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REDMAN lyrics - Muddy Waters

Soopaman Luva 3

Original and similar lyrics
Look, up in the sky (SOOP-soop...) It's a bird (SOOP-soop...) IT'S A PLANE!! (SOOP-soop...) Nah motherfuckers (SOOP-soop...) Hahaha Verse One: I was, flyin through the motherfuckin sky With my blunt full of lye, boom-ba-zee on five Code name beez the Soopa-Man cock my Luger Blast on state trooper, I'm on the run G I've got these hoes spreaded, from Japanese to diabetics Toes stay painted because of my foot fetish You damn right, they had to ban me from eatin pussy all night W-W-F and then just slammin in the rope like Sean Mike I can't be touched bitch, I disco in kryptonite Shit I'm broke as hell I had to buy all my girls fifty-fo'-eleven Reeboks at wholesale Almost got caught boostin out of Bodell's Bitches on my coattails like they coat rails Can't even go in a jam without a bitch grabbin my hand and squeezin my ass sayin Youse the man! That's who the fuck I be I got a, college degree, on bomb-zee and wreckin MC's Makin shit happen like Lil' Cease I come from a land of fontum leaf, bark from trees that stick in your hand, and lakes rollin sea-weed Criminals be up to no good So I tuck a heater Bulletproof suit still in the fuckin cleaners, but anyways I bumped into my neighbor Johnny Blaze Told me there's a bitch up the block who got more cock than AK's The bitch just moved in, in building 210 Right next door to the Fantastic Four, and the Penguin Good lookin Johnny, five-oh's right behind me Let me act like I know and get ghost Tuck in my Nina-Ross, get my cape and shades Now I'm off with the Soopaman Three antidote ( While the planets and the stars and the moons collapse ) Cause I am so cool ( When I raise my trigger finger all y'all niggaz hit the deck ) Cause I am so cool ( Cause ain't no need for that, hustlers and hardcore ) Cause I am so cool ( Raw to the floor, raw like Resevoir Dogs ) Cause I am so cool... Aiyyo word up *cough cough cough hack* *sniff* to make a long story short *cough cough cough* and shit, I went to the bitch house, and this what the fuck happened Verse Two: Aiyyo, knock knock, Who is it It's the Soopa, here to pay that ass a visit Heard you wasn't givin up your pussy So I got the right dick to get with Where yo' man at bitch He's out of town flippin biscuits Well open up the do' den, before I start unloadin on your pussy from here and leave it swollen Aiyyo how I know it's you Aiyyo check my credentials I eat yo' gun lead and shit out number two pencils I ate a ton of dog shit ain't never got sick Bitch I even know how many keys your man flip I'm low down and dirty, but not insane I know all these pussy ass cops by their first name Smoked a pound of Purple Rain and kept control Bitch I was the third nigga on the grassy knoll And you askin me, how you know it's the Soopa Open the door, I just blast on state trooper She opened up the door, and I walked in She grabbed the hammer, and nailed it till I'm locked in I said, Yo whassup bitch You must be trippin You must wanna see how this thirty-eight be spittin Nah nah boo, it's my ex-boyfriend, he be buggin He can't take it no more than I don't wanna fuck him I was gonna get this nigga Faride to snuff him Well if he come back through, I'm not talkin I'm bustin Zip my zipper down bitch and start suckin Get your anus wet for long dick fuckin Oooh, I like the way you talk, just Put It In My Mouth Yeah, and I'ma keep that shit in when I'm comin Fucked for thirty-six minutes and twelve seconds Hit it from the back yo oh yeah bitch no question Turn that ass around, she had tattoos of names on her back She said, I keep track I started readin her back I couldn't believe I read one name it said EPMD I turned her ass around I said no it couldn't be It was the J-to-tha-A-to-tha-N-to-tha-E Her pussy walls grabbed my dick so I'm stuck So I burnt that ass from that blunt hash that I lit up Owwwww!! She jumped up, puffed up, started yellin I smacked her, cracked her, put her in a full nelson Okay, okay, okay, okay, I give up Besides Soopaman Luva, I think I hear my nigga Aiyyo car pulls up, he steps up *skreech* and stick his keys in The door opened, I snatched him up for no reason Gave him a two piece with a biscuit, laid him out Oh shit, it was that nigga Parrish Smith!

