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The Cricketone Chorus And Orchestra lyrics

The Snowflake Song

Original and similar lyrics
Timble Tumble Little Snowflake High Up In The Sky Drifting Dancing Slowly Earthward Like A Cotton Butterfly Whirling Swhirling Pretty Snowflake Landing In My Hand How You Change The Whole World In To Nature's Winter Wonderland Every Snowflake Has A Shape That's All It's Own There Are Never Two The Same White As Day Up To The Sun A Silver Throne. But The Snowflakes Put Their Juice To Shame. Helter Skelter Pure White Snowflake Bound You Know Not Where Changing Children In To Angles Painting Halo's In Their Hair

Where Are You Now, My Son?

JOAN BAEZ "Where Are You Now, My Son?"
It's walking to the battleground that always makes me cry I've met so few folks in my time who weren't afraid to die But dawn bleeds with the people here and morning skies are red As young girls load up bicycles with flowers for the dead An aging woman picks along the craters and the rubble A piece of cloth, a bit of shoe, a whole lifetime of trouble A sobbing chant comes from her throat and splits the morning air The single son she had last night is buried under her They say that the war is done Where are you now, my son? An old man with unsteady gait and beard of ancient white Bent to the ground with arms outstretched faltering in his plight I took his hand to steady him, he stood and did not turn But smiled and wept and bowed and mumbled softly, "Danke shoen" The children on the roadsides of the villages and towns Would stand around us laughing as we stood like giant clowns The mourning bands told whom they'd lost by last night's phantom messenger And they spoke their only words in English, "Johnson, Nixon, Kissinger" Now that the war's being won Where are you now, my son? The siren gives a running break to those who live in town Take the children and the blankets to the concrete underground Sometimes we'd sing and joke and paint bright pictures on the wall And wonder if we would die well and if we'd loved at all The helmetless defiant ones sit on the curb and stare At tracers flashing through the sky and planes bursting in air But way out in the villages no warning comes before a blast That means a sleeping child will never make it to the door The days of our youth were fun Where are you now, my son? From the distant cabins in the sky where no man hears the sound Of death on earth from his own bombs, six pilots were shot down Next day six hulking bandaged men were dazzled by a room Of newsmen. Sally keep the faith, let's hope this war ends soon In a damaged prison camp where they no longer had command They shook their heads, what irony, we thought peace was at hand The preacher read a Christmas prayer and the men kneeled on the ground Then sheepishly asked me to sing "They Drove Old Dixie Down" Yours was the righteous gun Where are you now, my son? We gathered in the lobby celebrating Chrismas Eve The French, the Poles, the Indians, Cubans and Vietnamese The tiny tree our host had fixed sweetened familiar psalms But the most sacred of Christmas prayers was shattered by the bombs So back into the shelter where two lovely women rose And with a brilliance and a fierceness and a gentleness which froze The rest of us to silence as their voices soared with joy Outshining every bomb that fell that night upon Hanoi With bravery we have sun But where are you now, my son? Oh people of the shelters what a gift you've given me To smile at me and quietly let me share your agony And I can only bow in utter humbleness and ask Forgiveness and forgiveness for the things we've brought to pass The black pyjama'd culture that we tried to kill with pellet holes And rows of tiny coffins we've paid for with our souls Have built a spirit seldom seen in women and in men And the white flower of Bac Mai will surely blossom once again I've heard that the war is done Then where are you now, my son?

Ice Princess

AZEALIA BANKS "Broke With Expensive Taste"
You are now listening to AraabMUZIK I'm so cold I'm dripping icicles I go and take your man, that nigga might miss ya Spent his whole commission on my neck and ear To stand around me need to have your winter gear Pay me coats and benzies it's that burg ice That's why I do not feel these bitches frost bite Grown money ever since they done I make my own money You broke honey? And they call me BANKS cause I can loan money Colder than December my diamonds on Anna Wintour So that's fly ice in my life I don't see no limits so I strive and I shine twice I ride around and get it Just missing for a minute that was only one thought, let me finish Competition I'm a beat it so relentless I'm a be legendary when I end this They rise when I arrive in this All hail the supreme ice princess Tell the carriage hurry up and come and get me Tell the haters in the wrong you can miss me Hollywood you can go and A-list me I like a shot of hard whiskey I'm feelin it, I'm feeling a change I'm feeling it, in the air [x2] So let me in Her motives is frozen, giving chill pills to them polars Corrosive, the coldest, city is a tundra They focus, no wonder Fridgy princess come from cold cash and them ice chunks Stone frost and my Celine pumps Rolls-Royce no white ups colder than December Diamonds on Anna Wintour these glaciers glamour 'n glisten And arctic is like a blizzard, my jargon fuck you on frigid Cool it down or get avalanched, igloo cold case and body That ice cube up in the lobby bitch white fox Peep the opulence, ice box the coolest confidence Isis queen that icy witch, winter fresh in that whitey bitch Shimmering Aphrodite, winter wonderland body so frosty in that bugati Porcelain snowflake and pappi popsicle in your pocket I'm polarizing your profits I freeze and flip em and rock it Coco a la mode who frozen from head to toe ice grilling the status quo Cold killer so now you know I'm feelin it, I'm feeling a change I'm feeling it, in the air [x2] So let me in


Someone turned the time on, another day, dead and gone, a lifetime is slipping away, babe. But as far as I can see, that doesn't apply to you and me. We are high above the family tree, hidden in the deep blue sea. Industry on parade, punch a clock nine to five. The beginning is beginning to fade away. Ah, but look out from now on, baby, as far as the eye can see. Unafraid to be free, shining on the silver sea, you and me, we got to be moving. Picking up, carry on, lead you children by the hand, carry on, carry on. Heaven knows I love you, don't you know that it's true yourself yeah yeah? Looks like you and me baby dancing by the shining sea.

On Christmas Morning

Michael Mcdonald "In The Spirit: A Christmas Album"
(Foster/Loggins) Old december's here at last Time for celebration Christmas present, christmas past Tumble down together like The snow What a show Now the snowman someone made Is melting by the road side On the wind a serenade Children's voices singing I believe I believe in us I believe [Chorus:] On christmas morning You awaken with a smile You hold me in your arms We watch the snowflakes fly And then you love me And I realize How sweet love can be All the memories Coming back again each year On christmas morning Sentimental melodies surround me Like an old friend She spent the winter here with me Silently we watched the season change And they change so fast and fade away [Chorus]

Flying Sorcery

AL STEWART "Year Of The Cat"
With your photographs of Kitty Hawk And the biplanes on your wall You were always Amy Johnson From the time that you were small. No schoolroom kept you grounded While your thoughts could get away You were taking off in Tiger Moths Your wings against the brush-strokes of the day Are you there? On the tarmac with the winter in your hair By the empty hangar doors you stop and stare Leave the oil-drums behind you, they won't care Oh, are you there? Oh, you wrapped me up in a leather coat And you took me for a ride We were drifting with the tail-wind When the runway came in sight The clouds came up to gather us And the cockpit turned to white When I looked the sky was empty I suppose you never saw the landing-lights Are you there? In your jacket with the grease-stain and the tear Caught up in the slipstream of dare The compass roads will guide you anywhere, Oh, are you there? The sun comes up on Icarus as the night-birds sail away And lights the maps and diagrams That Leonardo makes You can see Faith, Hope and Charity As they bank above the fields You can join the flying circus You can touch the morning air against your wheels Are you there? Do you have a thought for me that you can share? Oh I never thought you'd take me unawares Just call me if you ever need repairs Oh, are you there?

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