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REDMAN lyrics - Muddy Waters

What U Lookin' 4

Original and similar lyrics
It goes one for the mind and two for the money Who dat wit skull tattooes and his nose runny It's me, that funky MC, the Rrr-ah E Indubitably, I'm Jersey down to Mitentry Officer, you're hawkin the, ninety-three Landcruise When it's real criminals, you should be watchin for Get off my dick for what you don't got Plus you probably never licked a shot on your block Walkin to my car witcha nine out the holster Put your hands on the steering wheel like ya sposed ta I cooperate don't give the redneck no hassle Because too many mistakes be happening to black folk lt; lt;chorus gt; gt; I said what the fuck are you lookin 4 Can't a young man make money anymore Hah hah, leave ya butt naked... I said what the fuck are you lookin 4 Can't a young man make money anymore Aiyyo stash that weed up while me and the cop is riffin Damn I knew I shoulda got that stash box built-in But it's alright cause me and my niggaz roll tight We all think alike, we jump out whoever packin pipe Don't they know who's the freak from the East I get faded like Chong and Cheech without bleach And started spittin game 'fore these cops start to reach on these creeps, showin mentality from the streets Even though we had a half a pound by the seats My peeps never tweek, we handle shit when there's heat Since one cop was white the otha was a brotha I pulled out my tape and front page of the cover of The Source, told him me and Janet's on tour Broke it down to who's my boss and who I rap for Plus them niggaz, EPMD Put me D, now I'm runnin with the Green Eyed B A-N-D-I-T, and Def Squad camp Here's your Def Jam tickets and your autograph Now haul ass, I got a meetin bout seven Basically I'm saying bye bye like Guy lt; lt;chorus gt; gt; My license, been suspended, for about five years The system got my ass in the jam Can't even ride to see my fam in Alabam' I get petrified everytime I see the man throw the lights on (woop woop) The mic's on so I stress it Shit I'm haulin ass before I start undressin Niggaz on they knees with they hands on the top of the heads while the Feds crack jokes with the glock in ya Don't get me wrong I know a lot of cool cops That'd let me go if I had two glocks and oowops But, I don't, so, I keeps it, real The five hundred series with deep dish peels Quick, my bitch, stash, two clips, between two her tits before the cops fuck with the Rrr-ah I'm a nigga of today a nigga of tomorrow, beyotch! lt; lt;chorus gt; gt; To my people in Kentucky rock rock on word is bond Newark New Jersey rock rock on word is bond Atlanta Georgia rock rock on word is bond Connecticut rock rock on word is bond To my people up in Queens rock rock on word is bond Bri-donx in the house rock rock on word is bond Virginia's in this bitch rock rock on word is bond San Francisco rock rock on word is bond Yeah, bitch ass niggaz rock this!

I Got The Power

[Verse One: Styles] My click is in it til it's over, never sober Bustin over, lay in the lane with the 'caine in the Rover Pray to Jehovah, for the nigga with the Ruger The young Don, the Heron mover You know my hustle, I bring the fo' pound to the tussle Motherfuck your pit with no muzzle So chill cuzo, let me blow for my niggaz Runnin round, get down like motherfuckin gorillas Shorty bop the wolop, in the spot with the dollop Pot full of acid, I got the game mastered Move dimes, hit twenties addicted to gettin money It could be a hundred degrees and never look sunny Black I'm tryin to live, somethin got to give But everyday's the same old, runnin from po-po Mom think I'm loco, cause I sell crack and puff cocoa Yo, it's the style see it's still the same And when worse comes to worse, I steal the 'ciane Papi know my face, so he don't expect it Runnin from the gutter so he gots to accept it Stripped his ass naked, then I put a slug in him He just another motherfucker, ain't no love in him I put a bug in him, never sleep on one who never slept I take my last breath every time I hit the meth It's the D to the E, M to the O N Blowin, steady playin shotgun, throwin Don't you see the shorty with the baseball cap Don't make me flip motherfucker with this baseball bat Best to brace yo' gat, 'fore I brace mine, cause I lace nine from yo' dome to yo' motherfuckin spine [Chorus: Puff Daddy] I be, that nigga that yo' niggaz can't fuck wit That nigga that yo' bitches wanna creep wit That nigga that you can't get along wit Playa hate but you wanna do a song wit That nigga that you see in the videos That nigga with the jewels and the jiggy hoes That nigga that'll die for his main man That nigga with the gettin money gameplan [Verse Two: Sheek] Haven't you heard that Bad Boys move in silence yet? When you increase the peace, the mo' wild it get I'm only sizin you niggaz from the waist up And I ain't, wettin no parts you can't touch with makeup Mr. Jacob without the Ladder It don't matter clap your wake up and do a shakeup nobody badder, since the, baby finksta I was in the playpen wai-tin for kids to enter Shit I even blitz the rich to get chips Housekeeper disguised with the nine bubble grip Extra clip in the vacumn if I slip Room service ring the alarm and get the bomb Blown the hall pearl wide been long gone Plus I got the power to ramshack, you dig that? Worldwide while you simply thug where you live at [Chorus] [Verse Three: Jadakiss] You don't really wanna get involved, with the L-O-X car-tellers, Goodfellas, that's who we are You can't outsell us, it ain't shit you could tell us Jealous dog, cause we spread like relish Bad Boys, and we all eat together When it go down, then we draw heat together Since I made the connection with the big man I done got big plans, to be a little nigga in the big Land Ghetto star, presidential all gift wrapped And what you call weight? I know cats who sniff that Enjoy life, what are you sayin? If the DA ain't got a nigga payin, papi got him weighin Anything to do with money you can count J in Next time we bring it to these faggots we ain't playin Cream of the crop, and we ain't never gon' stop Hittin you in your head with that butter from The Lox [Chorus] - fades out


