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She Sits On The Table

Original and similar lyrics
She sits on the table in a dress made of paper Diplomas all over the wall One university, one school of medicine She's overwhelmed by it all The nurse is all sympathy, voice of experience: Let's have a look at that eye It's going to look bad for a week, maybe more Go on, darling, it's all right to cry (CHORUS): How can I leave him, she is crying What could I do, where would I go? He didn't mean it, he will change someday Oh, God, how he used to love me so The doctor is busy, his manner professional She finds she must look at the floor He looks at her eye, at her ribs and her arm And it seems every last inch is sore The doctor is handsome, he smells of cologne And his figure's athletically slim He speaks disapprovingly: What did you do To deserve such a beating from him? (CHORUS) The policeman is waiting outside in the corridor He speaks to her as to a child He's friends with her husband, he's angry with her And he asks if there'll be charges filed She says she's not sure, she needs time to recover She feels beaten down in disgrace The policeman asks isn't she secretly glad For a man who'll keep her in her place

What's More

Chorus: It's in the back y'all It's on the wall y'all It's in your head but it's not the fever Now with the B I double L bill We bill the par territories placing flags on terrains Now I said it was yours so snatch the world back from Wayne We did universally sparked the lid Now these ladies love how we live Got'em caught shit you already know looking so fly That the dog that played spiderweb your up aliasing here Sucker cats don't try to steer Near this, wish you could bring it this way Compliments of Wonder Y and my nigga David J So the do, re, mi, fa, sol, la Many reach to devour the stage, put the guts out the venue Ah, shut up in your face no need to continue I've been there, done that Received it, won that Yo stunned that, that's how you like To Sun frozed Keep my shit in harvest like Farmer John grows crops Hops, you'll need the whole ceiling to tops I saw the empire, set your liquid to fire Bim Blam set a flame to your fanny Davis the surname like Davis the Sammy A grammy, my concern is to earn for a little age Next time, next rhyme, next phase Chorus 2x Now put your hand on your hip Now put your hand on your hip And let your backbone slip And let your backbone slide Now put your hand up on your hip Now put your hand up on your hip And let your backbone slip for the fever Hey, ladies and gents reintroducing to you Shootin' shit like hot asses at the sip of bean stew Super fat come the visitor zoo Peace to my homewood niggas and my man Tofu I'm through evil that man do Get some ass on the side so my love can shine through Pull a cigar with crew, lean back and let it soak Your holdin' on to my twelve dollar smoke Man, it was Mase who laced the beat from up out the Earth Leaving brothers hipnotized like Ootney Fonsworth But I'm hip but no tized than that, clap to the break of dawn Dada, wonder why it's hotter than hot Why not knee, my Steve got niggas on the dick They want to join the click I hope that ass get a record deal So they can feel what I feel To overstand that ring ring, how you do is real You must be from Italy 'cause all you do is roam Microphone to microphone, lookin' for home I write a poem to make the publicists flock the prone cop China on stage so I don't need a spotlight Should be tight like tupperwear supperwear, drawers of socks Sippin' on gray pot yo scratch the pork chops Cause nothin' here drops We're goin' up, up, up, up, up, up, up Chorus 3x Huh (11x) It's the fever

