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Original and similar lyrics
1974 Into bursting, into flames You burn so brightly To shame the shamed Feeling feelings, were never yours You woke up screaming 1974 1974 74, 74, 74, 74 Child of the 80's The Hillsborough crush That girl in the fourth year That was up the duff Lisa Parkes I loved you But you never saw A year below you 1974 1974 You're face now fear here You're getting skanks Must be a reason why i'm shooting blanks If you were the somewhere Right in my life The only saviour You're mine tonight Big wheel turning Down by the river Found my calling Down by the river Wanna live forever So far so good Now I trust myself better God I wish you would I've never been unfaithful Good with the law I know I've been faithful 1974 1974 I'll die in your footsteps Trade on your name I'll kill you with kindness If you hurt me again Standing in the rain Thinking of you tonight I've been searching for a meaning Trying to find a wife Loving all persons To make it alright I've been singing in the rain Watching over you tonight Stunned by the saddest songs she used to sing Don't look for tomorrow today Goodbye dear Sunday It's been fun now it's Monday Everything's coming up roses Child of the 80's 1974 Child of the 80's 1974 Child of the 80's 1974 Child of the 80's 1974

The Mummer Song

Hark, what's the noise out by the porch door? Dear Granny, there's mummers, there's twenty or more. Her old weathered face lightens up with a grin. Any mummers, nice mummers 'lowed in? Ah, come in lovely mummers, don't bother the snow, We'll wipe up the water sure after you go. And sit if you can upon some mummer's knee. We'll see if we knows who ye be. Ah, there's big ones and small ones, tall ones and thin, There's boys dressed as women and girls dressed as men, With humps on their backs and mitts on their feet, My blessed we'll die with the heat. Well, there's only one here that I think that I know, That tall fellow standing alongside the stove. He's shaking his fist for to make me not tell. Must be Willy from out on the hill. Ah, but that one's a stranger, if ever was one With his underwear stuffed and his trapdoor undone. Is he wearing his mother's big forty-two bra? I knows, but I'm not going to say. Well, I suppose you fine mummers would turn down a drop Of home brew or alky, whatever you got. That one with his rubber boots on the wrong feet Ate enough for to do him all week. Now I suppose you can dance? Sure they all nod their heads. They've been tapping their feet ever since they came in. And now that the drinks have been all passed around, Sure the mummers are plankin' 'er down. (Instrumental break - Bob plays one verse of Deck the Halls on the fiddle) Ah, be careful the lamp! Now hold on to the stove. Don't you swing Granny hard, 'cause you know that she's old. And never you mind how you buckles the floor 'Cause the mummers have danced here before. Oh my God, how hot is it? We'll never know. Allows that we'll all get the devil's own cold. Good night and good Christmas, mummers me dears Please God, we will see you next year Ah, good night and good Christmas, mummers me dears Please God, we will see you next year Please God, we will see you next year.

Soldier In The Rain

England Dan And John Ford Coley
The morning clouds are gathering around As I stand on the bridge of the river Years have gone since I was here And I wonder how I differ Taxi cabs keep rolling by And a blind man asks for change And here I stand a soldier in the rain. Coming home was all I thought of ... Seeing my family and friends They say love knows no distance But the longing never ends And all along the dreams I possessed My heart never were to plain And here I stand a soldier in the rain I remember years ago I had so many plans And now I watch the river flow Time has brought me here With empty hands I remember years ago I had so many plans And now I watch the river flow Time has brought me here With empty hands The morning clouds are gathering around And the streets are full of reflections A traffic light and the moon still bright People going in different directions I've thought about why I'm here Its just too hard to explain And here I stand a soldier in the rain In the rain...


XSCAPE "Hummin' Comin' At Cha"
[Verse One (Kandi):] Come a little bit closer and look into my eyes, If only for a moment, boy don't be surprised. I want you right here next to me, So tell me we can spend some time. So I can hold you softly, In these gentle arms of mine. And the moonlight's gazing,ooh, Shining on my window pane, Beaming down on the midnight hour, I hear the sound of rain. [Chorus:] Tonight, tonight, ooh... Tonight, tonight, ooh... [Verse Two (Tamika):] So why don't you stay awhile, I can't help it if you put me in a daze boy. But you look so good to me, In your satin PJs. So let's make love by candlelight, And listen to the quiet storm. As I kiss you in the places, That make your body warm. [Repeat Chorus] [Break:] I'm holding you [Repeat x6] Holding you tight all through the night [Repeat x2] Looks like it's gonna rain [Repeat x4] Holding you tight all through the night [Repeat x2] Tonight.

Home And Broken Hearted

Chisel Cold
Hiked up to Sydney in the week before Christmas It was thirty-eight degrees in the shade Bought a second-hand Morris for a cheap two-twenty And drove it down to Adelaide She boiled for an hour twenty miles out of Euston I thought the heat would never end But I knew I'd be home for Christmas with my Sandy And a few extra dollars to spend I drove it to the buyer just as fast as I could go I was talking to his teenage son I sure hope it lasted for the poor little bastard At least until he'd had some fun I caught a taxi homeward with great anticipation Thinkin' all you have to do is try There was a note propped up against the dressing table mirror Dear Jimmy, it's over, goodbye! Home and broken hearted I've been pasted to the telephone Boxing Day break was wasted sitting home on my own The beer we bought for Christmas ran dry this afternoon And on the radio it's New Year's Eve What a low down time of the year to pack your luggage and leave Went to a party, tried to drink myself happy The steaks were washed away in the rain Finished up in bed with an old acquaintance She'll never be my friend again And everyone was asking me where's the little woman Rolled home before the rain could stop I've been sitting for days reading pre-Christmas papers With my heels on the table-top

Old Mr. Heffer

4 NON BLONDES "Bigger, Better, Faster, More!"
Stumbled my way on the darkest afternoon I got a beer in my hand and I'm draggin' a stoagle too the back of my brain is tickin' like a clock I simmer down gently but boil on what the f Get back 'cause I'm feelin' good tonight get back 'cause I'm feelin' right Trouble is a word that stars with a capital T I refer myself to the word 'cause I'm so keen little do they know that I'm struttin' such a style it makes the trouble in me all worth the while So get back 'cause I'm feelin' good tonight get back 'cause I'm feelin' right There goes Billy and Susie walkin' hand by hand I quickly caught up slurring yo what's the plan they had fear in their eyes and bellies that ran like dogs I barrelled down laughing screaming Susie you forgot your clogs well, Old Mr. Heffer I'm really pleased to meet you I didn't mean to scare your blue-eyed child but Billy wouldn't talk to me and Susie wouldn't look at me it made me so doggone crazy I had to chase them for a mile all wanted was change for a buck Well I'm back and I'm feelin' good tonight yea I'm back and I'm feelin' right so get back 'cause I'm feelin' right Jesus!

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