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THE GAME lyrics - The Documentary

New York[remix]

Original and similar lyrics
(Demon Voice) New Jersey Devil (the game) Yeah muthafuckers It's the muthafuckin Game gu, gu,,gu,gu,gu, G-Unit I got a hundred guns and a hundred clips Nigga I'm in New York (New York) Wit a hundred Bloods and a hundred Crips, Whenever I'm in New York (New York) I got a hundred guns and a hundred clips Nigga, I'm in New York (New York) Ride wit a hundred Bloods and a hundred Crips Whenever I'm in New York (New York) Everybody wanna know why he got beat 'Cause in my dreams I talked to 'Pac and B.I.G. Got on the plane hopin that the NYC It's me behind these bars like Chi-Ali Niggaz want me to D-i-e Been there done that Woke up from a coma on 3 IV's Eyes on the thrown, somebody in my seat Fiddlin with rap like Miri Ben-ari I scoop up squares, drive thru the Bronx and get Jada on the phone My next stop is Yonkers After that its Harlem, why? 'Cause im a certified gangsta And Jim Jones' throwin a Blood party Red bandanas from 93rd to 115th and Lennex It's the sequel to Menace Oh Lord he then went 'Oh dog' Made 50's beef his and knocked 'em both off [Chorus] New aftermath chain on, master bling Stones yellow and black he a Latin King Mela mak king ton efala se mon translation: I get money off ringtones King Blood, even though I used to sling drugs when i see snoop he tell me 'Keep doin your thing cuz' I do it because I love it Do it for the niggaz that don't know the difference between 'Chuck Taylors' and chuckers I'm a gangsta tell Remi Martin I wanna fuck her Thats what I call a championship game out in ruckers Ja rule want beef, change the subject You ain't got no stars like the flag of the Dominican Republic After Angie's show I was fiendin to get a bus And catch a cab to a house and ask any nigga hustlin I ain't got to live in New York all my life to know the A and B train go to Washington Heights [Chorus] Left the VMA awards, went back to the hood Streets is talkin, Game got slapped by suge False, I was face to face wit him Media wanna criticize the game Like he had Ma$e wit him He a hood nigga that ain't ever try to snake niggaz Walk thru the 5 boroughs never had jake with him Bake it any way you want, ain't no cupcake in him Even Diddy know, I make the city glow Never had an album, never had his own video I was sellin crack while Ja was watchin 50 blow White tee shirt, converse and my dickies on Signed wit Dre recorded 150 songs Now the fuckin hip hop police hatin tryin to run me outta New York like Anthony Mason Nigga I'll come and erase you Only nigga from california That'll come from the tongue wit a race [Chorus]

Growing Up

E-40 "Tha Hall Of Game"
I'm a little mannish motherfucker I take after my older brother Started off selling marijuana, but now I'm selling yola.. [E-40] Here take a swig of this bourbon Hit that, hit that baby Aight dude.. ay who who's foolin right there (Who dat) Aight nigga ay get down nigga .. {*gunfire starts going off*} AY NIGGA GET DOWN NIGGA! Ay nigga GET DOWN NIGGA (Shit!) Wuh, we about seventy-five extra mail mannish hard-headed hoodlum-ass niggaz On the dopetrack workin overtime full of fuckin 'D' (D!) Runnin through somewhere in the neighborhood of about seven-hundred thousand in illegal narcotics generatin through mah street, a week Why motherfuckers gotta ask me how I'm doin if I'm alright When a motherfucker's starvin and strugglin even on my hip pretty much needlin and jugglin there STILL ain't gonna never be enough lovin! I'm tired of rippin and runnin, dodgin and duckin bullets I KNOW MY TIME IS COMIN - death is on me bad The walls is closin in, I wish I had a dad but left when I was ten, so moms is all I had And she was there for me until I ran away from the pad And now she disowned me and she don't claim me Reverend wouldja put some blessin oil on my head before I end up dead, gall bladder full of lead - scared I guess a hard-head make a soft-ass () I ain't gon' last if I keep fuckin with this fast life Chorus: E-40 and Lil' E (repeat 2X) He would grow up to be nothin but a hoodlum or either in jail, or someone would shoot him, UH (He would grow up to be nuttin but a hoodlum or either in jail, or someone would shoot him) [E-40] Ah, I page my ties even though the money's filthy Don't wanna go to church, because I feel guilty Nope - I DON'T WANNA DIE - cause when the preacher preach the gospel I BE READY TO CRY - up in the Church of Pentecostal I don't think I'ma make it to see twenty-five til I wash my hands and come clean Shit I'll be hella happy if I can just live to see sixteen No life to give for that nastiness as a rebellious disobedient-ass problem child He's easily influenced - hangin around the wrong crowd I'm willin to do almost anything, whatever it takes to make my allowance I'm on prescription medication, chemically off-balance Got me snatchin up (), pickin up hits Pick-pickin indo's (do's), and pullin licks Chorus [Lil' E] But daddy (Yes son) Tie my shoes (okay) lace me up (uh) Hook me up, like a tow-track maaaaan (aight) Ear-hustlin, make like a pampered suck-up game-a-saur (what) When it comes to this thang man I'm conniseur (conniseur) I read through the punk registry in the Robb Report (what) I come off like dat Grew up around slick talkers (ah) A pa-a poppin con artists (what) Go straight to the () and get a bad leather jacket () () bankrupt! [E-40] Boy you.. Like you when I was younger but I got my life together and I bettered myself as I got older Na-uh now I entertain (entertain) a sss-uh, a-smeb rover (a smeb rover) Street smarts with a degree and a diploma Chorus 2X [E-40] Ah give it to me, uhh.. Uhh.. Uhh.. Come on, uhh.. Give it to me, uhh..


