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SOUTH PARK MEXICAN lyrics - The Purity Album


Original and similar lyrics
Man so many problems baby We feena solve em cuzz 24-7 Hustlers know what I'm sayin Dope House Records putting it down baby, 2000 [Verse 1] Uh uh See I grew up in life analyzing these stars Wishing that was me on tv pricing them cars But hell naw if you know me then you know I got scars Situated within pertaining to the mind and spirit Mental spiritual but one leg of the lyrical Ability you feeling me the shit is slowly killing me Dont need no bitch and fa sho fuck a friend Im solo till the end I know one I depend Im struggling for my ends I promise you I'm gon win Fuck the competition and fuck an Expedition I need paper in my hands to stop me from wishing Cada noche y dia stoy cortando mi vida No es mentira preguntale a mi nina Como el jugador es mi negra bonita Ora pongate mas cerquita Y ponle atencion lo que dice Lupita [Hook 1] Ven a mi lado soy to ser apacionado Todos tus problemas a mi lado an terminado Vive la vida tranquila y sin fatigas Deja la maldad que no ay otra salida Soy como el agua perdida en el desierto Me tomas o me dejas o te quedas bien muerto Quiero abrazarte y apapacharte Siente mis labios son salientos con besarte Buscandonos, amandonos, besandonos Juntos al amanecer, al amanecer [Verse 2] My family neglected me My pops was never there for me Seems that noone cares for me I gotta make choices carefully Cuz cops keep on arresting me And haters just keep on testing me Trying to do my best but I know that deaths gonna be my destiny Moms steady broke aint got no job Never thought life would be this hard Just gotta cope with the way its going and this pain I'm leaning toward Dont wanna see my brother getting hurt or turning out like me A hustla on these H-Town streets and on my balcony I cant see the reason why I'm used to actin bad Got me stressed and feeling mad Look at the things I aint neva had Cops had me dragged out my pad I cant take it anymore Crooked laws killed my cousin Lalo at the age of 24 No remorse and revenge gotta keep things the way its been Momma always taught me never to lose I gotta stay true until the end And everyday I'm watching my back Keeping my hand up on my strap And for the fact that I'm quick to act You aint gonna get no second chance cuz its just like that [Hook 2] Ven a mi lado cuando stes desesperado Todos tus problemas a mi lado se acabaron Ya no te danies mas las heridas Busca otra salida no mensiones la partida Soy como el agua perdida en el desierto Me tomas o me dejas o te quedas bien muerto Quiero abrazarte y apapacharte Siente mis labios tan salientos por besarte [Verse 3] As a innocent child all you see is the silence But once you grow into the world your introduced to the violence No more innocence no more Christmas gifts Heres a little example so I suggest you peep this Man I thought I had a family other than my own But now I'm facing reality as I'm sitting alone I guess you have nobody when you are nobody So I have to show these people how I gets it rowdy No more sipping Bacardi and no more hitting the party Im putting this shit down the right way Without my mind looking cloudy They say its better to give than it is to receive Thats why I give nothing but love And in return I just live So nothing but hate I can see it Swallowed up but just breathe Cuz platinum I'm gon achieve While you blowing on trees Uh Murdaholics 24-7 Hustlas putting it down 2000 You already know scrilla We got problems we feena solve em cuzz Yeah you already know man If it means jacking if it means robbing Go out and get your shit nigga Thats on the real [Hook 3] Besandonos, amandonos, besandonos Juntos al amanecer

It's Alright

SALT 'N' PEPA "Hot Cool & Vicious"
Hey-a, forward the music selector We get tougher, aye () Salt and Pepa draw the people into hysterics With the serious lyrics, right It's all right We gonna take it to the top We're gonna make your body rock And we got, we got, we got, gotta make it hot So come, get on, hop on the dance floor If you want to declare war - it's all right It's all right Now it's ruckus time in the place tonight Salt and Pepa has just comandeered the mic Hurby the producer ain't no joke He always makes sure the beats are dope When I explore I take you down to the core Wanted by the FBI as a wicked outlaw For torturing and murdering MCs Who try to recreate def rhymes like these On stage I'm a terror, mascarra don't smear-a () Stockings don't run, and men don't dare-a Speak out and disrespect Salt and Pepa We smash MCs with one big stepper Here to rule, MCs I school The mic's my tool, I'm no one's fool That's right, I said it, the girl's got brains And my full name is Cheryl James - all right It's all right It came straight from the mouth rhymes I disperse I save sucker duck rappers to quench my thirst I sucker all suckers by selling a dream When I serve and strengthen any rap team We'll ignite and your crew just melt like wax So tell your family and your friends That we're here to attack We prepare to win a battle at any cost Just remember duck rapper, it's not my loss - it's all right It's all right And when I rhyme a funky rhyme Till my throat is sore When I rhyme till you just can't take no more You disagree Kill the noise Cuz you know I can Just place the microphone inside my hand And watch me rhyme-a funky lyrics You gotta admit, you disagree Ask your man - even he's on it Cuz when I wanna show damage, I'll explode At a wink of an eye rhymes I'll reload - it's all right It's all right Now when we came, we saw, we conquered Because you tried to be bold, you tried to be bad You tried to get ill, you tried to fake mad Whip out my microphone and Turtle Wax that ass So don't mess around, don't make me laugh You gotta be jokin', you will get broken I'll burn you and leave your ashes smokin' Then I'll put you in my hand, blow you into the wind So you better notify your next of kin - all right It's all right Rip it again, right It's all right Rewind selector right