The Silence Isn't Over

Flesh-N-Bone "T.H.U.G.S.: Trues Humbly United Gatherin' Souls"
Chorus: The silence isn't over, but the Flesh decrepitate no time to hestitate, anticipation, much to be done And it don't matter when you come really don't matter where you're from won't matter where you run [Flesh-N-Bone] Flesh breakin' 'em down, hittin' them up Bottom line with your business You gotta get a spot to handle it Nigga, no slackin', lackin', me trackin' Me ? is my best friendm there's my best friend And I really can't serve and swerve and Henessey seepin' down the side of the (Cherokee Jeep) See the track in the back, strap 'cause them double double shots Then, niggas goes (home) to get the ? when about the block Shoot the spot, but put the muzzle on the kids who tried to Oh, I think he better not start (hurt) shit on the double glock, dangerous My niggas wanna have fun with you, man, and they perfect stalkers searchin' snatchin' up strangers, anyone None remaining, I get 'em all finished Niggas, wanna hear silence, makin' me ?, fuck it, set (pilliows) on fire Thought it was over, niggas never the silence I'm on the rise with a gun here I come Niggas ain't no muthafuckin' where to run fin to get you some of this redrum, find nowhere to hide Well, even though you tried, they got your body numb Done, done, done, 'till it be one nine ninety nine, crime I find and then a niggas reap and cath your people by surprise Drapped in a hoody, would you rather spared then snatch your life? You still gonna pay the price, and I just might go pick up a knife and slice And I'll pick off any who's ?, 'til your enemy dead We gon' meet youm get my gun and trick or treat you with the bullets that fled and to show you it's not ?, I go to beat you Chorus [Flesh-N-Bone] A niggas been flippin' scripts over and over in the past from the wasteland made up of heartless soldiers If you really bold enough, shot it, and I might blow up, rippin' apart they shoulders Go on', but the darkness rosed up, my people trippin' if you late to pay my money back on time And you better drop a dime or get fucked up And your people won't find it all funny Well, then if you caught in the act, and you dead wrong ever had to get dealt with, gimme a ny lil' reason or purpose to pack a slug right in his head; hit it Pain, no doubt that felt it, fuck up his health quick Shit, but at least it be my honor ever now and then a nigga felt like he had to hit 'em like I'm Jefferey Dahmer But yet I'm ready for battle, so get my armor, comin' for you Thinkin' to get you, nigga wig-split you What a pretty full blue moon On the streets to get bodies soon and I thought that we miss you Every night we actin' fool Better move yourself a little quicker fast, and if ya thought you'd get caught up in a wrath No place to go stash what he left for me Burner, hot incinerator, gotta 'em burnt to ash 'Til he nothin' but dust, I'm gonna keep bustin', from cussin' Murda let's them pull triggers All of my niggas are devious What, you really trust a family full of gravediggas? Takin' no slaves, neither no prisoners Here, there, gotta get 'em all finished Anyone brave? I bet that you shiver, probably wet your pants Every chance Flesh get 'em all diminished Chorus [Flesh-N-Bone] Stand up and at ease, about face, soldier My troops come swoopin' through to do the shootin' refuse to cross me, punk took a loss, G Didn't cost me, I'll be damned Now toss me the Mossy Slam and the shells (so the wind burn, saw a tint of light) ?, we spill 'em, tamin' fools I load up my barrel, insane, who's to blame? Flesh deck, at they chest, oh no, won't show none mercy Betta run off in the hearse, ? have cursed on those who wanna hurt me You feelin' it worst, feelin' up far, feelin' with the fifth dawg Hear the niggas' triggers peel 'em, off in the coffin chalk around 'em white, bloody red Afta Maff, nigga, that's your ass Buckin' with the boss in from Cleveland, and achievin' goes on the west for heaven's sake I say Yes, he created me, made me, reach for my pistol (gunshot) and wonder where the demons clear my path receivin' that bullet path hit when I blast ya And the niggas ? will outlast ya Creepin on ah mo' come ups inflict for mo' cash Get him, gone, but wanna bring it on? Do you really, huh? No, just take a long fall in the bottomless pit as they see eternal droppin' down And hit that ground, murda mo' ya, enforcer forcin' your so sure we're under sure not to call it war with warriors stories of Flesh And I got you eye-to-eye without a sign of death for the most of ya Chorus

