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REDMAN lyrics - Muddy Waters

Whateva Man

Original and similar lyrics
*woman moans* [E Dub] Microphone check one two Aiyyo, you ready to get down man [Red] Yo, whateva man [E Dub] You ready to get drunk as fuck [Red] Whateva man [E Dub] You, you sayin somethin [Red] Whateva man [E Dub] Aiyyo [Red] Whateva man [E Dub] Check it, Kool V (I keeps it bangin, keep it swangin Mike type of sangin) Ohh-la-la-la! (So what cha sayin) Verse One: Redman, Sermon Yo, I'm smokin herbals till it hurts you I keep your daughter way out past her curfew Hard far from commercial (So what cha mean nigga) We don't give a fuck when we smoked out In the land that's doped out [it's like that] no doubt From this bomb weed, I cock from the streets Get you open like buttcheeks, from girls who be freaks Aiyyo, can I be SWV You the One nigga Rap Shogun, yes E the one Yo, I'm rollin with a forty pack of niggaz Get my weed from Branson cause his sack's bigger Yo give me dap nigga What I clap lyrically tap call back Ferocious causin comatoses to collapse So chinky eyed I see people wavin on a map I make it hotter than your thermostats (beep beep beep beep) Bomb MC's with rough megahertz so call me Funk Doctor verbal starburst, lyrical expert Your boombox better form a union Cause I leave your circus overworked, word bond Niggaz front like they want it But I be in the five hundred with E steadily gettin blunted Damn nigga you cool at what you spittin So why you holdin the blunt so long politickin Huh, I ace them blunts with the technician of electrician, I don't got a pot to piss in But still spend my last on hyrdroglycerin I keep it live no jive rollin Dutches that's Masters like the Furious Five I, keep your crew chinky eyed, for bitches actin dog (Can you hit it from the back) Why not, while we toke on this *woman moaning* (ohhh daddy... aiyeee) [Sermon and Red harmonizing] [Red] Yo, you ready to roll this weed up [E Dub] Whateva man [Red] You ready to knock this nigga out [E Dub] Whateva man [Red] Yo, you ready to get this chedda [E Dub] Whateva man [Red] You ready to start this shit off [E Dub] Whateva man Verse Two: Redman I smoked with a lot of college, students Most of em, wasn't graduatin and they knew it You know the weed slang Yeah boy I speak it fluent I light your college dorm with my entourage from Newark Bigger they come, harder they fall That goes for, knuckleheads, MC's, pussy walls and all I lit my first L before I started to crawl I got my ass whupped when I had my first brawl But things changed since I was twelve years old I specialize in wreckin mics and area codes Now, PPP the kinda niggaz that'll bug witcha Smoke bud witcha, later on stick a sluginya Everything that's like green ain't the bomb bitch I got different forms to make you lose your calm bitch Read my lips, you ain't hittin unless you got Ten on it, get on it, or get the fuck out my cypher [Red] You ready to roll this weed up [E Dub] Whateva man [Red] You ready to rob this niga [E Dub] Whateva man [Red] You ready to fuck bitch [E Dub] Whateva man [Red] You ready to guzzle this liquor [E Dub] Whateva man (E Dub harmonizing again)

