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THE FIRM lyrics

Firm All Stars

Original and similar lyrics
Pretty Boy: TrackMasters A yo you see that a major, tellin my flavor All types of paper, I'm doin you a favor So blaze the trees, come on baby please Yo to lay with these girls pay the fees Cause I stay in these, coop rabie bees Jitty to the fifty, to the ACG's And when I'm lazy B Let the AC breeze, explain to my dames how the gamin be So what you trippin about, in the club I be kickin em' out I get em home then I'm twistin them out If I still keep it real I be friskin them out, with my dick in they mouth Then I'm kickin them out Cause you miss the quote, cause even if this kid was broke On you I wouldn't trick to know Have me high at first like I sniff some coke But now you gotta go don't forget your coat Uh Chrous(Nas): We are the firm all stars Fuckin your bitch we don't care who you are We don't need no introduction, our music steady bumpin From the crib to the club to your cars Come fuck with us Pretty Boy: If you know about us throw your hands in the air From Teaxes to NewYork to Monclair This be the knock from Flatbush to Little Rock Even New Orleans be bout it bout it It's hot Foxy Brown: Uhhhhhhhhh I gets 7:30 for the door daddy Ain't know thing, ya'll know about the rings huh Here you vibe and you balls with the big cat Anything you tryin ta bring, been there done that See the paper stack I'm not a hater dog Ya'll still crusin lands, I'm navagatin dog Brooklyn tone Baby girl flawsed night and left and baget stones in a James Bomd crome See this pretty face, but you wanna stick it If it's broke nigga we can let Tido fix it I can't stop, I won't stop Pretty Boy: Everything hot, first week out hit the top Pretty Boy Relentless, Cop the Coop thats expensive For instanse we rollin in fleets in ten to sixes We smoke phiphers with a dime chick pullin all nighters P be Mr. Macoroni The world slick lies and pretty Tony If you never new know you know me Thats why they wanna blow me We eat caviar, shine like a movie star Firm click real thick, Nas tell em' who we are Chorus(2x)


Arsonists "As the World Burns"
phone ringing.... little girl:Monkey, where you at monkey?? [Chorus] And what, rappers wanna bring it to me Oh, you the nicest M.C. (so so so so so) And what, yeah we known to blow up the spot Pyromaniax burning, blazing hot Why would you wanna challenge a guy like me, if you not clever (come on) Dirtier than prostitutes sweating in hot weather Load the spot better, than you ever will in your life Wanna kill and get trife, go ahead i'm just gone chill with your wife The only one that'll get you in a cyph and flex style So the next child that try to front then, I'ma pull your x-files That been, hidden for years, and released when i came Mics burn when i flame, forever remain with my name Deliver high pain like migraine headaches and all You got the nerve to stand before me, pretend you were bald Must be pathetic to brawl, with a M.C. lord, holding a sword I'ma a human microphone and my lyrics the vocal cord You's a fisher price king only eligible to battle Saddle ???? Who are you to hassle, the epidemy of master tackle Buck forty nine plus tax to the max, corrision shample Atista Gamble, don't tangle with hard to handle Beats lyrical warfare up the river paddle your tackle Gotta a neon shadow, but still confusing like a pharoah ????split through travels i unravel [Chorus] Now has led you would have it, my microphone grab habit Excels over the plab attics, have 'em like (dag nam it) They pissed off, like missing the toilet They plans are foiled, like there wrapped in tin paper Burned like skin scrapper, the top kid i'll take ya I'm type nice, so think twice, before you hold the device Lyrics shot are precise, had you blind like three mice Me shise, must of had me mistaken for the wrong stick That kids cut short, I'm the one with the long cord and the track one i smack one rhyme at a time like kids acting up Wild like the fight in a club, heads is backing up In the meantime, disinfect your filth club, filled with clean rhyme Gleam like sheam shine, take you ass home to better dream mine Be out of town from sundown, this block ain't big enough for the both of us No chance of redemption like broken trust Who tops the bottle cap and seal the whole three liter bottle Rap and let it go flat Off duty officers in brooklyn better go strap... Don't knock me cuz you can't rock me Lyrically i'm cocky, you sloppy, refer to me as copy Malaki, of your style, i make a mockery of, cuz you choppy You should specialize in copies like kinkos Don't ass think yo, you beat me (hahahahaha) i don't think so Not even mulitiplied by cinco, you blink bro Now catch your career going down the sink yo My hits rock you dicks nots so run and get cops I rip shops and flip hot fat like hitchcock Outta space i roll with spock, lyrically kill herbs, When i spill verbs, direct actors like speilberg, Run with ill hearse (son whose the arsonists) hit me off yo I slice nerds and melt icebergs in the north pole You soft so, really awful, i rock the grand flow You need magic like Orlando, or must be rambo, multiplied by commando Tell your whole crew, i told you i wreck those too Make you vocal, i'm express you local, call and sick, you saw my click Your chances are steal it and straws and sticks [Chorus]

