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Roy Harper lyrics

Little Lady

Original and similar lyrics
I once held a lantern of love in my hands She was all I could see Kicking the brown leaves of childhoold around us We danced the deep sea That welled from the spring of the boy that I was Held in her flame Feeling her learning Watching her burning To see the first man I became Little lady Who made me Was it you Or is it that old unforgiveness That I can't forget I was her warchild and she was my wildcat We lived in a dream Broke up for summer unfolding the secret And woke up downstream Facing the current that said that we couldn't Go on Tearing the seed out With sharp tongues And no doubt Before it was born Little lady, etc Sometimes I cry in the flood of my guts Laughing in sadness Bursting with rage in the wounds of revenge Bleeding forgiveness It isn't you love or anything new I just tasted It's myself standing Standing watching me, Getting hung up Spaced and wasted Little lady, etc

Carried Into Redemption

Rickie Lee Jones "The Evening Of My Best Day"
I know that lizards like jelly, because i have fed wild geckos on the roof of my hut in the seychelles islands. she was called the morning lizard, and i would drop clear ponds From the tips of my fingers for her to drink, and drop gobs of silly flavored jelly on the counter for her to lick. I know that it is possible to become intimate with a stranger, from a distance, across time and continents, because i have knelt before a young master in a very private tea Ceremony. i watched him move, whisk, wipe, fold, touch, offer, drink, enter, exit, Well this one wasn't so good. I have debuted at carnegie hall. I have been homeless, panhandled on the streets. I have witnessed death, and birth, and graduation. I have been told to leave, and invited to stay. I went to a big new years eve party in new york city, with many famous people, the mayor, baryshnikov, jessica lange, I was at the opening of the film which one best film that year. I was kicked out of high school I was given the key to the city of baltimore. What a kick. i'd like more of those. i was arrested I am the highest point of my family tree. i call them to fruition, i sing them themes about the beautiful sky, but they cannot see it. there is a canopy above them, being Woven out of determination to grow. out of the legacy of pain. i call them but they do not come, they cannot come, no sun hits them. I have swum with turtles in the open sea. I found ancient, rusty nails on the shore. And written about the boat, the sailors, and their homes , from one piece of survival. I grew up in a hospital, watching my brother die. I grew up in a hotel room , watching my mother bring home left over food.for our dinner. I have cried my self to sleep by the cold sea, with no coat or blanket or dime for the phone, And awakened in the warm sun, in his arms, hearing his grunts and the rustling of his leaves, his great purring And measured love by these things, And so love became a fearful calm, And i have always run Back to the storm The lion completed, weakened by love, Send me back to the hunt My lord I have turned my back to the sunrise from hotel rooms And called out the name of the setting sun from the desert floor I've been where it was happening I have made it happen I have walked down tiny lanes alone, for miles I have planned revolutions I have carved myself into moderation I abandon my own shadow I have been attacked by droves of red ants. By crazy horses By crazy people I have been carried all the way, by someone, now and then But he is always too tired to stay then And i hate him for loving my weakness I have been in a helicopter, flying over the alaskan glaciers, and i have been in the concord, faster than sound. As much as i have learned camouflage, i have left my broken body on the plains at dusk I been in a jet when the oxygen masks dropped I came out to the car and my daughter was gone from her car seat. She had followed me in. All of it is written over and over again. I have skiied, water skiied, raced in the water, i have played baseball and cards. I learned chess at 8, when i learned my funny valentine. I met bob dylan. He called me a poet. I rode with maximilian shell, and leonard cohen in the same elevator.on different occasio