Mo Fa Me

Devin "The Dude"
(2 guys talking about Devin) Man. They got him in the office again man. Yeah I know. He's been in there for an hour already. And ya know I kinda feel bad for the guy. Damn what do you mean. The fucker clocks in drunk. Man it's his wife and kids; that's who you need to feel sorry for. Yeah I know. And ya know what are they gonna do if he loses another job. Fuckin' alcy. Fuckin' pothead. He owes me $5 anyway. Verse 1: On my way to the job Drunk than a bitch I'm late for work again Damn, boss goin' have a fit He said, This shit been going on For just too damn long I need to go and find some help Or take my drunk ass home And I really don't wanna quit Because see then I can't sit Up on my ass and smoke my grass from unemployment checks And I admit, when I wake up I hit the drank, I blow up But in back of the job I don't bother noone I stay strictly to myself Co-workers know I be blowed So they say my production is throwed And I'm not carrying my load So I go, and share my problems With my friends who be Just as high as I As they pass the doobie to me Who we be, fucked up fool, drunk, blowed, bent When it's time to pay my rent My money's damn near spent I know I'm fucking up my lungs My liver ain't 'bout shit From all the weed And all the alcohol But y'all, I can't quit (2 guys talking) Man, if it was me dog, I'd say, Fuck that job . Man, here. Hit the weed, man. Fuck a job, man. Shit, I'll hit that. Here, I'll hit it. Shit, no weed goin' never tell you nothin' wrong. I've been tellin' you to quit that motherfuckin' job anyways. Yeah, that boss trippin', on my dick anyways. Fuck that nigga. Hell fuck yeah. Want me to kick his ass for you? Fuck it man. Verse 2: See, reefer's like a friend Who free me from my foes Drinking something different today But wearing the same old clothes I guess weed, wine, and women Was the life that I chose But it got hard splitting my dick Between my wife and these hoes So I just smoke An ounce a day, nothing less Spent so many damn dollars That it don't make no fucking sense I went to seek help Thought I was losing my mind The doctor walked in high With some brew and a dime And said, It's your life, nigga Go ahead and enjoy And whenever you need some weed, nigga Just hollar at your boy 'Cause ain't nothing wrong with it, go on on Take these, you need at least 3 cups in the morning Drinking all day Big chiefing at night I keep my eyes red and tight So that my teeth can look white And I can smell it and tell it The weed you have ain't shit But I'll still take a pull And twist the cap on the bull I can't quit (Devin and his doctor talking) Damn, doctor. Is this shit gonna kill me, man? No, no son. No need to panic. It's actually quite good for you. It slows down the structure of white blood cells And cures the flow. It's called nature's illing leaf. The more you smoke it the better you feel. Take another hit. You ain't bullshittin'. You did good. Would I lie to you? Verse 3: Just another day Another fat sweet to get my head right I'm sitting back, my windows cracked I'm chilling at the red light Minding my business But why is this law typing my plates I only gotta dime and ain't got time to catch no case But still she races up to me And stick her nose out in my car Hey bitch, what you looking in my car for? She pointed at the sweet Still burning and said, Aw I had to think quick Pulled out my dick And shoved it in her jaw But like weak times I had to hit the gas Collect my seeds Clean the ash Non-stop, evade the cops They mad because I'm high they not I made the block, screwed up some cop Dipped back on the freeway Threw my empty 40 bottle out When I passed San Felipe We stay blowed, fucked up, drunk, full, bent My kids screaming Astroworld But all my time is spent And you can tell the way I smell My braincells ain't shit From all the weed and all the alcohol But y'all, I can't quit (2 guys talking) That was cool, man. Hey, can I get one of those dranks? Naw, man. I told you about your beer-hoggin' ass. Nigga, go to the fuckin' store. C'mon, man. Can I drink with y'all, man? I can't hear. Goddamn, I can't hear shit. (...?...) Do you have a job? Do you have a job? Hell yeah, I gotta job motherfucker. I just spend all my money buying weed. Ya know, it helps me work longer So I can make more money So I can buy more weed So I can work longer So I can make more money So I can buy more weed So I can work longer So I can make more money So I can buy more weed So I can work longer So I can make more money So I can buy more weed

What U Gonna Do

C-Murder "C-P-3.Com"
[C-Murder talking] Now what chu' niggas really gonna do if we come for you Huh, what chu' really gonna do niggas It's real out here [Ms. Peaches talking] Who's that sayin' they want to test C-Murder man Say, you don't know, he's original thug boy And he's a murderer [Hook: Ms. Peaches] What chu' gonna do when we come for you Cause ya niggas don't fuck with TRU Now we gotta play it raw my nigga Fuck the law my nigga, it's on my nigga What chu' gonna do when we come for you Cause ya niggas don't fuck with TRU Now we gotta play it raw my nigga Fuck the law my nigga, it's on my nigga [C-Murder] Play it raw, so raw, I'm in the car with a gar What chu' see is what chu' saw but chu' better play us par Cut cha' law and ya paw, my temper hot like tar I'm on the block posted up, with them things loaded up And if them people pull up and tell my boys to freeze Buckle up, knuckle up screamin' C-P-3 Gangsta, gangsta whodi, what cha' gonna do TRU shawty boy, I love them shawty girls too Cause cash rules everything around me I'm uptown, ghetto bound with my rounds G Slugged up, tatted up, Cut Boys don't give a what We roll with big trucks, whodi throw yo hood up [Hook] [Silkk the Shocker] Some dudes think it's bout rap, look it's bigger than that The real be up front, you fake dudes get in the back We got guns and believe me you can get it from that Gotta lot of money and mostly I ain't get it from rap You think it's a game cause we ain't jacked in a while I bust caps in the Y, funny that's why we crackin' a smile Glad to shut chu' up, cause that's too loud Don't mess with that file cause that's a while Still roll through the hood, Bentley with the top off Feel me, I'm not gon' stop so you can hop on Man we got bullets that skip playas and hit haters Slikk and C, No Limit known to get paper [Hook] [C-Murder] What chu' gonna do when we take that beef to far, yeah My click of hitmen will catch you in ya car, yeah Shoot out the window of a black Lex, so roll down When I slow down, they bout to go down, so put cha' holo-co down You about to catch a hollow from about no tomorrow With notes I wrote and my gats not borrowed So I'ma dump it after I dump in you, ya chump you I been TRU and plus you only seen what I done been through [Master P] Here we go again (What man) From the streets to the pen (That boy been to the pen) [C-Murder] Them boys is at it again (Sho') TRU Records came to represent (C-Murder) [Master P] No Limit No Limit [Hook with Master P ad-libs] [Ian Lewis to fade] We drink Cristal, enough Alize And our Lexus Jeeps, say must stay paid We party all night till the break of day TRU is our family and we here to stay We drink Cristal, enough Alize And our Lexus Jeeps, say must stay paid We party all night till the break of day TRU is our family and we here to stay Can't stop, can't stop, what you gonna do What you gonna do when they come for you Can't stop, can't stop, what you gonna do What you gonna do when they come for you We drink Cristal, enough Alize And our Lexus Jeeps, say must stay paid We party all night till the break of day TRU is our family and we here to stay

