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Rednex lyrics

Kacken-eyed Dschoh

Original and similar lyrics
Wedda m pickini Kacken-Ajd Dschoh Appi marrid long time ago, Reddi to kam from weddi to go, Wedda m pickini Kacken-Ajd Dschoh (repeat) Hi kehma dähn lajke miwid astohm Hiro drudef iehldso hennso eh strohn His Eis wassi tuhl senis meilosis gahn Baddol hid kamfo wasawis om fan (repeat intro) Hiboh disessta rieva I wehnt Di hahts aser gölsas ella brokn seahd Sej oll rennewej so nobbadid noh End left olle Men koso Kacken-Ajd Dschoh (repeat intro)

Platinum Blonde

Graham Parker "Burning Questions"
Intro - Country picking oohs G Em C D G Em C Am7 G Stuff comes down from the golden triangle on ferries from Denmark to helsingborg G Em C Am7 G The band strikes up but they're out of time on synthesiser and washboard Em D C D wooden tulips grow by the roadside made in a factory in jonjoping Em D C D fake glass baubles hang in the station just like the passenger's imitation Am Em C Em then it hits you she was just the dregs all you wanna do now is break her legs Am Em D kick that brunette into a pond replace her with a CHORUS D C G C G C G C platinum blonde, platinum blonde, platinum blonde, platinum blonde There's a secret world that you cannot enter it's in the center of the darkest night she's waiting there with a set of works a Swedish passport and something white she walks past but you can't form a whistle even her lips look artificial you wanna follow her but you can't swallow her act it seems so superficial now you've shed the old one like a worn out shoe It was all your fault but you blame her too you know its phoney but at least it's new and it comes from a bottle like chorus repeat last part of Intro repeat with solo And in your heart there's a new addiction another friction that you can't resolve she seemed alive but she is just a cipher an imaginary postcard that just dissolved endless sunsets glow in the distance painted by picasso's assistants Perfect people travel in volvos into the sunsets into the distance you're just a passenger she's not a ticket a foreign stamp you've got to lick it put it in the mail box put it in the failbox you never seem to learn from the school of hard knocks then she walks past and laughs at the pond you can't break a heart that doesn't respond, like chorus repeat intro picking

Desde La Tierra (Tercer Planeta)

Control Machete "Artilleria Pesada: Presenta"
Intro: X2 A la raza ac?en el norte (HEY) A la raza all?en el sur (HEY) A la raza en el oriente (HEY) A la raza en el poniente (HEY) Verse 1: Sobre la tierra completa volamos Y nos acomodamos Entre los mares caminamos Aunque usted no lo crea Nos preocupamos, hablamos, analizamos Corregimos los errores que encontramos Algunas veces no congeniamos, cambiamos Hablamos distintos lenguajes Y crecimos en distintos lugares Pero aqu?estamos todos Atra韉os por la fuerza de gravedad Late que late No nos movemos hasta que nos quiten lo que nos prestaron Aprovechamos nuestro tiempo Repeat Intro x2 Chorus: Esta es la tierra Es el tercer planeta Quieras o no quieras Seguir?dando vueltas Verse 2: Somos seres un poco extra駉s (Ah) Nuestro nivel de vida anual no lo cuidamos Nos olvidamos de no pasarnos y aceleramos Un poco mé† , sobrepoblando Gastando nuestro tiempo discutiendo Por espacios terrenales, as?hemos sido siempre Tropezamos con la misma piedra, nos levantamos Como vamos, as?avanzamos Toda la raza, toda la gente Es la unié'‡ la que nos mantiene Aqu?parados, aqu?luchando representando Toda la Artiller韆 Pesada presente. Repeat Intro x5 Repeat Chorus x4

Girl On The Pier

Graham Parker "Acid Bubblegum"
Intro: G D Em7 C G D Em7 C G D Em7 C As the twilight was returning and the sun began to fall G D Em7 C I walked down to the beach front and watched the whitecaps roll G D Em C A flare exploded over the ocean. An orange tear G D Em C G Then I saw at the corner of my eye the girl at the end of the pier Intro repeat G D Em7 C She stood and stared at the brightness, glowing and complete G D Em7 C In her crinoline and lacing with the wood beneath her feet G D Em C She walked in splinters shedding the salt of a single tear G D Em7 Who will fill up the vacuum inside her, C G D Em7 C the girl at the end of the pier Bridge Em C Em C The toffee apples strewn on the pavement. The candy floss sticks to the tar Em C The organ grinder's monkey's been freed from enslavement Em D He ran beneath the wheels of a family car Intro repeat / Bridge repeat G D Em7 C Now the funfair is shut down and the coconut shy is gone G D Em7 C A carousel spins on regardless and the big wheel creaks and groans G D Em C No-one saw her run to the railing and disappear G D Em C G D One more drop in an unfeeling ocean, the girl at the end of the pier G D Em7 C G One more drop in an unfeeling ocean, the girl at the end of the pier D Em7 C G D Em7 C G girl at the end of the pier girl at the end of the pier

Release Me

Graham Parker "Burning Questions"
F#m whack whack F#m B A F#m F#m B F#m Intro (drums) Na na nah etc (twice) Same sequence for verses F#m B A F#m F#m B F#m I can still feel your teethmarks in my neck your footprints on my back And the gris gris you sprinkled in my bed is starting to make me crack (intro once) I can still hear your twang ringing in my ears, your perfume I still smell You bought it way down below the mason dixon line Like your mother you're a southern belle F#m B A F#m F#m B F#m I said release me, but please don't let me know I said release me, but please don't let me go BRIDGE E D E D Ah my blood's still boiling, like a snake you come coiling F#m Ready to strike Instrumental verse and bridge (sort of) with sax and backing vocals REPEAT BRIDGE When the night comes down I get a big black fear, Like the clouds hanging up above I don't want you to possess me, but that's how it is I ain't nothin but your slave of love. I said release me, but please don't let me know Release me, but please dont let me oh oh oh Release me, but please don't let me know Release me, but please dont let me go Release me release me baby, Release me release me yeah (repeat and fade)

Sam Stone

JOHN PRINE "John Prine"
Sam Stone came home, To his wife and family After serving in the conflict overseas. And the time that he served, Had shattered all his nerves, And left a little shrapnel in his knee. But the morphine eased the pain, And the grass grew round his brain, And gave him all the confidence he lacked, With a Purple Heart and a monkey on his back. Chorus: There's a hole in daddy's arm where all the money goes, Jesus Christ died for nothin' I suppose. Little pitchers have big ears, Don't stop to count the years, Sweet songs never last too long on broken radios. Mmm.... Sam Stone's welcome home Didn't last too long. He went to work when he'd spent his last dime And Sammy took to stealing When he got that empty feeling For a hundred dollar habit without overtime. And the gold rolled through his veins Like a thousand railroad trains, And eased his mind in the hours that he chose, While the kids ran around wearin' other peoples' clothes... Repeat Chorus: Sam Stone was alone When he popped his last balloon Climbing walls while sitting in a chair Well, he played his last request While the room smelled just like death With an overdose hovering in the air But life had lost its fun And there was nothing to be done But trade his house that he bought on the G, I. Bill For a flag draped casket on a local heroes' hill Repeat Chorus

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