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RODNEY ATKINS lyrics - If You're Going Through Hell

About The South

Original and similar lyrics
Fried pickles, drunk chicken, craw fishing in the creek Wild turkey, deer jerky tough as Tarzan's feet Hot women skinny swimmin', barely belly button deep Turn muddy river water into sweet, sweet tea Hayloft lovin' in the holler behind the house No doubt about what I love about the south Loretta lynn, maker's mark, that's Kentucky as can be Jack Daniels, Dolly Parton, oh the hills of Tennessee Finger pickin', bluegrass blowing in the wind around here We believe the book of john and we drive John Deeres The devil came to Georgia, Mr. Daniels showed him out No doubt about it what I love about the south [Chorus] What I love about the south If you need a Dixie Fix just come on down That's what I love about the south Southern bells with a drawl Make you stop and drop your jaw Come on ya'll shut your mouth That's what I love about the south Grew up down here and it's where I'll grow my kids Old McDonald had a daughter, get her done got her did Corn grows in rows on a cob but it flows from a jar In a rocky top bar A little fountain from the mountain Even made the possum shout That's what I love about the south [Repeat chorus]

Sweet Marie

[Kardinal Offishall] Sweet Marie CHORUS [Nicole Sinclair] So sweet so sweet so sweet Oh sweet Marie, Marie, Marie So sweet so sweet so sweet Oh come on, sweet Marie So sweet so sweet so sweet Yeah So sweet so sweet so sweet [Kardinal Offishall] Sweetest Marie, it is to thee that I dedicate Me, myself and I for all of eterni-tie Without you I wouldn't have made it this far, this far Tell me how to live right and how to live wrong too But it only made me stronger Wisest of wise enough, strongest of the strong Now who love what I see In life, before me, stands a headstrong woman Overworked and underpaid, stress ridden First class middle class person Type rehearsing of your values Made an easy path for me to be who I be (let's see) One half of my creation, 100% Jamaican 50% T-dot, 50% not anything mentioned before But pure unadulterated love Even though sometimes I can't get down with your actions I'm passing that, for the positive things that I see in you Dedicated to the one sweet Marie [CHORUS] [Kardinal Offishall] Giving birth to a black man in this land Is similar to angels being placed in the palm of the devil's hand Corruption all around and surrounded by greed and lust And trust (trust), that you will appear when the sun But I am not one, all praises due to my mother I love my father too, but sweet Marie there ain't no other That show me more than you, how to stay out of the devil's reaches Pushing me to profit, rocking funky in peaches Society's leeches, teachers do yourself And all your sister's need, in pursuit of higher wealth Sweet Marie regardless of the treatment of your family Despite of what you don't have, you'll always have me 'Cause me and you we're tight, you respect my life's path When I'm in a position, in those who deserve it feel the wrath Of disrespecting you, we have the highest principles of blood It runs thicker than water, but hurts That's when eye's blood, sweet Marie [CHORUS] [Kardinal Offishall] Staying at a friend's house, 'cause Hydro is not paid Suffering in the dead of winter left dreaming of a grave Or atleast someone to save, is the feelings I remember Cold play in the Shakespeare on the Holy in December Never lived in the ghetto but suffer the circumstance Circumstantial evidence reveals the nature of my residence My presence and present, is the love and strength of blackness Fibers of a genocide and presence during Mantis(?) Because of my Mom, I've experienced parts of life My nigga could not relate to, but whose to shay that it's for better Couldn't afford to buy me leather, but my body stayed warm Couldn't afford to buy me diamonds, but I still had charm She could afford to give me knowledge, and teach to speak truth She taught me black lies were white reali-tie Forever and a day gee, I will bleed for my family F-O-S brothers and the one sweet Marie [CHORUS]

