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South Park Parents lyrics

Blame Canada

Original and similar lyrics
Times have changed, Our kids are getting worse They won't obey their parents, They just want to fart and curse. Should we blame the government, or blame society, or should we blame the images on tv No! Blame Canada! Blame Canada With all their beady little eyes, their flapping heads so full of lies Blame Canada! Blame Canada! We need to form a full assault, it's Canada's fault! Don't blame me, for my son Stan, He saw the darn cartoon, and now he's off to join the klan!> And my boy eric once, had my picture on his shelf, but now when I see him, he tells me to fuck myself> Well, Blame Canada! It seems that everything's gone wrong since Canada came along Blame Canada! Blame Canada! They're not even a real country anyway. My son could of been a doctor or a lawyer, it's a true, Instead he burned up like a piggie on a barbecue> Should we blame the matches? Should we blame the fire, or the doctor who allowed him to expire. Heck no! Blame Canada! Blame Canada! With all their hockey hubaloo and that bitch Anne Murray too. Blame Canada! Shame on Canada! The smut we must stop The trash we must smash Laughter and fun must all be undone We must blame them and cause a fuss Before somebody thinks of blaming us!

Blame It On Da Bay

Lil Wyte "Doubt Me Now"
[DJ Paul - repeat 8X] Fuck what you, who gives a fuck what you bitches say [Lil' Wyte] I'm putting this one down for tha Bay you can bet bitch Commin to tha Bay, round my way I'm a vet bitch Launchin lightning by tha pound Call me mister coke and crown In the town I'm found we got tha sound to make them haters frown Break it down Now B is beating niggas about Y is yours now figga it out Constantly questioning all tha bickerin ghetto fab is what I'm bout Got me commin up on hustling Pen pad I have to preach Fuck what you say if you disagree me run in tha streets I'm always commin wit sum mo' Probly fuckin on yo hoe If you car got took I'm tha one who threw tha brick through tha window Repercussions, guts are gushin head gets busted for practically nuttin Consequences they fold up, its splatter close will be discussed And Frayser's where my roots were sold and so that's where I call my home If it wasn't for tha Bay, tha rap game I would not belong Hear this song man who gives a FUCK what you bitches say Don't get wrong, when you get got just blame it on da Bay [Hook] If your hoe get fuck (You can blame it on da Bay) If your car get took (You can blame it on da Bay) If your boys get shot (You can blame it on da Bay) Someone run up in your spot (You can blame it on da Bay) If your clique get hit (You can blame it on da Bay) Robbed blind fo sum shit (You can blame it on da Bay) Beat down in these streets (You can blame it on da Bay) Get jacked fo sum green (You can blame it on da Bay) [Verse 2] Blame it on da Bay is what they all say when something happens round they way Either they too scared or too wrong to bring to our face Add it up - took his hoe, stole his car, and shot his bro By now someone like me should be dead but ya know I'm tha one superstar out tha hood, its all good Cause tha hood that I plug is tha Bay understood? Rock 'em, sock 'em leave 'em for dead but keep up in yo sight Tightly lock up 'em off in tha dungeon wit out a crack of light Frayser B-O-U-N-D must be all up inside of me M-E-M-P-H-I-S crunkest city in Tennessee Blame it on da Bay if there's a glitch up in your atmosphere Hear tha sound of money being made and its so crystal clear Haters watch tha street strapped wit heat that I'm feelin fine Gradually I peak over tha steep hills that I have climbed And when I get finished with this path that I'm bout to pave Please know that I wouldn't be shit wit out tha fuckin Bay [Hook] [DJ Paul - repeat 8X] Fuck what you, who gives a fuck what you bitches say


TWIZTID "Mirror Mirror"
I... You can catch a buzz off me from smoking the reazin off my bong And disappear in the dark like the smoke in my lungs Now will you walk with me Take a chance when the faces all talk to me Or when they callin me My eyes closed and I can't see straight, now it's pitch black Can't breathe and I can't move like a heart attack Hung ova, stoned sober my last guy crashed and burned so game over Control over a parallel you can't even fuck with Cast half the spells and burn you in the dark shit Crossed over with my faith in God Stigmata, bleedin from the hole in my arm I'm hangin from ropes and chains with my veins all cut up In a puddle of blood, monoxide, bitch, what up Realm walker through the smoke I come Drank the with green eyes and sippin on blood [Chorus:] What if the world couldn't get any worse than this It just did it just did it just did it just did [4 times] You're starin at a homicidal maniac straight out his biskit you never know how deep shit can get until you're knee deep in it So come along and witness things Dark enough to mainstream Sendin eyes wander through the tunnels Of your blood veins And if yall didn't know for hoes Ain't no love for trolls Better roll for you get stole on Better, better get gone 'Fore I grab this axe start hittin your ass the way I usually hit this bong Hit this moist and coochie when I speak on point like se 'er fuck your 9 millimeter Real stupid, your killaz carry an axe either in our hands or in the haters back watch em drip like candle wax Caught up in the wicked web created by the light of them and now your homies dead I think you better call an ambulance Talkin that, walkin that, can't nobody fuck with me but now you're on your back and labeled just another casualty [Chorus 4 times] Time is running out for the planet Earth. you will make it, in society, or out of it What if the world couldn't get any worse than this Time is running out for the planet Earth What if the world couldn't get any worse than this You'll make it, in society or out of it Comatose (what) fucked up on drugs scatter brain from an infection I got my blood monoxide bless the dead up (bitch what), hold it down keep these weak bitches from double crossin the underground My space, my world, and my way and I'm a big dog so bitch don't play ( eat a ) My reflection is insanity that's all that I can see that's all that I can really truly be (yeah) Brought up in a world of lies and hypocrites and tension where copy cats are waiting to perpetrate you invention (damn) so listen up and lend an ear, here, you can borrow mine livin for yesterday and today will tomorrow find (hey) a place where people will understand it ain't the chips that make the man it's the spirit heart and action And you can try and argue with that While me and monoxide split this pack of cigarettes and smoke our lungs black [Chorus 4 times]