Oh My Lord

JUNIOR M.A.F.I.A. "Conspiracy"
featuring The Notorious B.I.G. Jamal Intro: Lil Kim Ladies and Gentlemen you are now listening of the sounds of The Notorious B.I.G. and the Junior M.A.F.I.A. Jealous niggas recognise freak bitches fantasise Aah aah Chorus: Lil Caesar Uh one two y'all you know I rocked 'cha Step in the realms of Junior M.A.F.I.A. One two y'all you know I rocked 'cha Step in the realms of Junior M.A.F.I.A. One two y'all, you know I rocked 'cha Step in the realms of Junior M.A.F.I.A. One two y'all, uhh, uhh, uhh uhh (Check it out!) Verse 1: Lil Caesar Easy livin, bitches givin pussy like it's free My GS3 gleams perfectly Lil Cae's get flour like the stems Land's and Lexus' flexed with the M-A-F-I-A Blunts make my day Friday to Friday stay-be baby plus stylus, sippin on Berry's iris My windfall- be rich by sixteen Swimmin in CREAM, fuck a dollar and a dream Saw her knockin all ho's, dancin a machine, uhh True bawler, bitch case might call her A little shorty but I like my bitches taller Nastiest, the flashiest, you got bust past your shit while Big fuck your bitch Uhh uhh, while your nigga take flicks Uhh yeah Junior M.A.F.I.A. clique Chorus: Cheek Del Vec One two y'all, you know I rock ya Step in the realms of Junior M.A.F.I.A. *repeat x2* One two y'all, uhh uhh uhh Verse 2: Cheek Del Vec I admit back in the days I did stupid shit Now I changed, I'm in to bigger and better things like rockin Cuban change, bitch copped the range Del Vec was set with the Lex and diamond rings Pop Moet with my bitch when it rain Drink away the pain, got mad scars on my brain A little nigga rolled for dough Copped ki's across seas and sent a memo from a Cuban kid named Sallio selled mad pulito Coppin 'bout four bricks then I called Nino Meet me at the airport, feds is on the stalk Almost got caught cos the dumb bitch talked How much you makin? What we're doin, wouldn't live that How much Moveet cost and where my cash stash at? But the feds still couldn't get nuttin JM I'm still stuntin and frontin Chorus: Jamal One two y'all, you know we rock ya Little Jamal and Junior M.A.F.I.A. *repeat x2* One two y'all, you know we rock ya, rock ya Little Jamal and Junior M.A.F.I.A. Verse 3: Jamal Mally G a villian, keep niggas feelin my trigger finger enhancin peelin ya dome piece with the chrome piece fat I'll fuck around, black, catch a Mac to ya back Lethal weapon with the eighteen leather Schemin, bustin on whoever I can ejecta Window, think slow sing low Fuckin with Row Dog Mall you ain't know, aah Remember this funkabist lyricist Blow the premises out the frame wit this killer seen with the guillotine shotty with Junior M.A.F.I.A. rockin ya fuckin spot Cockin the Glock, fifty bust, hit the dust This spit shit murderous Huh, now do you think that you can fade Jamal, I fade dem all and if I have to kill em all, I sure Chorus: Notorious B.I.G. One two y'all, you know I rocked 'cha Step in the realms of Junior M.A.F.I.A. *repeat x2* One two y'all, uhh uhh uhh Verse 4: Biggie I got that rhythm line like Sprite got lemon lime Dina Carradine, keep a hand in all the time My rhymes so much experien when I'm smeer-ien to kissin my lawyer at my hearin-en This day and age my rap is like the plague I married this shit, y'all niggas still engaged Turn blowouts to 360 waves How this 12 gauge feel sittin on ya tongue, on ya lips 'n' dippin with money L in the green beamer sip a zeamers on our way to see Katrina She said she need a freak like me like Adina Fucked her by mistake she had a twin named Regina I seen her, lights excite all the freaks Squirtin on curtains, lips, tits and sheets Go beat, meet death, ya dead, ya die Don't fuck with B-I, that's that!

