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REDMAN lyrics - Muddy Waters

On Fire

Original and similar lyrics
( Them bitches swear they fly... ) Hahha Now everytime I grab the mic I always start shit up Sharper than your double-edger, watch me cough shit up Live and direct, respect it to the underground connect Pah!! I'm wreckin any MC you select Yo E, load me in your gun, light the flares Give me forty-eight bars, and I go out like gays at Billy Bear Wear and tear, I'm wreckin for the Bricks is where Jump in my way and get your body splattered everywhere Conjunction junction what's your function It's that nigga who's so swift I could lose a compass Step into jams, with seven niggaz in a Land And forty motherfuckers in some fucked up caravan Drop the farenheight back down to zero Bring Heat to the streets like I'm Pacino and DeNiro Raw dog material, grand imperial Talk to my shotty nigga, my ears ain't hearin you So take heed to what I'm saying Cause tonight's the night, and me and my nuccas ain't playing Now do I look crazy Deranged, maybe You shot first, your glock burst, but it graze me Now time for lyrics, put up your guns And watch me get this shit hoppin like the West was won Got that lyrical chicken feed, for all chicken heads Crowd your Rap City committee, like I'm [Big Leads] Most bigger than them Melendez brothers You need Cochran when you're fuckin with Judge Red Put your fingers up if you love hash and cash I been that way since Ike Turner was kickin Tina ass Hookers ridin dick, like I'm a motorcycle You wanna shine bitch Let me simonize you I make sure your vision blur, till you don't know what occurred Until I black out every nerver Foul women get served as chicken head hors d'ouerves I drop your tops like your heads was convertibles!! Hah, if you still look up in the sky I'm still high All the way live like Lakeside Wann die E (whattup son), you got this beat pumpin The way I feel niggaz ain't leave until they up in somethin Pack my dutch like the niggaz in the county Dayrooms, stay tuned, for Doc Illuminati Up around them big butt freaks is where you find me (Martini and Rossi, Asti Spumante) So take heed to what I'm saying Cause tonight's the night, and me and my nuccas ain't playing To my people in the back, if you're not the wack, say Don't stop, the body rock To my people in the front, if you're tokin on blunts, say Don't stop, the body rock... aoowwwwwowwwww I'm too strong for you to listen I started spittin, that's why the brick niggaz be lickin They stay on magazine written equipments And lyrics I got em by the shipment, where your bitch went I'm smokin leaky out the Lec-y, fatal My Squad steps with the ultimatum, true dat My muzak, move crowds, like down the hill moved crack For those who stepped on toes, I want my shoes back Buddy, bringin money to your girl for your little daughter like I'm Cutty Twenty dollars a pop to dub me, I bug G, quote it I see you notice how I leave microphones corroded Hahahahaha, your staff not up to par You raw, you're more like Zsa Zsa Gabor Call deep niggaz, keep the gas pedal floored And I pump the funk to keep a room and board *record scratches, rooster cackles*

Tenn Points

Cool Breeze "East Points Greatest Hit"
[Intro - Peaches] Hey playas, this is Peaches And we comin' up on the new millennium, year 2K And I'mma give you 3 points to keep you in the game Point 1 - Call and meet, ??, pay ya debt Point 2 - Don't hate the haters They cloudin' your judgement And 3, never let 'em know what you're thinkin' [Cool Breeze] Hey, I was introduced to fame by way of mouth I was rappin' on this tape, and the rap was about How for my folks, and for mine, I forever stay down And represent this town, and for that, I'll be crowned It's been known that my attitude'll reach it's peak That's right But never has it once stopped the way that I think I know the speakers addin' bricks to the path you lay And to be is to live everything you say I read once that if you die, the people couldn't forget That your eternal flame will forever stay lit One day I'll leave this place and add another star to the sky But all of my creations, they never would die I told you dirty Jed Clampett tried to front me some weight This time he pushed me in his house, and had it layed on the plate He had stacks of it packed all down in these crates Stampin' BDF, nothin' but that flake See, the only way the Southcoast will ever become We gotta all come together, and become as one When they say What's your name? We say Where you from? When they What you say? We say Come get some! We make any click or crew, run and call the cops Picallo said play with the bomb, and y'all get knocked off top History is proven and will lead you right The acts you commit will be recorded for life (for life) [Nivea] 1 - You did it before, you'll do it again Repeat 1 (16x) [Eightball] All this pain got me goin' through recovery Withdrawl pains from my ghetto life and concrete streets Get it how you live, I live hard, that's how I get it Execute them punk niggas that ain't wit it Straight thuggin', my face wrinkles, my mind sprinkles Mounds livin' off the track, shinin' it like twinkle Ride the beat, 160 like my white Impala Hit that spray and leave them niggas for them dollas I can't explain why, but Tangaray and ?? Bring out the mothafuckin' dog in the real niggas Do you remember Rap used to be so fun shit? Now niggas gettin' killed over who they run with Run with me, and see if I give a fuck though Wicked when I kick it, most expected to do dope flows Underground, treasured by the ones who listen to it Respected in the field by them soldiers who really do it I'm on the frontline, moral for the troops Makin' niggas lace their boots, and hit they mark when they shoot Lord forgive me, but my people must defend their people It's gonna take mass destruction just to see we all equal Forty days and forty nights, we gon' fight and get wreckless If I die, fresh play, and I will be ressurrected Eyes red as fire, flash the grill for the non-believers And we gon' let the child lead us, let the child lead us Repeat 1 to fade

