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TINA ARENA lyrics - Songs Of Love & Loss

The Man With The Child In His Eyes

Original and similar lyrics
I hear him, before I go to sleep And focus on the day that's been I realize he's there When I turn the light off and turn over Nobody knows about my man They think he's lost on some horizon And suddenly I find myself Listening to a man I've never known before Telling me about the sea All his love is 'til eternity Ooh, he's here again The man with the child in his eyes Ooh, he's here again The man with the child in his eyes He's very understanding And he's so aware of all my situations And when I stay up late He's always waiting, but I feel him a hesitate Oh, I'm so worried about my love. They say, "No, no, it won't last forever" And here I am again, my girl Wondering what on Earth I'm a doing here Maybe, he doesn't love me I just took a trip on my love for him Ooh, he's here again The man with the child in his eyes Ooh, he's here again The man with the child in his eyes

It's Over

JON SECADA "Same Dream"
Goodbye my love, I know it's late Within these walls, I contemplate Do you remember how we met There is so much I can't forget Girl you're inside of me now Forever a part of me now [CHORUS:] Even though we said goodbye I can't believe it's over Look into my eyes And tell me that it's really over Say we try it again A leap of faith is just a chance Not to give up Not to give in Though we say it's over We got the hearts to compromise This is our time to realize it There is no other way around this We could be crazy, could be wrong So what if we seize the moment Forever is ours to take it [CHORUS] Good bye my love, my only love I know you feel we've had enough But I got a right to make believe That you're the only one for me Don't know how else to say it Before you walk away love


Fold Zandura
late, winter light folds the air, fills my eyes there against the sky i call on faith with arms stretched high and would you know how much i love you? would you feel the way that i do? if i told you all the things that move my soul and while the world is turning darkly would you still be the earth beneath me? if i tell you everything, would i be sure? down the path we're on we cannot turn, we cannot run here, we share our wounds how we embrace what we become!

Light In The Sky

Axel Rudi Pell
Don't Close Your Eyes, Could Be Forever, Don't Close The Door, On The Way To The Stars Get Hypnotized, Lost In The Shadows, Don't Hear The Howl, Of The Wolf Anymore We're Climbing A Mountain Of Rocks, Seeing The Eternal Flame, They Tried To Hold Us Back From Above, Saying This Trip's Not A Game. Light In The Sky, There's No Returning, Light In The Sky, Lost For All Eternity... We're On The Move, We're Going Nowhere, Touching The Roof, On The Top Of The World We're Getting Close To Another System, We Said Goodbye And We're Sure We're Gonna Miss Em...


SNOW PATROL "Final Straw"
This could be the very minute I am aware Im all alive All these places feel like home With the name I've never chosen I can make my first steps As a child of 25 This is the straw, final straw in there Roof of my mouth as I lie to you Just because Im sorry, doesn't mean I didnt enjoy it all the time Your the only thing that I love Scares me more every day On my knees I think clearer Goodness knows I saw it coming Or at least I claim I did But in truth Im lost for words What have I done It's too late, for that What have I become, truth is nothing yet A simple mistake starts the hardest time I promised I'd do anything you asked this time

Spoken Word

Tea Party "The Edges Of Twilight"
As you draw near I hear the mutter of the worried earth The joyous girl, the crystal clear Deliver us of our poor hearts from naked fear As you draw near As you draw near I feel the goddess, her celestial birth The fullness of a love so real The twilight of the god in me glows in my tear As we draw near

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