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Tarsha Vega lyrics - Diamonds and Monsters

Goodbye Girl

Original and similar lyrics
See me as I'm sailin' down the stream When I was walkin' down ya street ya didn't notice me My heart would skip a beat Diggin' u like I was diggin' soul music Diggin' u but baby u abused it See I was different from the rest and all the girls that u caressed I might suggest that u go deeper baby here's another test Who could set ya microphone on fire And kiss the rain like Billie Myers and desire ya Now I know I made ya blush But ya treat me like a crush And u be frontin' cause ya freakin' that'cha friends'll laugh at us If we were amorous and this one comes from back in the days Of the Osh Kosh the acid wash the high-top fades We wuz Kooler than the Moe Dee Easy like the Mo Bee Sneak into a movie watchin' Obi Wan Kanobee Left me lonely learn my lesson as I build in this world Tarsha Vega gotsta go cause I'm a Goodbye Girl I gotta go I gotta go My life's a rodeo I'm ridin' round the world It's hard to say goodbye but I'm a goodbye girl I flip adverbs and adjectives put em in a seive See the world come tumblin' like dice at a casino I mean yo it's hard to recollect the past When u was all about the ass no substance Now u wanna dance when u hear me on the radio Tellin' all ya peeps how I wished I dated yo But I was caught up in yo rapture Had me wrapped up in the palm of yo hands Like Nenah Cherry do the Buffalo Stance I fly Pan Am to Japan and Pakistan to get love Got mad fam around the galaxy who book me at the clubs I ain't conceited we both know there's a lot of dope MC's But Tarsha Vega bring the party to the dopest universities U didn't love me then so don'tcha push up on me bro I ain't a joker playin' poker but I flush ya flow I seen ya nose grow ya fishy like a sturgeon gotta go Ya unbelievable like Biggie or Madonna as a Virgin I gotta go I gotta go My life's a rodeo I'm ridin' round the world It's hard to say goodbye but I'm a goodbye girl Happy trails 2 u Until we meet again When the road gets ruffest I hope u find a friend I gotta go I gotta go My life's a rodeo I'm ridin' round the world It's hard to say Goodbye but I'm a Goodbye Girl

U Ain't Gonna Take My Life

* Originally appeared as a B side to Cube's Wicked single Mr. Dirty Harry you look really scary With your .357 officer Kevin Spent 11 years on the force trying to get mine Head got the flat top boots got the spit shine Don't give a fuck about my neighborhood Just wanna do your eight hours then hit the showers Shoot a brother down adn you don't send flowers Goddamn sherrif can't wait to tarriff A chunk of a nigga ass, but watch a nigga blast And get away nigga fast You ain't gonna have me face down no more You ain't gonna have a chance to clown no more To the boys in blue, I got kids too Ain't going out like a jigaboo, no no no On my way to the store You see me in a Range Rover, now you gotta pull me over But where oh where is the ticket? You got your hand on your gun cause you're wicked You don't like the face of the original man But you gotta treat me like an individual man Talk right and I'll talk right back Show some goddamn respect to the black Cause I gotta get back to my wife But I'm sorry, you ain't gonna take my life Just because you got a badge Did you think Ice Cube was gonna wave the white flag? Cracker please, you can yell freeze I'd rather die standing up than die on my knees You think you can do anything you want to do To my crew when you come through, man fuck you Shooting up South Central Catch your ass slipping at a rent show Could have popped you off, one dead cop But I know you got a wife and a dog named Spot I show a little mercy cause I'm civilized Looking through a nigga's eyes at a much bigger prize But when I saw Rodney it got me so hot Made me wanna go out and pop me a cop Cause every time you see me sagging Here comes the Grand Dragon, in the motherfucking patty wagon Try to play me like a trick Sometimes you act like a dick, Mr. Nightstick Back then, I used to throw my Mack-10 But nowadays you got the black skin Back then you don't like the voice of a nigga named Ice But you ain't gonna take my life You man let's get an understanding I know that your job is demanding But I only got me one life to live You only got about six shots to give And I got a big AK with a 50-round clip So why should we trip? You ain't gonna punk me, so what you trying for? Ain't no job worth dying for, is it? Might pay a visit to Petey Wheatstraw When you stop me on the shore, officer of the law And if I did something wrong, you can lock me up Never never never gonna sock me up So next time you have the urge, all of the sudden To fuck with a nigga for nothing Think about me, a brother that's 23 I got a son and a J-O-B So before you pull your gun, you'd better think twice Pig, cause you ain't gonna take my life


