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T-Bone Zane Montell Jordan lyrics - Fighting Temptations Soundtrack

To Da River

Original and similar lyrics
T-Bone - im sick of packin all these 9's slangin dimes and smokin all the marijuana chillin wit pretty mamas from havana and tha bahamas most demons try to see me hot like i'm in tha sauna and im just tryna get ya loose kinda like Madonna. Zane - call up everybody i know tell em its time to go me and bee-z in tha 6 4 sittin real low gotta roll to the riverside put that liquor to the side aint no need for gettin high stay alive pay ya tithes. T-Bone - helps ya die that cocaine got me trippin ya'll never renigin on none of my burdens because i don't wanna be left and burnin. Flirtin with death and they promised me last breath dressed in prison blues holy spirit got me under arrest. Zane - i used to be a thug, sold drugs, might of assault ya. Stepped up in tha church got coverted at tha alter and i don't fought ya, fell back and he caught ya. Out tryna floss, betta live what he taught ya (chorus) T-Bone - and i'm gonna lay down all of my glocks and automactics. I'm charismatic like crack addicts you wreak havoc. Like road ragers in bad traffic it gets drastic but he's fantastic,in attractin, now were packin, now were fastin. Has the passion, how can i get this life everlasting? Sick of blastin and flashin and dashin like charles manson. He payed the ransom, now i'm glory holla dancing. I'm flippin and rippin to come up wit lyrical styles ya'll never heard. Tryin to reach them patnas that be on the corners flippin birds. Forget tha english spit rhymes im tha jefe. Busta and Charvana, bringin beats like Tito Puente. Salsa merengue repos caliente azucar sambroso pi ti pi mi. Headed down to the river side so i can let the old man die. When i come out of the water, a new man feeling come alive. Revived with the holy ghost, with tears in my eyes. (chorus)! we........don't........STOP! we take it to tha river you know we go down down

Finish What We Started

DIAMOND RIO "Love A Little Stronger"
Finish What We Started Lyin' on our backs we stared at the stars Tryin' to count them or guess how far I still remember the way that it felt The night we hung our dreams out on Orion's belt The moonlight danced out on the water's edge We started a walk that hasn't ended yet Chorus And step by step and mile by mile Taking each turn together Following the signs that point to forever And side by side True and tenderhearted We'll finish what we started The road we have traveled has sometimes been steep And we've crossed troubled waters that were raging and deep But with memories to lean on and love as our guide There's no path too winding, no river too wide One foot in front of the other each day Keeping a promise that two young lovers made Chorus