Stunna's Do

JUICY J "Rubba Band Business"
Get up bitch, get up bitch, get up bitch, get up Get up bitch, get up bitch, get up bitch, get up Get up bitch, get up bitch, get up bitch, get up Get up bitch, get up bitch, get up bitch, get up Juicy j be poppin, ya'll niggas watchin I be smoked out in the Jag and the Charger Juicy pull up watch your hoes start jockin Don't be mad at me cause your mixtape floppin And u see how I'm rockin, and this the shit that a stunna do And u see I ain't stoppin, and this the shit that a stunna do And u see me with money, and this the shit that a stunna do Rubba bands full of hundreds, and this the shit that a stunna do Bitches on my dick mang, bouncin on that shit Like a pogo stick mang, cause I'm filthy rich Jewlery game insane, diamonds glistenin And u know I make it rain, I'm known for drizzelin I smoke the best weed, then the ecstasy be gettin With some orange juice, black chicks, & mexicans I got some barbie bitches, yea I'm next to Ken Nut all on they backs slap the cage bone Superman that hoe Juicy j be poppin ya'll niggas watchin I be smoked out in the Jag and the Charger Juicy pull up watch your hoes start jockin Don't be mad at me cause your mixtape floppin And u see how I'm rockin, and this the shit that a stunna do And u see I ain't stoppin, and this the shit that a stunna do And u see me with money, and this the shit that a stunna do Rubba bands full of hundreds, and this the shit that a stunna do Oh oh oh I ain't steppin on no toes, I'm the true definition of mister steal your hoe hoe hoe - ha ha ha ha I be killin all these haters, when I pull up in the stretch I'm a let my full of paper I ain't scared of nobody, got my goons on deck They ain't fuck with no karate, they be packin them Tecs I'm a smooth operator when it comes to this real shit Mexicans, persians, even taylor swift shit Juicy j be poppin ya'll niggas watchin I be smoked out in the Jag and the Charger Juicy pull up watch your hoes start jockin Don't be mad at me cause your mixtape floppin And u see how I'm rockin, and this the shit that a stunna do And u see I ain't stoppin, and this the shit that a stunna do And u see me with money, and this the shit that a stunna do Rubba bands full of hundreds, and this the shit that a stunna do

Wake Up

Killarmy "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars"
Wake the fuck up (12X) Chorus: Yo wake the fuck up or get broke the fuck up The wisdom we apply Son soak this shit up If it was sess Son niggaz would smoke this shit up So wake the fuck up or get broke the fuck up Verse One: Madman Yo yo yo we are street soldiers of the dark side of the planet I kill killing orders like a lieutenant Hit the planet Earth then explode like a human cannon The universal author, born to kill saga Givin niggaz head trauma Bulletproof shield is made of gold armor Brain surgeon is aversions my purgin mind urban Scientists found killed and wrapped up in curtains Casualties, flashbacks, now simply that I attack like a rat, serious as a heart attack Professional assassinator professor Assassinate your mindstate and broke the metal plate Lyrical Nostradamus, psychotic mind of Sadaam Ex-con, attack the Pentagon with unorthodox firearm from Vietnam I crucify em, like Muslims murdering jews from Jerusalem Now who's the supreme lyricist? You can't seize this When I die, my name'll be worshipped like Jesus War visual individual incriminate the criminal My culture nickel put holes in your face like dimples Chorus Verse Two: Hell Razah Brains get unfrozen when they oppose, as we unfold Futuristic scrolls that was prophesized scriptures Hitting an untold, I roll with my skull and bones made of solid gold, skin is closing up Approach your home, with a war, Armaggedeon in my home Wisdom mind ruler mental intruder From the tribe of Judah Devils dissapear like they went through the Bermuda, triangle, erupting on Ryzarector tracks like volcanoes, so God swear to me I appear two years sample revolution in the burning cup Constitution, learned too much, came off must return Observe the facts, delivered by, blacks Soon as we unite the sky cracked A group of UFO's formed a seven in the heavens God celebrate devils death day signal Jail let loose the criminals, bystanders died Waiting for miracles we giving you Chorus: 1/4 Verse Three: Killa Sin Yo, I make your heart thump like tree stumps be crackin concrete chumps released once the Earth shifts, vocal points clips he wrote and missed Killer vocalist, load his fist blessed with loaded gifts Golden clips, shotty slipped like psychotic hits in soldier flicks, who wrote the shit superior Mines combine the modus click Enterprise like German spies, keep my eyes on Soviets Stay Russian my direction I'm wettin like a leaf bone Freak poems, seek thrones, to call home where freaks bone To each his own, chrome zones, be cloned like chromosomes So the chrome, the golden toned champ whip rollin bones fire's on, blazin hot trails at night, barren ville Shotty still collaborating on tracks with Bobby Steels Generate a mil, Killa Bee law, kill or be killed Know the ledge, finally, our justice has revealed Chorus Verse Four: Prodigal Sun The 43rd conviction, incarcerated in hell for eternity But my mentality and chemistry made me celestial through the galaxy Sparks friction, generating through evaporation Slay through meditation, your body is now liquidation Even your hemoglobin is swollen with corrosion Amputated and rated physical zone disintegrated That's what niggaz face when fuckin with the Sunz of Man Go to the dungeon I could lead a hundred men, with a golden pen Forced to intercept with the click from Shaolin Killin devils, scatter they ashes over the sea of Mediterranean That's my trademark, PS burned in my victims heart I be the Star from afar illuminating through the dark Another burning face of death The intiation of the Mason, 186 my name's left in the Book of Revelation Reminescing about the days, raising hell Representative of a mind, able to lead a city what technicality of mankind Mistake trying to keep me behind the closed doors of reality All three eyes to the revolution can now escape the blind state of confusion Trials and tribulations of the original nation Leaves a headache, the only chance of elevation Unite with the black coalition Sunz of Man, population click, Wu-Tang Clan First the Killarmy, eat your skeletons, buried in the Promised Land You better wake the fuck up! That's word life! Don't sleep! We don't be having that shit no more! Word is bond this is as real as it's going to get Wake the fuck up (4X) Killarmy, Wu-Tang Clan Word word, Shaolin Wake the fuck up Get the actual facts Better fuckin resurrect Chorus

