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REDMAN lyrics - Muddy Waters

The Stick Up (Skit)

Original and similar lyrics
*bus door shuts, bus pulls out* [some singin fool] Yeahhhahhyeahhhahahhehhh I got a soda, you can't have none of! I got a soda, it's only enough for one, hon I got a soda, y'all can't have a god damn sip I got a soda, I know you want it I... [Redman] Aiyyo shut that singin shit up nigga Ladies and gentlemen, this is a motherfuckin stick up! Put your motherfuckin hands in the air! *blam, blam blam* The first motherfucker that move is gonna catch this motherfucker Word up, up the motherfuckin wallet, the jewels The cash, take your motherfuckin sneakers off I'm not fuckin pl... bitch, if you move, I'm tellin you You gonna get it Nigga you tryin to hide your motherfuckin hands Take them rings off motherfucker! Ay man, gimme that motherfuckin cola nigga I ain't fuckin playin!

Exodus (Outro)

JA RULE "Exodus"
[Intro - (Talking)] "My nigga Buck 3000 over here, you know, my nigga Gotti, the Princess, Momma, what’s up baby? haha, Brooklyn son, what up what up? My nigga Lloyd, my nigga Caddy, my nigga C. Gotti, my nigga Young Merc, my nigga Blackchild (EXODUS), my nigga Cool Joe, this is a new beginning, you know, i see everybody in the building, my nigga L, my nigga Gab, my whole Murder Inc. mob, yo, you know how we do, yo, yo all my niggas" [Verse 1] "THIS HERE IS EXODUS!! say goodnight to the legend, Cause lord knows the world gon' miss him, Universal the system is similar to institutionalism, And i just did 7 years in prison. Now I’m a free parolee and time spent, its money they owe me - Give me my space don’t crowd me homie I’m a motherfuckin’ huuuusstlerrr. Pushin' rhymes like weight, but sometimes its slow, It’s up and down like the Dow Jones, shit fluctuates - But my real niggaz still keep their stock in me, Feds investigate, the monopoly, Preme team, Murder fuckin’ I-N-C, there's no stopping we from" (EXODUS) [Interlude (talking):] "You know what i think, i think the world doesn’t have a clue, on what its like to be a, a superstar in the spotlight, and and, everybody is lookin’ at you and everybody’s, you know, scrutinizing you and they got their lil opinions and shit. I came in this game, you know and got in this music business to do what i do, to make music for the people to enjoy, for the world to love, you know, and and somehow i became a motherfuckin’ criminal hahahahaha" [Verse 2] "Yo, damn i remember when it was on UPN News And i refused to start losin’; and hopped in my WHOOO Got a recruit from this (nice?) and peeled back the WHOOO Niggas listen in i'll tell you how it all began [gun shots] That's how it sounded when I-N-C came into the game On 10th of murder then - them, them, Well we, we, we, cause these boys is hot These boys got glocks, these boys send shots do you know what its like, to live your life hard knock? I think not thats why you live it safe through mine I think plot then kill, you think suein' them blind You think lifes a bitch? i think the bitch is mine! We'll never see eye to eye, ya’ll corporate, we gangsters And niggas tryin' my patience is gettin' me anxious, To speak for my defendants, that say that they plaintive Guess we guilty by song, but yo the government must be on" (Exodus) [Outro (talking)] "I mean to think that we would jeopardize everything that we built, to motherfuckin’, sell drugs and launder money? i mean are you fuckin’ serious!? You understand, I-I mean, we-wer're a company you understand, a-a-a record company, that wants to show love to every nigga that cant get love, that cant recieve love, from, from motherfuckin’, the corporate world, that cant go get a job, cause they been in jail, they did a 3 to 9, a motherfuckin’, a bit or whatever the case may be they did for their time. We give these motherfuckers the opportunity, we give them jobs, cause ya’ll ain’t gonna give 'em the jobs, so we give it to 'em. And motherfuckers wanna look at us and down us for what we do for that! They wanna call us motherfuckin criminals and crime family for that! Well if they wanna call us criminals and crime families, then so be it motherfucker! Cause these is my niggas. and if nobody’s gonna stand up for my motherfuckin’ niggas, then we gon' do it ourselves, we gon' police ourselves, thats how we been getting down nigga, holla back at me, Rule. EXODUS!!!