EPMD "Back in Business"
[Redman] Nah nah, check this out, yo I grab my dick, spit, hit the blinkers, split the Dutch Coronas, tokin irons without permits Repetoire long-faced murderer's the shit Black Bruce Willis mix tape arsonist Esquire, for hire, with total rapid fire Supplier to any Tom Dick Jerry Maguire You chose the right man to get the plan executed I get the situation happening before you shoot it Flow direct-or, suprise you like guess what? The hotter I spit I'm trippin off smoke detectors Who next up to get dressed up, I don't pop corks I pop New York with a dot til import The art then the craft, will split you in half I'm a Hurricane you a Miller Genuine Draft While you push a S-Class I'm riding on a giraffe Uptown, naked, smoking a bag with hash, check it Shut your windows and lock your doors Whores scream louder than Berrymore when I pour And when me and my crew walk we walk on all fours Atomic Dogs, packed in a black Yukon Chorus [Erick Sermon] John Blaze, I keep y'all niggaz rockin for days Boriquas, to eses, around the ways my own Mix Tape DJ, I Flex You don't have a clue when I'm doin ya who is he I gets busy, word up Come now player look in my eyes you think I'm bluffin A five year span turned nuttin into somethin And don't get familiar, your whole entourage don't be feelin ya, behind your back they straight killin ya (Who am I?) The Ex-Headbanger bad motherfucker High on Friday with Chris Tucker I be a Headbanger to my very last breath Even Jermaine Dupri think I'm SoSoDef K.A., Shawn Mims, I come from a long line of Geechies Who didn't care, blow Camp Lo Luchinis I transform like Spawn, takes no time for me to get on, to the break of dawn, word Chorus [Parrish Smith] PMD, the Purple Heart admiral Blow your spot and left shrapnel then escaped in the Benz capsule Harder than a NFL tackle, back to bite the Big Apple Southpaw, raw since I was a Sophomore Before I met Jane in the corridor The mentals, rapper slash entrepeneur with more action than Roger Moore Turn your cabbage into coleslaw, with the four four Spray Windex on your glass jaw Shatter it, fuckin with P, is hazardous Iced out Lazarus started and manufactured this My Squad's wild like the Manimals on Geographic Smash you bastards on some crab shit EPMD's the group the Squadron is the click Transmit, lyrical grit, time to shift cause I'm Chorus [Keith Murray] Keith Murray, the holder of the boulder Lyrical analyst mental roller coaster flower Money folder, track blower, MC overthrower I flow witcha two at a time, like Noah I goes off to the beat, on the edge of reality and kick rhymes in my sleep, and battle Mortality Finally, every dimension know Keith Y'all egotistical simple-minded niggaz is pitiful and weak I'll give you a G a week for life, if you can defeat me I kick poetry at a high rate of mortality At static, lyrical Kraftmatic, smokin barkin like a dog, breathin like an asthmatic Lyrical sculpture create fly rap sculpture Ninety-eight Headbanger boy, yeah I told ya Total chaos, helter skelter, run for shelter Here comes the lyrical brain melter I be maxin and relaxin, attractin action Flippin more big ol words than Jesse Jackson My shit knock don't it, drive you crazy if you loan it Man I feel for my opponents Chorus (to end)


ooh what i wouldn't do to taste your blood Marz: Straight for the juggular Raw dog suck-ular Blood killa (killa) I'm the creep in the hearse With a thirst for the worst Type of shit you aint heard Psychopathic (yo) Anarchistic (what) massochistic (right) fuck religion (what?) a vampire settin churches on fire bringin down the evil muthafuckin empire cut a throat-to the bone to the beat-of my song and im gone... Monoxide Child: Cut yourself, let it bleed-pulsate My heartbeats bumpin like i aint awake shadow caster, phantasma and i wanna take a drink of your plasma im hangin upside down in an all black room stickin myself and drinkin the blood from the wound i gotta consume enough blood to keep me alive cause if i dont im gonna wither and die -BYE BYE- Chorus: ooh what i wouldn't do to taste your blood gimme dat blood, gimme dat blood (x2) Shaggy: Now blood might drip, blood might clot Blood flow, but fuck all that Sit down and listen close to your uncle shags i take blood in any form, even scabs dirty needles filled with junkie blood jus' lemme find this vein i hang at the emergency ward and lick wounds gimme that blood for the ritual of the loons Jay: I need blood like a mosquito I'll suck the blood outta heroin needle i dont care how i get it just come wid it ill lick the blood off your lip if you bit it ill slit my neck and wrists and do the windmill and be a blood fountain for real i swim underwater sniffin for blood like a shark but i aint a shark, im a blood suckin retard ...RETARD! Chorus (x2) Blaze: I bend over, blood sippin' Pull the trigger, everybodys trippin all on the carpet, splatted on the wall shotgun blasts, couple people fall i even took a slug, im already dead cocked the guage and made a river of his forehead wiped his blood on the front of my shirt would ya die for the lotus, i came from the dirt Jamie Madrox: Blood, blood, the sight of it excites me Im such a mess, slippery excuse me i spent all day writin die on the wall and my hands all blooody and my fingertips raw to the bone, bone, now im all alone and malaky's speakin to me talkin to the crow mixed with the blood on the third night will allow the dead to walk again in the sunlight Chorus (x4) Jay: Gimme dat blood, gimme dat blood (x2)

