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SIGUR ROS lyrics

Byrjun (English)

Original and similar lyrics
Bright Hopes Come True As We Walk Downtown Smiling And Laughing Happily Friendship And Exhaustion Collide We Celebrate The Day A Two Year Wait A Distant Dream Is Born We Eat And Drink Til We're Full And Pay For Ourselves With Everything We Have For The Day We Sit Down Excited Listen To Ourselves Play In Rhythm To The Music No One Seems To Listen This Is Completely Different We Lived In Another World Where We Were Never Invisible A Few Days Later We Speak Again But The Sound Wasn't Good We Were All In Agreement In Agreement About Most Things We'll Do Better Next Time This Is A Pretty Good Beginning


JOHN FRUSCIANTE "Inside Of Emptiness"
Something these days in the air I'm afraid to sing this song 'Cuz no one answers me Got in the way of this one chance of mine I throw it back It wasn't gonna last I jumped ahead There was a slipstream One good feeling there I got out quick Lower than I go I'm a pinball Sticking through alot Then down the side wall The drop I must have been alone In the mean time Nothing comes my way I'm proud to say I crossed a line I said goodbye This state to recreate Is the drain of time I lead you on There were no days to wait for No carrying on Life's still a disease Help it along It's a sure thing Everyone I meet is a laughing star Who dropped You all ought to walk through a poster You should see how things align Change how you see a decline See how high you really climb The drop

I Don't Have The Time

JAMES GANG "Yer' Album"
I don't have the time to play your silly games Walk to work each morning, live within a frame Now you're trying to tell me I should be like you Watch your time, work nine to five, what good does it do? I'm not fond of laughing with your shallow friends I don't feel like changing just so I'll fit in Things are more important than how you look or feel Just cause I don't look like you don't mean I can't read Spend some time and listen, think what you may think Form your own opinion, find your missing link Through the situation, you may find it's right We must stick together, man's not made to fight

Back Dot

Ass Ponys "Lohio"
black dot on the horizon all i know is it's a pretty long walk keep a-goin Pea, keep a-goin don't wait for me, just keep a-goin sunburn your skin is peeling all i know is that it's pretty damned hot listen the dogs are barking all i know is he's a pretty good dog


DJ Bobo
You are now In a world of music In a world of sample sounds Produced by A concentrately programmed sequencer In a world of beats and bars Creating A completely new dimension Listen To the results Of a tremendous dream Of technology Combined with deep emotions Let the dream come true

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