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SOULFLY lyrics - 3

Sangue De Bairro

Original and similar lyrics
Bezouro, Moderno, Ezequiel, Candeeiro, Ceca Preta, Labareda, Azulão, Arvoredo, Quina-Quina, Banananeira, Sabonete, Catingueira, Limoeiro, Laparina, Mergulhão, Corisco! Volta Seca, Jararaca, Cajarana, Viriato, Gitirana, Moita-Brava, Meia Noite, Zabele! (These are the names of the members of Lampiao's gang! They were outlaw rebels that would steal from the rich and give to the poor (like a Brasilian Robin Hood). When they were captured, their heads were decapitated and displayed in the square of the city of Recife, Pernambuco.) Quando degolaram minha cabeça Passei mais de dois segundos Vendo meu corpo tremendo E não sabia o que fazer Morrer, viver, morrer, viver Translation: When they cut off my head For more than two seconds I watch my body shake And I didn't know what to do To die, to live, to die, to live

Buck 50

METHOD MAN "Tical 2000 Judgementday"
[Method Man] Supreme Clientele Who on this The Fenon, them niggas can't live Who on this We ain't got shit, Summin Gotz ta Give Y'll done flipped y'all wig, blacked out the kid Die and live for my nigs and my bad ass kids Freeze [sniff], lookin at your ice like PLEASE Plottin on the mouse trap, about to snatch the cheese I heard y'all kids is 'bout that, psycho therapy Fuckin, where the cow chat Blue till they bury me Never tell a lie, like George with the cherry tree Now it's cherry pie, if it's not BROKE, let it be Ain't nuttin nice in, New York, stick ya for ya cake and ya icin All that tough talk don't mean nuttin when ya up north So keep them hands where I can see them like ya want freedom You know that sayin, if ya can't join 'em Beat 'em and push ya way in We ain't acrobats but we flip on occasion Pick the Pace up, past snaggin, throw your waist up Niggas writin slum juice with Jacob, FOOL You're like DUDE, I don't like your fuckin attitude Frontin on my Clan from Shao', we ain't mad at you [Ghostface Killah] Yo, Starks dippin cheesy face, meesly pace Ghostface, jump out the window for a little taste Droopy luck, my main bitches call me lazy Educated birds say, 'Ghost, you're so crazy' [Cappadonna] Cappa slide thru with the Ghost Post up like paint on walls Drip jew-els, big heat ruffle inside the bubble-goose It's the odd couple, holo-points follow you home in Staten Island Playin with the big toys that make noise Echo in the hall, a scared voice Niggas start to act choice, but Dunkin 'hinds Didn't know Betty Crocker had them two nines Made the club moist, shattered the windows Dust heads runnin, the black kingpin buzz the Black Jesus [Redman] Yo, the words you talk better be the words you walk Body you in the van while the nurse is off Put your vein out, watch me insert the dart Till it bleeds from Bricks to the Persian Gulf Light curcuits off, thirty-third if my brain is off That explains why my language off My gun aim and cough, y'all ain't trained to brawl Y'all more like them training bras Wet behind the ear, you're not prepared for the project flow, with extra stares I pass out a vest to wear (bullets'll fly) Yo, a hard wire, startin bonfires Pullin mask, so you know it's me Your weave got more seeds than ODB Can't smoke wit'cha, watch Ghost tie rope to ya Def and Wu will open ya [Method Man] Your shit lice Baby shake your shit 'fore your shit lice Get rich like... [Ghostface Killah] Word, it's me y'all We in two sixes, flirtin with bitches Dime plush, takin pictures 'How you doin baby, my name's Ghost Don't get caught up in my chains or the way that I speak' Seek intelligence, slickest nigga doin it since Grease Check out the greys on the side of my waves, my crew doze on Riker's Island Stretched out, malled up in the cage Pull a out on Jimmy Jam, shakes Space Jam Silky texture, Jordan jumped up like Clyde Drexler All up in the parrot, nose numb, real as they come Biggie's Versacis, Snow White rabbit Hands is like photographic magic Funeral love, boohoo when we hug, don't make it a habit Hit the gym in two weeks, my back all chisseled Elbows unique now, meet the new me Ghetto fabulous, Tony Atlas Zulu Nation in the 80's, in front of Masey's I start my own Chapters Tyco, Nike glow, velvet pose Special effects, high-tech armors, murk you after shows Supercalifragilisticexbealidosious Ghost'll hollar exbefragilisticcalisuper Cancoon, catch me in the room eatin group up [Method Man] Shoe fly shoe, Wally dark Clark crew Fuck y'all wan' do Crack a brew, smoke an L or two And flip like, yellin for the whole click, it's sick like the way yo' stank bitch eat a dick like baby shake yo' shit, hold yo' dick like gettin rich like..