2PAC "Still I Rise"
[2Pac] Oh shit, caught that nigga alone Ain't that a bitch Hey, uh, this one here is, uhh for them niggaz that be Johnny Dangerous when they be fuckin fifty deep But they be fuckin cowards when they by theyselves You know who I'm talkin about (You know who I'm talkin about) that's right You ain't shit without your homeboys You ain't shit without your homeboys You ain't shit without your homeboys Now Now everytime I see you cats is rollin in packs For the life of me I cannot see why you don't know how to act Love to clown when you deep, but when you on that solo creep out on the streets you don't hear a peep Nigga it's a god damn shame, somebody explain why they sent a Bad Boy to play a grown man's game Tear that ass out the frame, completely get that ass kicked Woke up on the street but you'll be sleepin in the casket How long will it last, nigga don't ask, just be first to blast Outlaw on the mash tryin to be the first to see some cash My shit's classic, like my nigga Nate Go get the tape, we keep the nation anticipatin until we break Money made me evil, court cases got me stressed Niggaz aimin at my head but I still wear my vest I don't give a fuck motherfuckers I'm loc They all duckin when my gun smoke cause you ain't shit without your homeboys You probably run at the sound of funk I give a fuck, you niggaz is punks Without your homeboys, you be the first to reach in your trunk You scary niggaz is punks, you ain't shit without your homeboys Nigga, punk ass motherfucker You ain't shit without your homeboys Throw your hands up you little trick, coward motherfucker [Young Noble] Like Yak said, how the fuck you gonna shoot me rocks When you got the Outlaw 'Pac shittin ya box You was lookin real weak walkin down the street Now a nigga thirty deep, oh you wanna beef Talk cheap, shoot a nigga the fair one Your homies like fuck it, what's this you the only scared one (faggot ass) Damn son, close call I bet Now down around the way you gets no respect They like that Outlaw nigga played you out We could have took it to the firfth I would I have laid you out Niggaz be actin all different when they dogs come around Watch em act like bitches when Outlawz draw down They all clown, better yet they all stunned You the type to have a gun and never blazed it once Get y'all banana split, you ain't Emmanuel Outlawz you'll never forget Makaveli the Don get a call y'all Turnin these streets into Vietnam Where your homeboys, homeboy [2Pac] You ain't shit without your homeboys My thug niggaz, I love niggaz From small time crooks to big-time drug dealers My homeboys, the only thing a nigga got left I love my niggaz to death, we ain't shit without our homeboys .. You know what time it is I ain't shit without my homeboys Hey, tell em the story how you came up nigga Now I was born alone, took my first joint and I got high alone Now I'm an Outlaw nigga, I never die alone Me and my niggaz is so close, it's complicated One nigga smokin and drinkin, and yet we all faded My nigga Edi had a son we all happy Cause now that little ridah got to deal with eight daddies My niggaz cry, we all cry, and all ride To rectify the problem, motherfuckers they all die Been tryin to make a million, by hustlin since my adolescense From crack dealin to rap villian, my new profession Who wanna see me at eight deep, fuck 3D You coward ass motherfuckers'll never see me Bustin with automatic straps, my raw raps like good crack Niggaz fiendin, I got em comin back Until I die, they label me as a ridah Forever, my niggaz be together Ain't shit without your homeboys Thug niggaz I love niggaz From small time crooks to big-time drug dealers Without your homeboys, the only thing a nigga got left I love my niggaz to death We ain't shit without our homeboys (without our homeboys) Love my niggaz to death We ain't shit without our homeboys Love you niggaz to death