Phone Tap

Nas: Yo this Esco, who this AZ: Whats the dilly I just touch grounds down in Philly Brought a pound with me Feds floatin around silly Tryin ta find land They suppose ta be in the benz Parked in row ten, hard in that slohokwan Should of known she was a bitch that we both could of boned This post of this loan The ass had us both in the zone But you know the rules Both been schooled by older dues I know the jews No time for them thoughts, to much to lose Just tryin to vibe to them ho's role with the ride Where's your joint Pras You know little Dezk gotcha eyes Nas: In the cut, drop Z ok the tops up Left the mall bought little Amo the toy truck Your boy's what, three years old know correct Here my daughter Ase neck in neck They furtures set Trees got me wet in the backgrounds of oakset Fly steppin they mail shit Whats the deal with all this shit I'm hearin up top You got arrested, shot affair, one with a cop That ain't ya stee, you usually low key with no t I'm only goin on for what some weak bitch told me AZ: That's some ill shit Hear that bitch go with a click Nas: Dun I'll hit you right back cause the static is stick Guy Speaking in spanish Chorus(Dr.Dre): We got you phone tap What you gonna do Cause sooner or later will have your whole crew All we need now is the right word or two to make all it stick like glue Then you threw We got you phone tap What you gonna do Cause sooner or later will have your whole crew All we need now is the right word or two to make all it stick like glue We got you AZ: We just hit the cribo I'm cruled up on this pillow I'm still low, hold this ill news these niggas killed more The shit touched me Tryin ta chill, just lit a dutche from a while back Same foul cats who tryed to bust me Caught em' sleeppin A spanish harlem with some portoricans Up in washington heights right off the decan Feel owful speakin for some vians that feels the phone tap Along with gats left with a vest to watch my own back Nas: Keep your eyes open Stay wide, shit is mind blowin Look for any sign showin, one time is knowin About the dynasty, shit is not minor leauges no more Cats bleed in this cold war Some we took an oath, then this life took us both We rich now, milk the whole cow, split the growth Now I'm on the car doin, headlights on Fluid in the windsheild wipes gone This lifes scarmed Its formin in the sky You comin home tomorrow, will you drive or will you fly hold up my other side Nature: Yo son some other cats tried to rulin our plans Sendin to decoy bitches with pictures of you and ya man Askin ya where abouts I gave them no leads For all the nigga know them ho's fuck with the police Nas: No shit I'm clickin over I'ma tell Sosa quick son Them outer state bitches tryin to get us both hit That was Nate, he hit me last night late while in my ho's stomach Said it's no hundred We FBI's most wanted So play the low, change ya cloths, pack ya bags Watch what you say on this phone, get home fast Chrous AZ: Yo it's all good. I'ma hit you when I touch down tomorrow son. Word. Nas: Stay on point. Don't even use the phone, just come to my crib yo, word up. AZ: Out.

You're Only A Customer

Intro: Ha ha, ha ha, Roc-a-Fella y'all Futuristic shit beeotch Uh, what the fuck? How we do. How we do. Uh ha Verse 1: Triple platnum nigga with the solid gold fade All that nickle and dime shit, don't hold no weight Fortune 5, top 5 in the Forbes (you'll see) as you Thumb through the Source I read the Ride report Class C, cold me down with the plastic That's all I Ask Of You, like Raphael Saadiq At the hotel, Nico, robbin' the val suite My people's eyes through the peep hole I'm lovin' you down freak as I Shoot through the city like a rumor Not soon enough, to stop 'em from spreadin' the news Paper headin' read Jay-Z breaths, 80 degrees the only thing to cool them off is a Malibu day breeze Can't sop for the feds, say cheese You know they wanna take a nigga picture Pray for the day to get ya, but I'm a parlay and stay richer for now Jigga hasn't done dirt in a while YOu know my stomach getin' weak from livin' on the streets for real Tryin' to oversee it from suites, orderin' eats At the top where the criminal minds meet That's where the cream is (right) , that's where your dream is (well ain't it?) Hook: You're only a customer (uh) Walkin' in the presence of hustlers You spend money all night long All night long - Mary J. Blige Verse 2: A-yo my youth had a nigga too aggressive I use to speed excessive, both eyes closed No thought infested Hittin' pot holes, cop-o's will snatch your weight But your game most precious Had to rethink things, is pinky ring worth Life on the run and time served in Sing Sing I don't know to tell the truth If I'm pressed for doe, I got to consoul Irv Gotti y'all Irv Gotti: Heads got to roll Jay-Z: I was raised to live, Lord I pray you forgive If not, I just handle it like Jason Kidd What you're facin' is official (it's official) Most cases when I m blazin' won't miss you (won't miss you) Case and point mad bullshitted issue I see it to the end, my writting is so personal My heart bleedin' out my pen, make no mistake aobut me It's only one nigga livin', I got a half a cake about me I got love, to make a nigga die bleedin' is nothin' You make a motherfucker die breathin' then you sayin' somthing, beeotch Hook (X3) More flavor than y'all can image havin' Graphic like Sega, Saturn, traffic like the Bodega It just so happens, you caught me at the the tail end of my dive My brain ain't right from inhaling the work of my life Fuck it, 3's in ya, had to hold D.C. high pissy off Cristle 3 G's high seasoned Bacardy, UV's Blesses my body, we be fresh at the party Play yourself go head if you don't no the ledge It's like spittin' to God Get it in your face fuckin' with niggas over your head Take your time with me, shiftee Use to make Coke stretch like the samplin' a 950 Shit with that, while I'm o a Kawasoki bike At the light, doin' a pike, with a bitch on the back And take flight, my life like it was directed by Hype In 35 slow-mo, with the Rockafella logo Accapoco to Arruba, bay breezes and caviar baluga Very little loot, a loser In the grashish blueish, Les Coup it's the root of evil in these people Hook (X3)