Victory Or Death

TWISTA "Legit Ballin' - Vol.1"
2000 No mothafuckin mercy for tha new millennium It's Victory or Death I'm tha Twista in this bitch Mothafuckaz talkin 'bout styles and shit And who bit what and who made what Nigga fuck all y'all styles I'm finna set this shit off like this here Chitowns murderous mob gothic Hard knock it give me tha mothafuckin ammunition I'll cock it Respected like i'm one of Gods prophets Gotta put it down for legit ballaz and you don't think That i'll rock it annihilate that nigga 'Cuz like a lamb I was sacrificed for this verbal murder religion Imprisioned by my hunger to succeed By the heart I be driven No shakin, no shiverin, get your shit to bleed Reciting street literature, shall i spit tha creed Now who them mothafuckaz talkin 'bout bitin Go get me the pump-out of my trunk-I'm finna buss Y'all better run punk Fuck where you got your style from I be the one Rippin the track and I'm murderin I'm in the middle of killin 'em off when the guns dump With a young pump two to the brain don't even harm me You fuckin every party, you wont even startle You' the harder crew of lyrical giants Turnin mothafuckaz like u to microscopic particles To hype, to stop it the modules on cruise control Ride out on these niggas-bitches-ho's Ain't takin no titles I instantly bruise your soul Talkin that shit to me- trigger vicious flows Get to rippin my clothes and start snappin like I'm Sniffin shit up the nose, and catchin convulsions Till i'm trembling no surrendering start shootin and Knockin mothafuckaz out like Benalyn Reminiscin' on that adrenaline Oh, now you rememberin Overdose 'em on poisonous poetry from the west to the wild y'all Gangbagin like Gotti, rockin tha party Straight up shockin your body doin it Kami Kaze style y'all [Hook 1:] Cause it's Victory or Death nigga, better stay out the way When my adrenaline pumpin or you can get a..(click-clock-blast) Die mothafucka die! Ain't no makin me bleed cause i've got family to feed It's [repeat] [Hook 2:] I would rather die before i cant prosper I'm a mobsta Won't stop ballin, because it's meant to be, It's Victory or Death I gotta hustle till i'm gone [repeat] To all the folks and the lords. The bloods and the crips and every ward lets roll You gotta go- for what you know If it's retaliation get low When you get to the calico let it flow Make these niggaz know in the door Make a mothafucka bleed for what you need Cuz the familys gotta eat in the last days it's hatred and greed Luv to the Gov's, B.M.'s, Field marshals, elites and the chief Soldiers we better take heed and realize Signs of the times, stand by yo 9, Watch out for tha haters and write yo' rhymes But the industry is set up to fuck u so u better be on the grind Don't be one of the blind gotta stay alert And put in work cuz time is almost up Twistas, Hurricanes, and Volcanoes erupt So we can't stop the struggle, I'm killin my enemy, breakin 'em off and not givin a fuck. And I pray to the Lord my soul to keep When i go to the sky Thank you from savin me form a torturous life of hell, But hile I'm here I'm straight legit ballin until I die Lets better these years, feel the blood sweat and the tears Organize, I'll sit back and smoke a Philly witcha Never scared of my peers, I only got federal fears And I'm known to put it down for my city nigga And when we get full of this indo Hydroponics and Chronic lock up ya doors and tha window Better go and call up your kinfolks Cause the riders that's down with this mob Will murder when the wind blow Don't know what you info We bring terror in this Apocalyptic era of Armageddon we headin in And the only way we can survive is if we come hard And strive to be gods instead of men! [hooks 1&2]

