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The Business lyrics

Ghetto Youth

Original and similar lyrics
So you come from the ghetto don't mean - you no good ain't sophisticated like they say you should Years of being told that your bad as bad can be Well stick your fucking rules cause they don't mean that much to me This side of the truth Your pride - Ghetto youth Your always told what to do from the day that your born its the same old record now its really sounding worn so when your doing the best the best that you can your getting shit from the boss man, don't let him get to you This side of the truth take pride - Ghetto Youth

Truth Be Told

AUDIO PUSH "Truth Be Told"
This is what you ride to, Sit back and just vibe to. What you rock ya best fitted And Jordan 5's to. This ain't what you used to, Or what you call a truce to. See this is what you sit back and Just tell the truth to. So truth be told. I'm from this team named BOW. You prolly heard about. You most likely said Some hateful words about. And that's cool, But we bout to make it gruesome. Cuz these legends keep on dying, I think we gon be the new ones. So yeah, You bout to hate us. I swear you bout to hate us, Cuz every girl you checking for Is always tryna date us. And no, we're not the New Boyz, Please do not mistake us. And nah, that ain't a dis, But I mean listen, They just ain't us. This one for my phone, That I constantly be on. Telling my girl that don't Believe me until she see me on TV, Or hear these songs. And yes, she was wrong, Cuz this is what I love to do. Look at me girl, We ON!! I swear I told you. I told you, I told you. And if you ever hated boy, I promise I don't know you. And if I ever knew you, That would never mean I owe you. I told you we the niggas, And I promise Imma show you. I'm not a rookie, Not interested in freshment. I'm doing what I want, Got 'em second guessing they dressing. And Cash try and talk to me, Try and give me some gestures. But I know I got a gift, And it's time I show you my presence. So this This is for all them bomb Whoas That be at all them Kendrick and Them dime shows. That's prolly here now, Rocking wit me. Never liked me. Now they love me, And they think my smile pretty. I promise to god, It's all a facade To you popping. Boyfriends hate you Cuz they know They girl watching. But in this club a million times When everybody was. But nobody cares, Until everybody does. So now that you you do, I pray you listen forever. You arrived a Lil late, But better late than never Listen, Love it. You feel it? You see it? That's why I never say I'm really real, I just be it. I appreciate y'all coming to make history tonight And the next nigga you about To hear up on this mic Is the only other nigga That can give it this nice I know him as Larry Jackson But y'all can call him Price One time look Real rap I'm giving y'all real raps I made it out the hood and Still a nigga feel trapped All I hear is lies, Show me where the real at I just tell the truth And all the real niggas feel that Man I can feel the pressure moving in Now I'm at the top and they like "Price, what you doing here?" Don't be stressed, Baby, Don't be losing hair. Just live your life, Cuz it's too many nigga's losing theirs.. And since when did a hustler ever sleep in? And since when did Snitching become a street trend? And since when did Doing a dance make you Ineligible to rap? Man I'm killing it, Till the beat ends. Better yet, Imma give y'all dudes a beat. Seeking until I'm sleeping Y'all sleeping, But I ain't weeping. I'm creeping, To the top I'm reaching. Y'all speaking, But y'all ain't decent. Y'all better run to y'all deacon, Once them blood suckers leeching! Imma tell 'em 'fall back' Ain't no love for ya Oh, you a fan of us, Baby? I got a hug for ya. And to my brothers Watching Crips Shed blood for ya If I got it, it's yours, I give my last dove for ya. I.E. yeah we looking the best. This world is just a class, You being put to the test. In these streets, I got stripes and I ain't hugging a ref And to my brother double I Boy, I love you to death. For real. I'm having a moment, A nigga is on it. And yes, I shatter opponents, As soon as I go in. I'm blessed. And you ain't touching my team Homie, so why try? B.O. Dubb, We out here head first, Skydive. Raise your glass, man I'm giving a toast. You always got that one Ex That you're missing the most. But I ain't tripping, I'm chasing that Mike Jackson 'Beat It' dough. With that I.E. Toe Bend see the flo Shout out to my son I teach him Never to comp the haters I got my family counting on me like a calculator. But the pressure is cool, Cuz I'm going far. Just pour the brown and Then I sit in my car. Cuz this what you ride to, Sit back and just vibe to. What you rock ya best fitted And your Jordan 5's to. This ain't what you used to, Or what you call a truce to. See this is what you sit back and You tell the truth to. So truth be Told....