Perfect People

PENNYWISE "About Time"
All the perfect people sha Staring back at me on tv in magazines look so good like a box of fresh twinkies What the hell happened to me So I took a drive to a rich and wealthy country Saw everything I wanted and everything I need Went right up and tried to join their party You oughta seen the look when they saw me Fucked up eyes stupid grin Perfect people won't let me in Who's who list where's my name They won't let me join their game I bet that you think that I'm insane There's no one left for me to blame Screw the perfect people Fuck they all look the same We're not much to look at Too short dumb and so fat Never gonna win a beauty pageant its a curse Always gonna be a better doorman At the best clubs How could things be any worse Don't have much to go on don't want your opinion Don't have much to gain and I ain't got much to lose Looks like you got it all and I'd really like to Get some You got something I could use

Fill Your Cup

JON B "Comfortable Swagg"
[dj quik:] yah, red light district music jon b welcome to the netherlands i hear that cello look at this girl hiding behind the glass sometimes u can be so narcissistic, pessimistic, everything i taught u bout yourself u missed it girl you're crazy its secret. rhinestone shower curtains sleeping in sequence what r u a nut case nothing but a but an waist, c-cups not enough insecure. not demure. not the pure woman that your daddy always hoped for u 2 be. get with jon b and be the cup of tear porcelin eyes that make u fall in a trance u gave me a glance. reintroduced in the disco handle with care you're fragile stare off your look out u see me you're so aware make u want get took down yeah i know your kind you're the type to be delicate like china so high on a shelf in your mind its time to take u down and fill your cup up its written on your glazy eyes. don't where no disguise since u tipped your cup i had to oblige take this from my gentlemen's hand's take sip's real slow sophisticated taste know u can go with my flow [dj quik:] i'm the moody blues pocket full of hundred, closet full of shoes i get off the board. get on the 1's and 2s go up against me reggie u ll lose i keep the hood bobb'n like its on a cruise then i'm on the move i'll be out before they put each other on the news i drink and i smoke 8uti don't lose my cool i'm trouble free 0 g that's what i choose i'm in the glass, house countin' cheddar cheese turn my hundred spokes in for some double os i used to move keys now i'm movin these f-a-c-e s and g's get on my staff, your on my path hop up on the wrath, make your two friends laugh hit the jet ski i get 'em wettski i do the hat trick like i'm wayne gretski (ladies)take me ta ta take me this shelf is starting to shaking hot enough for the taken u look thirsty i might get took by u porcelain doll baby antique and vintage lady fill me up to the rim. come lace me straight shot no chaser taste so smooth girl it seems like a dream. this is real take it off, loosen up, this your chance handle with care you're standin' still but i know how u feel don't be shy, take my hand, we gon' dance cause your feet start movin' and u look like you're fee un' yourself more precious, you're so fine, u gon shine my vibe hits ya like a whistle blowing the top of the kettle this is the time where i know your type so well

3 Questions

was i born to lose c'mon muthafucker pick and chose between win or lose baby shoes, high-heeled shoes interviews, or kangaroos skatin down fuckin avenues wit you bag full of barbecues and suddenly i blow a fuse god she said i look like a porcupine would it be better if i took a hike with frankenstein maybe i'll start thinking of giving my bike to palestine meet my friend brit she get real pissed off when muthafuckers ain't feelin her shit she'll make you bleed if you fuck around with her per fit you see her walkin round, clit ring and all, talkin your skit k that's enuff for one verse i don't think i cud've done no worse so let me give you one of those that i put real well, gun curse (chorus)that's part of my story, if you wanna be firm brit'll put it down your pants, yea the earthworm don't wanna be sorry, don't eat the bad germ if you do, just drink the pachiderm can my songs really make you get up and dance well if they can, stay seated and take you cup to france i think that bitch still wants that fuckin poppin chance think of 50, dre, and eminem they all battled and got succes and fame fuck benzino he called my man slim a feminem, see now i never really had much 'pac influence me had m.mathers and used it awful fluent part of my life i was taught in fight and anger my people won't let me hide my middle finder but everyday i teach the good things to my little sista's they only 2,3 years younger than me but still need my help to be succesful in life, you see and you really shud be givin that punch rite to me (chorus) you think i'm violent well think again, if you want i'll let you alone in the silent with my shit and weed i get high and thow a fit to anyone that gets close to my hand my parents announced they were gonna get a divorce it just became a lot worse the whole opposite of me doin a verse with a bunny or a horse infact, what i had i'll never get it back i'll always have this sick mind in me but what the fuck, just let my shit be there's a bug walkin 'long my ceilin i ain't really fellin yea that or this muthafuckin beatin (chorus) i luv ya'll fuck me

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