XZIBIT "At The Speed Of Life"
[Intro] 1996, the Disfunctional member of the Alkohaliks family It's XZIBIT, Bring it live, one time, like this [Verse One] Sometimes I wonder if it's all worth my while Xzibit stay versitile with Million Dollar lifestyle and I can feel it as a child growin' up the niggaz that were real and the niggaz that were scared as fuck that's why Xzibit only roll with a chosen few You ain't really real, I can tell when I look at you So ease off the trigga talk, you ain't killin shit it's not affecting me or the niggaz that I'm chillin with I don't believe the hype or buy a Woof ticket Nigga you make a gang of noise and never SEEN like a cricket I guess that's why we never kick it a lot of niggaz are soft and get tossed tryin to fuck with the liquid How many niggaz do you know like this Also claimin that they're riding but they really turn bitch It don't make sense; either you're a soldier from the start or an actor with a record deal tryin to play the part, like dat [Chorus: repeat 2X] It's a shame, niggaz in the rap game only for the money and the fame - EXTRA LARGE It's a shame, niggaz in the rap game only for the money and the fame - Paparazzi [Verse Two] I don't need no lights no cameras, just action god dammit Never no superstar, I'm more like a planet so my composure is kept while others start to sweat Emergin from the fog with my fucked up dialogue Try to live high on the hog leaves you bankrupt and niggaz you spent it on, would not give a fuck now that's deep, how deep, It's deeper than Atlantis Home of the scandalous, big Bad Los Angeles Dangerous, vandalous, yo not to be trusted So how the fuck is you hard not being scared by the boulevard I'm pulling that card and sayin Gin motherfucker flowin like liquid, soak it in motherfucker I'm breakin it down, my sound, surrounds like death from the West, puttin whole counties to the test It's all in perspective, breaker one-nine copy This is for the niggaz gettin caught up in the Paparazzi [Chorus] [Verse Three] Niggaz smoke stress and cross dress, but I just play the back others going through schemes and pipe dreams for a contract real tightly rolled, fuck 'em all how I feel I made a cool half mil before I had a record deal there for you look and stare like it's magic Too much of anything can make you an addict When devils be startin static, break out the automatic I set it off straight, I spread hate, then I vacate, but wait Who dare to cross this path - yo, I do ya like math cut with glass, make a blood bath So on behalf of all niggaz I get drunk with Smoke a lot of blunts with, I dispose of your punk shit keep it all in perspective - carbon copies gettin caught up in the Paparazzi [Chorus]


