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STEVIE WONDER lyrics - Songs In The Key Of Life

Black Man

Original and similar lyrics
First man to die For the flag we now hold high (Crispus Attucks) Was a black man The ground were we stand With the flag held in our hand Was first the redman's Guide of a ship On the first Columbus trip (Pedro Alonzo Nino) Was a brown man The railroads for trains Came on tracking that was laid By the yellow man We pledge allegiance All our lives To the magic colors Red, blue and white But we all must be given The liberty that we defend For with justice not for all men History will repeat again It's time we learned This World Was Made For All Men Heart surgery Was first done successfully By a black man (Dr Daniel Hale Williams) Friendly man who died But helped the pilgrims to survive (Squanto) Was a redman Farm workers rights Were lifted to new heights (Caesar Chavez) By a brown man Incandescent light Was invented to give sight (Thomas Edison) By the white man We pledge allegiance All our lives To the magic colors Red, blue and white But we all must be given The liberty that we defend For with justice not for all men History will repeat again It's time we learned This World Was Made For All Men Here me out... Now I know the birthday of a nation Is a time when a country celebrates But as your hand touches your heart Remember we all played a part in America To help that banner wave First clock to be made In America was created By a black man (Benjamin Banneker) Scout who used no chart Helped lead Lewis and Clark Was a redman (Sacagawea) Use of martial arts In our country got its start By a yellow man And the leader with a pen Signed his name to free all men Was a white man (Abraham Lincoln) We pledge allegiance All our lives To the magic colors Red, blue and white But we all must be given The liberty that we defend For with justice not for all men History will repeat again It's time we learned This World Was Made For All Men This world was made for all men This world was made for all men This world was made for all men God saved His world for all men All people All babies All children All colors All races This world's for you and me This world My world Your world Everybody's world This world Their world Our world This world was made for all men Here me out... Who was the first man to set foot on the North Pole Mattew Henson - a black man Who was the first american to show the Pilgrims at Plymouth the secrets of survival in the new world Squanto - a redman Who was the soldier of Company G who won high honors for his courage and heroism in World War 1 Sing Lee - ayellow man Who was the leader of united farm workers and helped farm workers maintain dignity and respect Caesar Chavez - a brown man Who was the founder of blood plasma and the director of the Red Cross blood bank Dr. Charles Drew - a black man Who was the first American heroine who aided the Lewis and Clark expedition Sacajewa - a red woman Who was the famous educator and semanticist who made outstanding contributions to education in America Hayakawa - a yellow man Who invented the world's first stop light and the gas mask - a black man Who was the American surgeon who was one of the founders of neurosurgery Harvey William Cushing - a white man Who was the man who helped design the nation's capitol, made the first clock to give time in America and wrote the first almanac Benjamin Banneker - a black man Who was the legendary hero who helped establish the League of Iroquois Hiawatha - a redman Who was the leader of the first microbiotic center in America - a yellow man Who was the founder of the city of Chicago in 1772 Jean Baptiste - a black man Who was one of the organizers of the American Indian Movement Denis Banks - a redman Who was the Jewish financier who raised founds to sponsor Cristopher Columbus' voyage to America Lewis D. Santangol - a white man Who was the woman who led countless slaves to freedom on the underground rairoad Harriel Tubman - a black woman

