on some new stuff, I heard about that sex change You got a vagina, your grandmother think it's strange New eyeliner, you was flirtin with a gay designer Your girl felt mines, and pulled off her Calvin Kleins I saw Tampax, gonorrhea red stopsigns I looked at her and said, Mmm.. put your panties back on then jerked off to Foxy Brown, when her verse was on I wanna stand back and bust nuts at your butts Your girl is cocked up, with lollipops, doggie style I feel I'm dealin with plastic, watch these fake smiles Yeah, meet my left and my right Keep it real.. represent what? My nuts (2X) [Kool Keith] I got utensils, back up kid, yo guard your rectum I'm crazy out here, mental man, don't respect him You now in pain, your mom just had the abortion Big head Boo, I put some roaches on your whole crew Have you scared with crack pipes, your family throwin doodoo Wear out your welcome, your little girl sex desires Have you handicapped, some friends of mine blow your tires Like Alfred Hitchcock, the ghost stands on your block With nine mil's for drug addicts, I keep triggers cocked You on some methane, my witchcraft is on your brain Blow out your headpiece, and break out quick on the plane Seal up your coffins, and celebrate with champagne Get my drink, Absolut, cranberry juice Paranoid by rug spots, you see the purple moose You smokin sherm or what? I paralyze that butt Lick my d-head, you girls still pee in the bed Yo take that wig off, yo punk let me see that caesar Keep it real.. represent what? My nuts (3X) [Kool Keith] I gets more wreck, than ? kids in baby's Pampers Your wife is banned for leavin bras in my hampers That heffer's ugly, plastic why you still bug me I'm on Melrose, Nicole's takin sun strolls Black girls with weaves, white girls with flat butts With the name H-O-M-O spelled in your name You was a woman one time, man I know your game With panties stuck up, sweat leakin in your crotch Collard greens you wet pig, you can't eat that much I shut you down, your whole face two o'clock Have your girl on sunset, in Denny's suckin cock With white pumps up, blonde wigs rottin in the trunks That homeless monkey, Barbie doll crystal junkie I'm no joke and have respect for your kinfolks Tie your tubes back, my scope is on your asscrack You got paid for doodoo, that package rap was wack Yeah yeah, you know what? Yeah Keep it real.. represent what? My nuts (4X) That's right, nine-six and seven (Reverand Tom) Representin the scrotum (Octagon) All the hairs under the testicles (The SharkMan) Lick.. (Kool Keith) Yeah, don't buy _The Basement Tapes_ Sheisty things going on, somebody's on the pipes Labels foldin, goin down in ninety-six Nobody play the records City's out, no Tuff, Tuff.. pity

You Ain't My Friend

AFROMAN "Because I Got High"
[Afroman talking] When you born in this world You get these people that you coincidently grow up with And you get this illusion of friendship You know what I'm saying man But as you get older You notice, you notice people trying to take advantage of you You notice people trying to like manipulate you Then all of the sudden homeboy It hits you And you realize You ain't got no friends cuz Gotta get on down Gotta get on down Gotta get on down Gotta get on down Gotta get on down You know I gotta get on down Gotta watch my back Gotta watch my back Cause I might get jacked Gotta pack my gun Gettin beat up ain't no fun Yeah baby baby Aw yeah aw yeah aw yeah [Chorus] We don't kick it no more You ain't my friend You need to pay me back my ends Cause you ain't my friend Stop drinkin my gin You ain't my friend, you ain't my friend, you ain't my friend You be pinchin my sack Cause you ain't my friend Talkin all behind my back Cause you ain't my friend Yo man it's all good But you ain't my friend Cuz we from the same hood But you ain't my friend Droppin dope in my yard You ain't my friend Tryin to scope out my broad Cause you ain't my friend Never visit me in jail You ain't my friend Never post my bail Cause you ain't my friend When it comes to friends I ain't got none All I got is a double barrel shotgun I can't stand a useless man that has no plan Lookin at me with an empty hand You always talkin but you never listen When you ride in my car CDs come up missin And that's strange Damn, what happened to my loose change If I remember correctly, you was flat broke Now you eatin on chips and drinkin on a soda loc Lookin at me smilin But yo I need some gas and my stomach is growlin Fools always act like they down with me But they never wanna go outta town with me Flip about four or five pounds with me Get a motel sleep on the ground with me But when I get back with my money stacked All the homies start beggin and talkin smack Tryin to scheme and plot on the cash I got A cuz go head and shake the spot [Chorus] I used to be a gang member Now I'ma gangsta I don't trust he she him nor her There's no honor among thieves Everybody got tricks up they sleeves You say you my friend but that's a bunch of noise I stopped kickin back with my homeboys That same mother fucker that's shakin ya hand Be the first one to rat to the police man Just when you think you've found a buddy Get drunk and your buddy start actin nutty Now isn't this an excellent adventure He turned on you like a Doberman pincher Crazy, as it seems Afroman gotta million dreams I can't hang with ya'll and drink alcohol Get into a brawl over nothing at all I got plans but you don't believe em Hangin round you I'll never achieve em Aw yeah, aw yeah, aw yeah A, this one for all the loners out there I ain't got no family I ain't got no friends Only thing that I have Is a big fat bottle of gin Make me feel all right Make me feel all right Soothe me till i'm satisfied Yeah make me feel all right I got the gangsta blues Yeah got the gangsta blues Stacy Adams shoes With the gangsta blues Do the crip walk Do the crip walk A everybody, do the crip walk A cuz, do the crip walk Do the crip walk Do the crip walk Nobody loves me but my mama And I think she's lying too I could never be your friend homeboy And I ain't trying to Women can't stand Afroman Cops can't stand Afroman My wife can't stand Afroman My kids can't stand Afroman My mama can't stand Afroman My daddy can't stand Afroman Cause I'ma gangsta baby I'ma gangsta baby I'ma hustler sug I'ma hustler sug Ain't got no job Ain't got no friends But whatever you need Baby I'm gonna get Cause I'ma hustler baby I made my point So pass the joint Can I get a light That's all right

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