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ROONEY lyrics - Rooney

I'm Shakin'

Original and similar lyrics
'I'm Shakin'' I've forgotten what it feels like to feel normal To be normal I've forgotten what food tastes like The way it tastes right The taste buds taste right I wake up in so much spit and sweat, it is not normal What is normal? I go to bed When I wake up After cleaning all All of the spit and sweat I'm sha sha shakin, sha shakin' x7 (around 7) I'm sha sha shakin, I'm shakin' now I tossed and turned all night 'cause I, cause I was looking for an ending This was so because I watched all day The neverending story with Atreyu The next day came but not a beam of light Because the blinds were shut Sha sha sha shut so tight I fell out of bed laced with spit and sweat It made me very cold It made me very cold I'm sha sha shakin, sha shakin' x7 (around 7) I'm sha sha shakin, I'm shakin' now I'm supposed to feel better This nightmare supposed to end I'm holding on I'm holding on I'm holding on I'm holding on I'm sha sha shakin, sha shakin' x7 (around 7) I'm sha sha shakin, I'm shakin' now I'm sha sha shakin, sha shakin' I'm sha sha shakin, I'm shakin' now


AESOP ROCK "Labor Days"
Raw, I'm going to give it to you With no trivia Raw like that Aesop rock iron-fisted blissed felicia While bent funny bone grown community Spit a thousand m-1 ripples to cripple the continuity Tap water builds character Right I irrigate it straight to mainline You want to do the same? Fine These pretty profit grommet teams solidify the clot to slippery city salt piston pump drain But hold those incredible console with the Russian roulette baboon spin-off Where everyday a thousand strangers pray for empty chambers One-sixth buckle Five Sixths sweat bullets trying to keep it subtle But I'll get you (I'm going to get you) Wobbly rope bridge Broke inches tired of dry land But duck skull stepping-stones suit the mix-down well Well, when the rumor spreads that y'all stupid I'll be the cat with guilty look on face and shirt that reads: I didn't do it! Is it on, is it beyond basic Does it ice grill you or is every song faceless? Does it have a title? If didn't would you name it? Does it babble about nothing like a drunken atheist? We could run that Or' Wells '84 war For the room 1 on 1 z-tour Till he try and fidgets with his or her own work spear specifics Swerve around the cobra kisses See if the venom overloads this vision I'm going to suck the poison out and spit it Stole my sneakers but your features never fit in Servers you right for trying to walk a mile outside your limits I'm going to tiptoe across this yo-yo string Until you walk the dog out from under my feet and skip town, sit down [Chorus] It goes boom boom boom Boombox Earth to a-r vertical burden has increased at an alarming rate This is down a point Murder up, glee down and still falling Still crawling out of bed at 2 on Saturdays Came this blind soldier-burning confessional Ease back; let a heart thump echo normalcy for 10 Let the back burner boiling point descend I race the derby in the first heat (strike personal) Strike personal space with the most utterly putrid version of grace Spit the gimmick, sit and fidget While we try and jump through hoops Like Coney Island freak show midgets Want to be a fighter pilot Driving that childish early Wright brothers experiment Prototypic model fossil Sit and sweat bullets on a console Busting accidental dirt bike donuts Outside the most ridiculous poison tongue brain silo Dead before the chubby decry ton conquered the high note School by the cruel intention inventions pensive sideshow See contrary to popular certainty I alone advance without an earthly poem And dance on a handful of zoning fans Holding every chance to own the land I roam With dome in hands Truly be its only camper happy with the scrap heap See I convinced myself it's on Therefore it is and the melody settles Beneath the fact that I'm just spitting for these kids I tried to get them all open And once I quit and said I didn't care That's when they all threw their hands up in the air [Chorus] It goes boom boom boom Boombox

I'm Shakin'

JACK WHITE "Blunderbuss"
Yeah, when you touch my hand and talk sweet talk I got a knockin' in my knees, and a wobblin' in my walk And I'm tremblin' That's right, you got me shakin' When you take me in your arms and talk romance My heart starts doing that St. Rita dance And I'm bendin' Ohh and I'm shakin' Early in the morning time Late in the middle of the night Whenever this chill comes over me I wanna hug you with all of my might That's right and I'm sweatin' Oh, yeah you got me shakin' Mmm, you got me sweatin' Ohh, yeah you got me shakin' girl A chill and a fever, so I've been told Makes your head spin around and your feet run cold I got fever, yeah Fever, yeah, I burn for sure I feel like I've been run right through the mill And I can't move around and I can't stand still I'm Bo Diddley Oh, you got me shakin' I'm so jittery That's right, you got me shakin' Well Samson was a mighty good man Strongest in his day (Then along came Delilah and clipped his wing) And it looks like you took me the same old way So I'm nervous Oh and I'm shakin' Alright, you got me nervous Yeah I'm shakin' and jumpin' A storm rocks a ship on a sea (A storm rocks a ship on a sea) The wind shakes the leaves on a tree (The wind shakes the leaves on a tree) And I'm a nervous wreck and I'm all shook up And that's what you're doin' to me right now And I'm jumpin' That's right, you got me shakin' Ohh and I'm jumpin' That's right, you got me shakin' Ohh, you got me shakin' That's right, you got me nervous But now I'm shakin' Ohh, you got me shakin'