JA RULE "Rule 3:36"
[Tah Murdah] Yea We about money and murda The fuck y'all want to do Either pass that paper Or we gonna have to kill you It's like that nigga Don't question why Cuz when it's murda motherfucker Everybody gotta die Die motherfucker die Die motherfucker die Die motherfucker die Die motherfucker die [Tah Murdah] Money ain't never been nothing I hit the block if this shit get ugly And it ain't never been in my heart to let niggas thug me Hit the dealer and cop a drop if the eyes is buggy And pull up in front of the spot cause the mommies love me (It's gangsta) yeah and ain't no nigga gone match me Stocky, chubby nigga voice real raspy I see you real flashy but that ain't gone last nigga Pop fire off shots and that's your ass nigga It's war now that's why I keep the four with long nozzle Six-hundred bad bitch on it holding down the throttle And fuck that beef shit cause some beef won't die And some niggas will say they gangsta but they won't ride And while it's hard for you to decide I'll let it fly Forty shots hit your ride up hit the tropics and hide up Under palm tree's to white sand Everything is a price man You snipe when bullets are piping hot When it's your flesh it begin warming you Now die motherfucker die Cuz I'm tired of warning you [Black Child] Yeah we hear now, die motherfucker Don't be scared now, die motherfucker Black Child I'm off parole it's murda now In a hood near you about to burn it down Word to God it feels like I'm from every hood Cuz when you ghetto your ghetto with gats you good Sell cracks if you could bust your gat when you should It's for my blacks from the bricks back to Inglewood We eat together nigga fuck the crossroads In this world my flow is another lost soul My shit sounds like shots from a four pound For these bitch clowns it's war now It's all about paper that's my issue Fuck peace you can have a piece of the pistol [Chorus x2: Ja Rule] Everybody gonna die but nobody want dead Die motherfucker die, it's your life Everybody wanna live, but they wanna live scared Die motherfucker Die, that's your life [Ja Rule] Niggas know the truth Rule raises the roof Cuz I pop more shots than Abdul-Rauf And when the concludes I bring closure to the situ Come thru squeeze eight out the stolen black pinto Niggas know my mental kill or be killed head for the hills But don't never slide down it if you to high ground it (puff, puff) uhhh! Is how it sounded two shots thru and silent And one nigga stripped of his talents New fucking Yiddy City the sex and violence Where first time offenders get floated to the island And one time give a nigga one time Breathe wrong and a nigga have a blown mind I blow lines like an addict Bust guns erratic shine blind like carats Rules above average me and this music make a marriage So I thee wed till I'm either jailed or dead motherfuckers Feel me niggas [Black Child] Word to God Feel us nigga We here, again It's Murda [Chorus x2]


M.O.P. "To The Death"
[F] Uhh! [D] Heistmaster [F] Get paid nigga! [D] Heistmaster [F] Let's get paid nigga! [D] Heistmaster [F] Get paid nigga! [D] Heistmaster [F] Let's get paid! [F] Everybody hit the floor, you know what time it is [D] Old bitch, don't move, take off the jewels and shine-eses {Please don't shoot me mayn} [F] Papi play the game right, and ery'thang'll be aight {There go the safe!} [Lil' Fame] It ain't no time for concentration Get over there papi tell 'em the combination Tell 'em Ron's got his car keys I don't give a fuck if he beg, Boom shoot him in the head [Danze] Somebody comin in on the side [Lil' Fame] Fuck the bizzo get the money and shit, make sure that motherfucker die Dolo (?) fuckin standin there lookin silly Yo Boom, give me a hand {Yo, where the fuck is Billy?} He went outside to the car y'all It's (?) and dark black, I'm dumpin papi off at the Baha {Let's hurry up before the shit get hot} Yeah because this old bitch is blowin up the spot They say nigga do anything for dough And now I'm the nigga with the dough, so old bitch, you gotta go {*BANG*} Yo I've been schemin on the spot for about a year [Danze] And now you got what you want, so let's get out of here [Lil' Fame] We ain't no motherfuckin joke We caught ten thou', and a motherfuckin ounce of weed to smoke {*conversations for a second or two*} Yo... oh shit, five-oh! Let's get the fuck up out of Dodge [Danze] I'ma make a right here [Lil' Fame] Yeah, drop us off by the garage We gotta get away, some way, some how The cop's on our ass, feet don't fail me now I say we must to let the A.. K.. pop Cause I ain't playin with these K.. K.. Kops {Just chill nigga, (?) back and put the dough in} The punk motherfucker kept goin ANTE UP NIGGA! [D] Give me the cash ANTE UP MOTHERFUCKER! [F] Or that's yo' ass ANTE UP NIGGA! [D] Give me the cash ANTE UP MOTHERFUCKER! [F] Or that's yo' ass ANTE UP NIGGA! [D] Give me the cash ANTE UP MOTHERFUCKER! [F] Or that's yo' ass ANTE UP NIGGA! [D] Give me the cash ANTE UP MOTHERFUCKER! [F] Or that's yo' ass [Billy Danze] Shanghai nigga, Lil' Fame (I got the pound) (?) til them niggaz tellin me the straw's down Run up on 'em from all angles can you dig it fool? {Yeah, click clak KLOW, nobody move!} Face down get on the ground {That shit's foul} Shut the fuck up punk it's M.O.P. you know our style Yo (?) keep your eyes on the sneaky chick {Aight - make a move I'ma bump you bitch} Sean duke got jewels, go 'head and grab it Shack, anybody move, let everybody have it {Cli clack} (Bill chill 'til we find the stash) Roll with us or we gon' roll right over your ass Now where that motherfuckin money homes? {In the closet} Where the llello? {In the dresser right there by the phone} Cool, breeze, twenty G's Two ki's, I sent my nigga fat B's [Lil' Fame] Suppose we go in your clothes and take your doughs [Billy Danze] After that hit you in your back with the deuce-fo' Heistmaster, known to cause disaster Robbed the world, in ten minutes, or faster {Head 'em up!} Move 'em out {Ay nigga it's time to leave} Duke in the fatigue got somethin up his sleeve Strapped made a move towards me while we was breakin North {Yeah, I tore his motherfuckin wig off} ANTE UP NIGGA! [D] Give me the cash ANTE UP MOTHERFUCKER! [F] Or that's yo' ass ANTE UP NIGGA! [D] Give me the cash ANTE UP MOTHERFUCKER! [F] Or that's yo' ass ANTE UP NIGGA! [D] Give me the cash ANTE UP MOTHERFUCKER! [F] Or that's yo' ass ANTE UP NIGGA! [D] Give me the cash ANTE UP MOTHERFUCKER! [F] Or that's yo' ass [shout outs by M.O.P. members to the fade]

