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Somethin' For the People lyrics - Issues

Last Call

Original and similar lyrics
[All] Last call for alcohol The club is almost closed (That's right) So I need your name and your number (Yo, yo) Before the night is through [Tash] Y'all wanna talk about drinking? I took a drink, took a swallow Left the champagne bottle hollow Passed my keys to Lil' Talo Can't crash the El Dorado You know how it go When you sipping on Mo' You be tore up from the floor up And you don't even know [Xzibit] I had the bartender set up three shots I knocked 'em back Nitrate over the track The whole crowd reacted From right here through the ?? Baby relax you're rolling with me It's Mister A through X to the Z [SFP] Going out with my friends To celebrate the weekend I hope the club is jumping So I can find a little something Wanna get my drink on Wanna get my freak on I'm gonna try to come on Before the night is over Last call for alcohol The club is almost closed So I need your name and your number Before the night is through Last call for alcohol The club is almost closed So I need your name and your number Before the night is through [SFP] Checkin' for the sisters Flossin' the Prada Dolce Gabana baby can I holla? You know I'm peepin' at'cha Hoping I can catch ya I wanna get at'cha Can we dance before the night is over? Come on, oh Last call for alcohol The club is almost closed So I need your name and your number Before the night is through Last call for alcohol The club is almost closed So I need your name and your number Before the night is through [SFP] This round is on me Champagne and Hennesy I got chips just get what'chu like Next round is on you Tequila shots and brew I'm getting faded yo Cause I didn't drive [Tash](Xzibit) It's last call y'all so all y'all It's time to pull your money out Come through, post up Peepin' all the honeys out Smoke fest, Guinness out Got your homies passing out (Party down baby) You know what X and Ca-Tash about [Xzibit] Yo I stay with it While you perpetrate and try to play with it Something people with the all chrome Custom fitted whatever you want From the car straight to the bar We're the LA guns holding Hennesy for everyone Last call for alcohol The club is almost closed So I need your name and your number Before the night is through Last call for alcohol The club is almost closed So I need your name and your number Before the night is through

Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)

DE LA SOUL "De La Soul Is Dead"
Yes, this is Miss Renee King from Philadelphia. I want you to please give me a call on area code 215-222-4209 and I'm calling in reference to the music business. Thank you. DOVE: Hey how ya doin' Sorry ya can't get through Why don't you leave your name And your number And I'll get back to you Hey how are ya doin' Sorry ya can't get through But leave your name (uh) And your number And I'll get back to you. Once again it's another rap bandit Fiending at I and I can't stand it Wanna be down with the Day-Glo Knocking on my door, saying, a yo yo Knocking on my door, saying, a yo yo I got a funky new tune with a fly banjo I can't understand what the problem is I find it hard enough dealing with my own biz How'd they get my name and number Then I stop to think and wonder Bout a plan, yo man, I gotta step out town You wanna call me up? Take my number down It's 222-2222 I got an answering machine that can talk to you It goes POS: Hey how ya doin' Sorry ya can't get through But leave your name and your number And I'll get back to you Yo, check it, exit the old style Enters the new But nothing's new 'bout being hawked by a crew Or should I say flock cause around every block There's Harry, Dick, and Tom, with a demo in his palm Now I'm with helping those who want to help themselves And flaunt a nut that's doggy as in dope But it's not the mood to hear The tales of limousines and pails Of money they'll make like a pro I be like, Yo black, just play me the tape But at the show the time to spare I just make But the songs created in they shacks Are so wick-wick-wack, situations like this And now I hate they give me smiles Kool-Aid wide and ask, Was it def? And with the straighest face I be like, Hell yes. I slip them the digits to Papa Prince Paul So I don't go AWOL but yet I know when they call They get MASE: Hey how ya doing Sorry ya can't get through Why don't you leave your name And your number And I'll get back to you Hey how are ya doin Sorry you can't get through Why don't you leave your name and your number And I'll get back to you Check it out Party at the dug-out on Diction Ave Haven't been to the jam in quite a while Figure I'll catch up on the latest styles 'Stead piles and piles of demo tapes bi-da miles All I wanna do is cut on the decks wild But edition up here bi-da miles to the center Reliever of duty, Plug One mosies in And I be like, Yo G, Pos does all the producing POS: Now woe is me to the third degree Mase pulls the funny so I make like a bunny Jettin' But I'm getting used to this demo abuse Getting raped and giving birth to a tape Cause there's no escape from the clutches of a hawker Attached to my success, sent like a stalker Make way to my radius playin fly guy Try to get on my back they force like Luke Sky Me Myself and I go through this act daily And rarely do I not No matter how I dodge some jackal always nails me No matter what the plot And even out on tour they be like, Yo I got a tape to play you back at the hotel I be like Oh swell Unveil the numeric code to dial my room And tell them to call me at noon But of course there's no answering machine in my room But a pretty young adorer Who I swung on tour And if it rings while we're alone She'll answer the phone And with the quickness she'll recite like a poem DOVE: Hey, you done did the right thing, dial up my ring ring Now you're waiting on the beep. Say, I would love if you'd sing The tune to Tru instead of fronting on the speak. So no problemo, just play the demo And at the end it's break out time Please oh please don't press rewind Cause I'll just lay it down the line Hey how ya doing Sorry ya can't get through Why don't you leave your name and your number And I'll get back to you POS: Hey how ya doing Sorry ya can't get through Why don't you leave your name and your number And we'll get back to you.. peace 'Yo what's up man, this is Ronald Master down with the Fish Tank Posse, man, you know man, so you know you can just hook me up, True. You know we got this fly new jam called 'Swimming In the Fish Tank', you know we gonna rock it man, you know what I'm saying, but I just need your help, Prince Paul gave me your number, you know man, you just gotta do that for me, got this fly bassline, got these fly trombones in it man, so just hook me up, man, just look out, all right, call me back at 557-2223 all right man, just look out, all right, look out for a brother man!'