Jay Z/Rell F "Streets Is Watching Soundtrack"
[Jay Z] It's the thought of a ride that make my eyes wide I'm caught up I'm trying to make all of my dreams materialize so I sorta say my goodbyes to the straight and narrow I found a new route you bout to see my life change I make the means justify the ends I make the cream materialize keys to a Benz and so I'm rollin For now holdin down the fort who's controllin? The ground's gotta blow em, yep, y'all shoulda told em Uhh, my first felony's approachin, copped my first key Took a freeze, now I'm frozen I bought a black Mac, I'm outta control Losin bankrolls on blackjack, you gotta know it always crossed my mind that Feds be tappin the lines like Gregory Hines Still on the phone discussin my biz like it could never be mines I know the price, know the risk, know the wrongs, and the rights Still my blood flows ice, it's just my life Chorus: What's the meaning, what's the meaning of life? *scratched In my lifetime * What's the meaning, what's the meaning of life? *scratched In my lifetime * [Jay-Z] I'm like the bass with the ass, splashin cold cash The Big Willie get you chilly when I pass, brrrrrr Is it, just a mirage all these girls thankin God Is this, world my world, am I the star of stars? Baby pimped out, I'm gettin too large and smokin cigars All chicks is hollerin bout chica, the whole city's buzzin wasn't checkin for me a dozen or so, months ago Now I'm all they know, I'm a person Lettin the Cristal's breathe at the Barnacle Bar Under my sleeve, vernacular, 50 G's I'm talkin big cheese, you gotta be down to dig these, uhh Give me a rush like you wouldn't believe, my head's about to bust Acceleratin what drives me, hope I don't gotta die to see, see I can't lie to me I know the price, know the risk, know the wrongs and the rights Still my blood flows ice, it's just my life Chorus 2X [Jay-Z] Uhh, from the beginning see we never seen the ending Running up in all the women, all the linen, all the jewels, huh We sported Pele's, gold diamonds and Pirelli's Sports cars, the good life'll give you a belly but that's cool as I, zone in the Al Capone, watch me cause the Medusa's head on Versace turned me to stone Now my poems just ain't poems, they bloody, when I recite em Bones get disconnected like the phones Now, I'm a hardened criminal with game Like the Garden, all my penpals life controlled by the warden Still the drill makes me blind to the fact I could do real time, I'm a prisoner, of my crimes Know the price, know the risk, know the wrongs and the rights Now I'm, incarcerate for my life Chorus 5X to fade

Goodbye To Innocence

Ian Hogbin
Chorus: We all need to say goodbye to innocence It's just a childhood fancy Goodbye to innocence At one time we all gotta say goodbye Goodbye to innocence We all gotta say, we all gotta say Goodbye to innocence And though this is true I can't bear to leave it behind Just a few short years ago I had my whole life ahead of me And now that I am grown I have grown so afraid I've said goodbye to many things But the one thing I always thought would stay Has up and went and walked away And I find... Chorus Simple, fickle life of mine Always the one who was left behind Chaos and disorder ruled my life My whole life I spent terrified Sometimes people are so cold I never meant to be so bold In my, in my choice of speech I never thought I'd feel so weak Bridge: So weak (So weak) Things I thought they would get better The age of innocence has disappeared Out of my life And now that's why I know I gotta say goodbye Chorus x2