Your Sweet Love

AL JARREAU "This Time"
And when I thought my flame was out You entered in I look around I feel the same as before I'm on the ground I'm dreaming away, but you know I would trade all of my daydreams for some wings A sparrow sings The thrill was gone But like the summer The spring Will bring the dawn And I'll be singing your song For a wondrous new change is Taking me up to heaven Your sweet love - brighter than light - Streaking like a starship - Your sweet love - brightens the night - Gleaming down on our ship Your sweet love - making me realize That heaven is right here in your eyes I look around It's not the same as before I'm on the ground But now I'm singing your song For this wondrous new change Is taking me up to heaven [CHORUS:] [Instrumental and Voice] And when I thought my flame was out You entered in I thank the stars But you know as often I thank the things you are And all I offer Just longs for that wondrous new change That's taking me up to heaven [CHORUS:] [CHORUS:] I found my lucky star Was gleaming nightly Your love in starlight Screaming 'round the bend

Bitter Side Of Sweet

Clint Black "Nothin' But The Taillights"
Bitter Side Of Sweet (Clint Black/Hayden Nicholas) She asked me how love gets along with me all by myself. Wonders how I keep from getting dust upon that shelf. She wanted to know how a man like me ends up alone, anyway. 'Was I breakin' all the rules of love and the games that people play. I said not too many hangin' round of all the ones I meet. In time they always find that I'm on the bitter side of sweet. She huddled on the gate on my block where I always catch my bus. An' I hoped it wouldn't stop today, there'd just be the two of us. But it showed up like it always does, about twenty minutes late. I told her it'd right along but she said she couldn't wait. She didn't need any assistance in putting some distance, between us on that empty street. She was of a mind, in record time that I'm on the bitter side of sweet. That I act this was is really no my fault. It just means all the sweet things I got to say, Come along with a grain of salt. It's no wonder I'm not scoring points, I'm always out of bounds. If any wise willed words convince the point, I'm foolish by the pound. An' a fool can see no one believes what's rollin' off my tongue. An' I've never seen a recipe for sweet talkin' anyone. I could have written a book on the lessons I took in the agony of defeat. An showed you all the signs between the lines on the bitter side of sweet. ============================

A Little Bit More

AIR SUPPLY "Mumbo Jumbo"
For certain she the face of springtime, the flowers stood and paid her due And all the folk they sang of a good rhyme While drinking all they wanted to A bitter sweet, this final evening, before he must leave her side They danced around the glass filled tables while fiddlers played so sweet and low Their eyes hard fixed upon each other, how could she ever let him go And when the time it came upon them, she said in case we forget Just a little bit more, just a little bit more The letters came and every single Sunday We all would wait to hear the news She knew her love would be home someday, the only thing she held on to We sang a song just like we used to and she said before we could leave Just a little bit more, just a little bit more That night she heard her true love calling With words that only she could know They held each other till the morning And when it was his time to go She said..... Just a little bit more just a little bit more

Evolution Man

Shawn Mullins "Eggshells"
Evolution Man He's a walkin' contradiction when he sings his verse. He's got a caffeine fix addiction but it could be worse. And he is loved by many understood in time. But it's easier to love him than to try to read his mind. He's a mass of words expression and toil, and his temples in the trees, the water and the soil -- he's a man of evolution, always changing like the seasons. He finds the right solution but gets lost in his own reason, and he's got a ways to go. I know he's doing what he can. Sometimes this world's a lonely place for the evolution man, but she's always been there for him. She's his steady ground, and he'll never ever own her, it's the other way around. 'Cause she's the way out of here, she's the needle in his vein, and he knows she's the only thing that will ever stop the pain. He stands there naked in the light giving all he's got. Most folks don't understand that we're no different than the rocks and stones. To the evolution man she said, 'I got a funny feelin' that I'm headed somewhere new and there ain't no use in stealin' your sweet sweet dream from you 'cause I know you'll find what you want if I set you free... and I'll still be here if you find that what you want is me, 'cause it's a long and lonely road. I know you're doing what you can but I never thought it would be so hard to love the evolution man. You're an evolution man.'

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