Ballrooms Of Mars

T-Rex "Ride A White Swan"
You gonna look fine Be primed for dancing You're gonna trip and glide All on the trembling plane Your diamond hands Will be stacked with roses And wind and cars And people of the past I'll call you thing Just when the moon sings And place your face in stone Upon the hill of stars And gripped in the arms Of the changeless madman We'll dance our lives away In the Ballrooms of Mars You talk about day I'm talking 'bout night time When the monsters call out The names of men Bob Dylan knows And I bet Alan Freed did There are things in night That are better not to behold You dance With your lizard leather boots on And pull the strings That change the faces of men You diamond browed hag You're a glitter-gaunt gangster John Lennon knows your name And I've seen his

Twice Last Night

We did it twice last night And once in the morning [2x] [SPM] I pulled out my jimmy from a cracker jack box The bullet proof vest blocking all my cum shots I got one in London and her name is regina Then I got sofia she's from argentina Love em and leave em hell naw that aint my style I'd rather stick around for a lil long while At least twice a week if she's a good freak Bitch left a hicky on my left butt cheek Mann I'm as strong as an ox And your baby mothers a baller We call her the head doctor And nobody can stop her You need to drop her Cause all she really wants is a baller That spends fifty thousand dollars On the Mexican () [SPM] She's riding my pony Mann she's horny But it aint no fun if I cant call the homies Early in the morning watching erkl while she blow me When she see me with my girlfriend she act like she don't know me Cause she got love for me My balls are never lonely Call me crazy with that ass And the pretty cheecharonies In my room jamming oldies She's dancing in her chonies Had her screaming in the deli Till the neighbors call the police So we had to take it else where Take it to the embassy Picked up a stripper from the lesbian Tennessee Half black and Japanese Gone off them dakeries My bitch ate her out While I filled up her cavities Then we did it Twice last night And once in the morning [Baby Beesh] She grabbed from my paw and I said aw naw Rushed to the bed and jumped straight on my drowse The next thing she saw playboy wasn't small She asked baby beesh can I please take it off She me and I'm yum yum Mann we was doing it big She made me cum cum Damn I think I woke up her kid But we was on one With some () and wine I gotta freak one Aint no bitch colda then mine She got that platinum punana Fuck madana and jenny jenny My momma be on that remmy Mixed with henny when she get me And when I get her I gotta Hotter than enchilada Oohh she brought her friend too Now it's a () Against the wall let the camera record I got the berries and the creep so we will never be bored She kissed that teta Told her nena would you please kiss your friend She said you know I cant dadda But is you joining inn I said for show We started off slowly Once it hit midnight we went hard at 1:40 And then at 2:30 we started talking dirty You got me feeling like a champ When I dip up in the fury Forty five minutes straight Dripping wet took a power nap Six in the morning got her wet then the shower cap She was on top and I was on under A b a b a bed hit the wall and it sounded like thunder We did it twice last night And once in the morning