House Nigga

Boogie Down Productions "Edutainment"
Let me see, let me see How should I start If I say stop the violence, I won't chart Maybe I should write some songs like Mozart 'Cause many people don't believe rap is an art Wake up, shake up, hypocrite look alive Blastmaster KRS-One will revive Four or five million still deprived When out to survive, wake up and realize Some people say I am a rap missionary Some people say I am a walking dictionary Some people say I am truly legendary But what I am is simply a black revolutionary I write rhymes on plain stationary Mary, Mary, quite contrary Doesn't make sense in my vocabulary Uncle Tom house niggaz, too scary So they can't be around, I don't do this For every Jesus, there must be a Judas It's the concept of the house nigga, field nigga The house nigga will sell you up the river So to massa, he'll look bigger And when ya bet under a rock, he'll slither But I'll grab the tail of the house nigga Pull the trigger and his head I'll deliver To the court of righteous people Black, white, or Indian, we're all equal So all ya racist codes I'll decode, explode And eat you like apple pie a la mode On a hot day, don't bring me no hamhocks Cause round the clock, I'll kick their buttocks All afternoon in the classroom, in the living room In the bathroom, in the swimming pool On a footstool, then I'll stop -- nope, April fools! Whip out the baseball bat and somehow March your racist butt to Moscow Ya know what I'm saying? Are there any, are there any intelligent people in the house? What can I say, o ye of little faith To think that KRS-One has surely been erased What a waste, my finger points at the face of the human race They're confused and misplaced My words are subliminal, sometimes metaphysical I teach, not preach, you want a challenge? I'll start dissin you I go philosophical by topical Hearin the call, ignorant, hot tropical Ya want a palm tree and nice dope shade? Only if the universal law is obeyed Which is know thyself for better mental health Yet so many rappers are preoccupied with wealth On my shelf I got titles Other artists want belts and idols World cups from seminars and conventions Competition and not to mention The award shows for pimps and hoes And every other hypocrite that flaunt their clothes KRS knows, so he just grows Always sayin somethin different from the average Joe's So I confront them with the biggest chain but it doesn't rate albums, I believe it is the brain So I'll remain free while you reign, I'm lovin it You be the king and I'll overthrow your government Send your crew to Berlin or Dublin I'll out-think em, chump em, and shrink em Down to ya size, despite the cries In the face of intelligence, ignorance dies Dear, it's simple edutainment Rap needed a teacher, so I became it Rough and ready, the beats are very steady With lyrics sharp as a machete Clap, there's another house niggaz neck Another soft Unlce Tom crew is in check Ego wrecked and rhymes directed

