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RUSH lyrics - Moving Pictures

Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres

Original and similar lyrics
I. Prelude When our weary world was young The struggle of the ancients first began. The gods of Love and Reason Sought alone to rule the fate of Man. They battled through the ages, But still neither force would yield. The people were divided, Every soul a battlefield. II. Apollo/Dionysus Apollo: Bringer of Wisdom I bring truth and understanding, I bring wit and wisdom fair, Precious gifts beyond compare. We can build a world of wonder, I can make you all aware. I will find you food and shelter, Show you fire to keep you warm Through the endless winter storm. You can live in grace and comfort In the world that you transform. The people were delighted Coming forth to claim their prize They ran to build their cities And converse among the wise. But one day the streets fell silent, Yet they knew not what was wrong. The urge to build these fine things Seemed not to be so strong. The wise men were consulted, And the Bridge of Death was crossed In quest of Dionysus To find out what they had lost. Dionysus: Bringer of Love I bring love to give you solace In the darkness of the night, In the Heart's eternal light. You need only trust your feelings; Only love can steer you right. I bring laughter, I bring music, I bring joy and I bring tears. I will soothe your primal fears. Throw off those chains of reason And your prison disappears. The cities were abandoned, And the forests echoed song. They danced and lived as brothers; They knew love could not be wrong. Food and wine they had aplenty And they slept beneath the stars. The people were contented And the gods watched from afar. But the winter fell upon them And it caught them unprepared, Bringing wolves and cold starvation, And the hearts of men despaired. III. Armageddon: The Battle of Heart and Mind The universe divided As the Heart and Mind collided, With the people left unguided For so many troubled years. In a cloud of doubts and fears, Their world was torn asunder into hollow Hemispheres. Some fought themselves, some fought each other, Most just followed one another Lost and aimless like their brothers For their hearts were so unclear And the truth could not appear Their spirits were divided into blinded Hemispheres. Some who did not fight Brought tales of old to light. My Rocinante sailed by night On her final flight. To the heart of Cygnus' fearsome force We set our course Spiralled through that timeless space To this immortal place. IV. Cygnus: Bringer of Balance I have memory and awareness, But I have no shape or form. As a disembodied spirit, I am dead and yet unborn. I have passed into Olympus As was told in tales of old, To the city of Immortals, Marble white and purest gold... I see the gods in battle rage on high... Thunderbolts across the sky... I cannot move, I cannot hide... I feel a silent scream begin inside... Then all at once the chaos ceased A stillness fell, a sudden peace The warriors felt my silent cry And stayed their struggle, mystified. Apollo was atonished; Dionysus thought me mad. But they heard my story further And they wondered, and were sad. Looking down from Olympus On a world of doubt and fear, Its surface splintered Into sorry Hemispheres. They sat a while in silence, Then they turned at last to me: We will call you Cygnus, The god of Balance you shall be. V.The Sphere: A Kind of Dream We can walk our road together If our goals are all the same. We can run alone and free If we pursue a different aim. Let the Truth of Love be lighted, Let the Love of Truth shine clear. Sensibility, Armed with sense and liberty, With the Heart and Mind united in a single Perfect Sphere.

Do You Really Know?

TWIZTID "Freek Show"
Blast off [echo] [Played backwards] This is for anyone who took the time to rewind. Do you understand what I'm saying It ain't easy being a Twiztid Serial Killing Juggalo. But me and Monoxide know that you all got love And that's all that matters. Blast off Roaming the dark with heads off Smoke squares 5 at a time and won't cough I like graveyards and beating on a Voodoo drum And all you worry about is where the fuck I'm from Never existed Holding my axe doubled fisted And if blinked missed it I'm Twiztid No love No hugs No No friends No light Pitch black All I ever see is the gound beneeth me Broken wings curse on my back please release me Living Hell everyday with a vision Since everybody on the top but I'm missing Listen for the voice in my head to put an end Or somebody please save my soul and be a friend Do you really know what is't like to be me Hell nah Cause if you did I wouldn't have to tell ya'll Do you really know what it's like (Do you know, do you really know) to be me Do you really know what it's like (Do you know, do you really know) to be me Do you really know what it's like (Do you know, do you really know) to be me Do you really know what it's like (Do you know, do you really know) to be me Chained like an animal and locked in a cage Situations and memories stoared in me brain Strung out, shooting venom make you bug out Pay attention as I tell you what I'm all about I'm a walking comi

