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REDMAN lyrics - Muddy Waters

Smoke Buddha

Original and similar lyrics
Verse One: Aiyyo, I got a slight problem I smoke weed too much Knees buckle the -uck up when I'm splittin my dutch Back up back up! Ain't nobody hittin for free It's just E Doubl-E, Keith Murray, and me It cost twenty if you're down with it Aiyyo son I ride around with my hooptie tinted to ride around blitted Cause I be feenin for that pookie I smoke the good shhh, save the backyard boogie for all groupies And I be, smokin up the hotel lobby Between mo' sheets than the Isleys, I'm high G I'm holdin it down for the B-Rrrah-I-C K, blaze, tell you to get bluhh politely (Hit the funky if you're riding around gettin blitz) Ask me if I love the rap game -- I, I'm loving it Cause I can do what the OWW/-uck I feel is real Blaze the poot with D. Don and tell UHH to get the dillz Chorus: repeat 2X I smoke on and on on, ya don't stop I'm gettin mad -ucked up and ya don't stop To all my real dogs, all my real pals who ain't smokin, get the -uck owwwwt Verse Two: I just love tokin, blackin out like Tame in the open Of course I got the raw dog no need to stick your nose in Gave you a straight up shotgun when we was smokin Froze you so fast -- you looked it like Madonna Vogue-in AwwwwuhhhhH! I got the shhh to get your whole click high We can get high, but act funny and I'ma whip out And they gon' whip out, and blow notes like Michel'le Cause you tried to jump the cipher and it goes THISSAWAY Chorus [singing] Smoke buddha, smoke buddha... *clang* The song you're about to hear, is sponsored by NASssWIPP Niggaz against smokin weed in public places A subdivision of *clang* IKSRFO I'm knockin somebody right the fuck out!

Thank You

KJ-52 "Behind The Musik"
Thank You Verse One: Dear Dad Dear Dad I want to take time to write you Cuz latley we talk way more than we use to See I was thinkin about all the things we been through I wanted to say when I leave I'll really miss you You used to tell me we I was a little dude That there was nothing that we couldn't get through So as I'm older I want to take time to thank you And let you know everyday I try and pray for you See I appreciate everything that you did You were there for me ever since a little kid Taught me to be a man and just how to live And when I needed it you always had love to give Tears are running down my face as writing this Cuz you and mom being together is what I relly miss But the one thing I just really wish Is that you know I love you so I tell you this Chorus 1: Daddy Thank you for being my Daddy I just want to thank you (repeat) Verse Two: I don't know if you blame yourself for you and Mom splittin up But in case you do don't beat yourself up Thats in the past now whats done is done You'll always be my Dad and I'll always be your son Sometimes the most important word's we don't say enough Sometimes love hurts and hurts way to much Sometimes we act the very worst to the ones we love It don't occur that sometimes we just want to hug Now Mom I want to thank you for everything For all the times you were there to provide my needs And I thank you for always just loving me In spite of the trouble sometimes I know I used to be You've shown me just what a Mom is supposed to be And it still means so much to hear your proud of me And just to be your son is what I'm proud to be And so with love I say thanks while your kid sings Chorus 2: Mommy Thank you for being my Mommy I just want to thank you (repeat) Verse Three: For a while Mom we really didn't talk much But I'm glad that latley we stay in touch Can you believe how much your little boy has grown up It seems like yesterday I was so young TIme passes so fast but you know what It's word like I love you I don't say enough And everything that you done means so much Thank you Mom that's love from your only son Now Lord I want to thank you for what youv'e done Your my Father in Heaven and I'm your son You're the sourceof where my peace comes from And you'ld still be my father even if I never had one I was lost but you changed the outcome You put your son on the cross where he just bled and hung To lay down your life there's no greater love for someone And thats exactly what you've done Chorus 3: Jesus Thank you for being my Jesus I just want to thank you (repeat)x4