The Blast

TALIB KWELI "Reflection Eternal"
Let me, let me practice.. hehehe, ehehe Talib.. T'Kwi, Kweli - I can't say it! That's wack.. [Talib Kweli] (Vinia Mojica) Yeah, you pronounce my name (Kweli), any questions I bring many blessings with my man Hi-Tek and he from the Natti (Natti) We make the sky crack, feel the fly track, get your hands up like a hijack Fist in the air for (Kweli), keep 'em there like Natural mystic or smoke when they spliffs lit It's a revolutionary (party), they ask me what I'm writin for I'm writin to show you what we fightin for Say Taleeb or Talib (Kweli), if it's hard try spellin it phonetically If not then just let it be like Nina Simone, you probably (ably) don't listen B Even when we suffer loses I account the victory Sometimes it's far and between I'm sad to say it got my brain crowded like sunset on a Saturday I know my son wept 'cause his dad's away Stop cryin be strong for your momma is what I had to say [Chorus 1] To my little man named Amani (mani) Start the party, my crew hot feel these two shots Like the blast from a double barrel shottie (shottie) It's got to be, your man Hi-Tek and Kweli Who make you rock your body (body) Start the party, my crew hot feel these two shots Like the blast from a double barrel shottie (shottie) It's got to be, your man Hi-Tek and Kweli [Hi-Tek] I remember when it all started Back in the day when me and moms first parted Hi-Tek from the beginnin I stayed advanced A young chameleon, adapt to any circumstance Peep game nigga never been a lazy nigga Stayed on my hustle concentrate to get the paper bigger Stay focused, while other cats stay hopeless While niggas stay high I stay lower Stacking my chips to get a foreclosure This shit ain't over.. Going for the gusto, keep getting that provo It's Hi-Tek (and Kweli) on the track like Flo Jo Bet you ain't even know I had flow though [Chorus 2] Yo, make you rock your body (body) Start the party, my crew hot feel these two shots Like the blast from a double barrel shottie (shottie) It's got to be, your man Hi-Tek and Kweli [repeat 3x] Keep on dancing, ya gotta keep on dancing {Overlapping} oh oh ohhhhhh, yeah yeahhhhhhh Keep on dancing, ya gotta keep on dancing..