Grown Kids Syndrome

PAC DIV "Sealed For Freshness!: Blendtape"
[Verse 1: Like] Listen, she say I'm gone a lot she cry I'm never home she thinks I'm out cheatin She swears I'm tryna to bone she's losin trust in my she goin thru my phone she makin fake pages I had to change my code she ride by my house she sniffin dirty clothes she be like "Like I know you be out with them thirsty hoes" I'm like you buggin out I ain't concerned with those I'm tryna get this bread I'm sick of workin lowers she say I work her nerves I make you nervous oh Ok, that's cool I see you later gotta work some more I'm on this paper chase it's nothin personal but what you offer me is less than what I'm searchin for she talk a lot of shit but it don't hurt no more she gettin fat tryna blame it on the birth control told her plain and simple this ain't gon' work no more I got money on my mind you ain't worth my dough [Chorus:] Money Money make the world go 'round 20, 40, 60, 80 Money, Money make the girls go wild 200, 300, 400, 5 Girl I wanna kick it but I'm tryna get paid, so I'm focused on one thing, my paper, paper. [Verse 2: TiRon] It's kinda funny how you said ain't no good niggas left for the good sistas what's really good with ya at the start you was prayin for a goodie good but now you want a hood nigga, someone with good figures he prolly could get you sprung of the soul clubs and the clothes guzzlin the mo' you say you lookin for a dedicated love you'll never date a scrub a church goin man who's a educated thug it's like your brains all mixed up ya take all issed up but then you claim that you independent no man providin ya cash when we at the movies why we slide to the back when it's time to pay what kinda games you tryna play aim for the finer things fame and designer frames chains and the diamond rings names I be tryna chase can't stop apply the brakes maybe what I'm tryna say is... [Chorus] Baby baby baby I work... [Verse 3: Like] To get you out ya mommas house (and...) To get your lazy ass of that couch To get you to close your mouth and to stop you from yellin at me (fo' real) just the other day you threw melons at me but when my check came you was hella happy (why?) you see what I go thru and after all this I owe you? girl I'm still wearing old shoes hold up did you just order tofu? that's the highest thing on the menu let me guess want me to pay for your friend too (nope) this is cuttin like a ginsu knife to my soul oh you losin control just a year ago you fell in love with the flow now you just like the rap game in love with the dough [Chorus]