Sound Of The Zeekers

Leaders Of The New School
Verse 1: Charlie Brown Bring one MC two MC three MC. Send any MC's. It doesn't matter to me. Sterp up like a thief in the night. No wins and I begin. My third eye is bright. Here to shine. Light skies the limit on D.L. Who fell yeah time will tell. The Leaders Of The New. The #1 crew blunts and brew for the Hip hop school. Girls got my picture posters pin ups. Wanna skin up (big up, big up). It's a race against the clock, and I can't stop countdown, hear the sound see Boogie Brown.. (Uptown Saturday night) 125 we arrive so live from New York, word life. You know I can kick it. At my show on the down low, you're sellin' wolf-tickets. Ha Ha, the trigger I'm tryin' to tell ya. Now my nigga, I'm getting larger and bigger the factor here to Cockalak! a crack that back like a chiropractor just the collective my perspective to be effective is the main objective. (Warriors come out and…) props me say me nots. Any violations won't be tolerated. Let's not debate it if you hate it, 'cause I made it. The loot, the boob tube, all that shit included, in a matter of seconds you will be excluded. Checka check it out. East Coast stomp in action for rich or for poor. We created the fashion left (foot), right (foot), stomp (stomp). Leaders Of The New School do the East Coast stomp. Well it's a quarter Quarter. Quarter. Quarter. Quarter to cutthroat. A quarter. Quarter. Quarter. Quarter. Quarter to cutthroat. Verse 2: Dinco D. It's the power of importance making people act as is compare fair. From here to there, fair seems a little quiz So question what I conquer as Kruger kills a kid My friends got caught with luger so now he does the bid Bring 'em in, bring em in See the clock on the wall with one eye open. Scarface to brawl to panic seized quarter cut. Squeezed to ten gave quarter back five with a minute to win, then plenty a many men With any if any trend came rename fame shame To backspin speakin' spic spans off spills of crack bins So get your action. Right locating jaws draw. Bite mars is mourned warned rating. Torn wound a sprite bright light the mics. Mix vega a quarter woters. What you get when you're broke, becomes bodega bothering, sobering Ting-a-ling-a-ling (Ding). Right on to Milo on the dot. Verse 3: Milo You want strength, what strength. What you really want strength. Milo in the dance is on Chee. Lippie L.O.N.S. lenght. Now 'nuff respect to the sekel set. Seeking section for recovery. D me a beg uni. Don't bother me. Why, ooh'. Because I and I am the one they call de pum pum docter no bother. Get vex because I og check your daughter. Ideal Punnie make the I feel better. Me naw. Want to put me wood in the wall of fire. One step, two step. Make you reach little high. You askin' why oh why you have to make it bad so why oh. Inna me carkey suit and thing. Love is all I bring inna the party. Party respect to yardie it's a rude, boy. Type inna everybody. White, Black, to Chinie pass the Heini, onset offset. No prisoners at war a quarter to cutthroat is the New school law. You better be in by sundown. Sending death threats from miles around. Busta bust down with the surround sound. Tic tac tic. Ready to pickins Hip-Hop easy listning. Time to take order 'cause it's a quarter to cut. What, what you can't front. Chorus Verse 4: Busta Rhymes No more lucky charms for the malpractice tactics. Fiasco, Fiskell, Siskel and Ebert. Criticism, devilish exorcism. I strive to destroy and kill all inconsiderate organisms. Time will only last for the ones who bust that ass. All gridlock thinking. You better think fast, Quick! Because I'm riffling down the stifling, trifling sound who's killing who, times killing you. Stupid. You need to sweat yourself. Don't sweat nobody else. I got my own perspiration check the conversation. Minutes away, your ass is through dealing. Ha, smack yourself and find exactly your feeling. It's detrimental and essensial that I chemistry thoroughly In my dimensional dungeon residential vicinity. Wack germs. You're like a cureless growing disease. Go and suck the clitoris of a trichamonis. Discharge cheese. Ha, ease. Ha, substract counteract enemies, Ha. Carrying on while I be ripping and shredding getter fierce gotta pierce the wack to stop the germs spreading. Before you striked, you caught a stroke. Now you're half-dead nigga, ‘cause it's a quarter to cutthroat Quarter to cutthroat !!!!!!!! Quarter to cutthroat !!!!!!!! Quarter to cutthroat !!!!!!!! Quarter to cutthroat !!!!!!!! Quarter to cutthroat !!!!!!!! (Fading)

Satisfy You (West Side Remix)

