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Tim Eriksen lyrics

I Wish My Baby Was Born

Original and similar lyrics
I wish, I wish my baby was born And sittin' on its papa's knee And me, poor girl And me, poor girl, were dead and gone And the green grass growin' o'er my feet I ain't ahead, nor never will be Till the sweet apple grows On a sour apple tree But still I hope the time will come When you and I shall be as one I wish I wish my love had died And sent his soul to wander free Then we might need a ravens fight Let our poor bodies rest in peace The owl, the owl Is a lonely bird It chills my heart With dread and terror That someone's blood There on his wing That someone's blood There on its feather

Henry Darger

Who'll save the poor little girl? Henry Darger. Who'll save the poor little girl? Henry. Who'll tell the story of her? Henry Darger. Who'll tell it to all the world? Henry. Who'll buy the carbon paper now? Henry Darger. Who'll trace the lines of her mouth? Henry. Who will conquer foreign worlds searching for the stolen girls? Princesses you'll never fear the patron saint of girls is here! Who will draw the cavalry in and risk his very own precious skin To make our Angelinia a free and beautiful land again? Henry. Who'll love a poor orphan child, Henry Darger, lost, growing savage and wild? Henry.


CASE "Open Letter"
[Intro] You wanna come play my sex games baby You still want me to taste you don't you Baby, baby yes I will [Verse 1] You and I alone up in my Benzie Body got me going in a frenzy Let's be on our way to my hide away So many things I like to do Can't hide the fact our hearts are racing Yeah, I can smell anticipation This is all for you please enjoy the view I'll show you things you never knew [Chorus] I will be driving and you will be riding Riding all night long to a slow song To a slow song (Repeat) [Verse 2] Turn the music up that joint is soothin' Can't ignore how your body's movin' To kickin' snare girl we're almost there I can't believe my tinted eyes Look at me you got my body swervin' An evening on me girl you're deservin' to be pleased I think you know what I mean [Chorus] [Bridge] Girl can we please go Up and down and side to side I will provide all that you need We can speed or take it slow Head to toe You will be pleased [Repeat Chorus]

Mr. Freeze

SLAYER "Undisputed Attitude"
[Kyle Toucher] You will be the lucky one Who will see the deadly one You will die on your knees By the hand of Mr. Freeze Will you see when the rest are blind Will you remain frozen in time Will you flee underground Watch the blanket search the ground You will die on your knees By the hand of Mr. Freeze Horror awaits for those who evade Ice cold blood stops in their veins Arm yourselves to the T Repel the threat of Mr. Freeze See the blood drop in your eye See your family burned alive I don't even know you I just know where you live I raided your child's bedroom And burned his virgin skin I crucified your nation I left the dead rot I parade down the street Carrying an iron cross The oceans have been ripped away It does no good to pray Catalysm Men restor to cannibalism I'm worth all you'd care for Then I'll fuck you in the ass I'm so fucking happy I'll kick your face and laugh Today's war stories At night you can hear him scream There's blood on your pollow This is no bad dream You try to think with reason But all you can do is scream

Saucy Sailor

Steeleye Span
Come my own one, come my fair one, Come now unto me, Could you fancy a poor sailor lad Who has just come from sea. You are ragged love, you are dirty love, And your clothes smell much of tar, So be gone you saucy sailor lad, So be gone you Jack Tar. If I am ragged love and I am dirty love, And my clothes smell much of tar, I have silver in my pocket love And gold in great store. And then when she heard him say so On her bended knees she fell, I will marry my dear Henry For I love a sailor lad so well. Do you think that I am foolish love, Do you think that I am mad, For to wed with a poor country girl Where no fortune's to be had. I will cross the briny ocean, I will whistle and sing, And since you have refused the offer love Some other girl shall wear the ring. I am frolicsome, I am easy, Good tempered and free, And I don't give a single pin my boys What the world thinks of me.

I Work For The Streetcleaner

I work for the streetcleaner When the work day is done I bring home some organs For some late night necrophiliac fun... I clean up the toll of the highway mishap Blood and twisted steel are dnine The gore in my hands will be smeared on my love And the cadaver I carry will be mine My lover and I are pathetic Fellating the bones of the dead Fornication with the remnants of the dismembered carcasses Sodomizing the worm eaten head... We bathe in the blood of the unlucky stiffs Keep their eyes, tongues and brains in glass cases Smear our naked writhing bodies in the grue and pus Lick the rotted sinews from their mangled beaten faces We are aroused and enticed, my lover and I, By the sanguine stench of the deaceased We writhe among piles of gelatinous dead flesh And suck the hepatic tissue of the diseased I'll procure the corpses 'til my storage shelves are full I remove the fluids from your skull... Jars of preservation fluids Inhale the nauseating fumes On the wall decaying purulent corpses Putrefying in my room... I feel the clots on my face and skin The carnage of the violently expelled Masturbate with the blood of mutilated stiff Explose with carnal joy among the entrails Writhing an dwiggling in a bed full of death My inhibitions existing no more French kissing the skulls, the foetid breath Making love to the cadaverous whore We are psychotic, my lover and I Only the sick couls share our delight We take turns mounting the detestable stiff Our moans continue through out the night... The jellified skin running through my hands The joy of arousal from the dead corpses touch The necrotic thirst for unconcenable love The love a corpse cannot give too much... I'll procure the corpses 'til my storage shelves are full I remove the fluids from your skull... I work for the streetcleaner And though it's never been said It's fun to be paid To dispose of the recently dead The insane lust of the necrophile A bizarre emotion that cannot be described The thrill of violence and its horrible result Creates an urge from which our sickness derives Tonight we will indulge in forbidden delight To quench our desires, it's what we must do Beware if you drive on the highway tonight The next cadaver we fuck might be you!!!

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