Who Ya Rollin Wit

METHOD MAN "Tical 0: The Prequel"
[Intro: Method Man] Uh... what's really good? Yo, yo, yo.. [Method Man] It's the unstoppable, over come any obstacle Ya'll know my flavor, pack more punch than Tropical Any mission possible, do what I gots to do Labels gettin' butterfingers, and next they droppin' you You think you know, but you have no idea The Diary of a Meth Man, what's this I hear? Somebody told ya'll, steppin' in shit was good luck? I got the hood stuck, chh-chh, now give the goods up Ya'll done pushed up, past the point of no return It's Meth's turn, so roll that shit up and let's burn I heard Philly got the best 'scherm, out in Cali, they got the best perms Now that we know, when will the rest learn? Come on, each one, teach one, hear no evil, and I don't speak none Everything cool until that heat come Just call my name, and I'll be there Ya'll kids is slum, like the jewelry in Albi Square [Chorus: Streetlife (Shawnna)] We drinkin' Henny til we flip, poppin' bottles til we sick All ya'll haters eat a dick (yeah, uh) Let's throw a party in this bitch, all my niggaz and my chicks Tell me who ya'll rollin' with (yeah) [Hook 2X: Streetlife (Method Man)] Method spits fire (Fire!) The roof's on (Fire!) My crew's on (Fire!) [Streetlife] M-E-T, H-O-D.. [Method Man] Man, I'm in the house like foreclosures Talk sober, until some dog gets forced over New York soldiers, be at ease, fall back Never ever, I'm the New Era, like ball caps Kid, whenever, whoever, whatever, ya'll want it Ya'll can have it, the problem and answer, I'm all that While we at it, let's tighten up our grips around that cabbage Silly rabbit, how many kid's done tricked you on your carrots The product of a bad package, like Bishop Don Juan it's Magic How I break 'em like a bad habit, hit tracks like it's target practice Then let these darts take a stab at it Niggaz ain't got it, ain't never had it I jam like L.A. traffic, Jellyroll behind the wheel And the passenger seat behind the field It's your boy, physically fit, mentally sick Get dirty money, told you honey, I'm filthy rich [Chorus] [Hook 2X w/o 'fire' the second time] [Interlude: Method Man] Yeah, ya'll niggaz don't know it's a game Until it starts again, let's do it, haha! [Method Man] Six minutes, Method Man, you're on If you thinkin' you gon' slip and be alright, you're wrong You can see me lightin' the bong, while writin' the songs That the crowd, is either singin' to or fightin' along, fightin' along I'm try'nna tell you drugs is not your friends And girlfriend, don't try and front like you got your friend I'm at the hotel, motel, Holiday Inn And my chick's a man-eater, she be swallowin' men Aight, live from New York, it's Saturday night I got pipes that drain your confidence, and battery light Aight, mami tight, but she ain't really my type If ya'll don't see me treat her right, then she ain't really my wife When I was young, I was stayin' in school, obeyin' rules Play with my food, what makes you think I'm playin' with you? This is it, ya'll better come on in, the water's fine Jump on in, let's do it to 'em one more 'gain [Chorus] [Hook 2X] [Chorus] [Outro: Method Man] Yeah, Ladies Love Big John Studd No doubt, dick up in your mouth We do this shit everyday, I'm in the cut With my main shit stain, Ray-Ray Gutter Butt And we holdin' it down for the whole Staten Island, man Nothin' else but Staten Island, man Ya'll stand up, man, Stapleton, the Wild West, Park Hill Port Richmond, Now Born, Jungle Nilz, hah... Peace!

Sparring Minds

Genius "Legend of the Liquid Sword"
[GZA] Designer and most of man stands the front-end loader hold enough weight that'll compensate the share-holders Powerful motor controls are mad stable No room for error, injury proves fatal Hundred ton air-jack, quickly raise the steel After blowin' out the belt drive, Math' change the wheels Bust ya, slash ya, we still thick like plaster There's always potential full-on scale disasters In the rec' [?] narrowly missin' My camp be forced into periless proposition We must come see ya, despite imminent danger Was short on fuel, before he flew out the hangar From the cold dirt, rocks and all, rap galore Watch the river flow backwards once we storm the shore Nigga, mark with razor-sharp eyes of the scope On the ropes, hanging from the towel and cliffs and slopes The magnitude of the devastation untold The collective laws of countless souls lay in the road [Inspectah Deck] Insane flower, vein blower Aim and it's game over You know the name, flame-thrower Got the code to the game and I hold the main controller Soldiers from the jump, and today the same soldier I stay low, play close to bank rolls Parly with the greatest who walk the same road Oh you ain't hear? Ain't nuttin' new but the gear The crew of the year, kid too much to bear Find out what I'm about, know the legend The slight disrespect, of his name provoke tension No threat, bringin' the force like Bobo-fet' The old vet' [?] alone control the set I'm next level, ya best settle, bless Rebel I shine like a vessel, with strength to bend metal Guns, head first in the grunge, become emerged the drums The verse is murder one [GZA] We rhyme back-to-back, deangerous emcees Move on track-to-track 100 bar measure Lost treasure, those crews who never gave us much pleasure Agreed the sound was good, shoppin' in the state, city, town and hood eventually they would Lay down the trademark with god that built wealth To dip-dive in the beehive was on self For the power struggle, never clown but did juggle The heavy load made it explode to mad rubble I thought of this tune on a blackout guided by the light of the moon on a camp-out, the kerosine lamp out, so we walked the road we paved with trails that left vinyl foot-steps engraved

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