Handle Ur Bizness

M.O.P. "First Family For Life"
Check, check, check Chorus: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH Billy Danze: Handle your business Can't get your grip M.O.P: Can I get a witness?! Lil' Fame: Ghetto people, your dreams have now been fulfilled Grip your steel AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH Billy Danze: Handle your business Can't get your grip M.O.P: Can I get a witness?! Lil' Fame: Ghetto people, your dreams have now been fulfilled Back out your steel Rah*echoes* Verse one: Lil' Fame What the rawdog feelin? An author like, Terry McMillan The cat that, maniac My fam dark as death in less than a minute (The world stop spinnin) The Rapid FIRING SQUAD Keep on mix fire and (hard to kill) Loud wires and bombs, firing arms Look, we all for it Its the dutch burning herbalice Gallon drinkin alcoholics Walk through your toughest pack of goons with my chain out Kept it real ever since the first jam came out FIRST FAMILY turned this whole rap game out Sheisty individuals, tryin to wipe my name out But they don't fuck around cause they know I back that thing out And try to mark em off when the gun shots ring out And in the myst of black, kid I'ma try to wipe they name out And keep on dubbin till I break a fucking spring out Chorus Verse two: Billy Danze You motherfuckas better raise up (they already did) WHO THAT? The '87 stick up kids (we're back!) I'm hopin that your focused on the side Cause frontin on me and my, mad niggaz die Is this hiphop? Hell no, this is war I've been trying to tell you that since ? rocked some hardcore You don't listen. See, gee I'm on a mission. Look, be They gonna find your ass missing Ever since me and Fame came, we maintained A strange, but a strong game (That can't change!) The real ghetto bad shit for blastin, subtractin Those that ain't matchin my fashion I'm mashin (Retality's real) Fatality's ill When your stash in my path then your stash is a raw deal (Clap, clap) Get your gat (Buckabuckabubububububububuckabucka) blow, blow, get the fuck back Chorus Verse Three: Lil' Fame: FACE MINE Cause I'm here Dog its' all clear Rap jewels put it on my baseline from a snare Then the wanna doubt The Kid Who analyze this whole fucking shit? Trying to make somethin out of it Explode quicker than landmines M.O.P. tapes make earthquakes and cause landslides Bump this in your Lex coupe Or your Lex hoop Danze, finish em, twenty-one gun salute (The Crew) Billy Danze: How many niggas runnin with me? *pause* (this few) A hundred niggaz gunnin with me *pause* (to shoot) Firing Squad, draw blood on the enemy At point-blank range, deliverin the penalty AIN'T NOTHING BUT THE THUGS Slangin out hollow slugs (Nigga), anti-love keepin it real (Thug, let em slide today) I'm known best for leavin em stretchin like Doc Holliday Salute! *main beat stops, baseline continues* *beat comes back in*

High Times

Now this some baaad weeed... B'Real: The very first time I hit the weed I was young Coughin up a lung, high strung, back in '81 Goin to school, hittin the buddah behind the bleachers Comin to class high, sellin the lye to the teachers Nickel bag, nickel bag, dime to a nickel Sellin joints to the honeys suck it like an icicle Others wanted the 40 but I wanted the weed While everybody was runnin out, I was plantin my seeds Homegrown, backyard boogie, I'm still stoned Got my weed plants taller than your telephone's corner I can remember when I could only get sess in those days Now I'm rockin that chocolate thai, skunk and the haze Roll a fat one, pass it to the left don't front But I hate it when they don't take the seeds out the blunt A bunch of blunt-rollers are like rookies on the field Spillin the weed plant fuckin dookies with no skill I should write a book, how to roll it then pass it Light it, grow it, sell it and then divide it Mr. Greenthumb, Dr. Weed, I proceed to give the herb man what they need True indeed, blow your fuckin smoke up in the sky And get high with your bong or your philly or dutchess give me a light Chorus: Grab the weed up, pack it in, put it in the pipe Light it up, smoke a bowl, we puffin the lye right Put your finger on the hole and hold it in brother Take a puff, that's enough, and pass it to another Get the weed sack, smoke it up, til it's all gone No roaches up in the ashtray, smoke up all the bomb I usta spend money but now I'm growin the crops But I hate it when the pigs throw a raid on the spot It was once said I smoke so much weed, by a brother That I look like the nigga on the zig-zag cover Maybe I usta look like that way back when When my nigga Sen Dog was around sippin on the Hen Let the fly rhymes smother you with the scent of the skunk We got the High Times cover shows you how to roll a blunt Quarter pound, quarter pound, pound to a quarter Makin trips to Mexico runnin down to the border Long hairs, bald heads, dreads and punk rocks Kids of all colors be puffin it down the block I got the weed on lock with all the hydro methods Call me Puffy cause I makin and takin a hit record Blow your fuckin smoke up in the sky and get high With the bong, philly or dutchess, give me the light Chorus

