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Richard Carpenter lyrics - Time

I'm Still Not Over You

Original and similar lyrics
Just today I saw you smile And it took me back to yesterday You still move me like you did When you read me with your eyes that way Haven't seen you for a while Father Time must be a friend of yours You still take my breath away Do I really have to say How much I want you (*) Just when I thought I was doin' alright Sleepin' away almost half of the night Now who Who was the last one I needed to see Just when I had most of my broken heart Put back together to make a new start Now I have to forget startin' over I'm still not over you I was calm as I could be As the feelings all came back again What I was supposed to do Treat you like a stranger or a friend I'm not wise in things of heart I'm not one of those who knows the moves I was hangin' by a thread Hangin' on each word you said To hear I love you Repeat (*)

Last To Know

JON SECADA "Same Dream"
If you say we're through When did I lose you Is there something I can do Guess I'm too late to make you stay Oh how could I've been so blind Thought that I knew you Thought that I could read your mind Can you feel what I'm thinking This is what a fool believes [CHORUS] First to get hurt Last one to know First to let you go Last one to fall out of love First to feel the pain Last one to ever break your heart First to understand it First to get hurt and The last one to know Lord, help me strong This is the time I need to feel that I belong I know I'm gonna be alright And at the end of the day I really wish you all the happiness I thought that we once shared So that you won't have to go through this [CHORUS] I know that the truth will find a way To hear what we lost yesterday So all that that remains Is all we're trying to forget

Play The Fool

I don't know what to say I don't know what to do All I know is that I think You found someone new Just when I thought that Destiny called out our name Well I've noticed that you Haven't been acting the same (BRIDGE) And every time that I've got Something to say You just ignore me, and you Walk away But I think you're hiding things That you want to say (END BRIDGE) (CHORUS) But before you go There's something You should know I'm in love with you And there's nothing I can do, but Play the fool (END CHORUS) I can see through those eyes I can see through that smile When you say your alright Girl I know it's a lie And I don't know when you Plan on letting me know What it is that you're feeling But you just won't show (2ND BRIDGE) It's hurting me more what You're putting me through And I'm too confused to know What I should do My heart is breaking What's going on with you (END BRIDGE) (CHORUS) (REFRAIN) (SOLO) (BRIDGE) (CHORUS)

All The Way

JUDAS PRIEST "Point Of Entry"
Alright baby. You know how to have a good time don't cha It's the way you stand You're always attracting attention Now with your hands on your hips, and a Snarl on your lips Your eyes wore the look of danger There's a lion in your heart, That's set to quick start, To a glance from any stranger You give as good as you get No one's beat you yet You take the lead You never need You know all the moves you've got to make You take it all, you take it all the way Ya never do things by half You're a man with a reputation You never shy when the problems fly You can cope with any situation You take the wheel and crack the whip You never slip You rule the roost You always boast Yeah you're lookin' after number one You take it all, you take it all the way

Happens All The Time

JON PARDI "Write You A Song"
How 'bout tonight we just go crazy Shoot out the lights then who knows maybe We'll dance in the dark and won't come apart 'til mornin' Sneaks in to find us then we'll start over The day won't unwind us, we'll just get closer I know you don't know me but I got this feelin' [Chorus:] I've been lookin' at your smile all night And if the things you got me thinkin' work out right We just might fall in love I hear it happens all the time Let's make us some memories worth savin' Have us some fun misbehavin' I already see just how good it's gonna be if we just Give in and let go and see what happens I know we're so close to almost havin' Somethin' reckless, somethin' real, that's how you make me feel [Chorus:] I've been lookin' at your smile all night And if the things you got me thinkin' work out right We just might fall in love I hear it happens all the time I've been lookin' at your smile all night And if the things you got me thinkin' work out right We just might fall in love I hear it happens all the time So, don't say, yes, but darlin' don't say, no Let's start with a kiss and see where it goes It just might last forever I hear it happens all the time

Puella Quam Amo Est Pulchra

I had a beautiful, beautiful time The drives and the talks were amazing The kind of friend I thought I'd never find I had a beautiful, beautiful time You have a beautiful, beautiful smile The way it curls and collapses on your lips When you touch me I shake like a child It's late, I'm afraid you might leave Cause sometimes it seems like You still don't believe me There's nothing I can do to concentrate It's so distracting Always thinking of you So I expose and explain And I meant everything I said And it's moments like this That repeat and replay in my head When I'm laying in bed It's a beautiful, beautiful time As you laugh and roll onto your stomach The carpet embraces your design My heart pounds as I lay by your side And I find that I am unable to hide All these feelings that flow In this basement, and in this dim light you look so beautiful I'm unsure and unclear with the words that I say I'm happy when you're near And I wish that forever could stay Just like today You have beautiful, beautiful eyes So bright and alive and enchanting I want to be with you all of the time It's hopeless but I have to try

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