Turn It Out (Intro)

JERMAINE DUPRI (JD) "Life In 1472"
[Nas] Spit at the world My lyrics, I could spit at your girl Spit when I hurl, spit on the Dutch and finish the twirl Spit facts, spit on whacks my whole lifetime Spit on my watch, make the ice shine Spit trife lines, .44 spit slugs out Ready to thug out at the clubhouse Chickens who lickin' or spit a nut out My name within itself is a language that bring you wealth Careful, comin' at me is like hangin' yourself at a..... I know you thought I'd be locked up Dead by now, shot up, full of lead by now Got up wit' JD doh', crazy dough Queens with the So So Def, A-T-L's best (yeah I know) Every ride up the 9-5, fly friendly skies Thug passion for J Doves, Henneys for Nas Then we mix that shit, tip that shit Pass it around, hook the hood, everybody get wit' it [Chorus] [Nas] Through thick and thin, from beginning to the end Never do I lose, all I do is win Cause Queens Bridge is in the house This is Nas Escobar and I turns it out [JD] Through thick and thin, from beginning to the end Never do I lose, all I do is win Cause Collin Park is in the house They call me Don Chi Chi and I turns it out [JD] I'm sumpin' y'all dread like locks, get bread by the flocks Bitches love me and I'm duggy from the head to the socks Too much to handle, here da man of the year Hit rooms and light'em up like a chandelier From C-P to the Bridge, y'all know what it is Been gettin' money like this since I was a kid I'm in the corner with bitches and buckets of Cris Pourin' at the most goin'est nigga wit' shit that showin' it Now look at my ice, look at your ice, DAMN Look at my life, look at your life, DAMN See, I got niggas wantin' to drop me, top me, stop me Copy Chi to the T cause I'm nice in the 3 black same color AMG's T.V's, front and back pack with nuttin' but ladies You can look up or down, right or left But all you gon' hear and see is So So Def [Chorus, JD then Nas] Touch the whole global with cold vocals and dark words Vocal cords translate what my drunk heart slurs Chest clogged up with sparked up herb, I feel faint Tryin' to hold myself together, coulda spilt my own drink All I hear is beats bumpin', I'm seein' in doubles Last thing I need to happen is to be in a scuffle Where my dogs at? These ain't my niggas I loah Help the guard, forgot my niggas took some girls to the car Tryin' to make it through the crowd, which way is out? Which way is around? These grimy motherfucker's pointin' me out I wish I had the drink, but then I'm too intoxed to aim and put the clip in It's like the floor's wet and every step is like I'm slippin' And yo, I can't lose a step, I feel my enemies followin' All I got as a weapon is this Hennessee bottle I'm talkin' to myself, my peoples should be stickin' with me Somebody grabbed me up, "Yo Nas, come take this picture wit' me" My ice strillon, I'm feelin' my arm Thought my Roley was gone, now I wanna swing but I'm calm Still got that, DJ musta threw on another hot track Think it was this one here, bounce to that Too much Thug Passion and smokin' Made it outside, mouth wide, vomittin', gaggin' and chokin' From behind, niggas plottin' and scopin' Everything was blurry at first, but now shit is movin' in slow motion I saw my niggas pull up, Perelli's they skidded They open the car door and toss-ed me in it My cats tried to rob me, the crowd was rowdy But one thing's for sure, So So Def know how to party [Backdrop] All night long {'til when?} Til the early morn (it don't stop) And uh (it don't quit) And uh (So So Def with the dope shit, bitch!)