Skull And Crossbones

Del The Funky Homosapien "Both Sides Of The Brain"
(CHORUS) Time is too expensive Too expensive, it's too expensive Too expensive, you know what? Time is of the essence Whacha say now? Whacha say, whacha say now? You know what? Time is of the essence [Del] My vast knowledge of rhyme is past college Blast, demolish, polish off all enemies I can't fall in this rap game, I got acrophobia Plus half these rappers out here are fuckin dead like necrophilia You know the thing, chocolate like Ovaltine Comin down on the mic like eggs from ovaries Monarchal metaphor, malevolent with settlements Maniacal when Hiero flow, unstoppable and chock full of funk the freak, so fuck the foreplay Del has been ordained to terrorize your brain The diagnosis, the show business bogus My lyrics lash out, like I was throwin stones in a glass house Rappers pass out, ass out And anyone left on the scene who has doubts Y'all fools ain't got no nuts I'm doin donuts Slow up whoever show up, I'm too robust So what? I'm invincible invisible lyrics Original origin unknown from here on in Uncommon dominating hip hop Permiating every portal with mortals More flows Heaven scent, microphone etiquette And lyrics up for your goblin and kill the novice I write bad subjects like the Hobbit And on to the next phase before you try to rob it You know, D-E-L, yeah! (CHORUS) [Del] Supreme MC's reach out when I'm on top Catch altitude sickness not to use fitness In front of witnesses get with this fetch the funk While I test the skunk, see I will caress the blunt Come step through the flames of Hades or remain a lady Rhymes infectious as rabies -- Deltron, hell on earth Prevailing curtailing, you're shattered with data Directed, my method, hectic, try and dissect it Next shit, hydrauling we're calling you out I rap with accuracy - I'm sick of fools actin like they blacker than me - y' know, usually bourgeoi' We a new breed of MC remedy For inner street jerks who wanna flirt with our sound but ain't really down, silly clowns Barnum and Bailey rejects Press eject on defects (yeah) These threats delivered signed and sealed by the Delmeister German for master, burnin the blasphemous Whatever you ask of us gets fullfilled Non-linear, you couldn't find a flow friendlier Or even similar with beats that knock Those who cock block transport 'em to the chop shop Operation X cause we often facin death And fake ass players are lost and wastin breath (CHORUS) [Del] Lyrical master, turnin mic sessions to disaster areas I'll wax your derriere Disable MC's with fatal degrees and flows Flamboyant flamin fools like mesquite, let's eat These barbeques are for you Were are the few the proud the Hieroglyphics Microphone moguls with code words and hand signals For negros, spanish for black I'll vanish your raps, at the borderline Where you can order rhymes Never monochromatic, y'all know the habits of Del Talented, creating lyrical Gallaghers Highest caliber, hip hop puritan Throw my voice like Surrican, or ventriloquists Until it sit in your cerebrum, I need them Through the medium of music, too sick The ratio is glaciar, Gigantor My flow is lighter fluid, you'll need a higher druid Magicians and Mages, superb my primal rage is My styles all over the place, disease contagious And treacherous (what?) like Mussolini (uh-huh) but cooler than Fonzarelli eating fussilli With roots in hip-hop goin back to Whodini Who see me, no eyes, your style is corny like bow ties No fries, keep that shake for a keep sake As well as patened Del hysteria Malaria area, 88 bait for bitin MC's They're bitin to see, see that's like a likin disease My time is up, I take my mic and I leave

Eve Of Destruction

Eve Of Destruction Eve of destruction rocks the nation Eve of destruction rocks the nation (scratches and beat comes in) You niggaz capitalize on lies, surprise open your eyes Baby girl from Illadel hear to enhance your lives Doubted my skills, bet you mad now, shoulda snatched me up I'm in L.A. now with Dre now Ain't comin' back cuz I'm stuck Had enough of all the bullshit and sellin' me dreams Had enough of fake cats tryin' to shine off these schemes But I'm laughin' last, down to get this cash with the Aftermath You happy being local superstar showin' ya ass I'm talkin' mo shit, but how you politickin' moves an' I crept to the top, shouldn't-a let me catch you snoozin' Me and my management team, laughin' at you while we cruisin' Cuz we ain't got nuttin' to do none of the choices you be choosin' CHORUS It's the eve of destruction, tracks I be fuckin' Cats be fascinated by the styles I be bustin' Got you niggaz open, got you niggaz lustin' Knockin' emcees on they backs causin' lyrical concussions (2x) (Reggae melody) I wonder who, which one a dem a carry news An' a gwan like set, they wan dis-dis ya crew But the lie, other emcees dem ready die When we grab the microphone and praise his like Selassie Me say me walk like walk like a champion Talk like a champion Emcees try fi test but dem no ready fi di outcome Guard your windows, close your doors Fuck that, hide your pens and lock your jaws Dig that? My verbal skills should be against the law You wit' that? Now light a spliff for the hip-hop cause Lemme hit that, smell the fear, you made me attack You caused your own extermination not knowing how to act I thought I warned you not to make me mad You just wouldn't listen Now you hidin' and duckin', prolongin' your hip-hop lenchin' Talkin' shit got in too deep and huh... Caught you niggaz sleepin' huh? Feelin' real fucked up cuz you couldn't catch me creepin' huh? CHORUS (2x) You little bustas make me sick wit' the dumb shit Spreadin' rumors like business Can't turn my back on none a ya'll Probably wind up in stitches Jealous itches ya'll can't scratch, irritate your existence Tryin' to teach your way in this race Knowin' you can't go the distance Runnin' up against the thoroughbred outlastin' you all No matter how you train gon' set your self up to fall Cuz I got stamina, I go as long as you need Coulda seen a million bitches rhyme but you'll remember me I be choice of the rap generation You know my name nigga, basically you my creation Not greater than the average man but I'm top choice Kill competition when they listen just by the sound of my voice CHORUS (2x) to fade out