AZ "A.W.O.L"
[Animal] It's another interlude motherfucker You know it's Animal the Mixtape Bully nigga, MTB You know how I do it the way I do it when I do it the way I do it Motherfucker stab you in your throat with a icepick Shoot you in the face with a beebee gun Whatever I do to bring you to the conrete I'ma do it, you heard? My motherfuckin nigga A, it's the closin of the album nigga I salute you nigga, for never bein a bitch For never bein a bitch-ass nigga [music starts] Cryin, retirin, sayin you comin back to the game Go findin God and comin back, keep gettin shot and comin back Niggaz doin mixtapes and comin back Lyin 'til y'all caught with guns and comin back Keep comin back baby, you in the top five man Y'all niggaz pay The Source for mics man Cause you don't know how to be an original nigga from the streets I respect you man, close it out like this, 2-double-oh-5 Fuck the world, you heard, say what's up A.W.O.L. take it [AZ] I am one of the flyest, crew is like the Al'Qaeda's We war like in the mess halls of Elmyra Bodies get caught, predicate spells is higher Why talk if you ain't walk through hell's fire All-nighters, upscale attire In car get new cars you and your mans admire Young messiah, back bottom guns for hire I am that what the rap contracts require Ghostwriter, coast to coast cyphers I do this for them grown men in diapers that don't like us Though, still the nicest, sendin kites to Riker's is priceless Reminiscin on past life fights with Cypress Hung lifeless, sprung from financial crisis Never ran, I stand amongst the righteous AZ-Q, dark denimy V suits His, arson is lethal, only pardon his people so Just ask it open the closed casket Coke or the dope acid I'm back on that old Shaft shit Got my ratchets, army fatigue jacket Fitted cap on backwards with them cats from Flatbush Bravehearted, fuck if they say squash it We remain the largest, we invade regardless Trains to Spofford insane with a brain from Hartford It's hard to explain my artwork One for the haters, two for the true and the raiders I know dudes who eat your food with a razor It's major, barbaric, brutal behavior Called addict, I talk about the jewelry later My respect is for the DL cartel connects And the crews that came through and left arise well effect Finesse, big boys only play with the best It's no regrets, bein dead broke and raised in the 'jects I'm a vet, cousin Comstock callin collect Sayin he just left the box hot annoyed and depressed Claimin he stressed did a 3 still facin the stress I'm like look this ain't the vote and you ain't facin your death So save your breath, tie your boots up and bang with the rest Cause in reality they just incarcerated your flesh You know the deal, I pray they process your appeal Cause on the real, I still got my hands on the wheel And I'ma drive 'til the gas run out Either crash or a wrap 'til a smash come out We them real niggaz


[Sticky] Yo, yo but that shit ain't mine nigga [copper] You know what? Get on the floor alright [Sticky] Yo man get the fuck off me [copper] Get down on the ground, and spread em out alright [Sticky] Yo, aight aight man! [copper] Get the fuck down on the ground man! [Sticky] Aight man! [copper] Now keep your ass on the floor.. [Sticky] Yo who the fuck can I trust man? [devil] You can trust me man [Sticky] Everywhere I turn there's danger God! [devil] Ah-hahahaha [Sticky] Yo I feel like the walls is closin in on me man! [devil] Ay, I am Stress [Sticky] Buggin man.. ARRRRGH! [devil] Yeah, I got you where I want you [Sticky] Word up man [devil] Hehehe [Sticky] Ain't got nowhere to go Son [devil] No you don't Yo Chorus: Onyx These streets is tryin to kill me My best friend, could be my worst enemy, this game is deadly This ghetto might murder me, or lock me up Twenty-five to life, throw the key Chorus Verse One: X-1 Yo, yo You know what happens in the actions of the inner city tale When your thoughts fail and have you scared to death biting off your fingernails, not enough, numbers on the weight scale Got, niggaz cuttin throat just to make sales Even if it take the last of me I'ma fill my pockets to capacity Anything that takes cash, fuck job huntin Put on a face mask kid, I'm out to rob sum'in If you home or not, I put the chrome to your knot One shot to the side of your face, let me up inside of your place Gimme the funds up out of the safe Hit the fire escape, high-divin gates Flyin from Jakes, I'm dyin for paint Chorus Verse Two: Sonsee Yo, I'm caught up, stuck in the tangled web Where they'd love to see me dead, mail my mom's my head So the tricolored silenced Rugar stay off safe To take off a face, just in case, a quiet lace Plottin, for your knot-and, your spot-and, your block-and anything else, you got-ten, hopefully you snake and rotten So eyes open, don't sleep Cause once you do you goin deep, mo' money mo' heat Police, wanna brutalize me to death And my foes wanna see me lose all my breath Maybe friends, come wanna merk me for my beans And bitches that gave me skins, wanna watch my end Cut open my chest, and see my heart pump the last ounce of life -- for livin, it's a price Til then, when it's over, kamikaze Strictly, I'm takin all you motherfuckers with me! Chorus Verse Three: Clay the Raider, Sticky Fingaz When I die, I don't want none of my niggaz to cry Just dress me in a black suit, and a black tie Pass me by to the darkest cloud in the sky No time to waste, we got the drugs in the briefcase We stickin up the whorehouse, we takin everything We want the pussies to the diamond rings You want the sun to shine? We want the rain to pour Official Nast' to put your body on the floor *BLAM BLAM* *BLAM* OH SHIT I'M HIT! I'M HIT! They just shot me in the stomach! UNNNGGGGGGHHHHH! *BLAM BLAM BLAM* *BLAM BLAM* Who want it who want it? Niggaz trying to kill me, and they caught me by surprise That's when I blacked out, my life flashed before my eyes *glass breaking* [Sticky changes to a narrator voice] My whole life I ain't never give a shit My mentality was *clip cocked into gun* get shot or gimme a gam If the gun ain't jam, I woulda bust you I don't trust my own mother, how the FUCK I'ma trust you? I did some things that I sorta regret But I can't bring them niggaz back kid they already wet As a kid I went to jail cause I sold crack I'm holdin trial in the streets cause I ain't tryin to go back [Sticky switches back to panicked voice] Oh SHIT! What happened?! Wait, now I 'member! And where my gun??! I musta dropped it when I jumped out that window *broken glass* Ahh, my stomach, where them niggaz I don't see em I gotta make it to the B-M, and try to stop this bleeding I ain't trying to die, I got mad blood spilt ('Aiyyo there that nigga go! Kill him!') Oh shit! *BLAM* [Sticky narrates as a ghost] I left behind a widow and a bastard kid The streets was tryin to kill me, and it did Verse Four/Modified Chorus: Fredro Starr These streets is tryin to kill me That's why I keep a Mac-Mil this shit is real to me This shit is deadly, this ghetto might murder me or lock me up for twenty five to life throw the key, I'm low key So niggaz don't notice me, a half a key is worth more than a pound of weed, I die for my seed Kill for my family, fuck this world cause this world don't understand me, I'm sick mentally I'm drinkin Hennessy, mixed with Tennessee Shit is stressing me, niggaz praying for the death of me But til they bury me When sixteen shots enter me Remember me your worst enemy Motherfuckers!

