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REDMAN lyrics - Muddy Waters

Rock Da Spot

Original and similar lyrics
(W.. F.. D.. S..) Aiyyo, aiyyo check this out man Hah, aiyyo hah-hah Aiyyo aiyyo, hah-hah Nahnah, aiyyo, aiyyo Damn I'm the bomb, ringin off all types alarms My palms, be swift with the pen like Lynn Swann's Aggravated assault, against an MC Beat him down with the mic and all types of pedigrees It's mad real in Da Bricks, plus I roll thick You can quote this, I'm the Moby Dick of dopeness Bitch, walk the walk if you talk the talk I DK New Jerz, and DK-New York I don't push a lot of vehicles, but I push a used one With a tape deck, if it's feasible Tell the truth, I don't own a Lex Coupe But I get you souped when I rock respect due I'sa nice nigga that wanna get diced Slice the mic device like the body of Christ twice E Double if you feel me hit me once (A breaker one, a breaker two) Cause trouble to you family and friends Let me cut the bullshit, just hand me yo ends Got caught out there cause you a Mack without 10 Punch you in your chin The rucker, bringer, live from Hell, but stay cooler than a double L Turn a felony to a misdemeanor Now the court subpeonaed me to get my act cleaner Fuck that, still walk out holdin my strap Blunt, grabbin my weiner Now first of all I go for broke Check the third quarter note, I make you feel like your water broke Can't tell whether male or female I fucked up your frame well, the monogram can't tell All aboard my balls, cause my dick don't got a lot of room for the rest of y'all Grab on my pubics, let my music take flight Rock indo and out-do, dick run in and out yo' bitch, about nine inch up the clit Can you feel me comin, yeah I usually make em shit I shines MC's up for auction So I can sell em on Saturday, Keith put the bat away Let's lay in the cut, so we can break his whole anatomy down and turn into an ass-kicking holiday Word, I rolls with the Funklord With more flavors than them motherfuckers on them Benetton billboards He's bleeding get the gauze He shoulda knew Def Squad crew is who I kill for Push the clip in, slide the top back Make sure it's off safety, in case he wanna counteract Shit like that get me vexed So I crack your ass like corn while your bitch crack my Beck's Hah-hah One deuce! One deuce Aiyyo, catch this picture, of me in the mixture So you won't forget the, black Jack the Ripper Sorceror offin y'all with techniques A universal lingo, with the odd speaks Control more blacks than Harlem week, freak Smokin that leak at full peak Peace to Greg Street, and underground radio technique College radio, no I mack shit like Maceo Yeah, the East coast West coast dick giver I oughta be an alkie, the way I hit liver Deliver, the milk to your door, real raw Shit you never seen before So when you come inside, and do the front Watch the double-pump shotgun and please don't run Relax your minds, let your concious be free And get money, and G's and roll these trees ... This is DJ SAYWHAT on this motherfucker. Comin to you live from WFDS radio from da Brick City. (continued on Welcome)

Lady Vemon

[Verse 1:] Ever heard of Vertigo Well ain't no way else to go Prevail knows the faculties, our poison lay you vertical It's only murder for every small animal committed The only difference is I won't admit I did it There's a limit as to how far my posse's willing to bend The Don of a blinds the minds of most men from the quarantine, praying for the end You can tell by the stench that the venom's setting in On the plane in which you reign, it's classified as 'Do or die' But in the realm in which we dwell, its 'Puncture necks and multiply' Imagine the madness, the return of the Jew from Nazareth The hunter and the hunted, the colonizing and savages The only challenge is, did they bring enough to dirt to bury us Be aware, I hunt with the god as a cerabus Where we're going, don't stress, there'll be plenty of time to rest Close the curtains, brace your sternum, this is just a contest [Chorus: Arabic singing] [Verse 2: Madchild] The ultimate experience, I've already felt it Madchild tasting her tounge, his heart melts With the second chance for this demon that she dealt with Few and far between from Beauty and the Beast To a perfect combination, once this passion is unleashed Golden Angel, precious Princess and since This is more than just lust, trust if not now, then soon One love, we'll have our chance to dance on the moon Now the feel the trance of this goddess, vicious vibrations Lapdances, venomous serpents of temptation Awkward balance, scars on my back from her talons An evil evening, drinking blood by the gallons Drenched, venting tension, adrenaline rush Pain stains the carpet when you run into us An effortless task, cold hearts and iron masks Nightmares have been implanted, that you shouldn't try and grasp [Chorus] [Verse 3: Prevail, Madchild] [Prevail] Come stand amongst us, just don't ask us who brung us Just one of them amongst us, come on, you can trust us We're the league that serves the justice, we're the confident ones Come run amongst us and conquer someone [Madchild] Some come to seek honor [Prevail] Some seek to reek havoc [Madchild] Either you do or don't have it [Prevail] If we speak, it's tragic [Madchild] When the sun rises, are you surprised that I'm a beast Leatherface withers, cracks, and starts to crease Feel your heart rate decrease, the unveiling of the vain White widow, crystal palace, champagne, who calls them strange [Prevail] And down here it's the strangest thing [Madchild] Flaming skies start to fall [Prevail] My jaws of life, the cause of death, my breath swing a wrecking ball [Madchild] This is your beckoning call [Prevail] While we checkin you all, All praise the Circuit Breaker that circulates through your walls And appalls all who call [Madchild] I brawl, maul, and maim [Both] WE BLESS AND DESTROY WITH STRENGTH STILL OUT OF RANGE