Quality Of Life

Some niggas drink away the pain I think of ways to gain And it happens so naturally you think it’s pre-ordained Straight? escape from that ball and chain Can’t tell if I was in it for the long hall of fame wait I’m laying low on the Island Been learnt that saying no is a talent Niggas want beef but keeping up is a challenge Can’t tell if I’m tryna get even or find a balance But I’m much closer I won’t front Hoes love it, so sober yet he’s so blunt A charming asshole, want him all the same Tell him I feel the ice as its forming in my veins Chasing the high so much that we both hurting To the point it ain't even about the other person So we’re even, I’m in love with her rear and her pussy And she in love with the idea of what I could be On top of the world but it’s higher to fall Whats the point in dreaming big if you acquired it all But if lyricism is back, I helped it spearhead If we order Cl's make mine a year ahead I skip the club line and don’t get turned around For girls come at a high volume I don’t turn them down No pregnant hoes and no minors A1 bars with Em as a co-signer I fill the counter up without checking the cost yet I ain’t rich my nigga but check the way I offset Don’t get confused by the Bentleys and the Corvettes Got stories from my hood that’ll rival those of war vets Jersey city helped ‘im mould to what I amounted to My only beef is that they don’t hold itself accoutanble so A few resent me, but I’m cool with it They handed me the city before I knew what to do with it This last chick that I put under the wing Has taught me the younger the age, the younger she think I mean she shaped like a Stallion with bomb sex but don’t understand me when I’m trying not to be complex Done raising my voice, I ain't with it Whats the point of arguing if she ain't gonna get it Plus my future’s now, her’s is down the pipline And that's the difference between a good time and a lifetime But my current situation is I keep meeting chicks that need a way outta their current situation Some cool, some silly, some serious They tryna come up, I’m tryna cum period Nah, I don’t do the pick up lines I give her the number to the chauffer with a pick up time One week and it’s Vegas, the next week it’s Turks Hard to love a dude for him when it come with that many perks I need a sign she attracted to more than designer fabrics If by chance I’m passed my prime I’m tryna lap it Too many checks to deposit Smoke too many bones, no skeletons in my closet We’re talking rap off the work that I got If I ain't crack your top 10 you should reserve me a spot Till then, I play the strip club in jerz rocking So when life flash before my eyes, it’s all worth watching I’m ’bout honor and respect and boredom just made me rent a condo on the edge If God gave me anything I was hoping for a dope galore Try to quit, smoking more, just met her going raw So how could we end up trusting eachother When our bond started out with us judging eachother Both fronting like yeah, we just fucking each other But nobody getting fooled while we bluffing each other Got one girl, got too much history with Another that's never happy, too much misery with Another that’ll gussle shots til she literally sick And another that only text me to say “give me some dick” I swear, how could you ever say Joe went soft When if I tell you my problems, you think I’m showing off I keep it quiet, it’s all covered at my end My quality of life is pretty high end

Say My Name

Xzibit feat. Eminem, Nate Dogg My Name [Eminem] This ain't beef man I don't know what the fuck to call it But no beef Whattup X? I float like big spirit in this bitch I'm ghostly Rush me, cause you ain't gonna live to roast me I'd have my motherfuckin ass kicked by Moby if I let some bitch in the Can like 'Bis cop over me to do war, and try to bring my crew back down I'll never stoop, to that level, to do that now I got a new cat, this time I'm pullin two gats out With bullets, I finally got somethin to shoot at now [Xzibit] Let's see who got they city on lock Let's see who got the better aim with the glock Let's see who come out on top Let's see who REALLY want they name in the streets Let's see who wanna die the same time as me and make ends meet Now was I, blessed with a gift, or cursed with a curse? I follow, hearse after hearse, with verse after verse And I'll be damned if I let Billy dance Dupri Or anybody swing an axe at my family tree, so now [Chorus: Nate Dogg] I love it when you niggaz be talkin, sayin my name Seems like your mouth is not connected to your brain Two-zero-zero-three, and shit, it ain't the same Better have a strap my nigga, simple and plain Put your nuts on the table, my nigga let's play the game Heard you so long, you be up to get the pain I don't wanna hear what you meant, do not explain Right before you lay in your coffin, hoe say my name [Xzibit] Why do you hate me? (Hate me) I came from nothin Blood sweat and tears, you did not create me How can you doubt me? (Doubt me) You don't know shit about me There'd be no West coast without me Cut with the bullshit (Bullshit) I struggle for survival And now you tryin to act like my rival? Watch what you say partner, it's a small earth Don't play games with your life nigga, it's not worth all the pain (all the pain) all the agony (all the agony) All the horror (all the horrow) all the tragedy (all the tragedy) Put your hands up people, it's time to fight now I beat holes in your chest, remain hostile Threaten my life? (C'mon!) One day you'll understand They say that pride is the sign of a foolish man So who the FUCK?! (Who the FUCK?!) you think you talkin to Live and direct in the flesh, I'm right in FRONT OF YOU! [Chorus] [Eminem] I never really smashed on Jermaine's ass, Dre smashed him Nobody ganged up 'til he came back and jacked him I never really brought it to his ass, I tapped him I coulda been like Treach, boom-bapped and slapped him purple, for mimickin him with two rappin Urkels I coulda snapped, took it past rap and hurt you But I didn't, I kept it on wax and served you I Square Dance cause I'm sick of rappin circles around these clowns, stready tryin to call me out It's like I'm listenin to motherfuckin dogs meow You'd probably do better tryin to come and stomp me out You don't want it with rap, this is what I'm all about - c'mon (I) No gangsta you ain't either (Will) But I know that I spit Ether (Not) I shoulda crossed your belly (Lose) Show you I'm not R. Kelly X, pass me the weed, I'ma put my ashes out on his ass For the last time man.. [scratched] - Watch your fuckin mouth [Chorus] [Eminem] For the last time man, I'm through