Everlast "Forever Everlasting"
Na-Na-Nahh-Na, Na-Na-Nahh-Na, Hey, Hey, Hey...Goodbye! Goodbye, it's over we're through it's done our relationship is no longer one on one so I guit girl I don't need this I'm disgraced 'cause in my face you spit I quit stepin' out wit another guy after givin' you my love I deserve to know why how long has this been going on how long have you been doin' me wrong you thought I didn't know you thought I wouldn't go well, that's why I'm makin' this song to say goodbye Na-Na-Nahh-Na, Na-Na-Nahh-Na, Hey, Hey, Hey...Goodbye! (2x) Pack your bags get out of sight I won't see you with a man on any night you try to play me like a fool but now you see you've been schooled by the E and it's plain to see you thought you had luck like a four-leaf clover well, your luck just ran out home girl it's over I hope you had a lot a fun were you lyin' when you said I'm numba 1 well, I guess it don't matter it makes no difference I caught you wit' a smokin' gun or so to speak girl you a natural born sneak and the hand you delt me was really weak but that's alright, you won't see me cryin' I brush a girl off when I catch her lyin' so when I toss you out don't dare ask why don't try to return wit' a tear in your eye that's just my way of sayin' goodbye... Na-Na-Nahh-Na, Na-Na-Nahh-Na, Hey, Hey, Hey...Goodbye! (2x) Usin' me, Confusin' me, Inside you abusin' me You think I'll stick around so you can keep abusing me Wise up girl, I ain't playin', You try to make it better sayin' Let's hit the hey and make love Then I know that your loyal But I can't take the stress, I don't need the termoil You told me that you love me but it was a lie You know that I care, but I must say goodbye Who is it that you thinkin' about when we kissin' And when we all alone is it him that you're missin' I couldn't stand the feelin' when I see another man in my spot next to you So what you want me to do? Forget about it? Act like it never happened? Turn the other cheek and wait to get slapped again? Or until you say when? You're through with me but you will see I'll be the first to say b-y-e So when I toss you out don't dare ask why, It's just my way of sayin' goodbye Na-Na-Nahh-Na, Na-Na-Nahh-Na, Hey, Hey, Hey...Goodbye! (2x) I must admit it, you hit it well Did you get your kicks puttin' me through hell Runnin' around with your new found child, he's not a man He can't get wild, but that's alright, girl, you made your choice And maybe by now you're sick of my voice, but it's too bad 'Cause you made me mad, And I'm gonna show you all the things that you might've had Then you'll be the one feeling pain and misery Regretting the past (goodbye) 'cause you're history So when I toss you out don't dare ask why, Don't tug at my sleeve as I walk by Don't try to return with a tear in your eye, It's just my way of sayin' goodbye Na-Na-Nahh-Na, Na-Na-Nahh-Na, Hey, Hey, Hey...Goodbye! (2x)

Big Girl

NAS "Nastradamus"
[Chorus] (You're a big girl now) Fully grown with your hormones now Got your own home and you alone Wanna bone, wanna moan, get your back blown out (No more daddy's little girl) You a big girl now, in a world, where these niggas are foul You could be aborting the next Michael Jordan Your man don't wanna be around (You're a big girl now) She's sexy, she got it, she ride it Every nigga wanna be inside it (No more daddy's little girl) I need her, I'll eat her Do anything to please her My ghetto queen of Sheba [Verse 1] I'm the type that'll get you by the fireplace Get you hype when I lick it, put it in your face Sipping red wine, is it bedtime You can kick it with your nigga while we listen to Faith I'm feeling richer today I can hit it then stay Lingerie make me take it to the kitchen and play We got champagne, whipped cream, I'ma grab a bucket of ice Bubble bath running, and the candlelight feeling so right It's your night, no stress, no fight Mad at your ex, cause his dough tight Never go right when you're with him Try your best to forget him Cause it's easy to please me CD skip when your head board hit the wall Call for the law Right when you cum, I'm biting your tongue Make your legs cramp up, you can't stand up You can hit a blunt if you want I'ma pull my pants up We can discuss a weekend of lust on top of the trust Tell me what's the reason for us To love or to fuck I'm the thug that you want If it's gangster we can't front If you want me I can stay around If you need me, I'm here for you How that sound Now it's up to you Depending on how you wanna get down Cause you're a big girl now [Chorus] [Verse 2] Got your name and your number in my cell phone Hear your voice and I wonder where you are, if you all alone If you in a good mood, if you not Or you thinking bout you was at my spot What we did when we got hot Is you dreaming you had me Is you creaming your panties Like a king, fed me grapes, and you fanned me On the couch, to the floor, to the bed, to the sink And we ate each other like candy Under the covers, two intimate lovers You fuck a nigga like you mad at me Throw the ass to me You should be glad to be In the presence of a real thug as bad as me While I'm in the streets with my murdering squad You talking to your friends that I'm hurting it hard How I'm making my rod, how I make you say 'Oh God' Every hoe that you know wanna know Nas Gotta dodge all the blowjobs, getting hard Cause you know how these girls are Wearing tight shit, no panties, no bra Running up to my car with menage a trois suggestions Starting to get an erection Guessing, only if you knew how your crew stressing Complexion chocolatey, fondle me, thinking it's time to leave I need time to breathe Wanna follow me, Ironically You pop up, throwing bottles at my Tahoe Like it's my fault But you don't wanna talk Don't wanna hear nothing, all of a sudden You and the shorty start scuffing Now shorty dumping you out Can't let her get the best of you So I rescue you Only thing left to do was to grab her So you can jab her, get a cheap shot You don't wanna feel chumped Now here the cops come So we gotta run to the ride Then we drive off through the traffic Don't panic, but you know how we gotta manage Looking at your face And the damage in your facial Every angle can't let it faze you No reason to be insecure or immature Baby girl see the world is yours [Chorus fade out]

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