Conspiracy Theory

SCARFACE "Last Of A Dying Breed"
The conspiracy theory... [Scarface] I knew this nigga who sittin, on the dock on the bay Had plans of gettin rich so he was plottin with Jay This motherfucker had the street game locked Had the blocks all sold up, and always saw the cops when they showed up He had the rep of being murderous too The type of nigga, with the mind of a God-damn fool But he knew, to get off in this crew, he had to change So when James went to church this nigga did the same So he's steppin back away from the cut But his vengeance of livin, had his braincells start to fuck up Steady callin his shots, but steady leavin a trail So sit back peep my game, I got a story to tell I came from a gang with niggaz who do crime They didn't rat they niggaz out when they came to do time No snitchin nobody out when ya facin a life sentence For death, you do it by yo God-damn self [Scarface] He gettin clean, so we gave him a job Had the whole entire city on they knees, recognizin the mob Took the cash that he was makin, in this seat And compared it, to the cash off in these God-damn streets As luck gon' be, the scales didn't break even So now he's out to go an get the cash that he needin Some wise man once told me (?) but I didn't believe him, so he showed me Gave an example; the piece of a pie Said if you eat to much it's gone at the blink of an eye This for these niggaz out here hearin me Hypothetical conversation, the rest of that shit, is a conspiracy I got the word and heard he back on the grind Ran across and met a nice spot, runnin his mob I love the nigga, so I gave him some dap He said he loved my work efforts, and he said he liked the way that I rapped Wanted to show me what he was rollin outside, but Little did I know, he was the FBI I heard a rumor that this nigga got knocked... A few months past and he was back on the lot and shift the plot, I'll teach you niggaz conspiracy theories I spit this shit in code, but I pray that you hear me Cuz see he know him and, he meets you They get popped and, you do to Illegal taps and undercover surveillance Tapin conversations, tryna duck the years that he facin [short phone conversation] Better yet gonna get me facin, cuz we know he's the back- bone - if ya crush the bone, ya alter the mind And thought process is vital at this time And I heard, you was out to get the niggaz that's rich But I'ma tell you motherfuckers like this I came from a gang with niggaz who do crime They didn't rat they niggaz out when they came to do time No snitchin nobody out when ya facin a life sentence For death, you do it by yo God-damn self [repeat] [Scarface] How the fuck is you gon' stop a train You set your fires on your forest to burn it but then it rains It's like Babyface and them Jay We all got lies and RAM, you motherfuckers own they grave We need current situations, in due time Train 'em to do the business in 20 years down the line So I stand firm on 'We can't be stopped' Reconcile our disagreements, and I'm still down with Rap-A-Lot Murder ya boxers tryna break apart what God made And regardless to what you boys say Seek and destroy, fuck the opposition When you for real it's in yo bloodline, not in yo motherfuckin mind So feel it like the holy spirit, and remember when ya face to face with the demons, you can't fear it You fight until the battle finished No matter what the end is, when you attack you strike with vengeance And always judge a man by his deeds and never buy jealousy cuz it breathes... Conspiracy theory...

Ride Or Die

JAY-Z "Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life"
I'm rollin with Roc-a-Fella man Cause they got money man, heh heh [Jay-Z] Uh-huh, uh-huh uh UH, uh-huh, 'Hovah Yeah, Stevie J nigga Y'all ready Yo, yo How many y'all wanna ride tonight (ride tonight) How many y'all down to die tonight (die tonight) How many y'all wanna ride tonight Nigga ride or die or ride or die [repeat 3X] [Verse One: Jay-Z] Aiyyo fuck y'all, niggaz I crush y'all, rush y'all with the four drawn and I touch y'all, plus y'all little motherfuckers ain't ready for war I seen your team in a Chrysler before, but I forgot The same rules apply, don't try to switch up your style Y'all niggaz is pumpkin pie, and that's plain as I much better than you cat, shocked when I got the news that this nigga ready for war, well where that fool at I bruise wack rap niggaz severely punish them Especially those that get fucked for they publishing, heh Always gotta be the weakest nigga out the crew I probably make more money off yo' album, than you You see the respect I get everytime I come through Check your own videos, you'll always be number two Niggaz talkin real greasy on them R&B records but I'm platinum a million times nigga, check the credits S. Carter, ghost writer, and for the right price I can even make YO' shit tighter I roast niggaz like ya, smoke niggaz like ya Take your little jewels and put the toast to niggaz like ya You know what the fuck we do and why we done it How I bring it to niggaz who, probably want it Keep playin, you gon' find me in your lobby blunted And I don't even smoke nigga, ain't no joke Niggaz cat fightin with Jigga, kickin sneaky shit Makin little tapes but keepin it secret Cause I kick that deep shit that divide your peeps shit Now I don't know if you fuckin with Jigga spittin that weak shit y'all How many y'all wanna ride tonight (ride tonight) How many y'all down to die tonight (die tonight) How many y'all wanna ride tonight Nigga ride or die or ride or die [repeat 2X] Yeah, yeah Niggaz don't want it with Jig, cause somethin got to give I got homes where you hide, I hustle where you live Jigga's the Don, bitches scream 'Jigga dandy, dick is the bomb, about as thick as a arm' Mr. Exxon, gas 'em with the wit and the charm Bitch I'm tryin to tell you like Nichalous Bond I'm a big cat, listen mami, can you dig that Cars, jewelry, homes, I did that Oh's, shootouts, keys, I live that Actresses, models, chickenheads, hit that I get stacks and still I kick back and run up on niggaz with the midac, where the shit at How many y'all wanna ride tonight (ride tonight) How many y'all down to die tonight (die tonight) How many y'all wanna ride tonight Nigga ride or die or ride or die [repeat 2X] Time to seperate the platinum from the white gold, right from the door The real from the fake, ready rock from the raw The boss from the runners, cats who ride dick from the cats with the numbers, the five from the six I got cop n crash money, pop the dash money Press the button, alluva sudden, glock in the stash money Beef with Jigga, watch yo' ass Money It's El Presidente, top brass money Now I don't flash the steel, I blast for real My motto: you only good as the last nigga you kill I'm here to snatch this meal, nigga that's for real If you rollin with me grab the wheel, let's ride huh How many y'all wanna ride tonight (ride tonight) How many y'all down to die tonight (die tonight) How many y'all wanna ride tonight Nigga ride or die or ride or die [repeat 4X]

