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THE SHINS lyrics - Spongebob Squarepants Movie Soundtrack

They'll Soon Discover

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When you were young and wise, scratching your letters in the sand And your imagination led you all around by the ha-a-and La la la la Did you ever wonder what dizzy adventures there might be Unfolding in the currents under the waves at the bottom of the sea He's odd, but he's got a lot of vision And his buck teeth, cock eyed smile Can't stop this invertebrate on a mission He's in charge!! A sinister design, a wild goose chase for a crown With your eyes aligned, before they tear apart your town If you wanna win, save all of your kin in the ocean Stay your ground, don't be discouraged Don't let ‘em turn our brains into porridge Your odd, but you've got a lot of vision Your buck teeth, stalwart heart Can't stop this invertebrate on a mission He's in charge! But it's a long hard fight, the corner turns, and it's always another mile People think day and night, they think they got your number, But they'll soon discover!


AESOP ROCK "Labor Days"
We now present to *cut up* Music to make you stutter [Aesop Rock] I've been a biplane dog fighter Henson invention Trooper burst result of Dragon Ball Z/Speed Racer gene splicing Mach force, blind the extorted style from the common dirty Destiny dream sighting, important as split the prints God shit the planet screaming What on Earth is that? I sit back five dimensions Only to muscle the overcooked specimen Fending tragic fatality successful dodging violets All hail Mary and hello dollies! I flow ridiculous, indigenous to now Who holds the fifth golden ticket? Saw the wicked war phantom mansion beyond the pickets The house next door to when the stickball clears the fence Y'all hesitate to fetch it! I was walking through a pinball tilt built landscape Terradactle circling turtle I bite the bullet in a wingspan shadow Suck and rust the oxygen gulps And spit the metal directly back up the barrel We icegrill the silhouettes (right) The common decency factors a lowball estimate of zero My testament is striking b-boy stances Dancing past the foggy mirror With wipes clean the billy goat beard, camoflague the spirit I'm at six degrees of sexy sarcasm Yeah never swam up inside summerjam classic Under the bed backwards bastard Scaverning the carnival grounds for an outlet WHO THE FUCK IS AES ROCK? I'm not a name to keep at arms length Adjacent to little ? quilt makeshift Sick security mechanism, check your mission I am not a vision, check your mission Just a simple sourpatch delinquent No it will not help you shove your Lincoln [Chorus] 2x I alone settle I alone peddle in the mud I alone, I condone rebel zone planting I alone stand in a social coma All up to your dome, follow I alone Now you see me, now you don't [Method Man] *Scratches* [Aesop Rock] Well he was maverick enough but still scraped up Taki 183 innovation for the kids Brick foot ironlung honor Escape through the night like a disgruntled teen Krylon bomber Without a care inside from posting the roster Mal-adjusted blank faced civilian dispersed feelings Reeling in several separate defunct fame-booster modules This nervous twitch mark the most delectable ingredient See Aesop starving troops in cell blocks with strap-on feeding bins (More like) Like I'd auction off a fuck for that blind cause you ride in I'd rather find the floors and watch you hide them Feel the haggered look penetrate brain castle Blasting clear out the back of this batches sour wind collection (FLASH FLOODER!) You're a fuckin wind-up toy A goddamn four string criminal trading card The reason they decorate the fonts of closing credits To boost on-looker amusement after fading hard Catch more Z's than Rip Van Winkle's 12 Step Narcolepsy Seminar The action, we all compete the masked illusion The commonfolk, I provoke em all Challenge thirty balance I alone pour talent while they fidget If the revolution ain't gon' be televised Then fuck, I'll probably miss it Chorus 2x

Let Me In (Ft.50 Cent)