Remember Me

KHIA "Thug Misses"
un hu un hu un hu un hu un hu un hu Remember me un hu un hu un hu Rememder me un hu un hu un hu REmemder me the bitch that you use to see the bitch you told yo lies to the yo planned to be with how i always thought one day u see i would be with you and you with me but no all you did was told many lies to me fucked with them other hoes in the clud you be with all yo home boys lookin lust to me how could you not see what i had in me cause i look at me in ballin you see but no you was suppose to be on the side of me you know it still amazes me how you could be a old fuck ass hoe not as bad as me but i kicked you to the crub but its not my fault you know you the one the dog playin the game but caught but o its all over now now its time to clap im ridin lexaus bens bentalie humers benmoes and tires (chours) Remember me now hoe why you talkin dout me ya its me sittin on top of the world Remember me ya nigga i wasn't nothin nice but i couldn't cop ice but now its dimeins and pearls Remember me Remember me sad and out when there was little lop little cash in the pot but i was shinin on ya ass now in shinin some noe while ya was worried dout a bitch i was writin my words thought it was all adout a nigga i was prayin the lord and thankin him for all the blessins all the things that he tault me dealin with them problems and worries in life and if you remember me i den shined on you twice Remember me the one you thought wasn't gon be shit but a little hoer with yo man be creepin thats what you thought but i wasn't peep this now im a star on the tv blingin house three stores and my car is seatin a hunderd gees or more and the kids is eatin shrimps from the store not raw meatin shit from a bitch or a hoe believe me (chours) Remember me the friend that i always was now that in finally livin good you thought the kids had it all ain't got to worry bout the rent or the ligts and the phone ain't got to worry bout a nigga cause we stay with our on shit partin in the clud with the hot boy click yeah we livin large got our on wipe jags on dubs tvs house rent remeber havin nothin now we havin it all Remember me chours the end

Right On

XZIBIT "Man Vs Machine"
Yeah, ha Ladies and gentlemen (Ha, Yeah) You got money and then bitches Power.. Ya had it, ya lost it Ya leased it, ya flossed it Business fell through now ya comin up off it He bought it, he rolled it He passed it, you smoked it Now ya fucked up off some weed mixed wit coke shit Ya love her, ya hate her Ya fucked her, ya raped her Twenty-five to life cuz ya can't control ya anger Its heavy, its deep Its solid, its weak Things people say about ya records in the streets (Check it) Be careful what ya wish for Ya fuck around and get it I did it got in it Spit it and didnt waste a minute So where my niggas at What part of the game is that I paid my dues now nobody tryin to pay me back And if they did i would probably have as much as shaq My life is the movie so listen to the soundtrack This what its all about You better stall me out And feel the aim of the name you niggas callin out [Chorus] If you feelin how im feelin And you ready and willin to come to the table I put it together who doin it better Come bounce with me (Come on) You can smoke a whole ounce with me (Right on!) Take em out! If you movin how im movin And you chosen and proven So lose the illusion The top guns cue the confusion Come bounce with me (Come on!) You can smoke a whole ounce with me (Right on!) Take em out! I'm tired, I'm hungry You're lazy, disgusting You're lay around my house and ya never do nothing I seen it, believed it Planned it, conceived it Missed me with the bullshit bitch I dont need it I cheated, you cheated We cheated, so beat it Eat it like a dick bitch you too conceited I broke it, replaced it I slammed it, I chased it Hands in the air if ya love gettin wasted baby! You never seen us before You betta come and get it You with it im with it I'm busy baby you fuckin with it Is it your place or mind Dont wanna waste your time And you can get it how you want it it'll blow ya mind Its over time Takin pride in the bump and grind A hit from behind to leave you with a broken spine This what its all about You better stall me out Its just the game of the name you bitches callin out [Chorus] Pop it, drink it Float it, sink it Plan to stop me then you better rethink it Drive it, use it Pimp it, abuse it Shit motherfuckers do to hip-hop music I live it, I die it I'm laughin, I'm cryin Pop two of these bitch, lets start flying I hear it, I taste it I touched it, I faced it Breakin down the bullshit back to the basics I had to kick in the door Thats how I had to get it I shitted with lyrics And getting better for fuckin credit Gettin gangsta with it The best that ever did it Hit it and quit it my nigga You shouldnt babysit it We need more emcees and less wannabes Three hundred and sixty degrees of reality Thats what its all about Kill em and haul em out Now feel the aim of the name you haters callin out [Chorus]