The Journey

911 "The Journey"
Time waits for no one, sure as the tide pulls the ocean Sure as the path that's been chosen cannot be changed In my life's destination, I searched for the explanation For some kind of reason for my sorrow and pain But in my isolation, I learned to listen To be thankful for the love that I'd been given Chorus: This is my journey, journey through life With every twist and turn, I've laughed and cried as the road unwinds This is my journey, and I've learned to fight To make me strong enough, to lift me up, to bring my dreams alive In my desperation, I swore never again Would I hear all the laughter of my friends and my family A million tears that I'd cry then began to dry Silence of the night time I have come to realize a sweet inspiration filled my horizon Gave me the heart to go on and never would give in Repeat Chorus I'm going to love each moment of every day and every night I'll look back to the past with the sweetest smile For now, I realize I've been given the key to life I've been kissed by the angel by my side Oh, yeah Repeat Chorus To bring my dreams alive To bring my dreams alive

I Am Somebody

JURASSIC 5 "Power In Numbers"
Artist: Jurassic 5 Album: Power in Numbers Song: I Am Somebody [All] Yo, raise the level, bass bottom to treble Forever keep it ghetto Funk and heavy metal F*ck the devil Unify the rebel Whistle like a kettle With a fly acapello Smooth and mellow Locked load and settle Shine through times with rhymes bright like yellow Taste and swallow, lead and never follow Break it like a bottle Inspire like a role model Chorus: [Soup] Say, I am (I am) Somebody (Somebody) [Akil] Yo, my soul, bounce rock and roll Tumble with the rhythm Heat the mic when it's cold I was told Be Bold Whether platinum or gold Keep it solid Do the knowledge Til' I reach my goal My hunger-pain thunder Lumberjack the fifth wonder I never slumber cuz I keep it on the under My post beat for people in the street Ghetto M-U-S-I-C (We bring the heat) That African soul Clap black power impact Who said ghetto rap was all about a dope sack? A pimp slap or a big black gatt Fuck around and get jacked For your rhymes where I live at Uh, I'm not a gangsta but I boogie wit beats No gang affiliation in my lyrics or speech But still I keep it straight hood-hop techniques South Central Fundamentals J5 emcees And it's on! Chorus [Chali 2na] Who's to say if I choose to make moves today Whether I win or lose or I end up on the news today Amuse but never confuse Still got dues to pay You abuse elegant rules when you use clichàs [Marc 7] They got you sittin' on the edge of your seat [Chali 2na] Creatin' beef [Marc 7] Mark of the beast Code on the street Cease and decease [Chali 2na] Never the least [Marc 7] Let me repeat The situation gets sticky like the badge on police [Chali 2na] We individually driven in the beginnin' We winnin' Six men and a venomous independent decision and clear vision Pretendin' was never a possibility I got to kill it Because I want to be it The poet to win a Pulitzer Prize Who wouldn't survive? [Marc 7] The fullest of vibes [Chali 2na] Deliberate surprise [Marc 7] When bullets the size [Chali 2na] Of quarters arrive [Marc 7] And slaughter your lives [All] We trying to counteract that [Chali 2na] Unifying these ballers and backpacks With Knowledge- -Fact-Tracks Chorus [Soup] Yo, my soul, infiltrate birth control And control guns Huey P used to hold I breathe life and through the 60's Voted most likely to get busy Inner city flash jiggy burn Phillies and things And we boogie to the bang Sunshine and rain Why you cats be talkin' that pimp crap in jail I corresponded with a nigga who can barely spell I know the situation oh so well (so well) I done seen it in 3D It ain't hard to tell Why you bang for your turf chain girl or your man I be banging for Islam in a spot in Sudan Cuz I can't solve or stop or put foot to this The hottest brother on the block couldn't cook to this J5 drop the verse beat hook to this And if you want a fly jam you should look to this So... [All] Raise the level, bass bottom to treble Forever keep it ghetto Funk and heavy metal Fuck the devil Unify the rebel Whistle like a kettle With a fly acapello Smooth and mellow Locked load and settle Shine through times with rhymes bright like yellow Taste and swallow, lead and never follow Break it like a bottle Inspire like a role model Chorus

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