[Puffy] Yeah (Ooohhhh, baby) This right here goes out to all my West Side queens Bay Area (Ohhhhhh) Los Angeles San Diego (Yeahhhh) San Jose Matter of fact, the whole motherfuckin' West Coast (Wake up, wake up) Feel me? C'mon 1 - [R. Kelly] He don't understand you like I do No he'll never make love to you like I do So give it to me Cause I can show you 'bout a real love And I can promise anything that I do Is just to satisfy you [During 1] West Side remix West Side remix West Side remix Ladies and gentlemen Ha ha [Puffy] I'm the light when you can't see I'm that air when you can't breathe (That's right) I'm that feeling when you can't leave Some doubt, some believe (C'mon) Some lie, cheat, and deceive So it's only you and me (You and me) When you weak, I'll make you strong (Strong) Here's where you belong I ain't perfect, but I promise I won't do you wrong Keep you away from harm, my love is protected I'll wrap you in my arms so you'll never feel neglected I'll just make you aware of what we have is rare (That's right) In the moment of despair, I'm the courage when you're scared Loyal, down for you, soon as I saw you Wanted to be there cause I could hold it down for you Be around for you, plant seeds in the soil Make love all night, bending bed coils (Feel me?) You're a queen, therefore I treat you royal (My queen) This is all for you, cause I simply adore you Repeat 1 I think I need a lil' bit help on this one Uh, yeah Where the Luniz at? C'mon [Numskull] Let me speak on it When I came out, I had the best of both women We ain't gotta do it, no lies Brothas in Africa got four wives Y'all both fine Want me to choose just one? On the under, maybe y'all two can do a lil' sumpin' sumpin' Cuz I don't mind, as many times I had to You did your thang, I did my thang, I ain't mad atchu I patted you on your back for your good deeds But the extraordinary mood swings I don't need It's a thug life you want, it's a thug life you won't get Cuz three whole hits of ecstasy, it make you won't get it I didn't wanna settle down, but now I'm willing to See, I'm Num to the world and now I'm feeling you See, you my little angel without the halo Don't sweat me when I'm out all night hanging with the payroll Ain't no women like the one got She don't subtract, she just add to the funds I got Repeat 1 [R. Kelly] (Puffy) Don't let him sing you a sad song No, baby Waiting for love like this too long (I just wanna love you) You don't have to wait (I just want you to love me) You don't have to wait on him, baby All that you need I can give you (I'll be your king) You don't have to wait You don't have to wait on (And you my queen) (Hey, yo, Yukmouth, talk to them, man) I do (We gon' do this together, c'mon) You don't have to wait on him (Together) [Yukmouth] Whoo, whoo Playgirl only humped once wit' the thug, now she hump with a thug Who smoke blunts in the club, get pissy drunk at the tubs Backrubs like we in love on our honeymoon, newlyweds Whip cream, head, and rose petals on her cutchie, spread I gotchu shoppin' at Barney's, driving a black Ferrari That's why your girlfriends hate and talk smack about me Don't act selfish because your girls jealous They all look like Garbage Pail Kids Who gon' get they nails, they rock, and colorful wigs, Cookie Monster? They the type that drink 40s, smoke all your gonja In an orgy after the concert My girl, of course she's baller sponsor Campaign and platinum rangin' and car to ear Platinum frames and raps is flamin' I'm like Puff, two platinum chains and You Can't Hold Me Down Even Hurricane Floyd can't blow me down And took my girl and little boy just to slow me down Slow, slow me down Repeat 1 to fade [Puffy] This one out here goes out to all my sisters And the struggle holdin' it down by theyselves Waitin' for that karat From a king to a queen Feel me? I love you