[50 cent] Yeah, Its 50 cent, Young Buck G-g-g-g-g-G-UNIT! We get the club jumpin' from beginning to the end Go shawty, we back up in this bitch again We party, harder than you can imagine You can run wit losers, or run wit winners and win Ahh! [Verse 1] [Young Buck] I feel attention when I walk in the club G-unit to the socks, bitches all on a thug Gimme a henny on the rocks, and a bottle of bub I dont need security, this old nickle enough I came to ball wit ya'll, pop the bar and all So bitches call ya hoes, n niggaz call ya dogs If you love ya wife keep her at home tonight She might neva come home again nigga, aight! Teeth, neck, wrists all lights my lifes like Ridin' in Ca$hville runnin all stop lights Homie is that real, I pray I keep livin My momma just had a dream of seein me in prison My daddys a dope fein, n i dont really miss him Aint seen him in 10 years n a nigga still livin Tha same ol' 2 step we move to a rhythm 50 holla get em' Buck, you know im gunna get em' Raaaaa! [Chorus x2] I know you gonna let me shine n get mine I know you gonna let me in wit this nine I know you gonna smoke on my weed I know you gonna let me drink wit no I.D [verse 2] [Young Buck] I know im sinnin but im winnin at tha same time Take a couple shots from some niggas tryin ta take mine I'm back on tha block, wit a choppa n a tech nine Niggaz shootin cops n the hood runnin stop signs G-UNIT, The Game! Bitches doin wat tha thugs do G's, D's, Vice, Lords, Crips n the Blooz too Move lemme come through Aint a pair of handcuffs, can hold me I'm ridin' in the ol' school listenin to some oldies My goals keep shinin, Them hoes keep cryin The handle of my 45 outlined in diamonds Just left Ca$hville, bout to fly to Miami Hopin Yayo watchin Eminem, preform at the Grammys Niggaz like Eric Benet, prolly cant stand me I know money will make Halle Berry come outa them panties Bitch! [Hook] Ya'll niggaz in trouble they shoulda neva let me in (in) [Chorus x2] [verse 3] Bet ya I can make them bounce back Teach em' how to stunt, teach em' how to counts stacks (yeah) Now where ya hood at? Buck If you want to, we 50 deep up in here watchu gonna do Who want beif, I aint come for no name callin Dont be mad cuz we is n you aint ballin' Gettin' money is my motto for you broke folks Can't spend ya whole life payin on ya car notes It's alright if you still on the block boy See ima cold young thug, not a hot boy You know I do this for the streets, n my peeps thas behind bars As soon as they come home, I'll go n buy them all cars Young Buck! [chorus x2] [50 cent] We get the club jumpin' from beginning to the end Go shawty, we back up in this bitch again We party, harder than you can imagine You can run wit losers, or run wit winners that win AHH!