We Reppin' Y'all

BENZINO "Benzino Project"
(feat. Made Men) [Benzino] Uh, yo (We!) Uh-uh, uh uh uh Uh-uh, uh uh uh Uh-uh, uh uhhh! Mr. Gzus, Twice Thou Ray Benzino! I spit that thug shit, the whole world wanna bang to Amazin, Mr. Benzino from the Made Men Half Peurto Rican, half black, still blazin Steel bangin on the handle of my gun I be Hangman (Hangman), Mr. Bang-bang man Catch you in your hall, while you Mr. Slang-thang man Fold you up like a bangy pair of Guess jeans I guess you know what I mean, 9-15 Be the murderer, niggas that I be rollin with Control shit, we thirty dirty deep Bonie clique Light that blunt, burn that hash, keep it movin yo (Made Men catch wreckin anybody studio) [Twice Thou] Your days are numbered nigga (what) you better bounce Got thirty-two rounds in my twenty ounce Blue nickel, new pistol performs in the physical form Squeeze slugs 'til the gun jam, any mission I'm on Black leather doo-rag, two Mags with speed loaders I'm a weed smoker, my cylinder spins, chillin ya mens Loudmouth niggas catch it the worst, for example I'll shoot the shit out of you -- and ya man too Leave ya bodies in the gutter, cut up for the streetsweeper Hack you the fuck up with a meat cleaver, retreat nigga Take a seat dog, while we bang to this beat dog Or pose, I'll pump holes in ya meat dog [Chorus] To city kids and pretty bricks, saditty chicks Hood rats and them killa cats, we reppin y'all For niggas that's locked for 'ricks GD's on blocks that got nine's to spit, we reppin y'all These streets that be keepin it real, throwin money in ya grill Strapped with the steel, we reppin y'all To niggas that's gettin mil's, playin ball All my ladies and all my dogs, we reppin y'all [Mr. Gzus] I'ma keep it crackin like the Earth from it's axis Non-stop spittin hot shit with no practice With this iron, I'm a blacksmith With shit to make ya backflip From the clap you do the twist and then you don't exist Just for being a hostle, thug imposter On sight, fuckin pop ya (Pow!) Drop ya Hit a nigga proper with these shells made of copper Hollow's, Made Men what The gunfire follow My sharp shooters mentally ill, in Bentley's we chill Got cash and bought everything we ain't steal And many clips to fill cuz these streets stay real We bring the heat, now you know how gettin burned feel Yo get peeled [Benzino] We stack right Benzino catch you while yo creepin, try yo' best right Just make sure you don't get caught sleepin, whistle deaf right You not believin what you seein, infrared right You niggas dead right Slippin in clips right These niggas wanna go to war, it's time to ride right But when it's time to get it on they run and hide right They gonna make me run up in the crib and flip right My niggas rip right See I'm on top now And if you wanna fuck around then you'll get shot now Don't let me send my Boston niggas to your block now Then make 'em strip you to your knees and take your glock now We got it locked now... (Nigga) [Chorus] [Repeat to fade]

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