Fucked Up Situation

(feat. Tony Sunshine) [Intro] The brightest diamonds ever known Yeah, Angie Mar T-Ice Take it to the record [Verse One: Angie Martinez] I wish you understood how I feel Cause these words is real After that bullshit I could'nt perfer to chill But tell you what you deserve to get But I still sat back and heard your shit You said chill it was the shit But come on I deserve to be mad That whole situation was bad I wish there was one of those moments in it I could break and just laugh But it was too serious to take what I had I mean what I had was deep Its still deep but damn Its sad to see how one weekend could be like damn One situation See I can In this type of relation Hes my man Or, hes my nigga Or, hes my ... Try to understand Please pa, honest is the plan And I don't mean Please pa, beggin with my hands I mean like Please pa, got feelings, damn [Chorus: Tony Sunshine] See, I know what you're facing This fucked up situation And maybe she might like me Or may even dislike me Cause baby you're a part of me And baby its just hard to see That you complained everyday But you would love me anyway [Verse Two: Angie Martinez] Ah Yea I know know I was wrong too I made the wrong move I went and looked throught someting that belonged to you And I found out suttin I was all confused Mixed emotions coming Feeling all abused Shocked when I read me You was calling boo Dropped it and I left Slowed down No talking to you You'll never understand How I felt Waking downstairs And you knew something was wrong But I had to finish that song Couple minutes Didnt really take me that long Still feeling confused But I had to go strong and attract And relax, sit back Then you came in And you asked whats wrong The fact is displaying I didn't have to say it Stop playing Shit, at that point Even you knew I was OK to flip How could you No matter what you thought we was Just go around the word called love Come on [Chorus: Tony Sunshine] See, I know what you're facing This fucked up situation And maybe she might like me Or may even dislike me Baby youre a part of me And baby its just hard to see That you complained everyday But you would love me anyway [Verse Three: Angie Martinez] Thats exactly how it is Exactly what I'm talking about Exactly where it'll end up This song after I'm walkin out Niggas don't understand When you give them your all How many times you hand up When you're daying to call Try to dial his numbers And you start with the first four When you get to seven Your heart beat like you're eleven I learned my lesson And I waive if there was any I still try to understand shit With out no henny Just a clear mind While you're thinking its just smear rhymes I gotta go through this shit And still report fine And get on air Be clear Animal for real Each year The bullshit going on I'm prepared I ain't the only one Chicks be going through it Niggas don't understand We be borderline losing it And these feelings is real So like I said in the first verse I wish you understood how I feel for real [Chorus: Tony Sunshine] See, I know what you're facing This fucked up situation And maybe she might like me Or may even dislike me Cause baby you're a part of me And baby its just hard to see That you complained everyday But you would love me anyway

Like I See It

JAH CURE "World Cry"
[Jah Cure:] Jamaica, stand up! [Rick Ross:] Yeah! To all rude boys in the capital Cure again [Mavado:] Ye-e-eh Jah Cure: Meet me up in Kingston Put me on your radar I’d be out there hustlin' Gettin' to the paper Come to my neighborhood Be on your best behavior You don’t wanna test, we put the G in the Gangsta Original mangler I can rearrange ya Giving you ordinarily to the danger I own the block, bitch Acting like a stranger Boy, I'm a major Shots callin' like I see it [x2] [Rick Ross:] Count a half of million In the back sit of the Phantom burn out all the killers just to see my niggers had them Stacking up the paper like it's going out of style No love for the judge Money longer than the trail Heart full of anger got a pocket full of honeys Burnin' onion in the chalice all you suckers getting punished Lick a shot for Dudus if you’re real, mother fucker Blaka! Blaka! Two times if you're real, mother fucker Big 45 for my old G5 stacks on deck but it so behind Never leaving my competition breathing Jah Cure pushing Lamborghinis through Kingston Shots callin' like I see it [repeats] [Mavado:] See me I was caught up in the fast lane Hustle till morning Never stop until the cash came Really "Mister Make It" is my last name Life is like a poker, but I never played my last game You see me Now they wish they coulda be me Was born in the gully, now I’m big in every city (ha ha) Now I'm gaining every penny Send me to this world again and I'ma make it pretty Heathen best agonize when we rise Smoking cush and have a girl by my side Peeping Tom with them eye open wide Nah tell you something, I ah snide Shots callin' like I see it [x4] [Jah Cure:] Every ghetto Every gully Every lane We don’t need no visas To come through your speakers See me in a video Cleaner than a preacher Turn to pay-per-view five nights and me feature You give me respect In return, I’ma treat ya Youth, I'ma reach her Message, I'ma teach her That we go on, we have no time for the leisure Music, we be smuggle in a room for the seizure Pass me a reason Shots callin' like I see it [x4] [Jah Cure:] Every ghetto Every gully Every lane Don’t bring trouble on my way Unless you wanna pay Hear the words I say Coming from the Bossman Almighty This one for the streets For the youth in them in the hot of tha city We ah huslte dis hit to everywhere yes hear me Cure to the World Looking for me up in Kingston Put me on your radar I’d be out there hustlin' Gettin' to the paper Come to my neighborhood Be on your best behavior You don’t wanna test, we put the G in the Gangsta Original mangler I can rearrange ya Giving you ordinarily to the danger I own the block, bitch Acting like a stranger Boy, I'm a major Shots callin' like I see it Jamaica, Stand up! Yeah! Ye-e-eh

