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Living For The City

Original and similar lyrics
A boy is born in hard time Mississippi Surrounded by four walls that ain't so pretty His parents give him love and affection To keep him strong moving in the right direction Living just enough, just enough for the ha! His father works some days for fourteen hours And you can bet he barely makes a dollar His mother goes to scrub the floors for many And you'd best believe she hardly gets a penny Living just enough, just enough for the city... yeah! His sister's black but she is sho'nuff pretty Her skirt is short but Lord her legs are sturdy To walk to school she's got to get up early Her clothes are old but never are they dirty Living just enough, just enough for the hum Her brother's smart he's got more sense than many His patience's long but soon he won't have any To find a job is like a haystack needle Cause where he lives they don't use colored people Living just enough, just enough for the city... Living just enough... For the city... ooh, ooh (Repeat several times) His hair is long, his feet are hard and gritty He spends his life walking the streets of New York City He's almost dead from breathing in air pollution He tried to vote but to him there's no solution Living just enough, just enough for the city... yeah, yeah, yeah! I hope you hear inside my voice of sorrow And that it motivates you to make a better tomorrow This place is cruel no where could be much colder If we don't change the world will soon be over Living just enough, stop giving just enough for the city!!!! La, La, La, La, La, La, Da Ba Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da (Repeat to end)

Living In Paradise

ELVIS COSTELLO "This Year's Model"
I don't like those other guys looking at your curves I don't like you walking round with physical jerks Everything they say and do is getting on my nerves Soon the will be lucky to be picking up the perks 'Cause when they pull the shutters down and throw up in the dark, they'll find that all the dogs outside bite much worse than they bark. Here we are living in paradise, living in luxury. Oh, the thrill is here but it won't last long You better have your fun before it moves along And you're already looking for another, fool like me. I call you Betty Felon 'cause you are a pretty villain And I think that I should tell them that you'd make a pretty killing 'Cause meanwhile up in heaven they are waiting at the gate saying 'We'd always knew you'd make it, didn't think you'd come this late'. And now it's much too dangerous to stop what you've begun When everyone in paradise carries a gun [Chorus] Later in the evening when arrangements are made, I'll be at the keyhole outside your bedroom door. 'Cause I'm the first to know whenever the plans are laid that never go further than floor to floor. You think that I don't know the boy that you're touching, but I'll be at the video and I will be watching [Chorus]

Hold On

LIL' KIM "The Notorious K.I.M."
[Kim - Verse One] Oh how it hurts, like child birth The wounds heal slow, you just don't know At times, I don't know what to say And all I do is pray, day to day But still, I feel my strength might die Like right now, I'm tryin' hard not to cry Even when I close my eyes, I still see it Damn, I just don't believe it The bad times I buried, like the cemetery Unworthy people playin' beneficiaries A lotta people eatin' off of one man's death Don't you worry B.I., I'ma ride to my last breath You killas, caused a lotta devastation You have no idea what you did to this nation I fuckin' hate you, excuse my frustration But just when I'm about to quit, God tells me to just [Mary J. Blige - Chorus] Don't you give up, be strong Hold on, hold on Things are gonna get better Tough times, they last so long Hold on, hold on If you believe, they will get better [Kim - Verse Two] Frank White, the man with the money and the fame Passed away, now bitches wanna claim his name I been with my nigga before he came in the game No one's, no V's, we used to take the train Just us and the Mafia goin' out to parties I guess back then we was real nobodies But he was my nigga, and I was his bitch I rolled hard with him, how could I forget him Had beef with yo wife that ain't patched up But still got love for your kids Even wrote 'em in my will And I'ma make sure the fam keep a decent meal No matter what I got to do, or who I got to kill Shit is real, baby, there ain't no appeal If I'm fucked up, imagine how Mrs. Wallace feels Sometimes I sit and think how it would be if we was married Of if I woulda kept the child that I carried So to my ladies, don't think I haven't walked in yo shoes Or thought this was only happenin' to you, righ' Here's my shoulder, you can lean on this boo Cuz trust me, I know exactly what you're going through [Chorus] [Kim - Verse Three] So I guess you know the story of how it all ends Depressed, stressed, don't know who's my real friends One thing's for sure, I can count on my mens D-Roc, Money, L, Lil' Cease, and PD My whole B.I. family, remind me of you We miss you so much, I love you so much Never thought life without you would be so rough But I know we gon make it We ain't happy, but we fakin' And to New York, thanks for the support And all our real fans, I'm shoutin' out the whole land This is somethin' young kids just won't understand How they took away this beautiful man Who shared so many memories I could go on and on, but a song can only be so long It's been hard, but I told God that I put up a fight So here's a Long Kiss Goodnight, Frank White [Chorus]