The Al Capone Suite

ANDRE NICKATINA "Daiquiri Factory: Cocaine Raps, Vol. 2"
It's the recess cup yea, nessly crunch yea, milky way type madness. sometimes I hate to begin this, sometime the photographers can stand this, say dead like a battery hit'em off with flatery, I don't do it for the cherity, I have to rap for the veraty, she said yea mother fucker, let's do it on a saturday, toss the bu cape, grab the mo__ jump in the caddy in we went our way We up n the dope for the next studio droping the rap and we skat to the show tramendious track with the doe we blow, some hate that don't even know me though. we stuff the philly, what's the realli, and we come back easy Ease I'm high as a mother fucker, probly dies as a motherfucker, get tried as a motherfucker, get fried as a motherfucker, but don't let that be ther reason why motherfucker, hardly ber__ far, do it at the bar but don't take it to far, some man, got leaneant, foo they got the ingrediants, fuck be a nigga that's seening it, when you wanna be a nigga that's being it, word. Put it on a hard way, and by the way like a B n an ash trey, gotta hit'em like a rickashay, and when the temp-T parley, and I know cut-throats like scarface, don't hit'em up put'em down on the contract, make your ass a little too hard to contact Lord lullibuy, king nicky, gettin gone, yea. off that sticky, it see a copy, they say they wanna get me, but I got a body gard like wittney


You did it baby! Congratulations, homie! You made history! 1.1 million in a short week! [laughs] Screw a press conference, press this on your conscience! D-Block, cheers! Yeah! I ain't mad, I don't wanna sound mad, I feel marvelous.. D-Block, Double R, fuckin' faggots.. We gon' handle this like grown men, you won't win You don't even feel comfortable in your own skin I rap my ass off, I'm fightin' the champ with the glass jaw at the Garden or Nassau See me, couple hood niggaz behind stars I heard you put a couple good niggaz bars, (Preme!) I might never sell that much But you can bet your last 2 quarters, I never tell that much Picture 'Kiss not come out swingin' It's like going to see 50 at a show and he don't come out singin' Yeah, you got a felony, but you ain't a predicate Never the King of New York, you live in Connecticut You don't be in the hood, you be in the woods Fuckin' wit' me, is where you really gon' be for good I hold the 4-5 myself, and hop out the Range on 1-4-5 myself This is a true fact Since when has it become cool to get shot and not shoot back Trackmasters shelfed you, Bravehearts helped you Then everybody felt you, now I gotta melt you And don't try to pull rank on 'Kiss Cause the niggaz I'ma send to do it ain't gon' miss Be layed up stiff, I spit straight up 'piph I did real songs with BIG, no made-up shits And I don't got a problem with clout You ain't get shot again yet, so what's your second album about? (Nothin'!) Your raps are pre-school, you made a lot of money, now be cool 'Fore I swell up your lips like seafood Can I get a mic check? You don't stand a chance To dance with me dog, ya steps ain't right yet Block is just fine, homie, the D's straight Most likely your new CD is a weed plate Bunch of love songs, 100% pure garbage Just somethin' to break up buds on You should just sell clothes and sneakers Cause outta your whole camp your flow's the weakest I'm in the town where the young boys is clappin', (clappin') You runnin' around with the lieutenant and captain, [laughs] It'll take a lifetime to see 'Kiss You had to get shot 9 times to be rich Rat ass nigga, you's a animal You's a motherfuckin' animal Pig ass nigga, you's a animal You's a motherfuckin' animal Snake ass nigga, you's a animal You's a motherfuckin' animal Matter of fact, you ain't no animal I'ma show these motherfuckers how to handle you D-Block!

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