26 Years, 17 Days

LYFE JENNINGS "Lyfe 268-192"
[1st Verse:] I was looking for God at my grandmother's house underneath the cushions on the couch I looked all around side to side up and down that man was no where to be found So I called my grandmama on the phone said old lady you best get home cause God aint where you said he would be and there's something that I really need to speak to him about immediately She said boy tell Granny what's wrong is there something I can do I said big mama now it's a sensitive issue and Lord knows I don't wanna worry you but I need somebody to talk to [Chorus:] It's done been 26 years 17 days been to 5 different prisons got 2 babies on the way and they say it'll be a waste of time to pray seeing that I'm going to hell anyway [2x] [2nd Verse:] I done smoked weed with the best of ya'll shot at all the rest of ya'll my heart hurts like an old man with high cholesterol the preacher said that I'm the dirtiest dude he ever saw shouldn't even be livin' and he a Christian Shoulda been dead like 17 times for 17 crimes I committed took 'em all to trial and got accuited Left wavin' my middle finger in the air whispered in the prosecutor's ear, yeah I did it I done stole everything from dreams to wedding rings auctioned off my soul for material things but lately its been kinda botherin' me I guess that turtle always catches up with the rabbit eventually [Chorus 2x/Bridge:] Somebody loves you baby whoa whoa whoa somebody loves you baby [4x]

The Best Of Both Worlds

JAY-Z "The Blueprint"
[J] Yeah, yeah, it's here niggaz! (wooo-WEEE!) [J] Rockland/Roc-A-Fella collaboration [R] What, what, what, what.. [J] Tone the Referee - the best of both worlds [R] Welcome to the best of both worlds [J] R. Kelly [R] Chi-Town [J] Let's just start frontin on 'em right away (c'mon Jay) [Jay-Z] I pull up with the big boy truck, nigga big boy drop We be the only big boys that the big boys watch Sing to 'em Kelly [R] Best of.. both worlds.. (rock for 'em Hov') [Jay-Z] The combination of Pappy Mason and Larry Davis Martin and Malcolm, this is the bigger than the album R-ah [R] Oh yeah [R] The best of (best of both) both worlds - ohhhhHHH! [Jay-Z] I got a million on that boy singin whatever on the flow Y'all got cheddar to blow, whatever, let a nigga know Kel's [R] The best of.. [J] Back and forth, back and forth, let's do it [R] .. both worlds (rock for 'em Hov') [Jay-Z] It's not even close, just leave it alone I'm Michael Jordan, I play for the team I own Sing to 'em Kel' [R] The best of.. both worlds - ohhhhHHH! [Jay-Z] Young.. H - flow feared in fifty states Young.. Kel's - nigga the best of both worlds Holla [R] The best of.. [J] Just get gangsta with a nigga [R] .. both worlds [J] Just get gangsta with it (rock for 'em Hov') [Jay-Z] You can't possibly think you can stop this It's prophecy; plus I feel like the nigga Big watchin me Kel.. [R] Best of.. both worlds [J] Stop playin with these niggaz, talk to 'em! [R. Kelly] This is for my niggaz down bottom and them hustlers on twenty-two's Single parent mothers in the hood is who I'm talkin to I know it's rough in the ghetto but let me walk witchu Talk witchu, uh-huh, yeah-hea And for the ones who put you down and said you wouldn't make it But you still held your ground and came up out that basement In the memory of those that we lost, it's deicated We miss y'all, uh-huh, yeah-hea [Jay-Z + (R. Kelly)] This right here this whole album's.. in the memory of all our fallen soldiers (uh-huh) we lost along the way (ohhhhhoooh) knahmsayin, ghetto to ghetto City to city, worldwide, we got y'all, y'knahmean (Ghetto America) This album right here represents strength (Ohhhh! Yeahhh) Strength in our people, understand it [Both] Cock-suckers can not touch us, the block love us We got the ghetto on our back muh'fuckers [R] The best of.. [J] Yeah, right [R] both worlds (rock for 'em Hov') [Jay-Z] We got this locked for two reasons: we from the hood plus we promised both our mommas that we would Kel - take 'em to church [R] The best of.. both worlds - ohhhhHHH! [Jay-Z] We mastered this, don't you know I eat beef and breathe acid, weak bastards We copped and we crash it Then we cop again cause we are classic Let me speak for ya R we 'Scarface' re-enacted 'The Godfather' trilogy re-casted But it's real like we grievin for Aaliyah with the masses But I hope my boy Dash get to see it when he passes I feel her soul when the Lee passes When the wind blows, it's almost like I see her in the Hamptons Even more reason to be up in them mansions Laid back, feet up in the hammock, I'ma live for ya Big too, 'til they put me in the grave I'ma floss 'til they toss me a Bed-Stuy parade 'Til Chi-Town make a nigga Mayor for a day In the memory of Joanne Kelly, let us pray [R] Both worlds... welcome to the best of both worlds