How To Be A Carpenter

So you want to be a carpenter, do you? Well it takes more than a hammer, boy, you're gonna need blueprints and a will to build, and... Straighten your cap! you look like you've been through a war. Wipe that grin off your mug, you got a sturdy frame? Sluggish posture just won't cut it. You're gonna need schooling, and, and, and take notes! And god if I catch you yawning again you're gonna regret ever asking for my help, And dammit you gotta hustle, this is a slacker-free zone And, where's my pencil? go get your hard-hat, here's a nickel, go get us a ruler and a saw and a drill and lots of graph paper... [Verse 1] Yo I used to have a rope ladder but tattered were the rungs, I strung it from the highest willow, trying to hug the sun. The seventh level buckled and I tumbled from the summit, Now I'm back to re-climb and this time light my cigarette from it. My stitchin division to vision warfares numb enough to soak suddenly in a bullet bath and skip stones in the morning as I, Lie in color phantom tantrum explicable, sit and pull the petals off wild flower patches, Magic happens! Behold, pity the lowlife parish. Doom City barracks left remorse coursed on a horse-drawn carriage by the torch of Polaris To the Badlands, where every bridge collapse right where the crowd stands, Where the witches are fireproof and every preacher's a madman. Frigid be the appleseed demeanor towards the bay where the landshark Parliament swims When they pause to polish they fins. The better brains will preach the village through the city square to the light, heavy and middle-weight integrate, Slept with sticks and stones in my pillowcase. Ooh my bomb's light simulator picks barnacles off the tugboat belly Left my spirit home in a shoebox in case I die. Got a rugged smoke-green halo floatin' inches off the swamp, Had that phase when the devil tree contacts a sparkle in my eye. Now step back from the reservoir and let the settlers drink, Salvage all priorities and iron out all kinks. My house ain't made of bricks and straw but never has it crumbled, Cuz I stitched the brain's rigidity with symmetry, Come visit me, It's fascinating. Now here's how its done, I'm only gonna show you once, So pay close attention, hear me now or hear me never, Glue your little eyes to the diagram, See the plywood, the nails, the glue? You work every inch, Your domain and you must treat it well. Keep it clean or it'll swallow you whole. Where's the T-square, hand me the pliers, now dammit, oh this will never do! You have to want the castle, Head Up, shoulders back! Be the materials, know your limits only to break your limits. Are you listening? God dammit boy, pay attention! Try it again. Little bit more juice this time. Try it again. Yeah a little bit more elbow grease this time. Try it again. Concentrate, a little more focus this time. You can kick and scream and yell but damn I'm only tryin' to help. Try it again. You're not doing it right, here now, yall watch. Try it again. Stop sulking, I'm the example, for real, Watch. Try it again. I'm bout to make it easy for you yall, just Watch. You can kick and scream and yell but damn I'm only tryin' to help. [Verse 2] [?] stinging the hunt The hunt dispatched a pack of wild dog silhouettes, All sulking by the skyline, focused with a bonus hunger pain, My sincere addiction imbalance stems from a vintage grimace slap to the mug of Ancestral branch camped on the vessels. Yes and I abide, the laws of the hidden desert survived, And every peasant presenteed it on the crescent less deprived. With the exception of pleasant finale binges on the great endangered interests of phantom brigades slaving to save that princess. I double the negative, to no avail, no promised benefits, just delegates peddling pairs of negatives, With magnified magnanimous appearance sandy sinners in opinion shut. Now what of the madness fragments? Stagnant. I oughta make a vision sing my twix cling to your pigeon wings, Vision militia indent benders, we've flooded Hell's kitchen sink, Walkin' eye civility simpleton citizen mixers to kiss the sky in unison Sinister city-blistered corporate rule-igans. All I really want's a nickel to feed my little pigs. [?] Big Dick three cheers to the product. Consumer populace feed but never dreamed of the process When a slanted advantage point sort of makeshift criminals date rape the hostage, Dream away the blame pain, yeah but it seeps through the cracks, And drips from the ceiling and smells the rich scent of my tracks. All I ever really wanted was a jungle, and a jungle I got, See it ain't the vision it's the plot that makes me stop. Try it again. I don't want to. Try it one more time. I'm not even interested anymore.

Fly On The Wall

JAY ROCK "90059"
[Ab-Soul:] Fly away, sometimes I wish I could fly away Fly away, sometimes I wish I could fly away [Verse 1 - Jay Rock:] There was a young ghetto child going wild after running 'round Who came from a happy home, then got lost in the jungle Hit a lick for like ten chicks Brought it back to the bricks then got everybody rich Started his own clique, recruited all piranhas His favorite phrase: that's on hundreds His niggas trained to go Wherever he point, you got shitted on Or smoked like a joint Here comes the line-up, first 48 people remain silent All his goons still remain violent Damn, there goes another body, oh shit, sirens Another bite the dust like Mickey Thompson tires Lights flashing, niggas stunt like the grammys No one’s exempt, they’ll sell a rock to your granny Now this is the part where jealousy comes out to play Hood politics official when they want you out of the way Now back then we ain't never mention this word ‘Cause if you caught snitching consequences fo sho Niggas'll throw you out on the freeway with a shell in your dome And no feelings is shown Then look inside the eyes of these killers A blank stare, that's different than stones Got you wondering, where in life, where they went wrong? Don't wanna cross these types, if you do think twice It's life saving, don't get caught slipping when you ice skating [Hook - Jay Rock:] When you stand still you could witness it all Picture the vision from the fly on the wall When you stand still you could witness it all Picture the vision from the fly on the wall [Verse 2 - Jay Rock:] Now when the sun rise, this young man sees money's a big deal New Chevelle, wipe in the morning dew cross his windshield Killer's saturation while the smokers run through sanitation For the bags of hands, this young man, calculating for the long run Since ya homies been on one lately No one's safe, he keeping his chrome off safety Headed to the function, momma's gone, they children out cussin' See this young man hit this bitch for all them niggas she fuckin' Knowin' one man's been intimate touchin' Til the big homie found out, gave his ass a concussion He don't want nothin' now, he walkin' on crutches now Couldn't see him from the shoulders He thinkin' how can he buck him down Hold up, the eyes is watchin' Gotta be more smart now, devise this option Watch how the plot thickens The clock tickin', his weak spot is a thot Just notice he can't stop trickin', got him Now this how it starts He take a bat when he know to go play with his heart Had his nose wide open while gettin' head at the park She set the GPS location like this where we park Now you know what's next It's crazy how life can end all through a text Got us wishin' we was all born with a vest I know you prolly witnessed it all But picture the vision from the fly on the walll [Hook - Jay Rock:] When you stand still you could witness it all Picture the vision from the fly on the wall When you stand still you could witness it all Picture the vision from the fly on the wall [Verse 3 - Busta Rhymes:] Jay Rock what up though? I'm here with you Let's give 'em a classic, you know I'm here and prepared with you Keep niggas inspired, you know I'm comin' to share it with you And when the wheels fall off I'll get out and put on a spare with you Let me be real with you, mhmm It's been selected, let me give you my fly on the wall perspective Sometimes niggas don't listen, I'm hopin' this serves its purpose Cause that's some of the realest shit that you talked about in them verses Hopin' they feel this shit despite how the devils is workin' To avoid tellin' on myself, I try to speak in third person See we done been through some shit, throughout my lifeline We was flies on the wall too from the shit we seen in our lifetime And through these songs there were digressions Some stories we shared through music Question if we in our right mind Now I'm a new fuckin' fly on the wall I wanna see how many rappers really write rhymes And we've been rockin' for a long time, Jay Rock They ain't got a clue of the timing I heard about you from Slay when you started shinin' They ain't knowin' this our fourth collab from 2009 and Slay heard about you from my nigga Wack But they ain't know when Top Dawg introduced you, nigga The way we out, we always give you crack Not knowin' that we had the raw just to split you, niggas To tell the truth there's no problem we can't solve So let me tell the truth, again I'm so proud of how you evolved And while me and Jay Rock kill these niggas 'til they dissolve I hope you appreciate my view as the biggest fly on the wall

