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Somebody's Prayin'

Original and similar lyrics
Somebody's prayin, I can feel it Somebody's prayin for me Mighty hands are guiding me to protect what I cant see Lord I believe, Lord I believe That somebody's prayin, for me. Angels are watchin, I can feel it Angels are watchin over me Theres many miles ahead til I get home Still im safely kept before your thrown Cuz Lord I believe, Lord I believe Your angels are watchin over me Well i've walked through barren wilderness When my pillow was a stone And ive been through the darkest caverns where no light had ever shown Still I went on cuz there was someone who was down on their knees And Lord I thank you for those people Prayin all this time For me Somebody's prayin, I can feel it Somebody's prayin for me Mighty hands are guiding me to protect me from what I cant see Lord I believe, Lord I believe Somebod's prayin for me

To The Melody

MICK JENKINS "The Mickstape..."
But now love is so much better And Lord knows if my words don't come together Just listen to the melody Cause my love is in there [Hook:] Just listen to the melody [x3] Baby A nigga feel like going in Feel like letting out the bullshit I've been holding in Music, school and money, on what should I be focusing The jeopardy of choosing the wrong door and opening Fuck it, take the music for a thousand, Alex I'm tryna dress it right, I'm talking thousand island I'm aiming for the pocket, I'm like a thousand linemen I'm in the barbershop searching for the silver lining Can someone tell me how much good will really come from this? Is all that company gonna leave a nigga comfortless? See Drake be talking bout it, how he let it come to this? And if it's true then I don't know how he's functioning But I'm thinking that's the only part you fear about it Cause you can see my eyes gleaming when I hear about it And everybody wanna flow when the boat ride But it's like they all forget they got a fear of drowning [Hook x3] Lord knows they ain't never really had a chance I'm just a killer that ain't never really got a plan I just murder, whatever I do, murder nigga I could have the white moving quicker than an avalanche But I've never seen the purpose in moving a pound When I can get the same paper from moving a noun They tell me stop it, I'm laughing, they saying stop it Bad bitches laugh this is just one big room full of clowns I'm looking round like maybe I shouldn't be here Fuck it I'll just stay and I'll have me a little feast here And for dessert can somebody bring me a chocolate eclair Those are one of my favorites, I'm eating until I make it Lord knows I've been grinding too hard this year Niggas gassed like I'm driving two cars in here And even if they don't feel it, they felt the need to lie So I'm thinking they thinking I'm going far this year Trying to eat, fucking starving artist here [Hook x3]

Too Late For Prayin'

It was only yesterday When I heard the teacher say Patiently, one and two make three We were children, you and me Let us pray for the ones they call The children of today Nothin' left but promises Nothin' much is certain All we see is want and need across the board, why thank you lord We're livin' in the glory of your care Skies of blue have all turned brown To the sound of cryin Lord abide, let us stem the tide Of broken dreams Sometimes you seem to tell us It's too late for prayin' See the ocean wild and blue Think of all that's in her She will not surrender to the likes of us, but then she must They tell us, wise men tell us, it's too late For each child with eyes that smile There'll be ten more cryin' Lord abide, let us stem the time Of helplessness But then I guess we're livin' Is it too late for prayin' Nothin' here but grains of sand Nothin' much worth savin' Guess we've all got problems of our own to bear, and still we share Tomorrow could get better than today To the ones who've loved in vain Will ya be beholden Lord abide, let us stem the tide Of broken dreams Sometimes ya seem to tell us It's too late for prayin'

Cloud Blood

ive been wondering what you meant when you asked do you have a light ive been wondering where you went when you left that party that night cloud blood sweat smeared on the sky its dawns roadkill ive been driving since midnight and im driving still stop on the top of the ridge just to feel the wind on my rand mcnally then i feel the air grow cold as i drift to the first blue of the valley and youre wondering how far down you are on my call back list but you dont realize everytime i find im by a phone the landscape shifts every other song someones trying to write angels enter the world every ace every grace every near miss every decent kiss by a pretty girl she was an angel she looked like an angel and all of the angels did sing and the angels were watching and the angels were listening and the angels were on hand to stand in for everything you can call it magic when a man pulls a rabbit out of a hat but the reason I dont call you is cuz I wonder if there isnt a better word than that and you can call me crazy but I think youre as lazy as white paint on the wall and I know youll only speak to me in dial tones if I call its been way too long since ive been behind the wheel headlights guiding me right through the dark I feel driving, trying hard to resist sleeps first kiss everytime I have time to think I think of this da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da


Tell me who's watching me.. Every day there's camera's flashin' I hide behind dark sunglasses Everyone wants to take a shot Cuz nobody has what I got Steppin out on the scene Living life in a magazine A million eyes I can't avoid In limousines I'm paranoid I always feel like somebody's watchin' me And I have no privacy I always feel like somebody's watchin' me Tell me is it just a dream? The star in my eye is dying Flashbulbs always blinding My lipgloss is shining But that look is lying Fake smiles, let's pretend Everyone acts like they're my friend Build up, knock down, that's the trend I'm not buying it That's why.. I always feel like somebody's watchin' me And I have no privacy I always feel like somebody's watchin' me Who's playin' tricks on me? I always feel like somebody's watchin' me Tell me is it just a dream? Step back! Stop an stare There's people everywhere.. I don't care Stop an stare [Chorus repeats until end]

Preacher's Daughter

ANTHONY HAMILTON "Ain't Nobody Worryin'"
She had a habit tht she couldnt really stop, needed money so she had to hit the block, nobody knew it so she steady had to play a role, went to church, but surely tearin up her soul, she'd repent sometimes, then she'd press rewind, started over messin up her life, couldn't cope so she had to hit a knee slow, started prayin to the lord, she was a Preacher's Daughter Sendin herself the tears [2x] A preachers daughter so she had common sense, it's ashamed the way her life went, he's too busy though, steady savin souls, to realize he lost one of his own, full of pain and stuck out in the dark, I even heard, her father made his mark, now she's confused, now she's about to lose everything she thought she ever owned Preacher's Daughter Sendin herself the tears [2x] [Spoken Word] (its a cryin shame ohh) its a shame she couldnt make a way out now im sittin here twiddlin my thumbs cause her life is gone and her kids are gone and she lost everything, and see her own father was a preacher but he couldnt pray for her cause he was too busy prayin for everybody else and layin hands on all the women in the congregation, but i guess thats what goes on when you walk right and perfect and your whole house seems to be perfect, and behind closed doors, everybody suffers from some kind of demon but nobody knows it, until it all unvails itself, your own daughter is out there locked out in the dark she was a preachers daughter [woman sings] help me lord, help me lord, help me lord, I need you right now, I need you daddy, could you hear me prayin, don't you hear me prayin, (she's somebody's daughter) i need you, say i need you i don't know what to do, I'm, dyin inside, (she's somebody's baby) I can't stop the tears from fallin, i need you i need you i need you daddy, oh i need you

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