Call Of The Wild

Heltah Skeltah "Magnum Force"
featuring Tha Dogg Pound [Rock] Just understand the whole shit son y'know y'know It's too much doodoo over here there's doodoo over there KnowhatI'msayin? Get with the real from here and the real from there And make it Mo' Better like Blues everywhere YaknowhatI'msayin? Dynamic Duo times two bro [Ruck] Fucking global fucking domination in this rap shit [Rock] Word is Bon Jovi.. Yo, whattup, yo.. you know how me and Ruck go Worldwide Boot Camp with smoke by the truckload Or the West Coast, where they show me tons of love Doc and Tray Deee crackin jokes bout guns n drugs Buggin on this wack rap shit from coast to coast Why not the real from both sides lick and go for broke? No ass Joke, like Buck or Rakim, long arms like Down Syms Snatch up your hoe, fuck her or pass it, it don't mean na-thing [Ruck] What's the deal Pah? I hope shit is peace and love But if it ain't fuck it I'm forced to release these slugs Peep these thugs, Sean Price, MC Most Miraculous When pumped up, I'm forced to jump up punk and smack the shit Act like it can't happen when would I ever let you slide Two fly niggaz becomin victims of whorides You try to avoid my clutches that's when you die News fly fast as fuck on how Ruckus done bruised guys Cornball niggaz screamin, Ruck you on some other shit Mad cause I make music no longer for the love of it What is this? Y'all niggaz is soft like some velvet You get dealt with, a single shot to your pelvis [Rock] Now throw your hands in the air if you feel this here Shit'll bump everywhere because it's real this year From the city of Long Beach to my home Brownsville Cause real recognize real everytime for real [Daz] Who mashes with the craziest niggaz in town? Kill em willingly who got the right to make a sound? My style break blocks corners avenues and drives It's about time to mash in, it's a ride Take you on a mission, be on a mission, I pack the steel Steadily givin these niggaz don't pass these zones limits I live the unusual cruicial life, so pay attention as I come through, for you and your crew It's just a man and his music, I ain't afraid to use I bruise you badly, you want confusion, I mean it's useless to step to this, we in effect we dangerous Contain the mental murderous and ain't afraid to diss We can't quit we can't stop we got to do this shit (do this shit) Cause Heltah Skeltah and this Pound bout to run this shit (run this shit) If you don't know you gotta know you never trust a bitch (never trust a bitch) Game Trump tight, we try to run this shit (run this shit) [Kurupt] Life without money, that's like breathing with no air Prepare, there's no love in warfare Engage, I meet the front page, like Nicholas Cage and get served, front and center stage I'm breakin through, throw up your Teflon barriers And get penetrated, telekinetic superior Hostile, verbal apostle in 3-D Hittin every galaxy, throwin up D.P. [Rock] We in the house, even when we outdoors we in the house with dick in your bitch mouth From here to down South to the Westside, my vocals Test Drive you crazy, the shit I spit'll make a nigga praise me So say OH, you love the real shit frequently OH for Dogg P-O-U-N-D and B-C-C Me, Bummy J and the D-A-Z Dillinger and Ruckus and Kurupt what? We equal fo' bad motherfuckers You want lumps? We got some, worse than that we got guns from hot ones, to legal shotguns, hold up I'm not done Oowops son, and mad Glock 9's, the red dot kind to make a snake hit the bricks like stopsigns, you feel me? [Ruck] At the same time, you can catch me on corners yeah smokin trees hopin these, niggaz don't battle the Ruckus vocally Potentcy, that's what I'm kickin while all you jokers be on some bullshit, niggaz you movin at a slower speed You know it's the, Show After-Party Hotel like Jodeci Make me blow the back out these bitches bangin they ovaries I know you be, on my dick Pah but yo I totally Smack the shit out of any nigga I think that's clonin me [Daz] Now who, wants to be a real dope MC Like Heltah Skeltah and the D-P-G Swervin all through your fuckin town And layin punk motherfuckers down, hah! [Kurupt] Man, these niggaz servin me? I thinks not That's facin a blizzard in a fuckin tanktop I took tricks to New Jerz to Cape Cod You could be adventureous up against tremendous odds And face a poltergeist, I bring it to you nice And have the whole scenery surrounded like the vice Who could it be comin through in all blue? Dogg Pound Gangstaz, number one, number two Never evade the principle, the top principal Up against the top invincible, rhyme assassin I lay the cards on the table, take a pick The wrong choice'll get your whole chest cavity split That's when all the bullshit ceases, this whole frame and format crumble right before his eyes into pieces Fake ass assassin with no heart and no mind No money, no hoes, no flows, and no rhymes Waitin for poetical Satan, creatin slaughters Runnin through camps like Walter Payton I'm all about money makin, and not makin mistakes You're only worth what you create in the garden of snakes Motherfucker [Daz] Yeah, and that's how we do it Heltah Skeltah and Tha Dogg Pound Runnin this motherfucker Yeah!

We Were Born To Be Loved

King's X "Faith Hope Love"
i could shout from a rooftop how i really feel do you really want to know do you really care i could silently scream so you never hear somebody said you must rise above it all cause we were born to be loved somebody said read the writing on the wall we were born to be loved how the meaning changes when the screaming hits your ears do you hear and do you really care can you count the reasons why we have so many fears as big heart lonely eyes a child plays with toys to soon to realize to stop playin take it all inside all he wanted was love he remembers how that nobody cared he was alone with everybody there took a chance and got outta there all he wanted was love the mouth of the fool was a whip on his back hes got the scars to prove it a broken heart a matter of fact but he knows how to use it happy endings are not just for tv broken hearts dont lose one piece of the puzzle and the beatles said all you need is love i could point the finger but theres too much inside here

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