Black And White Television

JETHRO TULL "Ian Anderson: Walk Into Light"
I looked in the mirror then saw my face in a dream. With eyes sharp as diamonds blessed with clear vision. Things were not as they seemed. Black and white television stared back from the wall. Is that my life? Am I here at all? Down in the High Road, see motor cavalcades glide past shopwindow dressers desperately covering all the parts they can hide. Black and white television stares at me again. Is that their lives? Even dummies pretend. The truth is so hard to deny. The answer is here. The screen never lies. Black and white television. It's the right television. Show me it's all a dream tonight. The boys on the corner sulk in their Suzuki haze. In primary colours (each year more startling) but they still fade to grey on black and white television. It's sweeping the land. Is that your life? Do you understand? The truth is so hard to deny. The answer is here. The screen never lies. Black and white television. Back the right television. Black and white television. Hard to fight television. Show me it's all a dream tonight.

Banstyle / Sappys Curry

UNDERWORLD "Second Toughest In The Infants"
if they don't know and they don't know they're gonna find out soon enough. i'm so hot. as if that hurt. did you wash it. fester it around some. you don't even have to mind your own stuff. bring in the marines. i've heard so many other things and it was all brown. with the suction ones. the ones that suck it up. and i don't ever do the eye till i did that thing. i bet you like a blue boost. try a noose. loosen the strap where the two metal ends. rest your head against the steel. blow in to the tube. show me your legs. help me. show me a pink smile. walking up the aisle. show me the things underneath your seat. show me your tiny plastic soft drink. a song like a squealing pig. like a train with wheels. in the dark with the lights off. concealed. i'm thinking of you still. :: white room. little legend. fishman. nike man. red stripe. blue mercedes. big dog. salty man. full moon rising. old boy. salty girl. bunny girl. happy shopper. bouncing ball. city sun. think i found the real stuff. i think i found the real stuff. white crumbs across your bed. gray clouds cover bethnal green. white jeans. black top. nice shape. cracks a blue bitch till the son come sliding. naked beneath the knee. reflect black eyes. your knee talking. i think i found the real stuff. i think i found the real stuff.

Now I Know

AZ "Undeniable"
[Sample:] Starting fresh, building slow, take my time cause now... I know [AZ:] This that kush right here... this that sour... it's serious... [Verse 1:] I'm reinvented weed scented Coup exceeding the speed limit smoke easing through the roof Few regrets breathe through the youth I'm a seasoned vet I need no excuse baby Still rubble flights on that Delta shuttle Patron's in me so the shots is doubled no envy A few pennies polished persona Jews defend me it wasn't me honest your honor I'm a loose cannon though the truth is I'm used to handling standing tall strong like wall paneling All from Maryland spreaded my chips To them stores on Madison my fetish for chicks but umm [Chorus:] Starting fresh, building slow, take my time cause now... I know [AZ laughing in background] [Verse 2:] Yeah, it's rap now and I still ask how Still got the vibe guess I got to be live Gear so illy gotta stay fly Appear so willy hunnies got to say hi But wave by cause I'm gone in the wind Errol Flynn blue Pradas pearl Benz few dollars girlfriend you holla My focus on never so often you could catch me with some loafers on I'm livin it's all vision cautious decisions From the cost to the Porsche with the ribbons My ambitions embedded deep down in my soul I don't fold I'm forever like diamonds and gold a smoke's scroll [?] Bottles and buckles of ice I'm on the mic and ya'll thought little Weezy was nice Get a load of a lyricist duckin his mows [?] Street influences doin this since 12 years old but oh... [Chorus] [Verse 3:] So I'm back ya'll Back from black ball Back with the mask off Could rap my ass off Past paused [?] then ducked the task force Tough as the asphalt Stuffed the cash vault it's my fault Cause I seen it coming I guess I couldn't see me running still stunning Name still the same in humming since a younging Been feeding through illegal funding call it cunning Done with my days of dumming I'm grown up Calisthenics in the gym on the daily I'm toned up And ya'll cowards gon respect my work my word I'm worldwide with a thirst unheard yes sir... [Chorus: til end and fades]

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