Standing Stones

In one of these lonely Orkney Isles There dwelled a maiden fair. Her cheeks were red, her eyes were blue She had yellow, curling hair. Which caught the eye and then the heart Of one who could never be A lover of so true a mind Or fair a form as she. Across the lake in Sandwick Dwelled a youth she held most true, And ever since her infancy He had watched these eyes so blue. The land runs out to the sea - It's a narrow neck of land - Where weird and grim the Standing Stones In a circle where they stand. One bonny moonlight Christmas Eve They met at that sad place. With her heart in glee and the beams of love Were shining on her face When her lover came and he grasped her hand And what loving words they said They talked of future's happy days, As through the stones they strayed. They walked toward the lovers' stone And through it passed their hands. They plighted there a constant troth Sealed by love's steadfast bands He kissed his maid and then he watched her That lonely bridge go o'er. For little, little did he think He wouldn't see his darling more. CHORUS Standing Stones of the Orkney Isles Gazing out to sea Standing Stones of the Orkney Isles Bring my love to me. He turned his face toward his home That home he did never see And you shall have the story As it was told to me. When a form upon him sprang With a dagger gleaming bright It pierced his heart and his dying screams Disturbed the silent night. This maid had nearly reached her home When she was startled by a cry. And she turned to look around her And her love was standing by His hand was pointing to the stars And his eyes gazed at the light. And with a smiling countenance He vanished from her sight. She quickly turned and home she ran Not a word of this was said, For well she knew at seeing his form That her faithful love was dead. And from that day she pined away, Not a smile seen on her face, And with outstretched arms she went to meet him In a brighter place.

Blue Boy

JONI MITCHELL "Ladies Of The Canyon"
Lady called the blue boy, love, She took him home Made himself an idol, yes, So he turned to stone Like a pilgrim she travelled Ta place her flowers Before his granite grace And she prayed aloud for love To waken in his face In his face, oh __________ Sometimes in the evening He would read to her Roll her in his arms And give his seed to her She would wake in the morning Without him And go to the window And look out thru the pain But the statue in her garden He always looked the same He looked the same, ah _________ Bring her boots of leather And she will dance for him Shyly from a feather fan She'll glance for him Here he comes after midnight To find her again He will come a few times more Till he finds a lady statue Standing in a door In her door, oh __________

Lady Killer

KANO "Method To The Maadness"
Watch how i steal her heart like and old school villian armed robbery slide down from the cieling Hand cuff first tie her up by the bed Strip search her from the toes to the head I know i keep poseing a threat So you can forget the code word, code red shhhh dont tell nobody coz everybody knows in former for dead creep in the club jump out of the van trap door back door hold up my gang looking for a target to swim on Get my Jason Bourne on your for real im for realer im count drac your dinner smooth criminal but more like an 80s thriller coz im a lady killer i love it like achian hardfood im a teachers pet in the classroom but i still attend detentions in the afternoon soo i can try steal her heart soon she was like no at first still i made her say oh yes like churchill she sends me pictures on the internet Thats because i got the lace effect she lets me break all the rules even let me skip class in the school hall i know asher roff said he loved college but boy i love schoool coz that lesson last week was awflie crazy yo i wish we taped it coz she taught me things that i never new, A stared me to coz im a lady killerrrr when i say im gonna kill a woman i dont mean it literally i said lips so black one day i kill them instantly i never said sing for mee i just done sumthing that ive been mass murdered i take a woman to the highest attitude if you fell shaken up tell her thats turbulence the last man went as fly as i everytime i hit her im delivering a dinner i feel the belly up im heading up for the liquor oh my god telling her words were realer bigger than the average nigga because im a lady killer

Pina Coladas

I was tired of my lady We'd been together too long Like a worn-out recording Of a favorite song So while she lay there sleepin I read the paper in bed And in the personal columns There was this letter I read: If you like pina coladas And getting caught in the rain If you're not into yoga If you have half a brain If you like making love at midnight In the dunes on the cape Then I'm the love that you've looked for Write to me and escape I didn't think about my lady I know that sounds kinda mean But me and my old lady Had fallen into the same old dull routine So I wrote to the paper Took out a personal ad And though I'm nobody's poet I thought it wasn't half bad Yes I like pina coladas And getting caught in the rain I'm not much into health food I am into champagne I've got to meet you by tomorrow noon And cut through all this red tape At a bar called O'Malleys Where we'll plan our escape So I waited with high hopes And she walked in the place I knew her smile in an instant I knew the curve of her face It was my own lovely lady And she said, oh it's you Then we laughed for a moment And I said, I never knew That you liked pina coladas And getting caught in the rain And the feel of the ocean And the taste of the champagne If you like making love at midnight In the dunes on the cape You're the lady I've looked for Come with me and escape If you like pina coladas And getting caught in the rain If you're not into yoga If you have half a brain If you like making love at midnight In the dunes on the summer cape Then I'm the love that you've looked for Write to me and escape Yes I like pina coladas And getting caught in the rain I'm not much into health food I am into champagne I've got to meet you by tomorrow noon And cut through all this red tape At a bar called O'Malleys Where we'll plan our escape...

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