Usual Suspects (Part 2)

DMX "The Great Depression"
[Mic Geronimo] YEAH! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah C'mon, c'mon hah hah, M.G Know the G, hah hah, know the face Hah hah, know the name nigga, hah C'mon, yeah, yeah Now who could do it like the M-I-C, y'all niggaz ain't about this life Runnin up inside of the crib to cut your lights My A.R. likes the thug life, drugs and gun fights White on whites, menage and dykes, and nice ice White wraps for these niggaz who scrap and gun clap Stick up kids, leavin y'all with two in the back Once you bitch-made niggaz started doin the rap Seven figure shit really started ruinin rap Take it back to hood shit bulletproof and biscuits Chips all for hustle and grams go from bricks And whips for templates, we switch while we movin all of this weight 'til we screamin all of us hate [Chorus: Mic Geronimo] You see shit's still real Nothin ever change cause we still in the field Niggaz try to front but the game's too real We don't give a fuck bout the way you feel So fuck what you feel and shit's still real Nothin ever change cause we still in the field Niggaz try to front but the game's too real We don't give a fuck bout the way you feel So fuck what you feel, yeah [Big Stan] Y'all niggaz better get the guns Fuck the pep talk, I don't wanna hear it When it's on it's on, talkin I don't feel it That's the fake shit, argue and just make shit hot And with my short fuse I'm always quick to make shit pop Nigga respect this, catch me on the block and with gloves I'm ambidextrous, sold with the glock and the snub But I ain't reckless, with me it's always one big dot then one big shot, and one kid drops Head shot, closed lid over one big box And a preacher left prayin over one big plot Never a mess, now I wanna conquer the world And I'ma do it, wanna know how Fuckin with Earl He's the one that took me in to raise the dog from a pup With his guidance, help create a beast from a mutt Just released from the cut goin straight for the neck B.S., Bloodline, what the fuck you expect nigga [Chorus] [DMX - overlapping Chorus] Uhh, WHAT! Uhh Uhh, uhh, uhh [DMX] It's time to take out the garbage, y'all niggaz want the hard shit I got shit that'll start shit, rip apart shit and disregard shit Thought it wasn't real no more, just because I got a deal What you think, I ain't gon' steal no more Usual Suspects once again - thus begins the bullshit we both went through form trusted friends Bustin him from where (It's time to peel) Fuck what you heard baby! Shit's still real Y'all niggaz think your shit don't stink, cause it don't think Hit a motherfuckin iceberg your ship won't sink Bitch don't blink, cause I'ma hit you with somethin I'ma hit you for frontin, I'ma hit you for nuttin You buggin I'm lovin it - the obstacles that I go through It keeps me real, don't make me have to show you Fuck you cause I don't know you, and listen dog If I gots to blow you, you know where you goin to [Chorus] - repeat 2X

Amadu Diablo

Yeah So give me that reason I told you I loved you already, bitch, what the fuck? Yeah Shawl neck on the drunk lawyer Coke shits in the toilet Turkey sandwich in aluminium foil The game been fixed I don’t play that shit I aim that shit If she looking at another mother fucker than you leave that bitch I don’t play that shit Hear me Left hand is steering In a Amadu Diablo Shit I got the urge to get a earring Image in the rearview mirror like Timothy Leary Don’t even come near me I keep it thug with a gun near me Your boy been eating on the run clearly Clear the run-way 720’s on a one way So much drugs, what would a nun say? And its Sunday Shit, I don’t really give a fuck All I really want to do is see my people up Up to no good again She threw the condom told me put it in I did, fuck I nutted in like three strokes Shit, now that’s no way to rep the East Coast Every day I’m walking with my head up Don’t let up ‘cause it’s a set-up Like Albanian marriage go from Haiti to Paris The bath was 90 degrees Tapping Heinies with ease (shit,) Bitch please I’m the bee’s knees Shooting Deca-Durabolin three CC’s Peep the landscape You can catch me in the trees like the shit for the pancakes

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