Lickin Stick

Living in America James Brown Music Lyrics : C. Midnight - D. Hartman Notes : From the movie Rocky IV Yeah, uh! Get up, now! Ow! Knock out this! Super highways, coast to coast, easy to get anywhere On the transcontinental overload, just slide behind the wheel How does it feel When there's no destination - that's too far And somewhere on the way, you might find out who you are Chorus: Living in America - eye to eye, station to station Living in America - hand to hand, across the nation Living in America - got to have a celebration Rock my soul Smokestack, fatback, many miles of railroad track All night radio, keep on runnin' through your rock 'n' roll soul All night diners keep you awake, hey, on black coffee and a hard roll You might have to walk the fine line, you might take the hard line But everybody's working overtime (chorus) I live in America, help me out, but I live in America, wait a minute You might not be looking for the promised land, but you might find it anyway Under one of those old familiar names Like New Orleans (New Orleans), Detroit City (Detroit City), Dallas (Dallas) Pittsburg P.A. (Pittsburg P.A.), New York City (New York City) Kansas City (Kansas City), Atlanta (Atlanta), Chicago and L.A. Living in America - hit me Living in America - yeah, I walk in and out Living in America I live in America - state lines, gonna make the prime, that I live in America - hey, I know what it means, I Living in America - Eddie Murphy, eat your heart out Living in America - hit me, I said now, eye to eye, station to station Living in America - so nice, with your bare self Living in America - I feel good!

Sam Stone

JOHN PRINE "John Prine"
Sam Stone came home, To his wife and family After serving in the conflict overseas. And the time that he served, Had shattered all his nerves, And left a little shrapnel in his knee. But the morphine eased the pain, And the grass grew round his brain, And gave him all the confidence he lacked, With a Purple Heart and a monkey on his back. Chorus: There's a hole in daddy's arm where all the money goes, Jesus Christ died for nothin' I suppose. Little pitchers have big ears, Don't stop to count the years, Sweet songs never last too long on broken radios. Mmm.... Sam Stone's welcome home Didn't last too long. He went to work when he'd spent his last dime And Sammy took to stealing When he got that empty feeling For a hundred dollar habit without overtime. And the gold rolled through his veins Like a thousand railroad trains, And eased his mind in the hours that he chose, While the kids ran around wearin' other peoples' clothes... Repeat Chorus: Sam Stone was alone When he popped his last balloon Climbing walls while sitting in a chair Well, he played his last request While the room smelled just like death With an overdose hovering in the air But life had lost its fun And there was nothing to be done But trade his house that he bought on the G, I. Bill For a flag draped casket on a local heroes' hill Repeat Chorus


FABOLOUS "Real Talk"
[Intro - Fabolous] From hood to hood they see what's hood And know who I be! uh! [Verse - Fabolous] I got the Yankee leaning, just sittin over to browse And the G4 is just getting over the clouds You can't tell me that I ain't what's up right now I got a bottle of Tequila upside down There's some chicks wit boyfriends that are up tight now Cause they know the big 'dog' had a 'pups' like wow I'm stuck in my city ways Heading over seas wit a zip of New York City's haze You rats can keep running through your city's maze Until you get sprayed with the pesticide I know you in that hole, you best to hide Like the rest who tried, who went and testified Of course your girl wanna slide over and be rubbed And don't mind taking rides over the G dubs I ride Rovers on Spre-dubs Please don't be another dude who died over a ski dub, chill [Chorus - Fabolous & (Thara)] From hood to hood they see what's hood and know who I be From block to block they see it, not can't know who I be From state to state they cannot hate, they know who I be From the east to west, through the midwest and downsouth it's Ghetto! (It's Ghetto-oh!) It's Ghetto! (It's Ghetto-oh!) It's Ghetto! (It's Ghetto-oh!) It's Ghetto! (It's Ghetto-ohh!) It's Ghetto! [Verse - Fabolous] I get it jumping like a lo lo '64 And bet they hop on it like a pogo stick pro I'm chilling wit these go go chicks though That do the kind of things that belong in a porno flick yo You know it's him and the gang Wit the bling worked on, that remind you of lemon meringue But remember the thangs, ain't too far And y'all wanna hear em go bang bang bang Like John Witherspoon, I'm watching em closely I know the snakes gon' slither soon The two toned Maybach's getting delivered soon The back feels like sitting in the living room I'm so hard bodied like the suit on Batman It's that man that back to back plat' scan I'm back for the third time, I make words rhyme for a living You probably heard I'm still ghetto, nigga! [Chorus] [Verse - Fabolous] They tried to put two 9's on me, just like Gretzky But my lawyer saw through it just like wet tees I smoke till my eyes look just like Jet Li's On islands where the water's blue just like Pepsi Yeah the trigger just might get squeezed And the slugs will skip over your waves, just like jet skis Hoes know Ghetto from New York, call em the Fresh Prince And throw rose petals when I walk They love how I came back hard like good blow And I'm still a heart throb to a hood ho That's what hood though, yes I would know That's cause I'm in the streets like man hole covers Rims look like blades when a fan blow brother I'm waiting on a storm to land, roast others The man no other, cause I been in it My time is money, y'all couldn't buy ten minutes I'm gone! catch up! [Chorus] [Scott Storch instrumental outro]

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