A Day At The Races

JURASSIC 5 "Power In Numbers"
[Akil] Yo, my metaphor, my musical madness Move and motivate those with musical talents, uhh Read it in bold print, we holdin it down Lick a shot, hip-hop when we in yo' town Uhh, master blaster sound Freak the future far from here and now With style, release increase the peace, uhh Bubble with the beat 'til they feelin the heat in the streets Now each one, teach one, reach one, young gun On one, listen to the warrior's drum Beatin up the block with the ghetto hop that knock and make you wanna crash the spot And unlock explode (BOOM) the alpha and omega code With drum rolls and old soul, we uphold And foretold to scores of six years ago Fast flow from G. Rap to Kool Moe Supasyllable, major to the minimal Every individual, bounce to the tempo yo Lungs collapse and raps be trapped in The only way to make it happen, jaw-jappin, fast rappin [Zaakir] Yo, I'm the hot dog that run the hottest monologue In star poetic inserts and yes y'all s My speech is like holding two glocks apiece The outreach that rock police The super adventure men portend to put somethin in bitches Win when we write, the Emmy winner get hyped, off any printer And I came to get it (HIT IT) Like Operation PUSH, operate the tush Black octopus of soul, in inter-planetary patrol I planted my gold, and low and behold It's the brother doc, ready to rock-rock Don't stop Hobbes, I known like the lumberjack chop chop The wordsmith, I write in block letters of cursive Curse my circus, serve this surface And watch how the brother fet over The fly Cassanova with the frankencense odor [Percy P] Bear witness To where riches'll make career bitches share pictures When the ears get this ya brainses software'll glitches Splatter your brains Leave scattered remains of matter and stains That'll explain how you was battled and slain I get rude and go, to your show and use a row of fans to BOO and throw you off 'til you lose your flow A pro mean like Joe Greene when I blow theme Put your whole team on pause like cold cream Then show laughter when I flow faster, your hoe haveta go after her weave from the breeze when I blow past ya I'm dapper plus ghetto and just pedal When the dust settles we left in the rubble the crushed metal Nurses with hearses sealin conversed with lit purses Spit fire, make you first to bit, try me Like Osama, odoma', I'ma cause trauma And homicides when I collide I get kamikaze [Big Daddy Kane] Kane baby, walk hard, the p-jects On streets of Brooklyn I'm a crew of D-cepts On streets of L.A. I'm a whole E-set On tracks with Jurassic I be the T-Rex Still that Gucci dressin, still that coochie pressin My pimp game smooth be-gets 'em I don't use discretion; cop tends to be stressin Fuck explainin it, who's he testin? Finsta perform all physical forms Leave your ass shakin like a Mystikal song Please Dumb, what type of shit was you on? Cause man to compress a nigga mean One less a nigga (uh-huh) All I want is my niggaz all recruitin a slimmy All I want is my liver all polluted with Remi Duel with any, bring it, I face-off Son you out your league like Jordan was with baseball [Chali 2na] Yeahhh, your majesty, word flash photography Third class economy, blade slashed your artery Nerve gassed anatomy, blurred past dramatically Herbs hashed, my word splash packed agility Never predictability Manouvers of mind fully designed cause I'm true to the rhyme We do the sublime, crackin yo' backbone Attackin you wack clones Vernacular right and exact, capital rap zone that come back verbal assault rifle (ahhhhh) We fight like Stokely Carmichael Nope! We just like you We broke and ain't no tellin what we might do Ain't no joke Provoke the right to reverse to seek mercy with the King Asiatic and Percy P Ain't heard the worst of me, until your chest 3-D Spit venom and burn your body like a STD [Marc 7] Put a 20 on the next brother steppin to me wrong I mess around a lick cause you done cheat on my theme song This might seem wrong, but this is a mean song Crushed like King-Kong, and just like ping-pong Back and forth, I spit knowl' and toss, it's time to floss My verbal affirmation is to always go off When syllables slide you'll be enjoyin the vibe When consider it pride, it's J5 When another deadly medley, camera action yo we heavy Aim steady slash machette Mazeratti engine ready Good and plenty don't be petty count the fetti and we jetti OFF to another city where we do our nitty grity We wild like Serengeti, tear it down let's seek and set it Get ready, for the ride, verbally hand-glide Write and stay tight, mission's in sight Murderer worldwide the stage is yo' knife

Dream On

JOELL ORTIZ "House Slippers"
They consider this shit backpacking when a nigga just love rapping Club packing, word flipping acronym acrobating Verb spitting and nouns only your mind fathom Synchronize with the drum on Ill Mind pattern Long as I got this beat in heart, I’m ripping beats apart I ain't know myself when [?], and still piece of art No frat boys, no skinny jeans I’m more like the Fat Boys and Heavy D In ’86 spitting free in the park I’ve been patiently waiting Busting my brain and creating this album making a statement Its understatement, I’m taking rap flow to plateau These assholes you clap fo’ Just can’t go they mad slow this fast forward Thinking [?] we skipping pass those Theatrical fiascoes in your whack show I’m baffled by the skill you niggas lack though Choruses repeating, its boring whatchu speaking I’m at war with all you heathens I’m a warrior emceeing. Man I’m killing ‘em [Samples:] "He’s back give him room to breath" "Ortiz don’t confuse me with these other cats" "The best across the board" "New York" "When I'm holding this mic I don't just speak" "He’s back give him room to breath" "Be proud of me and coming up in rap" "The best across the board" "When I'm holding this mic I don't just speak" Niggas tiptoe all around me, bunch of ballerinas I see ya’ll calling out of work with the coward fever Shit, I wouldn’t want it with the Yaowa either [?] Nigga line a hundred niggas up and watch a hundred niggas drop In hundred different spot, bunch of Dalmatians I play this fire in my drive when I’m riding through your block Lifting everybody up call that salvation [Samples:] "He’s back give him room to breath" "Ortiz don’t confuse me with these other cats" "The best across the board" "New York" "When I'm holding this mic I don't just speak" "He’s back give him room to breath" "JO E double L O" "Another Yaowa champ when I touch the mic" "When I'm holding this mic I don't just speak" I deliver you from either when you’re listening to yo’ speakers turned up Like the club, yeah I get in with my sneakers and my workout [?] Feel my dick through these Adidas sweatpants I don’t dance, two stepping with a leader of whateva But whateva though I’m clever so ya’ll never know When I’mma lead [?] kicking better flow Dan dan dan dan, I’m telling ya’ll its about to go down

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