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Used To Be

Original and similar lyrics
Superman was killed in Dallas There's no love left in the palace Someone took the Beatles' lead guitar Have another Chivas Regal You're 12 years old and sex is legal Your parents don't know where or who you are Used to be the hero of the ballgame Took the time to shake the loser's hand Used to be that failure only meant you didn't try In a world where people gave a damn Great big wars in little places Look at all those frightened faces But don't come here, we just don't have the room Love thy neighbours wife and daughter Cleanse your life with Holy water We don't need to bathe, we've got perfume Used to be a knight in shining armour Didn't have to own a shiny car Dignity and courage were the measure of a man Not the drugs he needs to hide the scar Can your teacher read, does your preacher pray Does your president have soul Have you heard a real good ethnic joke today Mama took to speed and daddy ran away But you mustn't lose control Let's cut the class, I got some grass The kids are wild we just can't tame 'em Do we have the right to blame them We fed them all our indecisions We wrecked their minds with television But what the hell, they're too young to feel pain But I believe that love can save tomorrow Believe the truth can make us free Someone tried to say it, then we nailed Him to a cross I guess it's still the way it used to be

Put Your Hand In The Hand

JOAN BAEZ "Blessed Are..."
Put your hand in the hand of the man who stilled the water. Put your hand in the hand of the man who calmed the sea. Take a look at yourself and you can look at others differently, by puttin´ your hand in the hand of the man from Galilee. Every time I look into the holy book I wanna tremble, when I read about the part where a carpenter cleared the temple. For the buyers and the sellers where no different fellas, than what I profess to be, and it causes me pain to know that I´m not the gal that I should be. Mama taught me how to pray before I reached the age of seven. And when I´m down on my knees that´s a when I´m close to heaven. Daddy lived his life, with two kids and a wife you do what you must do, but he showed me enough of what it takes to get you through. + put your hand in the hand of the man from Galilee. (Joan Baez)


KATHLEEN EDWARDS "Asking For Flowers"
Oh, my child 30 years today You came into my life And everything changed If there's one thing I tried to teach you Girl, don't you waste your time Come this September You'll be somebody's wife I won't paint a picture Of what you want to see Love is the harder times Take it from me I would run down the lane And into the night Run so fast I swear my feet would fly Run from my babies asleep in their beds Run from my lover and my best friend And back again All of this courage I've tried so hard to hold on to Ever since that day You and your brother left for school They say just over that hill The fog rolled in Come quick doctor We think somebody's been killed I have been a healer Of other people's pain I know sometimes you don't like The ways i've changed But the smell of the world came into my lungs The sound of the gravel when my legs went numb And my heart nearly burst right out of my chest And it felt so good to know I wasn't dead

Could I've Been

Could I've been Something more than what I've become Really wonderful than some Then today I heard a sade sad song I sang And it was wonderful with pain And stop believing and I started thinking It could be my mind That's got me all choked up inside With thoughts of all thsoe fears I hide And I stop thinking how I start believing We could share our time that means nothing If you aren't mine I knew you cared about me Because people love to be loved too I step aside and watch my life pass me by You were supposed to be my wife And stop believing, then I start thinking And now I find that this thorn stuck in my side Is all that's left of foolish pride And I stop thinking now I start believing

What About Me

I seen another soldier who got wasted in the war He said he left his soul there overseas The notion he defended doesn't matter anymore And circumstance had brought him to his knees We sat there in the silence of a cold and empty room Down the Hall I heard a baby cry He looked up from the potion he was cooking in a spoon And nailed me with the anger in his eye Chorus: He said, do you really believe in Freedom ? I said, I do He said, oh, what about me ? They killed both of her parents in an undercover war For wanting all their children to be free She said, it's even sadder that it's in El Salvador They named it for the Savior don't you see Suddenly the Truth was like a blinding flash of light Holy Thunder rolled across the sky I stared into the wonder of the Warrior Jesus Christ And destiny was burning in his eyes. Chorus: He said, do you really believe in Freedom ? I said, I do He said, oh, what about me ? And the Sandinista said, do you really believe in Freedom ? I said, I do He said, oh, what about me ?

Who's To Blame?

She is gone, seventeen And her son, just turned three Lives off of society and contempt Feeds her son pays the rent And I wonder who's to blame And I wonder who's to blame Daddy loves his little girl She's his pride, his joy, & his world But they took her from his life She's been missing since July And I wonder who's to blame And I wonder who's to blame He takes a promise that he'll lead the way Finally to stay tomorrow Shine a light upon virgin roads to peace Where no one dares to go Let's come together all as one For to change this road that we're on There's an answer it's called love But we nailed it to the cross, along time ago And I wonder who's to blame And I wonder who's to blame And I wonder wonder who's to blame And I wonder who's to blame For the suffering of the children For the lying and the killing Who's to blame For the hurting and the sorrow And a hopeless tomorrow Tell me who's to blame I know we can make it better We can always come together Cause there's evil everywhere And it's much more than I can bear There's a cross that we can carry And a burden we can bare Still it all remains the same Somebody tell be who's to blame Who's to blame

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