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Roger Miller lyrics - Best Of-His Greatest Songs

Dang Me

Original and similar lyrics
Well, here I sat high, getting ideas. I ain't nothing but a fool to live like this. Out all night, and running wild, Woman sitting home with a month old child. So: CHORUS So Dang me, Dang me They ought to take a rope and hang me. High, from the highest tree. Woman would you weep for me BeupBeupBeupBeupBeupBeupBuem One More BeupBeupBeupBeupBeupBeupBuem Just sitting round drinking with the rest of the guys. Six rounds bought, and I bought five. Spent the groceries and half the rent, Like 14 dollers and 27 cents. REPEAT CHORUS They say roses are red, and violets are purple Sugars sweet and so is maple suprple. But I'm the seventh out of the seven sons. My daddy was a pistol, I'm a son of a gun. REPEAT CHORUS

Natures Gift

RICK ASTLEY "Body & Soul"
Everybody needs a woman in their life A mother or a sister, a man may need a wife If you have a woman in your life Don't take her for granted you'll regret it by and by (Chorus) Don't use her or abuse her, or you'll lose her She filled with emotion, strong as the sea Deep as an ocean, and she'll always be So high on her feelings, high on my list She's everything, she is nature's gift Give her the attention that she's worthy of Show her some respect And don't take advantage of the fact that she loves you (Repeat chorus) Mother nature gave us Mother nature gave us this creation Mother nature gave us Mother nature gave us this creation Someone you can count on, She'll always be there whenever you need her (Repeat chorus) Weary from giving so much of herself Never complaining, always seems So high on her feeling, so high on my list She's everything she is nature's gift

Platinum Blonde

Graham Parker "Burning Questions"
Intro - Country picking oohs G Em C D G Em C Am7 G Stuff comes down from the golden triangle on ferries from Denmark to helsingborg G Em C Am7 G The band strikes up but they're out of time on synthesiser and washboard Em D C D wooden tulips grow by the roadside made in a factory in jonjoping Em D C D fake glass baubles hang in the station just like the passenger's imitation Am Em C Em then it hits you she was just the dregs all you wanna do now is break her legs Am Em D kick that brunette into a pond replace her with a CHORUS D C G C G C G C platinum blonde, platinum blonde, platinum blonde, platinum blonde There's a secret world that you cannot enter it's in the center of the darkest night she's waiting there with a set of works a Swedish passport and something white she walks past but you can't form a whistle even her lips look artificial you wanna follow her but you can't swallow her act it seems so superficial now you've shed the old one like a worn out shoe It was all your fault but you blame her too you know its phoney but at least it's new and it comes from a bottle like chorus repeat last part of Intro repeat with solo And in your heart there's a new addiction another friction that you can't resolve she seemed alive but she is just a cipher an imaginary postcard that just dissolved endless sunsets glow in the distance painted by picasso's assistants Perfect people travel in volvos into the sunsets into the distance you're just a passenger she's not a ticket a foreign stamp you've got to lick it put it in the mail box put it in the failbox you never seem to learn from the school of hard knocks then she walks past and laughs at the pond you can't break a heart that doesn't respond, like chorus repeat intro picking

Mad Mad World

Tom Cochrane "Mad Mad World"
I was standing with my paper there minding my own news For everything that someone said someone else had a different view I watched the whole thing there unfold upon my T.V. screen 'A new World Order is on its way' Well pass the popcorn please You don't mean to tell me no one here is going to get hurt When there's folks at home who eat dog food they can't afford a shirt Sure find out real fast who's a sitting duck When it's a Mad mad world Shake your hands and say good luck. It's a . . . Mad mad world I cannot believe this stuff. It's a . . . Mad mad world Getting madder every day Mad mad world Get involved and they blow you away Sure find out real fast when you're a sitting duck That it's a mad mad world A little man sits up way high way up above the crowd Can you make them dance real fast Can you make them cheer real loud Money doesn't talk it swears It sounds like a big machine A voice on high says you reap what you sow Just keep your own nose clean More smoke fills up the air More toxins up the creek And that's when the cash it changes hands so we turn the other cheek Sure find out real fast just when you've had enough that it's a Chorus He walks into the office and he finds a big pink slip It says 'You are no longer needed here so take a good long trip.' You can take your gold watch and stick it you know where cause he's fired up and he's jacked up and he's loaded up for bear Chorus

Feel Good Hit Of The Summer Part 2

[Slug] This, this is your... day Little Pat, the fuck was that? I won't lie little homie, they opened up doors for me Still hoping there's a moral to that story I think about all the time dedicated to getting inebriated We did it just for the sake of it Your family physician is a dope man That new prescription got you open Came a long way from visions of spirits Now we getting lifted off the cough syrups I saw up close how fucked up coke was So I was always too neurotic for the powder narcotics Huh, but I'm a pot head, functional alcoholic I don't binge though, I understand the logic I like hash but that shit's always hidden and I've never seen peyote here in my jurisdiction Never used a needle but I know bout the sweats cause I'm addicted to coffee, cigarettes, probably sex Ecstasy is too damn strong for me and the intensity lasts too long for me Plus I figure I don't need any buzz to make me any more needy than I already was Huh, and to be real I don't trust them pills Somebody's mobile home laboratory up in the hills Or maybe bikers in a basement, dirty and nervous Tryna measure out the right amount of laundry detergent Hallucinogenics, who's tempted to bend your perception for a few seconds? Actually it's like a half-day gave away A deal that you made to do nothing but play and pray Please dear God, don't want to vomit again I promise from now on I'll stick to marijuana plants Mushrooms and me will not be friends until the next time that Nate shows up with tops and stems Gobble 'em, yum, no, tastes like shit But you'll forget about that once they kick And for me acid was the same trip until the part came where you wonder what it's made with Think about it, you're so high sitting there Thinking about thinking about it, so high sitting there Strict nine-six, vision impaired Found the meaning of existing on the floor in your kitchen, yeah I ain't gonna tell you that you better not do it But master your high, try not to abuse it Stay away from me if your life's getting stupid and please stop pretending that it makes better music

One Woman Man

DAVE HOLLISTER "Chicago 85: The Movie"
One Woman Man It's so funny runnin' into you It has to be three years Since we last seen each other Many flashbacks come to mind Of the wild and crazy times We used to have with one another We absolutely didn't care We would do it anywhere Eye contact, and it was over But that's when I was wildin' out I couldn't care less about Someone gettin' hurt I've done my share of dirt But I done wised up 1 - Seein' you reminds me of All the nights I used to beat it up I would do it again, but I can't Cuz everything is different now I finally have settled down And became a one woman man Ooh There were many others after you Quite a few one night stands Some of their names I can't remember Imagine wakin' up to someone new You barely even knew Time and time again But there's someone for everyone I've been blessed to find that one Who makes me feel like no other You are lookin' good as hell But I can't go home with you Because I'm goin' home to her Repeat 1 Long gone, are the days When I ran the streets Tryin' to get laid Ooh, and now (See now that I found the love of my life) (I don't have to trick no more) Girl, it was nice seein' you But I gotta go home to my baby Repeat 1 to fade

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