Food For Thought

Lord Finesse "Awakening"
(So you know there's a lotta darkness out here We watch it all time I'm busy looking at the darkness sayin Damn, that's some darkness over there , you know? Whatever And we have responsibility to focus on it, sayin, you know Y'all be cool ) (Mh-mh-mh) Ah yeah Check it out, y'all A little food for thought For those in the ghetto Actin wild, livin foul Cause y'all think it's in style Know what I'm sayin? Now every neighborhood has a nice child But because of the things around em they change up they whole lifestyle I knew a kid with a little cash He had a little gear, yo, his status was middle class But girls used to say he was so chopped And brothers around the way wasn't tryin to give him no props He was quiet, he used to lounge and play the smooth role Brothers tried to diss him, he ain't sweat it, it was cool though Confidence is what the child lacked He was tryin to scoop this girl he was sweatin since a while back He asked honey to go with him Since he didn't have a name, that bitch ain't give him no rhythm Matter of fact, she made him feel low She said she needed a man that was out there makin real dough So it was a lot that he had to prove So money said 'fuck it' and changed up his whole attitude [ CHORUS ] (Time to get it) Yo, y'all better chill (Time to clock bills) (Yo, y'all better chill (Hey yo, I wanna get ill) Yo, y'all better chill (So what's the muthafuckin deal?) Yo, y'all better chill Now he had to make quick figures So he started sellin drugs, because honey wanted a rich nigga He was livin foul and then some He started killin niggas and buildin figures for his income He had the fat rides he drove around in He was clockin dough, knockin hoes, money was loungin And waitin for a nigga to test him You know, play him, try to slay him, or disrespect him Let some brother tried to riff with him He wouldn't hesitate to pull out and let off his whole clip in em He was wettin niggas like firemen Shit, he was packin more iron than vitamins Now the brothers seein mad money And guess who pops up on the scene, yo, it's the bad honey Now she's on the block hawkin Before no words, now he can't get that bitch to stop talkin He told her to cut the shit He laid her, played her, told the hoe to suck his dick He said he was only out to get money So step the fuck off, because paybacks is a bitch, honey She only got what she deserved (word) He kicked that stupid bitch to the curb Cause man, he had his whole shit down Cause the nigags who used to diss him was all on his dick now [ CHORUS ] Everything was how he imagined it But word got out, and other dealers wasn't havin it The hoe he dissed, snitched and told on him So one day some fellas ran up and the rolled on him Shot em up with blow-me-down Cause if money wasn't catholic, he was holy now He had it goin on and played the perfect role But ask yourself a question: was it worth it though? [ CHORUS ]

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