Gots Like Come On Thru (Remix)

Buddha Monk "Prophecy"
[Intro: Buddha Monk, (Ol' Dirty Bastard)] Ahahahaha Minds start to freeze, at ease Its the Wu-Tang Killa Beez Brooklyn Zu, where we roll, Manchuz Comin at yo' avenuez 36 chambaz at a theater near ya (To all my muthafuckin niggaz in the place to be And lllllast man to me) We gon' take hip hop to anotha level [Chorus: Buddha Monk Ol' Dirty Bastard] Wu, Gots like come on through Su, That's the call of the Wu Zu, Gots like come on through Su, That's the call for the Zu [Hook: Buddha Monk Ol' Dirty Bastard] If your from the east coast and you're down with Brooklyn Zu Su, That's the call for your crew If your from the west coast and you're down with Brooklyn Zu Su, That's the call for your crew [Buddha Monk] Yo, I make myself official with the 7-dotted temple And the knowledge procedes to take off like Emmitt's missle Its the rapfire comin from this Lord, Monk and sire Cut like barbfire, ka-boom, just raise your hands higher I get off even if its battle or war, yall niggaz hit the floor And word iz bond, It still prescibes laws, hate the allegations So, I slam on this nation with motivation and watch out for the Zu domination We could take it to anotha level, glock-block that kills treble Honey rebels, and all yall niggaz betta end up in fuckin Belleview Yo, I mean that, I'm a god and I cut you no slack You wanna act, then I attack and just split your wig back Your some lame ass nigga rockin Tommy Hilfiger With 3 sizes larger just to make you look bigger And all you people out there procrastinatin to stop the assassination You betta check up with your still and just watch the Zu nation [Chorus] [Drunken Dragon - Zu Manchuz] Now take this, I hit you with the Drunken Dragon Fist Got the punk for your mind leavinz niggas in bliss I look deep into your eyes, diggin in your soul Pullin out the inner thoughts, leave minds behold I know exactly what your thinking, I wait for you to blink And I hit you with a round to make your ego start sinking I send your wack ass back to class, learn something So you can peep the real shit, and you can stop fronting On your phony block, with your phony glock until you slip When niggaz burn the drama they put teks on your lips Hey son, I just thought about that shit And you wanna be a gangsta rapper, boy you get the dick The Drunken Dragon, comin at you And if I hear you say Brooklyn Zu, I say Yo, who you? cuz [Chorus] [Buddha Monk] Back the fuck up before I use my gat Spray two to your neck and four to your back It's the hardcore warrior, straight from Medina Look on my face it shows, no one meaner Brooklyn Zu Killa Bees on the swarm I be in your area so sound the alarm Monks in the front know not to fuckin drunk Knocking down niggaz, and the girl sees the lump Shit is real, yes I'm hittin hard like steel I'm comin through your town so it's best that you peel For real, yes I get dirty with my skill No slacks in my thoughts, no time for my to trip up Niggaz, your crazy, I leave no fuckin traces When I put it on that ass you'll be desintegrated Crazy lunatic with the style that's sick Somebody in my click is bound to set a pick Your hit, by this trife shit that I fix I'm just like the devil, I don't play no tricks, cuz [Chorus] [Hook] [Outro: Buddha Monk, (Ol' Dirty Bastard)] 1-1-2, 4-4-1 Frankin Av. Peace, to my nigga Wack (Its all good, its all bad Dirty runs for the mayor next year, finally You'll neva see meeeeeee) Zu Zu Zu Zu Zu Zu Zu SUUUUUUUUUUU!!

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