Top 5 (Dead Or Alive)

JIN "Jin Presents: The Emcee's Properganda"
[Chorus: x2] Who's the best emcees? Ain't no best Who's the best who's the best Ain't no best Who's the best emcees? Ain't no best top 5 dead or alive Ain't no best It started out with the legendary Kool Herc one of the greats in 1980 Kurtis Blow hit us with The Breaks from then it was on two years later Melle Mel dropped the Message round the same time I was born grandmaster caz cold crushin it was evident Rakim campaignin Eric B For President straight out the Bronx came the one known as Kris Boogie Down Productions rappers gettin dissed Kane held the throne the streets knew it was his ever since they heard him just rhymin with Biz Slick Rick took us on Adventures with his bling Kool Moe Dee told us that Knowledge Is King meanwhile LL was rockin the bells Chuck D and Ice T told the cops go to hell G Rap was Kool RUN was the sire Sucker MC's I never admire [Chorus] 10th grade I became a hiphop addict ass backwards copped It Was Written and then Illmatic some say Ready To Die was Biggie's best but then again theres always Life After Death way before Dame and Jay changed views and split on the real 22 2's was my shit just when you thought PAC only brought drama he had joints like Keep Ya Head Up and Dear Mama Pun did it his way just like Carlito Big L murdered it on Stretch and Bobbito my man B put me on to Havoc and P Infamous will forever be a classic to me ODBs soul has just entered the buildin Puffy is good but Wu Tang is for the children Scarface ya mind playin tricks just illusions Pharoah Monch out to Organize the confusion tryin to figure out this fly chick I discovered at the same time Common said He Used to Love Her Buckshot with his Camp Click laced up in boots big up to Black Thought never forgot his Roots keep some Dirty Rotten Scoundrel in my stereo cant forget Bustas verse on Scenario Keith Murray was a lyrical assassin when Reggie grabbed the mic it was time for some aksion party anthems Treach rocked without rehearsal the Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal Blackstar better yet Kweli and Mos the in and out flow belongs to Jada and the Ghost before every X verse you hear the dogs bark OutKast changed the game ask Rosa Parks [Chorus] mic skills ain't got nothin to do with ya gender Clef 's ill but L Boogie was my favorite member out the Fugees the tightest to drop Latifahs the Queen other chicks are Lyte as rock before NWA's family feud who kicked that gangsta shit like Eazy E and Cube but still true lyricists smashin the cuts up verbally like Ras Kass and Kurupt e-40 Mac Dre holdin down the bay still doin the thizz even though he passed away rest in peace it ain't about west or east coast beef the media can be a beast overnight acts just wanna top the charts no intentions to contribute to the art I absolutely refuse to let it fall apart The Emcee is crafty we here to make our mark they wanna know [Chorus]

My Bad Side

PAPA ROACH "5 Tracks Deep"
i want to let you in on a story that i got to tell about good dreams in heaven not bad dreams in hell started with punk rock and then evolved to hip hop the party popped off like the fireworks on my block alonzo is the street that i take dweel a little white trash and a little bit swell i take you back and take a step down july was the month i was born 8 pounds my bad side my sign is leo defraud the hoax with a ruby king of the jungle yet i try to be humble but i should to let yall know what im' about attack your brain fast drop knowledge the i'm out i'm a freak but i got some class i'll bring the fucking ruckus and you can bring the grass have a session good times is the lesson the men will cease fire and the girls could stop stressin come on baby doll please jerk me off perverted state of mind baby help me get my nut off whats wrong girly don't know the art of a quicky my balls hang low and they produce something icky from my dick to your skin hands rub it in i know you love lotion baby thats how i begin sexual feiding in my dreams she was screaming down on her knees as she eating on my semen i've this problem i don't wanna say but to tell you the truth everybody i be doing it every day you may think i'm stupid you may think im queer but to tell you the truth everybody jackin off is better than beer!!!!!! my bad side

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