Sumthin' Wicked This Way Comes

TLC "CrazySexyCool"
Remeber back in da time When da only sign we had was picket But now in '94 it be This way somethin' come wicked Gangs killin' others fo colors Thangs that we wear fo fashion Other brothers take it fo a reason To be blastin' what da cuff is goin' on Not soft like buttercupus but Had enough of singin' dat same song See I stayed across da street from da projects Took out yo momma trash and groceries To her trunk to keep my pockets Fat like cellulite only been to jail one week Fo some shullbit and I pray to God I won't repeat I shoulda pulled it when I had da chance to No I shouldna did dat 'cause if I did dat Yall would not hear dat fat shit Dat keeps you on yo tippy - Toes like dat sellout not callin' no names But really who's bad I go through obstacles like a whole box Of condoms you can't forget Where you come from Take a good look in the mirror and tell Me do you like what you see Masters of deception corruption and evil But you're always quick to point the finger At me Won't somebody tell me [Chorus] I just don't understand The ways of the world today Sometimes I feel like there's nothing To live for So I'm longing for the days of yesterday What gave you the right to misjudge me And write me off on the wall Acting as if you understand me In reality you just don't know me at all Sometimes I can't help but wonder If this was how it's meant to be But if you search deep enough in your soul You'll always find a slight reminder of me Won't somebody tell me [Chorus] A-yo If we could all agree to lettin' Our souls become free of that sweet Bitterness then whose chest would Have the most seeds I keep misfocusin' my needs And this stress on my back With them caps they be blastin' Into my knap sack Ain't no accidental deathtraps My mishap is the fact that I'm destined to snap It's when I feel as though my body's Able to go my mind is ready to flow Did you know first you catch And then I throw It's my own sense of time If I'm late it's 'cause I'm endin' my day Just when the sun shines And still gently advising the arisin' Of the moon as it rolls around Into my soundproof dimension [Chorus]

Hood Scriptures

FOXY BROWN "Broken Silence"
[Foxy Brown] HEY, you're 'bout to hear the most incredible shit ever written Hard spittin', cigar splittin' PRAY, to your god and to them words in the Biblical scriptures Critical bitch must, flow to the shit that just fit her RODE, with the best auto that money can buy me The best damn mami, Def Jam signed me HOES, you know they'll never compare to my status Nothin' matters, I'm the fuckin' baddest see FAME, is worth it if you got money to match it I'm hotter than acid and don't even practice GAME, guess I got it at birth from my momma Ill Na Na, real drama, see I BALL, til' I can't or I'm covered by maggots I straight spaz it and let y'all have it BLOAW! Hey...I'm speakin' to the hood! [Foxy Brown] SPLURGE,when I'm gettin' my money it's nothin' Always bussin', flows is disgustin' WOAH, I'm constantly multiplying my digits Fox the richest, please no pictures ONES, that I be countin' be keepin' me smilin' We out wildin', shout to the island! DUN, I keep it gangsta for all of my soldiers It's so over, keep y'all composure STYLE, when we want and we love when they hate us Don't debate us, flow's not contagious FOUL, we can be if y'all niggas provoke us Buenos noches, do not approach us FLOSS, til the law say I can't or I'm finished Pour the Guiness, I'm a straight menace! BLOAW! Hey...I'm speakin' to the hood! [Foxy Brown] KNOW, what I built I ain't tryin' to mess up Barbie dressed up, you're just my successor WHOA, I hear your company's holdin' that budget I always thug it hood for the public BENZ, my CREAM material's iller than average Lots of baggage, shopping savage and my FANS, say that my album is close to a classic They don't, gas it, y'all gots to have it SHOES, got to be Christian or Gucci or Prada Who could stop her, ain't a bitch, hotter LOSE, you always will when you go against Foxy Wrist, rocky, y'all bitches watch me RISE,til they kill me I'm ballin' and spending Laws I'm bendin' til my life is endin', now! BLOAW! Hey...I'm speakin' to the hood!

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