Eternal E

EAZY-E "Str8 Off Tha Streetz of Muthaphukkin Compton"
[Yella] Yo this is Yella as we wine down to the final song I wanted to make this one to remember my lil nigga E I know he wanted this track on his record though he was takin' from us to god damn soon so I finished for him peace nigga... [Eazy E] We did a song fuck da police you know and everybody been hearing fuck sayin' fuck da police for years and years and years and finally it took a muthaphukka to video tape a nigga gettin' the shit beat out of him for everybody else to say fuck da police and we did fuck da police people put us down and sayed we were ahead of our time you know it took the video you know ya shot by accident to tell the truth and open the worlds eyes yes we do have a serious problem in L.A. and other citys true retaliate happens all the time people tryin' to change things for years but I don't think anything is gonna help the problem is to deep N.W.A. is just being brutally honest. City of Compton (x2) City of,City of Compton baby baby [Eazy-E] They swearin' on cable T.V. it ain't teachin' nobody nothin' new cause little kids grow up you know one, two years old hearin' there mother sayin' fuck this, you little son of bitch I beat the shit out of you and all this shit and you know they pick up from all the shit and you know so they learn shit you know it's not gonna be teachin' muthaphukkaz nothin' new cause I got some new words for your ass. [Eazy-E] We don't tell you to go out and gang bang we tell you ya know and our songs is as you know if you could go out stealin' and killin' and beatin' up people all day but that person ends up dead or in jail sometimes he gets away you know and we don't have no rags no red no blue rags and tellin' we gonna go out and creep or go out and do that other thing or whateva it is you know we aint tell you to be joinin' no gang or whateva else. Rollin Down (x3) [Yella] Eazy-Muthaphukkin-E The Hip-Hop Thugsta from the C-P-T Compton Style Real Niggaz Nigga For Life We don't Die..(x3) I'd like to send all my love out to his kids and my God Son Derik, Little D to all his family to his wife and everybody who loved him and the people that didn't love 'em yo E tell these niggaz whats up I say Fuck 'Em hehehehaha I tried thats right fuck these Muthaphukkaz to all the real niggaz out there we still in this muthaphukka beware...96 Style....96 Style Yeah Big Man we out. [Eazy-E] As I was sayin' before see you around buddy boy I'm feelin' to fuck all goodbye hahahahahaahahahmmmmhehehemhmhhmhheeheheheheeh oooooooooooooh Shit!

Georgia Dome (Get Low Sequel)

YING YANG TWINS "Me and My Brother"
[chorus] Shawty so crunk she comin out her clothes dick so big got caught in her thoart. do it hurt(yeah) do it hurt(hell yeah) one nut, two nuts that's what you get when you leta nigga lick that clit do you like it(yeah) wanna a nigga to bite it(hell yeah) from the ceiling To the flo Till that hoe don't want no more That bitch better have my doe suck it(repeat over) lick it (repeat over) Niggas, I'ma tell yea you can't trust a bitch faras you can smell em' you better lick that stamp and mail em' back over there to the otha fella I care less(like i pose to) Always gotta stay fresh (like I 'pose to) Don't tolerate that stress(like i 'pose to) I'll punch a bitch in the breast (in the chest) I caught up with this ho she sucked my dick behind the store and I skeeted all in her thoat Then a nigga had to go I had to roll. Then I'm looking for another headhunter Georgia Dome Put your mouth on the dick give me Geargia Dome I love pussy pussy good but it always bleed when it's time of the month come, bitch eat yo dick [chorus] Fuck nigga that's enough said. See a bitch is only good for a duck head.(quacka) USD, Grade A pure jaw-jacka Low self-esteem nigga can't out mack her Bring her to the world of a low down nigga She the bomb You gotta past a ho round nigga here she come And all boxers fall shawty gon play them balls Bitch please I'm hotter than 400 degrees The only time you use your mouth is when you get on your knees. So Don't speak you shouldn't be saying nothing at all cause it's hard to talk with a mouth full of dick and balls So put it in your mouth and blow Put it deep down in your thoat Nigga like me dont wanna hear that shit so do what the fuck you been told [chours] I smoke by myself I drank by myself I fuck these hoes by my got damn self You smoke by your self You drank by your self You fuck these niggas by your got damn self I said forget about them women that love to get ate out You'll be eatin'Red Loster she'll suck your thang off That's full-course meal for a nigga like me I'ma starve cause i ain't gon eat Now I don't eat nothing that get up and walk away Somebody I gotta look at face to face I say ew, thats nasty Nigga if you wanna eat it you can have it (YAA!!!) [chours]