What Cha Mean

Fiend "There's One in Every Family"
[Fiend] What up out there kenfo This be Fiend coming at like this here here I brought a couple of my people with me Fiend, Mac, Soulja Slim, Kane and Abel A couple of No Limit soldiers to help me out with this here Chorus What cha mean, mean, heard about Soldiers got some daily clout Slangin in the dirty south What we really worried about x2 [Soulja Slim] (Peep this shit) I know you heard about this nigga from the 3rd Raw, then a uncut bird with bad tempers and bad nerves Serve, dope to a dope fiend gotta get more cream than the rest of the dealers Every nigga that I fuck with gotta be from killas Fill up in this shit, that was ever smokin, you can catch me smokin On some shit that will have me broken, (cough cough), I'm so high, I can ride, barely need to slug some dealing No optimos, no keep moving, fuck it, pass the feeling Real niggas feel me, cause I'm bout as real as it get Son or stranger, no love for that studio shit All my little partners gone, I'll be damned if I G-O But if I do I'll grab my gun shoot like and pull let em know Chorus x2 [Kane Abel] You know I'm from the ghetto, hit the glock and pop my shots clean up your block Red beam, maintain my aim, bullet holes in your brain When I stop that motherfucking clock, Kane Usual suspect, down south niggas bout respect Choppin off slugs like a mailman in a corvette like the weed when i lower my tek Niggas is seeking, pump down like bricks, in the trunk of the 626 Is something you hate cause your boy just got flipped, AK with a strong clip In the hood I bust you with the tank, in the pen I trust you with the shank My mind go blank, I'm a soldier smokin dank all the way to the motherfucking bank Chorus x2 [Mac] Now what yall mean, niggas on my team they all about the cream And my enemies, we take it to the street to get the green, knowa mean Came here with Slim, Mac and Fiend I still scream WOAH! In the drop where my nigga walk runnin from the cop who was trying to meet his quota I'm young and I'm black, I'm a soldier so he thinking I'm slanging that baking soda You ain't heard about, nigga from that dirty south where the po-po's scout Everybody, everybody that knows what your bout won't leave your house Cause at night, nigga freaks come out Grab your gat with that extra clip cause if you catch us slippin You might connect the grip shots there cut up strip bout a couple of ship Like the peoples in summertime agent trip Lets take a trip to the land where the niggas do the murderman dance on their enemies And fake niggas pretend to be a, they be them friends of me Woah, slow your roll and daddy I'm camoflauged I'm psycho warden I stay on my guard and bitch I never die Chorus x2 [Fiend] What the world don't know is I'm a hurt A soldier without a pause I'm prayin about cause, break jaws and all laws My bullet scars didn't heal, my tatoos reveal Bout to ride explain a million of hostile The burn feels like almost a step from death Fuck spending lives, I barely leave a minute of breath I'm set, families with teks, release my stress in thier chest Wouldn't know where I'd be without my god and my vest Killers, we the best fuck all the rest, here hit the cess Snort, c'mon the test with the charge the best, cause I open your chest God bless, I made my way back so I can say that Me too whatever, should have known that Fiend believe in payback Do it for haystacks, me, Slim, twins, and Mac Gotta attack, with the jest to ask, deftly in the act I doubt that, I'm strange cause I'm with the right change After soldier consediration, I'm the live range Chorus x4

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