The Number Of The Beast

IRON MAIDEN "The Number Of The Beast"
( Harris ) I left alone, my mind was blank. I needed time to get the memories from my mind. What did I see, can I believe, That what I saw last night was real and not just fantasy. Just what I saw, in my old dreams, Were they reflections of my warped mind staring back at me. ‘Cause in my dreams, it's always there, The evil face that twists my mind and brings me to despair. The night was black, was no use holding back, ‘Cause I just had to see, was someone watching me. In the mist, dark figures move and twist, Was all this for real, or some kind of hell. 666 the number of the beast. Hell and fire was spawned to be released. Torches blazed and sacred chants were praised, As they start to cry, hands held to the sky. In the night, the fires burning bright, The ritual has begun, Satan's work is done. 666 the number of the beast. Sacrifice is going on tonight. This can't go on, I must inform the law. Can this still be real or some crazy dream. But I feel drawn towards the chanting hordes, They seem to mesmerize....can't avoid their eyes. 666 the number of the beast. 666 the one for you and me. I'm coming back, I will return, And I'll possess your body and I'll make you burn. I have the fire, I have the force. I have the power to make my evil take it's course.

Ring It

E-40 "Tha Hall Of Game"
(Forty Fonzarelli's answering machine) Aight, what's really You hit my lifer number This Sick Wid It/Jive Records Leave your message at the beep *BEEP* Hah! Mmmhmmm. Yeah, uhh... on my pager! What you say Oh yeah. Kick that shit then nigga! Verse One: Keek tha Sneak, E-40, Spice-1 Higher than a bird, off that herb, in the O-A-K Off on perv, parked on curb, rollin up a vay Licked it three times, laced it with the Alize About twomp a day, baby hit me frequent-lay! Sneak, and Forty, from chocolate short-ay, we been all prepared, cause my nights is no day, the broad say I last! Cause you six months But I say, she pullin a gang of major stunts Bust, bust niggaz, consequences when you're doin the do Fuck around and get caught up in a catch twenty-two In the area! Dirt and dust Where the yah! B.A. Plus But ain't yo sista Suga-T (Suga-T) Ain't you the one that say Sprinkle Me (Sprinkle Me) I loves me some Forty-Ridah I seen you up in 2Pac's video poppin your collar I play this playa shit like Bugs Bunny Ain't no cartoon figure nigga I makes money, ain't nuttin funny If you're ever in some funk, call your potnah on the cell and leave one-eighty-seven, at the end of the number B-uh-Benzy on Washington, on the cellular phone You could tell that the Easy Bay was his home My people goin off like a high school build' And all my money in stacks, and all my pockets on swell M-uh-mobbin like a playa, but I'm still a G doe Pager goin off like C-3PO Time for the Hurricane, E said word I put a nigga on his back, fuck what you heard Chorus: repeat 2X If it's major, hit me on my pager Rang it, ring it, rang it, ring it, ring my telephone, ring my telephone Verse Two: E-40, Harm I be so rebel-yalous When I'm talkin on my phone-telyalous You can have my baitch, but I maintain I chop it up as a loss and charge it to the game She said you must be playin some kind of phone tag Cause erytime I hit you, you don't hit me back Why is dat Cause you're hella hard to get in contact with Thought you thought, was killin big girl was crackin on some crabs Six o'clock, the girl said that's my crib be at the West plus due to go, left me at home be leavin my ass up in the living room all alone And I be starvin rubbin my monkey fiendin for some Donkey Kong Now you're talkin, let's get the show on the road I know you're tired of barkin, you need to hop on my load So we can stab out, strike rock and Arroyo Park at the top of hill, so I can check your oil I said ah one to the two ah two to two three Tell me why your baby momma keep on pagin me I didn't give the hoe the number, so why does she call She says she wanna do me, and all of y'all But I'm like that nigga on The Mack, I don't want the honey I want the money some of you niggaz is funny style and meanwhile I'm sellin my piece to these tricks cause it's the paperchase laced with game, see I'm livin in the hustlers dream Call up a player if it's major Specially if it's scrilla nigga hit me on my pager Chorus Verse Three: Sneak, E-40 Rang it, baby gimme a call My name you're screamin, how I be hittin them walls You got me tinglin, how you be workin them drawers With a kiss I make em all say this, yeah that's raw I glance your cut, bass we uhh, big cheeks with a blast headin straight for the nut, big A amp;H got some bitches all in the cut, it's that season Drop my number to the hoe to hit me up Yo, you're nine-one-oneing me to death, what's all that fo' Got my Williams and fillin my pager and pager on the overflo' What's happenin with all that old bullshit is it really all that damn serious You're draining the hell out of my battery got your partner thinkin curious Cause in the Y-E-A A-R-E-A the game ain't constipated Buckin around in the Golden State where the game originated Fools be scandalous they used to be squares be turnin vicious Hit me on pager, hit me if it's major Chorus 2X

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