Pass Me

THREE 6 MAFIA "Choices"
[Chours 2x] Pass me da mutha-fuckin' blunt mane Hurry up or else somebody's gonna get sprayed Caugh and choke on the weed is just what I do Caugh and choke on the weed is just what I do [Crunchy Black] Smoke dis, smoke dat, smoke weed, smoke crack Everybody gettin' high, high off they fuckin' sac Everybody know me, know me by Black Black be smokin' weed mane, smokin' weed by da stack Got dis, got dat, got swishers, got blacks Got dat smoked out no doubt, bumpin' on the fuckin' track Gonna get high mane, roll to get high mane Smoke till I die mane, ain't no fuckin' thang I'ma smoke till I die, I'ma break down that swisher I'ma fill it up wit weed, I'ma blow it like a mista Ain't no smokin' wit me mane, ain't no smokin' wit me mista When you leave here dawg, you gone leave here in blistas' You gone have to pull ya pistols because ya high and ya smooth And ya think we mix our weed with some god damn eww (hey!) You must be tootin', tootin' on that fruit in ya cell (man!) Nigga the only thang I mix my weed with is god damn cell [Chours 2x] [Crunchy Black] Here's a round a two a, what ya wanna do a Smoke that fuckin' weed, smoke some fuckin' budda You might as well gone head suit up, What ya waana do a Break that fuckin' weed down, Put that fuckin' toot up You knew a, I was comin' threw dis bitch I been smoked out and loced out all day lil' bitch I don't play lil' bitch, I get paied lil' bitch Smoke weed and get high everyday lil' bitch, and don't play [La Chat] Was up nigga Pass dat dope, gone get your smoke, I'm gone hit it Get fucked up, we full a dat pure, I got my pure to go wit it La Chat be gone up off dat dojer, great for bendin' my knees I be so blink dat I can't think, mane I'm so full of dat weed Wanna blow a gun Hell naw, but you know I get smoked mane fuck my nose, it is my lungs I'm tryin' to inhale when I smoke I get a blunt, and then I dip it in dat () and I'm gone I'm so fucked up, which way is which, don't know how da fuck I got home [Chours 2x] [Repeat threw chours] Dat shit's some fire, dat shit's some fire

Keep It Movin'

featuring Nicci Gilbert Uh yeah Uh yeah Verse 1:MC Lyte Naughty but you like and nasty but you want it I'm the chick that never front it Picture that Me wearin a pager So you can be down my back It ain't happin jack Am I too fine? If so I can leave Have somewhere to go You better believe I keep a tight schedule Not many if less Still on a quest Not knowin I'm da best Causin a mess wherever I go They still want me thereI'm the star of the show Your ride is sweet My ride is much sweeter Come take a ride with this senorita Theres more to me that the eye can see But I'm twice as much as you'd thought I'd be When I hit da scene All better be where cause da party don't jump till I get there Chorus ( Nicci Gilbert ) Come on We're doin it everyday All night is how we like to play Feel the rhythm do what you want to do Kick back we're doin it at the woooooo Verse 2: MC Lyte You took to long to ask Now I don't know If you can hang wit my flow Keep it on da g-lowI start da fire Watch it go down When it's time to put the flame I'd a put your chew down When you roo-boo So nasty you sickWanna know my chicks Study, hear me like a flick I'm the girl your mama warned you about at night Ask Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky and Mike I'm that candy girl I got da suga for your sweet tooth Comin in your crib in my birthday suit I'm that, bad habit you just can't shake What I want I take Some a y'all could relate Got the yop ya To get ya stuck like glue It ain't over to we all come through When I hit the scene All better be where cause da party don't jump til I get there Chorus x 2 Verse 3: MC Lyte So you wanna be da tiger roaming through my woods huh Babe boy you gotta bring da goods Not just any penny Can get in my piggy Bently or empty you just can't tip me Like that, just what you like All up in your ear but I'm not like Mike Red Hot Be the brown chili peppa Y'all know my words Let's sing it together Light to infinite Like Dusk Til Dawn When I hit da scene All better beware cause da party don't ump da jump til I get there Chorus repeat til fades

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