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Sheryn Regis lyrics

Follow Your Dream

Original and similar lyrics
people laugh us there stare at you and say she's got no where to go but if they only know you're thinkin when did i go wrong how should i move on inspite of what i see they're losing faith in me you tell your self to belive that in every feet it takes a heart to endure all the pain and grief having the hope to see the best that you can be Chorus follow your dream the courage found within your soul is keeping you so strong tht you can rise each time you fall and stand upon your arm those time you won't go wrong just give ur best to hold your will cause instantsly becom the one you've always aimed to be got to find ur place where you've proudly face the worst that come ur way sometimes it's hard to say if you can stick to ur desire never lose the fire the curse of light inside for you to win the fight you tell your self to achieve you must not retrieve cause it's the top there be tops if you must compete learning the path of faith climb every road you take Chorus follow your dream the courage found within your soul is keeping you so strong tht you can rise each time you fall and stand upon your arm those time you won't go wrong just give ur best to hold your will cause instantsly becom the one you've always aimed of reaching that big soul but you can't describe all you're fears inside that one day you might be filled with worries just in time every misery meant to make you feel you're stronger to heard free Repeat chorus

Ode To A Would Be Lover

VERSE1: Lay your head down by my side Look that way just one more time And promise me... nothing I know time isn't ours to keep But that doesn't mean I can't watch you sleep Listen to the strength of silence VERSE2: There's a sweet sensibility And darling that is enough for me I know you are taken But, do I get to you just a little bit I know I'm as close as I'm gonna get And though my heart is close to breaking CHORUS: Oh if you're any kind of man at all You know the woman I am So darling don't be afraid I won't break plans you've made I will be just a friend VERSE3: Flowers grow in the month of May And they brighten my every day You're here for me now and I'm laughing And though I crave your soulful kiss I can deal with it as it is Two tall ships passing CHORUS VERSE4: I don't doubt for a moments time The heart's not a mirror of the mind But think it through anyway And if you wake up a lonely child And want to escape for a little while Come to me and we'll dance out in the rain Friend or lover we can dance out in the rain If I said I'm in love with you Tell me what then would you do?

Find A Way

It used to be...we would be...the best of all friends it turned to be...L-O-V-E... and i was you i was my, lady-friend, we spent time i found a way to be by your side.. through the ins and outs, the wrong and rights after a while..of bein settled down I didn't know how to keep the love, cuz i was young i wish i knew then what I know now I woudn't've let you go I swear I would've made this love grow I spent a lot of time and a lot of dough tryin to match what we had and now I... ..:::..::: Chorus :::..:::.. I was hopin' we could find a way to have what we had again today though it's been some time since you and I... it wouldn't hurt to try to find our love Wish that I, would have known the treasures I'd found I didn't know, until you left, I loved your smile.. just the other day, your girl said you can't stand me... I know you don't mean that can't we just slow down a minute and talk it out I've been, in my share, of love since then Don't know about, what you've been through but nothin what we had all I know is I need you back and i know that you need me back baby let's try again to find our love ohh ..:::..::: Chorus x2 :::..:::.. ..:::.. HOOK ..:::.. and I can't for-get... the times we shared didn't know love until love was gone 'til I moved on, now I'm right back to square one again ..:::..::: Chorus and ad-libs until fade :::..:::..


You said that I would stumble You said I wouldn't last But you was wrong You said that I would crumble From all that's in my past But you was wrong You tried to break, tried to shake me Tried to take me with your lies You tried to drop me, tried to stop me Tried to chop me down to size You tried to crush me, tried to hush me Tried to rush me and attack But Jesus Christ is in my life And now I'm comin' back 'cause I can Chorus: Slam temptation with the Word I can slam each lie that I have heard I can slam the devil on his back The rod of God will stop the attack In my mind there is no fear In my mind there is no doubt Yes I am that Christian that hell warned you about Not only can I dance, not only can I shout But I can slam! You told me it was useless That I would never change But you was wrong You told me it was hopeless That I never would get saved But you was wrong You tried to drug me, tried to slug me Tried to plug me up with guilt You tried to shoot me, tried to loot me Tried to boot my mind on tilt You tried to kill me, tried to still me Tried to bill me for my sin But the blood has washed me clean Since I've been born again I sure can Chorus

Concerto Of The Desperado

Chorus: The concerto, of the desperado R-double-O-T-S check the flow If you know like I know then you know the motto That's all the fraud shit got to go/fake shit gots to go Verse One: In the glow of the moon, over the melancholy metro My poetry is set like a U.F.O. The maestro, the lyricist concerto My physical play the role of a vessel The level of my lyrics law manifesto My thoughts wrestle and attack with the killer instincts of a gorilla stronger than Samson Without vanilla my soliloquoy profess my ability to just stimulate you like the best sensimilla The halflife the Illadel-L-P-O-phila proceed hither is my death flower blow your tower to smithe- -reens to fiends catch another rhyme gripper Deeper than the meditations of a hidden worshiper Unorthodox, hip-hop, minister Then a Serengeti cheetah my thoughts with the you lose your balance when the sound hits ya So check for the, fifth militia A poet's under pressure stressing that you get the picture Even if it means you gotta hang over the banister I pull a microphone on any pistol brandisher And take advantage of ya because you amateur Styles gunning down your sound man and manager What?? This how we do it in the year for nine-six With this delivering attack on pointless rap shit Breakin MC's down to fractions, tell your squadron It's time to go to war we spar reaction Chorus 2X Verse Two: The implorer, the universe explorer Treat MC's like the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah Leavin these niggaz open like a box of Pandora With styles that's newer than the world order Approximately three quarters of y'all are water I straight deport ya Then orchestrate your torture with roots of culture The pill brimmage to the line of scrimmage up against your image Where life is a heist, and the strong get a percentage It's ill as a war and within it I'm the Lieutenant that surrounds you like a peninsula to snatch the pennant You fold like Japan's futons and fans While I design a plan to make a rapper step like a pedestrian I crush a mountain into grands of sand Your pain stains the cannon of the mic inserted into the stand The desperado, that refuse to follow The lip afficianado, break you up into parts like a bottle I deep like the dark of the night Niggaz is sweet and sound silly when they talk on the mic They use the simple back and forth the same old rhythm that's plain I'd rather UltraMagnetize your brain It's the hip-hop purist, that leave you lost like a tourist inside the chorus, niggaz is bringin nothin for us As we breakin em down to fractions, tell your squadron It's time to go to war we spar reaction Chorus 2X

Wiser Time

No time left now for shame Horizon behind me, no more pain Windswept stars blink and smile Another song, another mile You read the line every time Ask me about crime in my mind Ask me why another read song Funny but I bet you never left home Chorus: On a good day, it's not every day We can part the sea And on a bad day, it's not every day Glory beyond our reach Seconds until sunrise Tired but wiser for the time Lightning 30 miles away Three thousand more in two days Chorus

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