On Fire

REDMAN "Muddy Waters"
( Them bitches swear they fly... ) Hahha Now everytime I grab the mic I always start shit up Sharper than your double-edger, watch me cough shit up Live and direct, respect it to the underground connect Pah!! I'm wreckin any MC you select Yo E, load me in your gun, light the flares Give me forty-eight bars, and I go out like gays at Billy Bear Wear and tear, I'm wreckin for the Bricks is where Jump in my way and get your body splattered everywhere Conjunction junction what's your function It's that nigga who's so swift I could lose a compass Step into jams, with seven niggaz in a Land And forty motherfuckers in some fucked up caravan Drop the farenheight back down to zero Bring Heat to the streets like I'm Pacino and DeNiro Raw dog material, grand imperial Talk to my shotty nigga, my ears ain't hearin you So take heed to what I'm saying Cause tonight's the night, and me and my nuccas ain't playing Now do I look crazy Deranged, maybe You shot first, your glock burst, but it graze me Now time for lyrics, put up your guns And watch me get this shit hoppin like the West was won Got that lyrical chicken feed, for all chicken heads Crowd your Rap City committee, like I'm [Big Leads] Most bigger than them Melendez brothers You need Cochran when you're fuckin with Judge Red Put your fingers up if you love hash and cash I been that way since Ike Turner was kickin Tina ass Hookers ridin dick, like I'm a motorcycle You wanna shine bitch Let me simonize you I make sure your vision blur, till you don't know what occurred Until I black out every nerver Foul women get served as chicken head hors d'ouerves I drop your tops like your heads was convertibles!! Hah, if you still look up in the sky I'm still high All the way live like Lakeside Wann die E (whattup son), you got this beat pumpin The way I feel niggaz ain't leave until they up in somethin Pack my dutch like the niggaz in the county Dayrooms, stay tuned, for Doc Illuminati Up around them big butt freaks is where you find me (Martini and Rossi, Asti Spumante) So take heed to what I'm saying Cause tonight's the night, and me and my nuccas ain't playing To my people in the back, if you're not the wack, say Don't stop, the body rock To my people in the front, if you're tokin on blunts, say Don't stop, the body rock... aoowwwwwowwwww I'm too strong for you to listen I started spittin, that's why the brick niggaz be lickin They stay on magazine written equipments And lyrics I got em by the shipment, where your bitch went I'm smokin leaky out the Lec-y, fatal My Squad steps with the ultimatum, true dat My muzak, move crowds, like down the hill moved crack For those who stepped on toes, I want my shoes back Buddy, bringin money to your girl for your little daughter like I'm Cutty Twenty dollars a pop to dub me, I bug G, quote it I see you notice how I leave microphones corroded Hahahahaha, your staff not up to par You raw, you're more like Zsa Zsa Gabor Call deep niggaz, keep the gas pedal floored And I pump the funk to keep a room and board *record scratches, rooster cackles*

Daniel Na Cova Dos Le

Aquele gosto amargo do teu corpo Ficou na minha boca por mais tempo: De amargo então salgado ficou doce, Assim que o teu cheio forte e lento Fez casa nos meus braços e ainda leve E forte e cego e Tenso fez saber Que ainda era muito e muito pouco. Faço nosso o meu segredo mais sincero E desafio o instinto dissonante. A insegurança não me ataca quando erro E o teu momento passa a ser o meu instante. E o teu medo de ter medo de ter medo Não faz da minha força confusão: Teu corpo é o meu espelho e em ti navego E sei que tua correnteza não tem direção. Mas, tão certo quanto o erro de ser barco A motor e insistir em usar os remos, É o mal que a água faz, quando se afoga E o salva-vidas não está lá porque não vemos.

Did You Steal My Money

THE WHO "Face Dances"
I wake up on broken glass But you left your number All the members of the cast Reckon I was lumbered Did you steal it Did you screw me Did you peel it Did you do me Are you out there Mr no-one Is my investment growing Sorry that I got so drunk But I wrote you a poem Did you search me Did you turn me over While I cold turkeyed On the sofa Did you steal my money How can we forgive a grievance Now that we all live with demons Did you know that poor old veteran That you kicked out of his bed Says that he cannot forget you But he does not wish you dead Leave his gold watch in reception He will keep the sixteen stitches in his head Did you steal his money Did you pinch my trainer football Say if you half inched it Thought I heard a female foot fall While I washed my kitchen Did you use me Why'd I trust you Why'd you abuse me I won't bust you Did you steal my lorry It fell right off my lorry Did you pinch my brasso Nick my gelt you asshole


Da Weasel
Acendo mais um cigarro E mais uma vez faço um esforço para ver se não aparro Quando engulo o último ansiolítico Prevejo mais um serão apocaliptico Contigo o conhecimento surgia como um rebento Dizem que o tempo tudo cura, não me contento Sinto o meu corpo em frente da televisão Desesperadamente à espera de um empurrão, mas não Continua a não acontecer nada, maçada Imagens desfocadas surgem à desfilada E subitamente dou por mim assim A pensar palavras abstractas como rim Abstracto? De bom grado Assinaria um pacto, exacto, diabo passa-me o contracto Vendo-te a alma quando o corpo for enterrado Pronto para continuar a ser devorado Porque é que hei de correr para o que quer que seja Se afinal não é isso que o meu corpo deseja Sinto-me como um bebé preguiçoso, e dorminhoco Deixando-me levar a pouco e pouco Refrão: Pai nosso que estais no céu Sei que falo contigo do lugar do réu Mas preciso de algo para sarar a minha chaga Já agora diz-me, tens aí alguma vaga? Basta! Dá-me um batuque que eu preciso dançar Não! Dá-me antes a tua boca para eu a beijar Vejo na minha cabeça um corpo balançante Brilha quando abraça o seu amante E lembro-me de nós, da tua voz De noites inenarráveis passadas a sós A chuva que me atrai pica como um alfinete Atirei-me de cabeça sem capacete Nada de complexo, apenas um reflexo Todas as loucuras têm o seu nexo Já não digo o mesmo das emoções Experimentadas nas minhas invariáveis deambulações Vagabundo, nocturno caído num bueiro Como tantos outros sem paradeiro, dá-me algum dinheiro Para comer, não, não, não, dá-me algum amor para viver Refrão

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