Weed and Hennesey

MASTER P "Gameface"
(feat. C-Murder, Silkk the Shocker) Yeah nigga We gonna feed em weed and Hennesey, get em high together motherfucker Silkk the Shocker (get em high nigga, get em high nigga) Shorties with game (No Limit niggaz) Come out and feel the world, this time nigga (gon' ride nigga, get em high) [Chorus: Master P] Give em weed, and Hennesey, and let's ride nigga Let's ride nigga, let's ride nigga Weed, and Hennesey, and let's ride nigga Let's ride nigga, let's ride nigga [Master P] Holla P! That mean fortune and fame Scream, No Limit still TRU 2 Da Game A buncha, young niggaz gettin rich with plats How many, thug niggaz still bustin the shot How many killers comin up makin scrilla with change How many, young niggaz still down in the game I couldn't, lose my soul tryin to make these ends I couldn't, watch my enemies and watch my friends I live the life of a young nigga wantin to ball I said, mama pray when I walk the halls I got 3rd Ward niggaz throwin up the sign My little cousin Jimmy home on, eighteen to die I live the life of a ranger, rowdy rowdy I live the life of a rapper that's Bout It Bout It I got the feds tryin to chase me, wantin the plat I got my own homies sendin, my name to the coppers I smoke weed, and Hennesey, uh-huh to forget about all that shit, uh-huh (get em high nigga, let's ride nigga) I smoke weed, and Hennesey Just to make it through the days man All this bullshit I'm goin through [C-Murder] I got a hand full of money, a pocket full of drugs Leave em standin in they shoes and makin moves with thugs I'm homegrown in the ghetto, result my mind's under pressure You leave your shit wide open, No Limit niggaz gon' test ya We ride deep but TRU dat, hitin hard like bricks Ain't no punks in my click, bitch ass niggaz be sick My TRU G's gettin high off my lyrics, my present spirit And healthy niggaz shout for God hearin A coward dies a thousand deaths a soldier die once So nigga let's get high, off these Hennesey and blunts [Chorus] [Silkk the Shocker] It get hard tryin to shake these bustas tryin to shake these fools I know a million niggaz down to ride and still don't break the rules I'm always on like fuckin lights respect might check you like some nights Always precise, Silkk the Shocker, get my motherfuckin name, RIGHT! Nigga game sewed like a spider, til ends fall like a Nike Disrespect I hits you with a tec and watch I shake you up like DICE Now watch a million niggaz follow me, like I was a fuckin idol They're like vital signs of a line of niggaz deep in their thoughts cause there isn't no sunshine Get away from the one-time got caught sometimes but other times, I got away If you a busta, you can't cop none if you a real, you can relate See we No Limit, we dirty like dozen, wild with my two brothers Couple partners couple cousins, other niggaz I really can't trust Weed it helps me get high, times for that, vibe and we ride We strapped with four-five nigga do, or fuckin die Block to block coast to coast nigga from killers to drug DEALERS Affiliate my name with all the real killers and thug NIGGAZ T.S. washin on fake niggaz, a bitch no fuckin LOVE When I grab for snap automatics come off like dancers drawers in strip clubs Ain't no thang, death with no motherfuckin pain I lost some in the past, had to charge a lot of shit to the game But fake niggaz gonna drop, real niggaz stay on top Til my homey, came up dead He said one of my niggaz workin with the feds It's time to side up, we some bunch of riders showin trials I plug shots in the motherfucker, you don't wanna die [Chorus w/ variations] [Master P] That's how we gonna do it to start off the nineteen ninety-eight Silkk the Shocker legit, Charge It 2 Da Game in February, hahah My little brother C-Murder in this bitch (No Limit) Master P (Soldiers) Huh, we gonna feed em weed and Hennesey (I thought I told ya) And to them motherfuckin fake niggaz We gonna feed em hollow tips Can't fade us, can't beat us, No Limit Ain't no motherfuckin gimmick (think nine-seven was alright) TRU niggaz for life ya heard me (but nine-eight gonna be the YEAR) Ha-hah Nineteen ninety-eight nigga

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