Purple Pills (Video Edit)

D12 "Devils Night"
[Chorus] I've been so many places I've seen so many faces But nothing compares To these blue and yellow purple hills I climbed the highest mountain Once or twice but who's countin' But nothing compares To these blue and yellow purple hills [Eminem] Cool, calm, just like my mom With a couple of law suits inside her palm It's Mr. Mischief with a trick up his sleeve To roll up on you like Christopher Reeves I can't describe the vibe I get When I drive by 6 people And 5 I hit Ah shhh I started a mosh pit Squashed a chick And lost the foster kids This room makes me hallucinate Then I sweat till I start losing weight Till I see dumb shhh start happenin' Dumber than Vanilla Ice tryin to rap again So bounce, bounce, c'mon bounce I said c'mon bounce Everybody in the house doin mass amounts To the women in the thongs put they asses out We don't bull shhh, better ask around D12 throws the bomb and's dashing town Bizarre, your mom is crashing out Help me get her on the couch 'fore she passes out [Kon Artist & Kuniva] Bug that, someone help Denaun He's upstairs wrestling with Elton John Hey Von You see me stepping on these leprechauns It gotta be Tums the X-lax is gone Ya I took them all dog with some parmesian And I think my arm is gone Naw, it's probably numb Dumb, dumb, and full of .... And I think he 'bout to swallow his tongue Scary ass it was a false alarm You think I'm 'bout to die when I just got on So stop acting stupid You so high That you might wake up with a guy On some new shhh I think I did too much I think I got the runs Rolaids, Pepto and Tums Watch out, here it comes [Chorus] [Hook] Dirty Dozen 80 of us Shady brothers Ladies love us That's why our baby mothers Love us but they hate each other They probably wanna take each other out And date each other Some-, something, something, something Mmmmm, I dunno [Proof] Hop hills Hills I hop Hop two hills On stilts I walk Snort two lines that were filled with chalk Thought it was Incredible I killed the Hulk I wanna roll away Like a rollerblade Until my eyes roll back in my skull for days And when I'm old and gray I'm gonna go for broke No Okie Doke I overdose When I pack up my nose with soap *cough cough cough* Am I supposed to choke Had an accident when the Trojan broke Ahh, poor baby Born by wh... lady Now I'm payin child support (It's your baby!) [Swifty] I take four shots at one time And I don't need to chase when I'm swallowing mine (Yo, you got any room) In Bizarre's hatchback We can't go farCuz the car has flats Why the hell you people think I rap Because my mother taught me how to reach contracts If you cash Then hide it so (Swift, chill) I'm just tryin to get by like you And I don't give a damn if you find me rude Mean, crude the hell wit you too I only need 3 blunts and I'm cool I just copped some and I'm going back soon [Chorus] [Bizarre] I'm at rave Looking at a babe Like she want it Gin and tonic demonic Body smelt like vomit Luny, crazy, tubby, sexy, dopey headed guy Whip cream, dirty matresses Wanna try Blue hills, broken seals Got Bizarre actin' ill Drugs kill (Yeah, right) Chick I'm for real Shut your mouth you dirty girl You know you want me in your world Ladies please don't fight Bizarre's here all night [Chorus]

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