Ray Ban Vision (Remix)

[Hook: Cyhi Da Prince] I got ray ban vision, these ain't no prescriptions I see you haters coming niggers Don't Think that I'm slipping I got ray ban vision, I wear when I'm whipping I wear when I'm fucking all my women think I'm trippin I got ray ban vision [x5] This how I'm living, the only time I'm looking you in the eye if we do in bussiness I got ray ban vision [Verse 1: Donnis] Hey I got Ray Ban vision, my bitches think they prescription I'm lookin' fly as fuck, like a GQ subscription You can't see behind them when niggas know that I'm quitin' Cause I'm going on top sour diesel that's as a lemon, lemon No nigger, no this ain't no Gucci shit, wearing with my Louie shit And I got a groupie bitch, who wear him with her Gucci shit She swear that I'm stupid rich cause I got all these ray ban flavors But I favor my all black darth vader I rock them when I'm blockin' haters In something tailored Yes I'm looking dapper if you are inquiring But don't ask me where I get them, when your paid you acquire things I spend high notes like a high school choir scenes That had them admiring, thinking that their style needs firing, damn I ain't mean to get your fired off some fresh shit But my collection's quite impressive [Hook] [Verse 2: Pill] I got my black shades on, Ray Ban on the side Let's hit the bat cave home, Bruce Wayne when I ride So those who robbing, you know I got the carbon 15 like half of 30 leave 'em slaughtered Don't mean to brag but my black shade's fresher Harder than then an all marble dresser Yes sir, I am the professor the teacher of all cool shit Bitches like he look like somebody I went to school with Lenses, blackout, benze to crack house and everybody keep trying to buy ya like Shaq's house Oki-ni, I put my foot out in this outfit, and Ray Bans is something I gotta leave the house with [Hook] [Verse 3: Danny Brown] Ray ban vision, can you see me mami? Making bitches out of paper like origami Pussy on tsunami, they slaught a salami The bitches pussy kicking like I heard a march of Nazi's I get hand me down shirts from Liberace You kiss bitches that's in to Bukake And they modern day ferrow? Quick bow and arrows That shoots sparrows in a 3 six barrels Like we have your tongue when at time and yells at Christmas carol I fuck bitches out of America Apparel So they hit me to skeet skeet and get drugged out and your weed got seeds like a major league dugout Smoke two blunts, drunk a blue ribbon Now she call that cab and her fucking panties missing When she hit the door there was no kissing Never see me again, I got ray ban vision!

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